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@catqueenmarie The only hug I can send you. Crazy Little Thing Called Love @shinji7Q7 Why? Who needs a voice imitator's copy when all the Queen songs are out there in a superior style? @IsaacCine Rami Malek did an awesome job acting as Freddie Mercury. Martel's parts were tiny. They used FreddieMerc… @ShionWebGym @YouTube Stolen from Queen @ShionWebGym @YouTube Stolen from QueenCan we somehow arrange for the glamberts and Queen fans to watch the same videos of old qal concerts at the same ti…
Retweeted by EvaFriederikeSince there are many uneducated people who don't know this iconic music video, take a look at John Deacon's masterp… @glambertcat39 @LaraRoostalu Yay! @glambertcat39 @LaraRoostalu Next weekend would be fine. @glambertcat39 @LaraRoostalu I'm working almost every day, but if it would be on my free day, 'd be in. @glambertcat39 @LaraRoostalu Name a date and a video.Really beautiful interview with Roger and his daughter, Rory! I can't access their media website to read it, so a…
Retweeted by EvaFriederikeFrom talent show hero to rock and roll royalty... 👨‍🎤 The Show Must Go On: @QueenWillRock & @adamlambert, Monday 9.…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @amazonmusic @ParsaRegina There are two songs I listen to every day while getting ready for work. You are the Cham… @eva_friederike @CharlyRagdoll @ScarredEclipse @BirgitRichter10 @SixxNoa @BrianFranchell1 @Mercury2609
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @miiquelht I'm glad that Brian and Roger found Adam. They are magical together.Also this article is everything 🥺 Roger has raised his children very well, despite having different mothers. Thats…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @janerikg @QueenWillRock Martel was a member of the official Queen tribute band "The Queen Extravaganza" until he l… fanart to Bri-ghten your day. till the end of time. for everyone't stop giggling to @BirgitRichter10 and @AlexC55831310 for sending me giggles this week.😘 Giggles @CharlyRagdoll @yeon_queenXo @ScarredEclipse @BirgitRichter10 @SixxNoa @BrianFranchell1 @miiquelht May I help you? Adam Lambert is the frontman of Queen. @miiquelht Why do you mention Adam here? Your ignorance doesn't matter. More important is the fact that Brian, Roge…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @AlidaTrk A vegan snack or a vegan as snack?🤔Adam Lambert and Brian May, WE WILL SOCK YOU via @YouTube. Love this 😃
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @glennresists3 The UneducatedWieviele könnten arbeiten wenn sie keine Grippe hätten? Wear this frikken mask!
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @susie_baruth @DrBrianMay I'm tired. Just started my early shift in a nursing home on a Sunday morning.#24thdayofMay
@MusicTramp Better safe than sorry!#AdventuresofLittleBrian Who else needs a little snack before bedtime? @gnzlgrms True. MM destroys Queen songs. He's a voice imitator with the charisma of a mormon priest. His high notes are a joke.⤵️⤵️⤵️ 👍👏👏👏👏👏💚
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @QueenMidgard I'm lucky to have found this new job where a bunch of crazy, but lovely people work. I guess I fit in.😉 @QueenMidgard Today my coworker brought his "Fear of the dark"-CD to work so we could listen to something better th… we’ve lost quite a few followers today because we condemned Dominic Cumming’s actions. But for us, t…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @gnzlgrms You must be joking. @johnwicka_ @QueenWillRock @adamlambert @marcmartel Lesson №1 for all new Q fans: Freddie's imitators (like mm) are…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @hanneejensen @rohenrix Roger knows MM. @boopstawista He's outside and no one's near. He's safe. @Anna_X15 Get well soon! @SusanErmish And was with a friend who bought him icecream! 🍦 @hanneejensen @rohenrix MM did some tiny snippets for the movie and isn't even on the official soundtrack. They use… @fatboinotgay Freddie can't be recreated. @hanneejensen @rohenrix Freddie Mercury's songs are all available on spotify. No need to listen to a voice imitator. @MRpicles9 @Noleadam @DrBrianMay It's important that Brian and Roger decide who they want to perform with. It's their band. @MRpicles9 Why should Brian answer this question again and again? He already answered.My first walk in the park since this all began. My ... the air feels good ! Sky is blue - sun is clear and bright…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @MRpicles9 It wasn't just a question. You've tagged Brian. It was harassment. Brian told you guys off last year. thinks the people not wearing a mask in public are assholes?
