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Award winning Radio Host and comedy fella. Twitch affiliate and show host for @rectifygaming. Probably thinking about TCG's or Cartoons. He/Him.

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@lexifouts @DatHobbit Is that also hot dog water @Vodible @TOTW_Podcast That was itDoes anyone have the password for the @TOTW_Podcast twitter account @9_volt_ Honestly I hope it doesn’t
@thejuliarich #StayHydrated @Hoooooooooolia Something neither of you likes, so it's fair @griffin_guitar this is THE GUYI don’t even miss parties THAT much but I do miss that part in the ~party evening~ where you’re on someone’s back p… @hellotybeeren @MasterThiefWilf I love it when they say it!!!
@_AlexHirsch Tad Strange is a GOAT bitI need more movies to have a plot twist like “Little Women” (2019) where halfway through the movie they reveal Bob… our group chat name this morning @linemade666 hell yeah brother @0dd_Andy Sexx Laws is also good @efolds @CatyEb 1)RIGHT 2) I know nothing of it because I have no taste but hopefully?? Soon?
I hope that kid that said Wig to Katy Perry knows that he’s an American treasure
Retweeted by Evan Brando @Wafuru They don’t deliver to me either, it’s the only reason I don’t eat from them literally every day lolAtlanta folks, go treat yourselves tonight with the dang best bar food in the city (honestly it’s so quality it’s h… Psycho 100 Opening 1 - 99
Retweeted by Evan BrandoI had a dream I was at a party and we were all listening to They Might Be Giants and I just want to go to there… just because he’s plucky, has dark eyebrows and yeah that’s about it actually @shelpylee Where??
@TheBestPalcast @OddlyNormalOne This rules!!! @pronouncedjan @BrianIsTired Cake can gooooo @side_questress Hmmmm @side_questress Did it workmy most toxic trait is being bitten by a radioactive spider and saying "dig on this" before executing a performativ…
Retweeted by Evan BrandoCan’t believe the Sony ship is sinking this fast
@kwitchin @BattleandBrew up this swanky @BattleandBrew pint glass! It’s like I’m drinking too much there all the time now! @Chef_Lu_Bu Gimme Ork Teef consarnnitScooby Doo is a jackass, so we’re doing Fallout New Vegas instead, man- let's get outta here!! Let's rev-up some N64 Scooby Doo and try to get into the Halloween spirit (though… @Realjaviertrejo This is a GOOOOD bit (but also...I’d want that)Been working on drawing battle scenes (for maybe a comic about fighting games??) and I like the way this one is tur… @CatyEb give me the all monster truck version we deservewhen I'm using a Muk an my opponent sends out a grass type pokemon think this is pretty bad casting but the dude does look good @thejuliarich MOON'S HAUNTEDFinally admitting that the moon is just the back of the sun @lexifouts we need a vaccine @MykeATL Every time you tweet it’s like looking into my future @echovessel Yeah it’s not like a Snuggie @breedlethebard I will protect him
Is there a chance the track could bend? @aitomari00 @crystlabndce You know he had to do it to emEvery time I think I’ve read the worst one of these something like this pops and Jeeeeeesus Christ @TheFantasticIan The king for a reason, baby @JesseKage @ladygaga @Metallica @MileyCyrus I know what boys like (Metallica cover albums by Miley Cyrus) about this CONSTANTLY @brenllopersonal God I wanna smooch the homies
Thinkin about him @Chef_Lu_Bu my fuckin DUDEAny DM's out there have any advice on how to make/manage/buy good terrain pieces for your maps?? Currently mostly u… is just @KenMarino from Wet Hot
Was literally just talking about how @OldCaptainMax is one of my best buds, and when we finally met in person he on… meeting when you suffer from imposter syndrome
Retweeted by Evan Brando @wh0reganic This is honestly the dream
Replacing all my critical thinking skills with One PieceYou need a clever but untalented firebender??? @hallowone0mana @jfwong Just because it’s explained in universe doesn’t mean it’s still not true“Without downloading new pics, what’s it like dating you?”
Retweeted by Evan Brando @MsKelseyLately Ahahahahahaha this is flawless
Retweeted by Evan Brando @drewalfieri Honestly I have no idea what to expect @brenllopersonal Literally cannot tell the difference @addviolins Love u bishwe did rank the disney channel original movies“And of course we won’t watch ‘Mama Mia 2’ without you” -A text I unironically just sent to a friend @joelwruiz Honestly productive day @AprilRaygun You are so dang talented!! @taylorcocke Jeff is fuckin untouchable
Retweeted by Evan Brando @daviekumd @thejesguy @maechael1916 My calendar must be off, I thought it was Planeswalkers as commanders @0dd_Andy My fuckin man
@side_questress this is so fucked up @nicknprince Has it been printed in more than one set?Streaming games? On a Friday?? More likely than you think! Let's do some Genshin Impact, say around 1:30? Cool? Coo… @0dd_Andy @lexifouts Hey it’s 11:30 somewhereWe are giving away Steam codes for ToeJam & Earl​: Back in the Groove. How to enter? Follow @FunkyFreshBook Follow…
Retweeted by Evan BrandoWe’re still streaming at @FlippingTheTbl!! Tune in!!!
Retweeted by Evan Brando
I’m so pumped for this game!! Do not look for it anywhere, it’s JUST FOR US @DatHobbit I do because I’m a jock, naturallyNot even noon and I’ve already had enough Twitter for today @TeganAndOrSara Look I had to pick the four most popular @wh0reganic Exquisite taste @wh0reganic Both good! Though I prefer sweet and sour at Mickey D’sChicken Nugget sauce final showdown @hellotybeeren @pronouncedjan An incredibly important distinction to make
@pronouncedjan I love Jordan Peterson @TeganAndOrSara @modjeskah HMMMM @pronouncedjan math checks outYo! @ClarkDesigner is doing lil ghosty commissions for $5! He did this spooky Boo Evan! Go get you one!! @hellotybeeren COSTUME PARTYMe sitting down to watch the @Braves game is some hard science here