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@mmartin_edu Hello, yes of course. @mmartin_edu Hello Matthew, how can we help today?From the north of France to the heart of the Netherlands, there are so many incredible places to explore for a no-f… @oliverfrancis1 There's no cut-off time normally, it's dependent on available seats at the qualifying price for the… @oliverfrancis1 Hello Oliver. How can we help? Are you experiencing an issue when logged into your Club Eurostar ac… @MatRicardo We fully appreciate your disappointment and will ensure your feedback is passed to our catering team on your behalf. @MatRicardo A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for vegetarian meals, we will investigate as to why you did no… @MatRicardo Hi Mat. The vegetarian options and other dietary requirements need to be pre ordered. Please can you pr… @MatRicardo Where are you travelling to today, so we can double-check this for you? @MatRicardo Hello Mat, thanks for your feedback about this. We offer cold meals for all dietary requirements catere… @jrcby Hello Jãmes Thank you for contacting us. In order to check that for you, thank you for sending us your booki… @planet_rita Hello there, thank you for your message. I am sorry you could not get through to our special assistanc…
The world’s most visited paid monument is making its mark in viticulture. 🍷 Starting this spring, visitors in La Vi… @rwjc22 Send us please in a private message your booking reference, to check the options. @rwjc22 Hello Richard, thank you for your message. If both segments (trains) are included in the same Eurostar book… @PaulOsullivan29 Typically, we limit consumption on board to: 4 bottles / cans of beer or 1 bottle of wine / champa… @PaulOsullivan29 Unlike airlines, we don’t limit the volume of liquids you can carry. Remember though that your lug… @fraserboyd Hello! We're sorry to hear that. In order to check, please send us the full name of passengers, dates o… @GeeGeeBanker Normally the seats booked together will remain the same. However, there might be situations when the… @Phil44849170 Hello, Phil, thank you for your message. It is possible that we have a temporary error with the situa… @GeeGeeBanker Hello, Adam. We're sorry about that. Due to operational reasons, some trains might change. In this c… @smoldemi We're sorry to hear that you're still having trouble booking with us. However, we're looking forward welc…
In #Brussels this weekend? Carnival connoisseurs can’t miss “Carnaval Totaal!” – a film festival exploring quirky… @davelomax Hi David, Thanks for messaging us and we're sorry to hear this. So we can check this for you please can… @SazzleMcDazzle5 Hello again, It would depend on the team at the station. Normally this is around 15 minutes before… @SazzleMcDazzle5 Hi Sarah, It should be fine as we have not received any news about any delays from SNCF. If you ha… @SazzleMcDazzle5 We - or yourself - can check here if that is a scheduled stop Have you the SNCF train number? @SazzleMcDazzle5 Hello Sarah; is your Eurostar connection at risk? Thanks. @Chris_J_Birch We don't think so, Chris. The main tunnel bit is a mere 20 mins after all. @Rebecca60134884 Hi Rebecca, we'll have a look in to this for you. Could you please send us a DM via the link below… @thefsgirl We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble to pay. Please DM us with the last 4 digits of your payme… @smoldemi Hello Michael, thank you for your message. If the implicit booking link is returning these errors, please…
@Smith12Emma Hi Emma, Thanks for getting in touch. The music was specifically written for the advert, so the entire… @Difearn Hi Di, you can usually look at and change you seating through our website here: if… @Difearn Hello Di, that's a bit odd! Can we ask which browser you're using on your computer? Our website doesn't al… @WraggMat Yes, please bring your FIP card with you - our colleagues will need to check a couple of details before m… @WraggMat We'd advise speaking to our colleagues at our ticket office to book. We're available at St Pancras Monday… @WraggMat Hello, Matthew, thank you for your message. Please contact us over the phone at Customer Care UK 03432 18… @TTel20 Hello and thank you for your feedback. Please be advised that the security check is not an activity perform… @BeckyHughes007 Hi Becky, thanks for getting in touch with us. You can find more information regarding this here:
With our new direct return trains, reaching the centre of Amsterdam is easier than ever! Get some city break inspir… @JudithGood Judith, we're sorry to hear this still hasn't worked. In this case, we would advise you to call us dire… @JudithGood Hello Judith, thank you for your message. We're sorry to hear that you're having difficulty. We recomme… @JonnyBurnard99 Hi, we are very sorry for the delay. 9149 is currently expected to depart around 10 minutes late. W… @karen_eynon Hello Karen, all our times are shown in local time, so where France is an hour ahead of the UK, you'll… @EmmaMorgan2014 Hi Emma, please send your Eurostar booking reference by private message so that we can take a look… @NSE_Buckhampton Thank you for your kind words and we are glad that your happy with staff served you that day. We h…
@parlonsrosbif Yes, that's correct - it's not possible to book a child ticket on its own online, so we'll be happy… @parlonsrosbif That sounds to need a return ticket for you, an outward - adult - single for your son, and a child s… @LauraBr16280322 That's concerning. Has it been established with that it is a changeable t… @KHomyard Hi Katie. If you upgrade you will be allocated new seats in the Standard Premier carriage. If you can DM…
@DoctorNess17 Please can you email us at and include the new ticket and receipt for the a… @steverainbird We did, thanks very much Steve - we'll reply in more detail there. @DoctorNess17 The ticket inspector non the train will be able to help you. @DoctorNess17 Thanks for getting back to us. You'll need a note from the UK rail operator from Cambridge to advise… @DoctorNess17 Hello, we're sorry to hear that you have been delayed. Would you send us your Eurostar booking refere… @gandt154 Hi Graham. The soundtrack was recorded for the advert, so unfortunatly we don't have any details to pass on.
