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programmer at @EpicGames on @FortniteGame by day, speedrunner by night. gay 🏳️‍🌈 t. rex 🦖 who likes dinosaurs, guys, making silly games, and shaders. he/him.

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@kremer42 i am fully in support of this @Toadsanime @noblechairs ughhhh. i don’t need this. at all. but i WANT IT. @lizziekillian UGH THESE ARE SO COOL also every really cool dinosaur-related shoe only comes in kids sizes, and it… @18tillwedie aw haha i didn’t even notice that until now 😶we all have the day off today, so i’m sitting in my bed watching dumb youtube videos and eating some seriously dope… @AfroDeezyShak does it really sound like a nice job shak @HIImRamon @WanderingKnave and be bisexual @HIImRamon all of these things + drink white claw with QA
who is peggy and why does every european game acknowledge her
Retweeted by Eᴠᴀɴᴏsᴀᴜʀᴜs Rᴇx 🦖 @PTibz i cannot express how excited i am to play this here video gamei can’t decide if this is the best or the worst thing i’ve seen all week.“ok no really it’s ACTUALLY fixed this time” “missing header include” @FreyaHolmer yes absolutely @Mcdoogleh @UE4Memes oh god oh no 😰 @BeryIium literally always @WesPhillips ugh now i gotta buy MORE NERF also where’d you get that chair? @MonsterDface yoooooo! congrats man! 👏 @xzcendence it’s my precious @DrewHaas this is cool!found a place doing appropriate sanitization and mask enforcement. got my hair cut. requisite gay person social me…
@hecterrific @KOOPMode i see nothing weird here @WritNelson “presenting, my new video game: ShooterGame!” @SatisfactoryAF UGS tells no lies. @GalaKingdom rip :(
GET OUT ME CAR @FallGuysGame y’all are doing a great job. i know how this feels. launch day hugs all around. ❤️ @UncleRoogie somebody abused that poor cable too :( @aejb_ huff @cluekitty i got one! i definitely had concerns based on the reviews i read, but i’ve had zero issues so far and am… @mogwai_poet it is a very good hat @HosFross this is insane. @PTibz i very much like this idea, yes @PTibz what happens when we run out of video games to make @justicar happy anniversary! <3 @bombsfall i would like to get my doctorate in jurassic park @GrandPOOBear i can’t wait to play againnnnn i think i’ll get up early too! @MonsterDface 😳 @WanderingKnave @ChipotleTweets i have made this and tried it next to a sample of the real stuff and couldn’t tell…’m in me mom’s car
genuinely can't decide between orange and black pill blue pill is a close runner-up @nickchester @analogue will you let me play with yours 🥺seriously miffed about this. i was so excited. :\ @nickchester @ahaywa @tehemopenguin @jaylauretta @analogue mine did the same thing. sold out as soon as it actually loaded.was waiting on the website beforehand, added it to my cart as soon as it was available... it kept timing out on the…'s only C. elegans if it's from the Caenorhabditique region of France. Otherwise it's just sparkling nematode.
Retweeted by Eᴠᴀɴᴏsᴀᴜʀᴜs Rᴇx 🦖 @ElectricLeo mine is similar: get leo to fry some halloumi, eat leo’s fried halloumi
@claystehling lemme grab a bite @JurassicPark2go hello yes i volunteer @kaara_raven this is hotthis is the plot of the next Jurassic World™ movie with @prattprattpratt @Maide oh this is me @iveytron what TV you got boi @Lylli mine has been sitting in the box since i got it 😰 think i’ll change that today @okaykennyray as much as i would love another Mother game the real sleeper hit here is Mega Man Soccer @SimplyFir thanks, i hate it @LuxePosh omghey @FallGuysGame i have been enjoying playing for the last week, thank you for the key i have one very importan… @Miketizzle411 what
@PJVogt i feel this on a spiritual level. @justicar be still my heart. 😍 @grubernaut this is part of the reason i am very glad there is next to no grass at my new house @Parallax_ dinosaurs tho @TLoCam have you tried unlinking and relinking it? if you linked a while ago, there was an update to the twitch oau… is when you buy a blender and then make smoothies every day for 2 weeks and then never make one or even acknow…
Retweeted by Eᴠᴀɴᴏsᴀᴜʀᴜs Rᴇx 🦖 @Besso0_ okay but why not both? 🤔 @ahhlenia_ @sabrinathewh0re @maddieevelasco ...i don’t even know where to start with this tweet @Parallax_ i have this dilemma on like a weekly basis @Parallax_ i volunteer @DOPEITSTOM i went to go see if i had any credits still i forgot how buckwild our selections got @pancakesdad @Petey5K thanks man <3
also my one regret is that i don’t think i’m gonna feel well enough this weekend to set up my kegerator with the po… @grubernaut love you too man 🥺 and miss you lotshad a really bad week last week mentally. got really physically sick this week. haven’t been doing too well. some… @Demonicalll @FortniteGame i fully support this campaign.
@okaykennyray @alexusescommas “perfect timing of perfect pussy is a great and rare thing” is one hell of a sentence @aejb_ i especially love this persistent navbar at the bottom of the mobile client now to switch between them very… @keithkurson oh no, badlands is closing? @JHUBB this is correct
@Lylli @keithkurson i just love that you two know each other and that you both know me small world and all that @keithkurson i very much identify with this too :\ i hadn't realized how much it was affecting me until last week @Cyberharpies 🤔 @Loomin__ i am signed up to bid 😎
Retweeted by Eᴠᴀɴᴏsᴀᴜʀᴜs Rᴇx 🦖 @TatersSays correct @pancakesdad wait where was this thirst post @cheeseplus you’re the second person i’ve heard having problems with the arctis pro :\ i was just about to buy a pair @JHUBB oh no @Maide you gotta do the cooking by the book!
@aejb_ we stan @frozentrually i knew i liked you for a reason. 👏 @Parallax_ dude the double oaked is so goooooodddddd @frozentrually which one? (you’re always welcome) @BunnyNamedSunny you may sip! @kremer42 “mess” is an accurate descriptiongot the important stuff unpacked @BASubway same tbh @nickchester @AfroDeezyShak @bruceknapik my question is: where was i for this, because it sounds amazing @BabaIsBot this is correct @AfroDeezyShak FUCK SHAREPOINT