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@DrBrianMay Fingers crossed for a liveable outcome. Lots of love from Germany. ♥️♥️♥️It’s not too late to influence what happens in Parliament tomorrow. But you gotta be pretty quick ! Do you want you…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @teatrodiana @marcmartel @Ticketmaster_Me What an exaggeration. This voice imitator is a poor copy of the legendary Freddie Mercury. @ReporterosMayab Don't insult the legend Freddie Mercury like this. @OsmandoJose What a pity that you need a voice imitator to remember Freddie Mercury. I listen to his music. Nobody… @YUCATANALMINUTO Don't insult Freddie Mercury like this. @euBeaMiranda It's still an insult to Freddie Mercury.My comic #RiDeakylous is finally finished! Enjoy! @eva_friederike @AlidaTrk @yeon_Queen1233 @Mercury2609
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @euBeaMiranda Don't insult the legend Freddie Mercury like this. @DrBrianMay I'm dreaming (and hoping) with you. @ingr_ingrid25 And some poor boys, too!🏳️‍🌈 @Deke54J Better than coffee! @Deke54J Oops.🤭Dressed to kill #FreddieFriday @RMTsDoll @AlidaTrk @yeon_Queen1233 @Mercury2609 @Mery_LovesFredd @ScarredEclipse @BirgitRichter10 @ciccy11271 @Zombie812Matt @YouTube Martel will always be a wannabe Freddie Mercury. @STEinforma @Martin11Elena Don't insult the legend Freddie Mercury like this. @cobras_santiago @Martin11Elena Don't insult the legend Freddie Mercury like this. @UNIVERSIWEB1 @marcmartel @Martin11Elena @elektrotickets Don't insult the legend Freddie Mercury like this.
@LuvUGeorgeM I don't know about these rumours. Why shouldn't they be together anymore? @Jorge_Sadi @camerata_coah @TeatroNazas @ViveCulturaCoah @GobDeCoahuila @marcmartel You'll wait forever then. @Jorge_Sadi @normasutter @camerata_coah @TeatroNazas @ViveCulturaCoah @GobDeCoahuila @marcmartel It would be nice i… @Jorge_Sadi @camerata_coah @TeatroNazas @ViveCulturaCoah @GobDeCoahuila @marcmartel If you want to answer me, write… @rawmemalekkk @darladecotie @ramimalekfam @ErickWeber All songs are recordings of Freddie Mercury. Martel did three… @Jorge_Sadi @camerata_coah @TeatroNazas @ViveCulturaCoah @GobDeCoahuila @marcmartel He won't. He doesn't like Martel. @ingr_ingrid25 Of course he has! @ingr_ingrid25 Be prepared for chaotic energy! @Jorge_Sadi @camerata_coah @TeatroNazas @ViveCulturaCoah @GobDeCoahuila @marcmartel Why do you tag Dr. Brian May? He already knows Martel. @luisbarrezueta9 @marcmartel @IMDb Fun fact: This is wrong. Martel did three little bits for the movie. @daffodiles4ever Mother Love
@Ticketcorner @eltonofficial @celinedion @QueenWillRock @adamlambert 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 @ingr_ingrid25 @BirgitRichter10 @QueenieOfNorway That's mine 🥰 @BirgitRichter10 @ingr_ingrid25 @QueenieOfNorway How are you able to do anything else than stare at your lock screen?🤔 @Pandemoonia Will do! 🤘 @Pandemoonia Never heard this one before. Thank you for sharing!okay guys for these two weeks we have got to WATCH GMB get their ratings up when piers is gone. do it. i don’t ca…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @ingr_ingrid25 @QueenieOfNorway @BirgitRichter10 All I can say is: Thank you, Mick Rock! @Pandemoonia What is their best song for teenage breakup anger? @The_CSJR Don't insult the legend Freddie Mercury like this. @Slider1611 No, thanks. I prefer Queen or Queen +Adam Lambert.16 ottobre 1922 ─ Nel Gujarat nasce JER BULSARA, madre di @freddie_mercury Ha raggiunto l'amato figlio il 13 novemb…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @layaette 😘💚 @Dottydots_x @BerlinAdamrocks @layaette @shergiggles @carlammtelo @adamlambert @aaliyavatsla @virgandrea @BerlinAdamrocks @layaette @shergiggles @carlammtelo @adamlambert @Dottydots_x @aaliyavatsla @virgandrea sent this?
