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❀ eva ❀ @evacaptures Rotterdam, The Netherlands

21. published photographer & tour photographer.

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@catchingjacob @jccaylen @tixxo @jaysee @aesteetic love u 🥺 @wildjackk @jccaylen @tixxo @jaysee @aesteetic 💗me captured by @aesteetic 💗. @aesteetic cryingAKSJAJHAHAHAH @dearlovernjh happy birthday ♥️ @jccaylen @tixxo @jaysee @aesteetic thank you 🥺♥️
the day i finally get lipfiller is the that i’ll be happy xx @fragile_female_ @KyberMediallc @too_short______ @xsailorxsaturnx @marchioniphoto @stephenjgilmore @benzawilski my god 😍😍 @amandaacelebs im crying i get a white background? @rmjfletcher THERE ANYONE WHO USES THE 'AUTO' BUTTON IN LIGHTROOM????? I JUST WANNA TALK. @melopacare omg echt sick maar is meer dan 200km bij mij vandaag, het is erg treurigim posting a new set in like an hour .... @melopacare omg waar is die bus 😍 @mad_photoss omg I LOVEEEEE THESE
wallows @jlindsayfilm @dan_adams_snaps @GettyPhotograph @BlackLecter @LilMissPhotos @bri_slc @CarolineJamesPh @ZachhRheaa i…
pity party by lovelytheband #NowPlayingim starting my new job in like 2 weeks im very excited about that..... i forgot my why dont we cd in my old car im very sad about that. pls send a new one @whydontwemusic i miss ita month and a half ago i bought my first car, a week ago it broke down and couldnt be fixed anymore. today i got… @itsandreast thank you!!! @lizavandeven you could say that's the only thing im good at in life @_laurencphotos thank you 🤍 @sindylaraswati thanks sin 🥺 @wildestwilk thank you 🥺happy new car 🥰💙!!! @capturesca hi @aesteetici have a love hate relationship with my makeup today
@wildjackk succes liefffff ♥️ @brambooss im gonna cry dat is zo liefgotta constantly remind myself I’m only 20 and don’t need to have my shit together
Retweeted by ❀ eva ❀ @arianainjpg @Lightroom @Photoshop @HomeToCreators @thebokeh @ladygorillas im realllly digging 2 🥰 @alifitzgeraldd these are so pretty AHHHH im in love 🥺
@allisimpson im happy to see you happy 💗can it be friday alreadyyyyy i cant wait to get my new car 🥺 @valxrie vind dat ook altijd zo gek. en vervolgens wel google maps gebruiken @charvalerie blij voor jou ♥️ @catchingjacob sowieso niet gemaakt voor de nieuwere iphonesive bought blue eyeliner who am i“photographers may or may not make a living by photography but they are alive by it”
Retweeted by ❀ eva ❀pls give me some love 💗 @bruesly FELTi kinda like it 😳 @aesteetic thanks bro. i know i can always count on you 😗poor. cant say i’m surprised.
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When ppl talk about deleting apps for their mental health I’m like, cool, sounds good, but I’d no longer be able to…
Retweeted by ❀ eva ❀ 1 minute video for Piece Of You. Like if I should make a music video for the whole song ✨
Retweeted by ❀ eva ❀ @prinsesyue alrightyyyyy thank you 🥰 @rmjfletcher i dont really 'need' anything for my portfolio as i have lots diversity. i just cant choose a color because i love them all 🥺 @xtessafca 🤍☺️ altijd! moet even kijken wanneer ik kan, is het oke als ik je dm als ik mn werk rooster heb? @charelaline ik kom 7 november jouw kant op voor je moeder, ben je er dan ook?(poll)ok but .... tell me what color this photo looks best in please 😳🤚🏻 @catchingjacob i have indeed downloaded the appsomeone tell me where to play among us @capturesca booking a flight rn i’ll be there in a day or 2 @cliantal 🥺 ja héactively looking for a man to pay my bills and expect nothing in return 💅🏼
Retweeted by ❀ eva ❀im genuinely so grateful to have a mum like mine, i dont know where i'd be without her @aesteetic wel roze achtergrond dan dat vind ik leuk hihihi @xtessafca daar moet je je echt geen zorgen om maken! ongemakkelijk is het altijd als je niet bent gewend om voor d… @stupefylisa ik woon in heerjansdam / nieuwerkerk aan den ijssel, wat makkelijker is voor jou. kan eventueel ook na… @aesteetic oke dit weekendoke wie van jullie heeft er linkedin en wilt een nieuwe profielfoto ???? wil dus klein 'portfolio' opbouwen daar in so it's free of charge!hi!!!! this ur reminder to not be so hard on urself. we are in a weird, stressful, overwhelming time. take it easy.…
Retweeted by ❀ eva ❀ @moosechildd omg YES this should be interesting @catchingjacob i love you so much
@pixiedustangled ik app jouSUPPORT THE PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT YOU.
Retweeted by ❀ eva ❀heeft iemand van mijn volgers een suzuki alto ????11:11open this thread if you are hurting . 100% safe /srs ♡
Retweeted by ❀ eva ❀ @aesteetic ♥️i don’t think i’m able to forgive myself for being so fucking stupid and naiveomg the teeth so it looks like i’m getting a new car.... literally bought my first one a month and a half ago ..... lol (yes i… @dapertures @tamarablawrence 🥰
burlesque is one of my favorite movies. there, i said it. @pixiedustangled ♥️ @sindylaraswati ♥️ @wildjackk ♥️7 en vooral 9 @prinsesyue love u miss uat least she's funny only positive thing to come out of this is that i get to choose a new car ! let's go !ive been crying for hours now and im completely drained of energy and just wanna sleep for daysi feel like i'm a photographer that's not even a photographer. does that even make sense?? idek but that's how i be feelin
Retweeted by ❀ eva ❀ @LunarHaus AHHHH @DanRoseUK_ i don’t actually, i need a lot of other new things but the battery is one of the only things that still works perfectly
@courtneyrphotos exactly. 😎