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Aasia LaShay @euthanAasia Los Angeles, CA

#Comedian #Popstar #TVWriter @UploadOnPrime .... titties.

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@imwiththefeds every day men disgust mei hope by the time its safe to travel again ive made enough money to go straight to Tokyo Disney and by that i mean in like 5 years or so @klberney @cousinsmainelob im so happy for you! @klberney @cousinsmainelob 👀👀i learned some “How You Like That” choreography so i rewarded myself with a lobster roll and also lobster tater tot… does it mean that so many of my favorite artists are assholes and idiots? what does that mean for me as an art…
@peterkz omg i could totally vlog my killings!! this is great content.i got chills all over my body reading this dog is harmonising with Beyoncé
Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @peterkz yeah im a little pissed like, do i need to be the first leo serial killer?!?me after being on twitter for 4 seconds
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hey yall i started VLOGGING!!! i wanna be gen z so bad lol need more of this
me and weed broadway show :) should be filmed in high quality :) and released affordably :)
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayI have a deep appreciation for every Black woman that ever taught me to ask for more. And to ask for it loudly.
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayWEAR A MASK, PEOPLE. it’s a piece of cloth, not a pair of chaps! ⁣ - yours truly 😘
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayyoutube is better than tv because every four minutes these bitches are like “drink your water” and i appreciate tha… im a southern stereotype but all food is better fried. seafood? fry it. vegetables? fry it. cheesecake? fry i… that i found a conch connect out here i legit never have to see my family again @lolatheluvhippo when i first moved here i had my friends test my instructions and i just copy and paste that parag…
when the ubereats gets to my building its gon take an extra 15mins for them to find my apartment and that is the most stressful 15mins @wtflanksteak you latethe overcorrection of racism is upsetting to me and my homegirls because I really liked that episode of The Golden… play in three acts
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Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @Justsydnyc literally eating a whole bag rnwe need to cancel Geppetto. his name got “pedo” in it and he’s obsessed with little boys.white people really snapped with kettle corn 💁🏼‍♀️Dear @NYGovCuomo & @NYCMayor. The NYC theatre community is 100% without work till Jan 2021 at the earliest. Actors,…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayAbout me:
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if i could be a third for any couple... BITCH ALERT 🚨
Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @sara_utu i hate cooking but i guessssssssssss 🙄who can i pay in la to make me a vegetarian version of that zuppa toscana soup from olive garden?First social distancing shoot with @euthanaasia 🌻
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayIn Fairly OddParents, Timmy Turner's hat is pink because I ran out of blue ink.
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayeveryone says 30 is when you stop giving a fuck but i’ve never given a fuck so what if 30 is when i start?! thatd be wild. @moniquemadrid @ashleyn1cole @qurissy just throw a filter on that picture and call it a day 😂 @raesanni @qurissy 😊 thanks @ashleyn1cole @qurissy not wearing make up cuz you havent left the house for 3 monthsPOV me giving you your lighter back because im a good person
circling back to this: i got my first @petplate box today! Timberland Jerome says he can taste the extra seasoning.… @ayoedebiri *looks at @DewaynePerkins* 🎶Throooooough this journey of discovery 🎶 i do a zoom karaoke party for my birthday will yall come thru and sing me songs? @WrittenByHanna saaaamee. im realizing im spoilednothing’s more painful than having a friend who loves white men... its like, damn im frfr never gonna hang out with you again so sad 😞 @makiahisms i have not 😡Our #NickArtistsProgram is now accepting applications!
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayits my LAversary 🥰 @ira @DewaynePerkins WHY GOD?! DO WE DESERVE NOTHING?!? 😩A disabled Black woman is raising money to get herself an accessible van. This GoFundMe was created in 2018 & she’s…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayMichael Hickson’s name should resonate as loudly as Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Elijah McClain.…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShaymood waking up vs mood going to sleep
Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @makiahisms same. spent my whole life around single women i was shocked when i realized i was expected to get a partner 🧐
i really dont wanna pay rent tomorrow. i wish i had the option to fight this bitch and whoever loses has to pay.swear i forgot i was a vegetarian for a hot sec 🤤 alert: im working from home foreverthis makes so much sense thank you snapped on "Home" thoim one minute into singing a Daughtry song and a) how did i get here? b) why do i know alllll these lyricssss? omg i need help immediately @imwiththefeds add dark chocolate and this is my diet @becca_oneal this my fav genre i think. shit is so much funnier when the rules of reality dont apply @tira_tira_tira that lil baby singing the "OH" in "Dilemma" is so cute i passed awayim mad i even know who that shane boy is all because of @blairwalnuts, sis you owe me an apology. i couldve used th… would like to do more voice acting and by that i mean i would like to win The Masked SingerWow!!! I recently had the immense honor of making a Google Doodle illustration in memory of Marsha P. Johnson as th…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @JustinKey101 @lisabexperience this is the convo for me cuz there has to be an easier way to get under this bitchMuch like the pandemic, this vintage store warning sign escalated quickly
Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @LanaDelWeirdAF thats still rude af and somebody need to fight them @thekayanova @mickiela i stopped talking to my family because of this. i be feeling so accomplished but they treate… @LanaDelWeirdAF ummm, you need to pull is important for Black trans and cis women to receive when we’ve historically been erased from the front of…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @Tribbzthecool literally just sideways a white person who’s so unattractive will hit on me and I’m like it’s racist you think we’re in the same league
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayI’m actually losing my mind at this
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayi wanna take pictures like this but my titties will fall out the side looking like a hammerhead shark u see me in Yeezy Gap, mind your business.PLEASE sign this petition. their living conditions are inhumane, and they’re being cut off from the outside world.
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayplease watch sound on shoot is everything @mrspete i believe you but i do need you to show me where in "Give It Away Now" it talks about rape cuz im combing… @mrspete wikipedia said this song is about giving your stuff away. @mrspete oh idk that song @imwiththefeds cuz you do the most drugs duhhey I really enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers, does that make me an asshole?
where in LA should i take these Spongebob pictures tho??what if i submit this self-tape and i get it and they tell me to come to set? lolololol how awkward love, literally repulsive this isnt me 🧐 hate it here im moving to the Ritz Carlton to live my suite life of zack and cody thing about LA is if you having a photoshoot in the middle of the sidewalk, the people trynna pass by will hype… been testing the fire alarm in my building for an hour now and im finna get real Karen in these online revie… @bodycourage @onthepage @Kimactinup 🤣 plant-based chicken biscuit its technically a salad.i, and i cannot stress this enough, dont remember how to audition.