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @memembarr Bye! Enjoy your copycat. @memembarr Go on and show your jealous mind. @memembarr Brian and Roger chose Adam. Get over it. @AmerAwakening @marcmartel Why listen to this voice imitator? Queen's original songs are available everywhere. @dietnam I'm a Queen fan and I won't buy Martel's cover album. I can't stand this voice imitator. @bazingaking You must be joking. This voice imitator is the opposite of nearly everything Freddie was. @MRpicles9 @Noleadam @DrBrianMay Watch the documentary "The Show must go on" and listen to what Brian and Roger say…
@RobertDumitrac3 @YouTube 🤦🏻‍♀️ This guy is a voice imitator with the charisma of a mormon priest. Born to disappoint. @stephenchip MM may be a talented voice imitator, but he never captures Freddie's spirit in any way. @JKAwakening @scribblepotemus @marcmartel If he performs live what he did for the movie, the show wouldn't last 5 minutes.Haha I arrived at the hospital entrance with Stranger You Are from #Velvet blasting in the car, and one woman start…
Retweeted by EvaFriederikePeter knows no boundaries. #TheGreat
Retweeted by EvaFriederikeSays it all.
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @QueenMidgard I would try to change Things that killed our love... @ricardoojj Never.Watch Queen + @AdamLambert perform 'Another One Bites The Dust' @GlblCtzn Festival from Sept. 2019 in Central Park,…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike#22nddayofMay @_eyepach Watch the documentary "The Show must go on".Score one for #BigGretch - Michigan Governor was able to #MakeTrumpWearAMask
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @johnwicka_ Adam Lambert is Queen's chosen crown prince. @Easterbaby85 @johnwicka_ @QueenWillRock @adamlambert @marcmartel True! @Easterbaby85 @johnwicka_ @QueenWillRock @adamlambert @marcmartel He must be desperate to make any money.... @LStar18000 @its_nelly_04 Brian and Roger don't want to perform with a Freddie imitator. @johnwicka_ @QueenWillRock @adamlambert @marcmartel MM knows who's best. @alexrarriaga Don't insult Freddie Mercury by calling the voice imitator Martel his reincarnation. Brian and Roger… @_eyepach 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brian and Roger know who's best.
@discobarley @TheOld_Queen Brian and Roger would never disrespect their late friend Freddie by performing with a voice imitator like Martel. @_eyepach He can't. Brian and Roger won't let MM replace their chosen frontman Adam. @ingr_ingrid25 😘🦔 @boopstawista 😔#AdventuresofLittleBrian Hi folks! Don't forget the wild animals. It's getting warmer and the wildlife needs water.… We refuse to serve gay people. CONSERVATIVES: That is their right! BAKERY: We refuse to serve anyone not…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @avril_blossom @AndrewUllah @QueenWillRock Who said it was a competition? @09Kostic Stolen from Queen.#21stdayofMay
#TwosDay 👑 @DrBrianMay @adamlambert #DreamTeam @QueenWillRock #AdamLambert #BrianMay #TheCrownJewels
Retweeted by EvaFriederikeComing Soon to Netflix: ONE TAKE THE SHOW MUST GO ON: THE QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT STORY
Retweeted by EvaFriederike.@jack At what point is @Twitter a part of this? TAKE DOWN TRUMP’s ACCOUNT— the world world be safer. Retweet if you agree
Retweeted by EvaFriederike#TwosDay 👑@DrBrianMay @adamlambert @QueenWillRock #BrianMay #AdamLambert #TheCrownJewels
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @boopstawista imitates art
Retweeted by EvaFriederikeI will be reaching out to head of twitter about their policies being violated every day by President Tump. Hope my…
Retweeted by EvaFriederike @avril_blossom @AndrewUllah @QueenWillRock Remember what Brian and Roger say about performing with Adam? @LetsBeSparkly @marcmartel Grow up.