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Aasia LaShay @euthanAasia Los Angeles, CA

#Comedian #Popstar #TVWriter. Please send all press inquiries to a black woman and have her give them to me.

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omg congrats @DewaynePerkins want the Sliding Doors where Ryan Gosling was in *NSYNC instead of JT
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and big bird?? ugh. today is just...i am so sad about juice wrldjesus this thread
@LanaDelWeirdAF you better be able to change jesus’ appearance too @LanaDelWeirdAF ima play the shit out of this @whoshaam actual footage of us meetinggot a massage today. that lady was on my back like
Line name: Kast Away
Retweeted by Aasia LaShaychristina aguilera's christmas album is still the jam!
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayQueen and Slim come i can see the likes on some instagram pictures but not others?
ive had 4 bowls of gumbo in the last 12 hours ready for morehow many days can i eat gumbo before i get sick of it?No such thing as a friend zone if you only fuck your friends
Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @peterkz @DewaynePerkins @lisabexperience our show was uncharacteristically cool and should never be used as a repr…’s still so weird to see photos of my abusive ex with their new boo as if they didn’t leave me in a pool of race…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @arayyay tangerine twist is an icon @peterkz @TomHolland1996 @willsmith yasssss!!!!i dont use spotify but i can tell you my songs of the decade are Body Party and Un Poco demographic is gay black dog owners. im blessed.Watchmen does an excellent job of combining my interests in superheroes, musical theatre and Regina King
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayMiley said what? Its the Climb. of dating me: -I smoke. -I drank. -I’m supposed to stop but I can’t. -I’mma dog. -I love hoes. -& I’m ad…
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@JeezLoueez yasss stripper brunch 🍳 🍹 @Poon_tickler first of all watching porn on a big screen in my living room with the widows open is not illegalholy infant chicken wings 🤝 tender and mild
Retweeted by Aasia LaShay @arayyay i have so many questions and so many feelingsPee-wee Herman but its a black girl. Twitter, do your thing. @arayyay ...omg @TaterTat03 oooo thats a good idea! @LanaDelWeirdAF whew chile 😓this that episode of a different world when the jewelry store was being racist so whitley bought a bunch of jewelry… @Poon_tickler this is brilliant. @mrjwags that seems unnecessaryi need rose water in bulk. where do yall get your rose water from?“10 Things I’ve Learned” by Pimp C:
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Retweeted by Aasia LaShayi would watch this movie @casselle i remember as a kid being like “maybe its just another one of those things white people do differently”wow an uncrustable will really hit the SPOT. JESUS. @Lexual__ i love creating characters but i get stuck because I dont want bad things to happen to them thus no conflict 🙃Matthew 8:27 The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the WAVES obey him!”
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayanyway, i did a half ass workout and im finna do another half ass workout cuz then thatll make one whole real ass workout
JOANNA OMG @arayyay LMAOOOOOOO THATS THE BEST PART THOI'd like to talk about this thread in depth on @PodcastTheRide. yall know yall need more black guests. c'mon, i got…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShaywow didnt know i needed @KidFury talking about vanderpump rules but i did and i feel blessed.lookin for a nigga to cheat on. hmu with recs. @charles270 @theeclarkjones
NO! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE @ THE GIRL JABBAWOCKEE PLEASE OMG IM LOSING MY MIND 😩😩 heart! @tira_tira_tira the devil can really cook tho. i was shocked when i learned the devil made them eggs like wow you snappedHow can we turn these 693 SHARES into 693 DONATIONS?!
Retweeted by Aasia LaShaymen arent funny @Poon_tickler but will it make me like vegetables too? i wanna eat vegetables, they look prettyIS THERE SOME KIND OF MEDICAL PROCEDURE THAT WILL MAKE VEGETABLES APPEALING TO ME?! BECAUSE I JUST WANT MEAT AND CH… know what, now that im thinking about it, i bet a lot of yt people think the residual privilege that spinkles o… i type this im staring out the window waiting for @NatashaForouzan to come home because im lost without her.i have people in my life who prolly think we’re good friends and they assume i dont need anything but my real frien… ask because i remember being treated like this as a kid, but i also had great friends and i knew the difference (… did the TV trope of having black friend who gives hilarious and quotable advice but never gets anything from… @casselle aayyyeeeeee congrats 🍾 @RaychJackson i will take that money and buy the ebook fohme to your baby: fucked up how in the US you can be like "oh haha that's a kinda weird choice i wonder why they did that" with b…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShaywtf is wrong with butter’s voice in these new south parks?!?surprisingly difficult to find a fried chicken salad in LA.72/80, if we go over we can cover the 6th graders too.
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@rashawnscott nope. thats what the Man wants so i can lose them and have to buy more all the time nahthat slide tho 😩’re at 81% of our minimum goal!! Thank you to all who have supported us so far! 🙏✨But we have ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT to…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShayi have a big pimple directly in the center of my forhead and its so symmetrical i kind of like it and want to adorn… @Ashtonakaleegle @RaychJackson like Get Out. Or even in Proud Mary Taraji was killing all types of folk quick fast… @RaychJackson i thought they was gonna be killing white people in a fun way. i saw the trailer in the theater and was like “i was mislead”vocally sandwiching brit and jlo between Xtina and Destiny’s Child is so petty results - which candidate do you think is the most intelligent? Buttigieg got 22% while Julián Castro 1% C…
Retweeted by Aasia LaShaypicked my dog up from daycare yesterday an this nigga been sleep ever since. them dogs wore him out and i stan. @danielkyri nah its not the sameBlossom my least favorite powerpuff girl. big white feminist energy. @LanaDelWeirdAF but youre friends with Kanda- nevermind...i feel so called out omg don’t ever say zodiac aint real need to upgrade my phone and i really dont want to like really really not trynna lose my headphone jack really no… @MarlenaRodrigz i like this takewhen mariah carey said she “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people” it made all her music hit hardergen x likes to pretend millennials are teenagers cuz it makes them feel younger but lol no no no you are multiple g… there such thing a s a tiny table top firepit like the size of a mixing bowl that i could put on my balcony and…
@arayyay ppl kissing in general 🤢yes and she not eating tidepods, okay boomer?! a reminder, the youngest millenial is in their mid 20’s.Inside Out had an Emotional... Whirlwind? Not the obvious choice of an Emotional ROLLERCOASTER?!?!? WHO IS WRITING THIS SHIT?!The blackest thing about disneyland was the surprising amount of Powerline merch. I bought some Powerline pins, Pow… @iHeartNovi omg it was so much simpler. you were just in space, there was stars, you would fly very fast around the… HOLLUP HOLLUP i almost forgot my ass was high af on the mr. toad nem ride and am i tweaking or do you die in… star wars rides, FLOPS. HYPERspace mountain is so much wacker than the original. star wars theme dont even go h… of the Caribbean is the most beautiful most perfect ride and definitely racist but not distractingly so! sa… HAS BOO FROM MONSTERS INC ALWAYS BEEN ASIAN?!?!? cuz on some of the merch she was clearly asian and it never o…