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TV Producer @DarkSideofRing Wednesdays at 9p on @Viceland. Tag team partner to @jasoneisener. Watch it now here👇🏻👇🏻

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Blade jobs and reverse figure four leg locks go together like shrimp and a fine white wine... #DoubleorNothing
HUGE mark out moment for me, was super nervous 😬 to meet this legend. Stan Hansen is absolutely on my Mt Rushmore… Or Nothing attendees: Join Dark Side of the Ring producer @evanhusney and @TaylorComedy at 130p…
Retweeted by Evan HusneyHey, yo. @StarrcastEvents... We're screening every episode of our show at the @TuscanyCasino in the Viceland Theat…
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Attendees of #DoubleOrNothing and @StarrcastEvents, come say hi: All Dark Side of the Ring episodes + Q&A with pro…
Retweeted by Evan Husney @BrianSimpsonKY @DarkSideOfRing @StarrcastEvents @TuscanyCasino Don't think this will be on @FiteTV, in person only I think 😕
@RonFunches 👌know what I'm doing when I landFirst of many bonus scenes from ⁦@DarkSideOfRing⁩: ⁦@bruceprichard⁩ busts out his Macho Man, McMahon, Liz & Sherr…
Hey Starrcasters, come say hi to me this weekend in Vegas. Gonna be showing some never-before-seen deleted scenes f… @HussHuss @TheJimCornette Wow!Breaking kayfabe again to show more behind the scenes from @DarkSideOfRing: "Love at first sight" with Randy & Liz… @LouRaguse @Tyler_Gignac @davemeltzerWON @DarkSideOfRing That would be @wade_macneil and @ango84 can't picture the…
Rare manga featuring Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen & Abdullah the Butcher ⛓
Retweeted by Evan Husney @DirtyDMantell I dunno Dutch, I kinda get it.Join @jasoneisener and I live on this in about 15 or so mins. Dial in and rib us if you must 👇 @CupOJoesph @DarkSideOfRing FS7, yea @robinjection @SquaredCirclPit @DarkSideOfRing 😬😬 @SquaredCirclPit @DarkSideOfRing Had a blast man! Thanks againWe dive deep with @DarkSideofRing creator @EvanHusney about the series, get some fun anecdotes from the making of t…
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@BackseatBookers Thank you!And voila! is how we shot the opening title sequence for @DarkSideOfRing: A spray painted toy ring, a little fog and a… @LouRaguse @Tyler_Gignac @davemeltzerWON @DarkSideOfRing 💪🏻💪🏻 Us too, thx again @LouRaguse @Tyler_Gignac @davemeltzerWON @DarkSideOfRing Thank you Lou. Really appreciate this, especially from a fellow Minnesotan.We have @jasoneisener and @evanhusney, the co-creators of @DarkSideOfRing as our special guests TONIGHT LIVE at 11p…
Retweeted by Evan HusneyPost #MITB pallet cleanse with this masterpiece: Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy vs Genichiro Tenryu & Toshiaki Kawada.… have @jasoneisener and @evanhusney, the co-creators of @DarkSideOfRing as our special guests tomorrow night LIVE…
Retweeted by Evan Husney @LupyMagic Yes, more is comin'
So The Curtain Call, Robocop rescuing @Sting, and Andre the Giant's birthday are all on the same day of the year. 🙌🔥 @allan_cheapshot @Sting So happy this happened on Andre the Giant's birthday. I love wrestling and Robocop 2#OnThisDay in 1990: WCW Capital Combat: Robocop comes to the aid of @Sting
Retweeted by Evan HusneyRemembering Andre the Giant who was born 73 years ago today. Now this is a birthday party!
Retweeted by Evan Husney @GreatBrianLast @JohnArezzi @SuperPodcasts Stoked for this @TooFastForBlood @NINaylor The Road Warriors are the sickest've never seen this. Had'm all except Nord. Best figures ever. I made so many customs. CC: @NINaylor
Retweeted by Evan HusneyAlthough we shot @DarkSideOfRing reenactments w/o sound, we let actors ad-lib dialog to help with performance. In…
@JohnArezzi @DarkSideOfRing @jasoneisener Thank you John!
@RAWisROLLIE @VICELAND @bruceprichard Deleted scene: @randallsholley @DarkSideOfRing @VICELAND @jasoneisener 😂 @jrhusney @jasoneisener Thanks my brother 🙏❤️Hypothetically, if there is a second season of #DarkSideoftheRing on @viceland, what stories would you like to see us cover?