@steverainbird Hello Steve, we're sorry to hear this. Please could you DM us with your booking reference so that we… around the city of #Brussels? No trip is complete without sampling some of the world’s finest #chocolate.… @paulfi In order to check this, could you please DM us with your booking reference? Kindly. @ericwhelan Hello, Eric. In order to check this, could you please send us a DM with your email address? Kindly. @BlackHackOfDoom You will need to talk to them on the spot. @BlackHackOfDoom This is not up to us. You will need to see this with them, as it is a security issue. @PilotRobbie You will need to go to the ticket office in order to obtain the boarding pass. @PilotRobbie Hello, Robbie. We're sorry to hear about that. Once you arrive at the station, our colleagues will giv… @paulfi Hello, Paul. We're sorry to hear about that. Once you arrive at the station, our colleagues will give you… @BlackHackOfDoom Hello! Sure, you can take your kefir grains on board. Kindly. @GuyEmerson Hello, Guy. We're very sorry about this inconvenience. Could you please DM us your booking reference so… @Cheritonpaul Please write us a DM and we will be happy to assist you with this. Kindly. @VictoriaGrzymek Hi, Victoria. Could you, please provide us in a direct message with your booking reference to check, please? @rvbecca_ Hello! In order to check this, please send us a DM containing your booking reference. Kindly. @XmsclairebX Hello, Claire. We're sorry we couldn't answer to you sooner. I hope you caught your train. Please let…
@Becsdutchfos It could be an issue in this case. We will report it and try to solve it as soon as possible. Meanwhi… @Becsdutchfos The phone lines are available at the moment. Please check if this is the right number you are trying… @meels78 It's a song created especially for Eurostar, Emily. We're glad you like it. @TinkDisneyMagi1 We deeply regret if we failed to achieve your expectations. Please, accept all our sincere apologi… @jonhaywooduk Hello Jon, we are sorry to hear that you've experienced issues with the booking online; Could you DM… @prateekbuch Hello, we are sorry to hear that you're unable to login. Could you send us a DM with your email addres…
You’ve heard of speed dating, but how about dating at 186 miles per hour? We sent 9 Londoners and 9 Parisians on… @Griffs101 Hi Rob, we can only advise to get your ticket stamped and then on arrival speak to one our team members who will advise. @Shamalkumal Yes absolutely. We would advise on speaking with our team members on arrival in Brussels and they can… @Shamalkumal It looks like you have a ticket just to Brussels Shamal. @Shamalkumal @VoyagePriveUK Hi Shamal, we'd advise checking the conditions directly with Voyage Privé, but if your… @Filey_Forever Happy Valentines day, enjoy :) @NicolaRondel Hi Nicola, Thanks for messaging us and we're sorry to hear this. We would recommend to use our websit…
@jodeehorserider Hello Jo, yes we do run direct services to Marne Le Valle over the winter period, direct tickets a… @luxetraveldiva Hi Marie, there are very specific criteria for bringing an assistance dog on board the Eurostar, yo… @thenearydiaries Hi Tina; online prices reflect fare availability, and can alter without notice. We can't give any… @marcleigh Hello Marc, we'd advise contacting Network Rail to report this as they look after line maintenance in th… @jonathansc We haven't had a date confirmed for this just yet, but as soon as we know more we'll make sure to let e… @jonathansc We're planning to add a third direct train Amsterdam/Rotterdam-London each day, however we're awaiting… @jonathansc Hello Jonathan, thank you for your message. We confirm the availability of the tickets at this moment f… @ErvinAutumnfest Hello Ervin, thank you for your message. This is correct, the direct trains London - Amsterdam hav… @jibjaneen Hi Suus. We're sorry to hear that you have made a mistake with your bookings. Please DM us with both boo…
February is the time to explore new scents, but what’s behind your eau de parfum? Lille’s Secrets of #Perfume exh… @RaymondDocwra Hello Raymond, Thanks for getting in touch. This song was written for this advert, so what you hear… @AriannaMcDevitt Hello Arianna, It looks like the tickets you were trying to buy have sold out. We use a live booki… @RyanEastCoast Hello Ryan, thanks for your message. Unfortunately we do not sell merchandise on our website or onbo… @thenearydiaries Hello Tina, we only run one direct train each way on the days it's timetabled. You can book with a… @DRS_Engineering Hello, please could you DM us your booking reference so we can take a look?