Retweeted by EvaFriederikeDid anybody else blast this song as a teenager when you were heartbroken? Heart of Steel by Manowar @FoxVegas @GlambertAussie I love him. Weltweit hungern hunderte Millionen Menschen, wir müssen endlich handeln! 2010: Weltweit hungern hunderte Mi…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @layaette @shergiggles @carlammtelo @BerlinAdamrocks @adamlambert @Dottydots_x @aaliyavatsla @virgandrea get with me on Instagram! #CominInHot I had the song stuck in my head all night at work. Then this idea…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @ingr_ingrid25 I hope Little Roger will fit in his dress on Halloween. 😬Homosexual behavior has been found in over 1,500 species. Homophobia is found in only one.
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @ingr_ingrid25 🤤 Marzipan pumpkin is so yummy! @ingr_ingrid25 Look at Part 2. 🤭In case you really want to #DeleteFacebook. Here's how to make it last:
Retweeted by EvaFriederike#AdventuresofLittleBrian Pumpkin drama Part 2 Pumpkin drama Part 1 @QueenMidgard You can't have too many books. to @spamcy12 This Is The Time (1990) by Savatage @AlidaTrk We won't do any spider decorations.
@CAC661 @freddieslays 🇩🇪 @1978goodyear Mother Love @LligoRock Martel the guy who did three little bits for the movie were there were no recordings of Freddie Mercury.… will be friends...
Retweeted by EvaFriederike🚨 @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert Fans🚨 Brand new seats on the field in front of the stage in Wellington have just be…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @1978goodyear The last word he sung in the studio was "love". @ViorneryM Hmm... 🤔. They'll need to visit the dentist in November. @ViorneryM I bet they will get tummy ache...🍭🍬🍫🍬🍭🍬🍫 @ViorneryM The boys expect tons of sweets!♥️🍭♥️🍬♥️🍫♥️ @1978goodyear ♥️ @GlambertAussie Some things never change. 🤷‍♀️ @alinecdbarbosa Brian and Roger are fed up with people who suggest that they should tour with Martel. And so am I.… standing up against the climate and ecological breakdown and for humanity is against the rules then the rules mu…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @Carmen38004447 @Jellybeanrocks @adamlambert You can't force your beliefs onto others. Let people love who they lov… @ingr_ingrid25 Don't tell me more.🤭 @ingr_ingrid25 I've got very active "Kopfkino".☺️ @alinecdbarbosa Martel may sound similar to Freddie but he is still far from sounding alike. Brian and Roger chose… @ingr_ingrid25 Extreme skinny lads... @ingr_ingrid25 He's chilling with his bony friends.#AdventuresofLittleBrian Decorating the "Dragon Attick" for Halloween. What do you think?
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @QueenMidgard That's my man! @ewarren #DeleteFacebook @queenisamiracle Let me live @thespinaltapper @JustinWells11 @politico #DeleteFacebook @AmyLeeDeacon @eevee_llyssi Hey, don't compare yourself with legends. Just live your life as the person you are. A fashion company is trying to profit off our loved ones’ deaths. We need 100,000 people to demand they get…
Retweeted by EvaFriederikeWe need more rock music!💀 @QueenMidgard 🤘🤘🤘 @RIPMLiberal @PlanetRockRadio @QueenWillRock @OfficialRMT @adamlambert Legends.'A lot of people hate that we're so f***ing popular!' - in the next edition of Planet Rock magazine, @QueenWillRock
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @realTuckFrumper #DeleteFacebook @old_is_cool @marcmartel Don't insult the legendary band Queen like this. @MichaelSSmithII @Easterbaby85 @NatashaBertrand @dlippman #DeleteFacebook @ingr_ingrid25 @BirgitRichter10 Solange du ihm nicht die kalte Schulter zeigst... @NatashaBertrand @accob @dlippman #BoycottFacebookMe listening to @adamlambert ’s New Album💚 #VelvetSideA and thinking:
Retweeted by EvaFriederikeThere are calls for @piersmorgan to be fired over his views on gender. Should he stay or should he go?
Retweeted by EvaFriederikeWho else would love to be a cat in the Taylor household? Rhapsody: Has Hit 1 Billion Streams On @Spotify! Thanks to all the Queen fans across the planet, that is…
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