Retweeted by Evan HusneyWow really cool piece on @TheAtlantic about our show @DarkSideOfRing: "If there’s truth in or around pro wrestling…
Official shirts from @viceland now available 👇👇
Retweeted by Evan Husney @EarlSkakel @DarkSideOfRing "I'm not a wrassler! I don't grab holds, I use karate! Jiu jitsu!" @jasoneisener is in… Sudanese Meat Cleaver take the scenes 🎬 on @DarkSideOfRing: Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah The Butcher Taken from the monitor, played by… all 6 episodes of Season 1 now behind us, we want to give a huge THANK YOU💪🏻 to everyone who tuned in to watch…
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Happy birthday Kev! finale episode of our show tonight at 9p on @VICELAND 🤙🏻 @neuroticmonkey @VICE Thank you sir. Was a major labor of love for me at the time. Forinos4Life 🤙If someone was born the day off the last Nitro, they would have just turned 18 in time to see the king of sports ba…
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Anybody else having a lazy Sunday? @LannyPoffo is a shoot genius.
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Happy #MothersDay ma! Always beautiful, always inspiring. Thank you for everything❤️ including this Kane action fi… @DirtyDMantell @AshFBoulton @VICE Andy Kaufman episode would be fantastic @DirtyDMantell @Sean_at_Atomic @evan @jasoneisener I can confirm it @Solutionsology_ @DarkSideOfRing Thank you so much 🙏
Season finale of @DarkSideOfRing is next week, on The Fabulous Moolah @WCCWMemories @DarkSideOfRing Gino's mom actually had a VHS copy of it and we transferred for the show. I'll check… @Marshall_LR @MarcCalderaro You guys tinker'd into Bolas' Citadel yet???
@DeploreHombre @EfrenBlackjack @VICELAND @DarkSideOfRing @HeyHeyItsConrad @bruceprichard Ha no quite the opposite.… @Marshall_LR @DarkSideOfRing 💪🏻💪🏻 Let me know what you think. Check "The Last of the Von Erichs" or "The Killing of…, "The Mysterious Death of Gorgeous Gino" is available to watch now right here👇🏻
Retweeted by Evan Husney @jasoneisener That better have been while on the phone with me @robinjection @jasoneisener @metalinjection @SquaredCirclPit Sounds fun, metal and wrestling are my two favorite things @dannyv128 Thank you, and that would be @VICELAND 😉 @Marshall_LR My TV show, homie @DarkSideOfRing 💪🏻Making this was a wild and heavy experience - hope y'all dug it. @deshawn77054 @DarkSideOfRing Thank you so much🙏 @ZackRyder @DarkSideOfRing You rule man thank you
Top 5 wrestlers I wish had figures. 1. Gino Hernandez 2. Dory Funk Jr. 3. Princess Victoria 4. Jason The Terrible 5. Ta-Gar
Retweeted by Evan Husney @ZackRyder @jasoneisener @MajorWFPod @DarkSideOfRing @FiguresToyCo Ya did good. @jasoneisener @MajorWFPod @DarkSideOfRing @ZackRyder @FiguresToyCo The Bundy Juicer is pure nightmare fuel and The… @MajorWFPod @DarkSideOfRing @ZackRyder @FiguresToyCo Your first Juicer - finally! @TripleG25 @FOX26Houston Yes! DM meTerry Funk in Kansas City, Summer 1972.
Retweeted by Evan Husney @JohnnySkourtis @AngelosApeeetz @johnsroastpork @SteveSimeone 😂 @luisneiman @AngelosApeeetz I've had DiNic's and heard that it's not even 10% as good as the sandwich I posted. The…
Gonna be in Philly this week - where do I eat? All I know is I'm getting this at @AngelosApeeetz the days leading up to #GinoHernandez's mysterious death, family members and wrestling colleagues noticed that h…
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Amazing the past 32 years, the family of #GinoHernandez has been afraid of speaking about his final days, which were sh…
Retweeted by Evan HusneyThe Kentucky Derby wasn't a screwjob, it was a double cross.
Retweeted by Evan Husney @SuckaFree__Z Thank you 🙏 @Durango_92 @DarkSideOfRing @KevinVonErich If there is a season 2 @Emilysdad0621 @DarkSideOfRing @KevinVonErich Thank you🙏
Every week researching this episode I was like 😳
Retweeted by Evan HusneyEvery week researching this episode I was like 😳 @RiChiEMoviEGeeK @DarkSideOfRing @KevinVonErich Thank you🙏🏻This is some of the best work our team did on @DarkSideOfRing and you can watch now below 👇🏻 As heart-wrenching as… @KevinWM2 @DarkSideOfRing Thanks for watching man. There's so many episodes we want to do if we get another season,…
Ditto - thank you all for tuning in. It's a difficult, but ultimately life-affirming story of triumph over tragedy.…
@EfrenBlackjack @DarkSideOfRing Thank you 🙏 @LOForreal @jasoneisener @DarkSideOfRing 🙏
@cemeterygunblob @BowdrenJeff @davemeltzerWON @KevinVonErich Gotta be Cowboy Song because of DaveTodd Rundgren's "Utopia Theme" seemed like the perfect emotional and epic track to accompany these images
@thegamefan35205 @KevinVonErich Incredible @DrNerdenstein89 @TheJimCornette Absolutely! @JorgitoCruz @KevinVonErich Thank you 🙏Filming the Von Erichs episode in Kauai was the most emotional experience we had on the road last year. Sharing cig…