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Paint, cats, and painted cats. 🎨🇨🇦Writer/scribbler on @thethiefoftales comic - All links here:

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@miarrow (future) lemons from the tree sounds awesome @JonLlinares They look so good! :D @miarrow yeah! it's a bit sad, because the PR stuff is unavailable to purchase, so why make hype about it? @miarrow the whole collection is very cuteI rescanned, fixed and added these two to the print shop! #cat @Honeydew_Wolf I think that's what they're trying to figure out! XDAmplifying voices... 10+ amazing women artists & NBy (Keep it going!): @charratastica @paper_rabbit @WogeIC
Retweeted by small fryconfirm humanity @Pin3appe Hahaha! XD#Tbt I think this is the first Adventure Cat I ever painted, back in 2016! :D @CassandraJP Oh! Thank you!!! :D
@doodlemancy lol, oh no I get instant cramps if I stretch my feet a specific way, whyyyyyyyy @CassandraJP Hi! I hope this is ok to ask, but which of your book was the one with all the art of your DAI Inquisitor? :)thoughts on lunch sketching
Retweeted by small fry @miarrow You are pretty everyday, but this is a really cute look! :D @LostR2 Awwww they are gorgeous, though!Robin Hood [hands over stolen fortune]: here you are, my poor friend Friend: wow thanks. I'm rich! Robin [narrows eyes]: you’re what
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Retweeted by small fry @SexyLolaMedusa It would keep it VERY warm indeed XD @SexyLolaMedusa I need a human-sized one XDI FINALLY get to show you guys my absolutely favourite color of this season. It’s the Red Fuchsite and you just hav…
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@belugachop Yeah, they're not gonna last long XD @kitten_academy Meep meep! 📯Giant floof tail with bonus shouting
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Retweeted by small fryTinker the lap cat!
Retweeted by small fry @belugachop I found some, they are indeed so tasty :Ostop sympathizing with billionaires! they don’t care about you!
Retweeted by small fryDream Daddy: Witcher Edition I tried to make this look as close to the (bloody gorgeous) style from the actual ga…
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Retweeted by small fryI wanted to get more new things to update my store all at once but that's not happening soon enough so this weird s…
Retweeted by small frySaw this cat strutting across the ancient citadel walls. Ignored all my enthusiastic (rather desperate) attempts t…
Retweeted by small frymy paintings always look really crazy til the end. Painted my pup with gouache~
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A friend mentioned he could be the DM for a D&D game and I just exploded with character ideas.
Retweeted by small fryA few moons old and new
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How to help artists on Twitter? (With no €$) ❗Comment on art. Twitter algorithm favors replies! Just "Cool art!" h…
Retweeted by small fry @IsabelleModay @kitten_academy Thank you so much!! ♥ @gurumii_chan I'm curious to know what you prefer in this one vs the regular stuff? @PeckishPoaceae Thank you!! ♥😻 @bondservant4jc Thank you so much! :)
@doodlemancy will this end in her pooping?! suspense!!! @ADoorBellBeans Thank you!! :D @Ariadne_777 🙏🙏😻💙 thank you! :D @Dawnh2006 !!! Hi, Stu!! And thank you so much :) @MichelleForNow Thank you so much!! :D @DatSketcher Wow, thank you so much!! I think kid me would've liked it too, in the sense that cats are always a win :) @y2jenn Thank you so much!! :DI drew this as a style experiment 2 years ago and I wanted to feature Verse the momcat and her babies! Verse and fa… @BarbarianLord Awesoooome!! @KICorreia Lol
@miarrow can you give him the worst yelp review ever? @miarrow very nicely put, I'm so sorry you have to deal with that moron :( @miarrow grrr, that f*cking doctor 😡😡😡😡 @Vantidart This is such a lovely studio, I'm glad you're getting more comfy with it :) @nendoras ...very valid point.I'm not getting my shirt back, am I? drew this one as a downloadable lineart for one of my past "paint-along" livestreams. Transferred to Arches CP pa… don't know if anyone uses textures for digital art still..? I found nice ones while decluttering and I decided t… of the TMNT is awesome 🤩
@doodlemancy What. My HOUSE is made of them. Nice insulation and always handy when comes a period. @belugachop Wafers and matcha, such a good combo! I hope I can find it eventually! @belugachop WHOOOAAAAAAoh! LOTR trilogy!10 movies to know me! -The Cat Returns -Captain America The First Avenger -Captain America Winter Soldier -Termina… the cat theme, here are two PALLAS'S CAT kittens (兔狲, Tù sūn) from Qinghai Province, China. This cat is…
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Retweeted by small fry @CarsonDrewit HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMATO! What a sweet boy ♥ @LostR2 The post has been removed XP @CalligraphyNut @wancher_japan @sailor_shop @Wancher_Global That's a lovely green @doodlemancy I once had a pipe burst in my apartment and we had to close the water main, it was the only way for us…
The brightest star is now up in there, shining in the sky✨ Thank you Qinni for everything you did.
Retweeted by small fry @Jared_Cullum Beautiful!!! :DSketch of a friends floofy friend, Charlie #dogs #goldenretriever #watercolor
Retweeted by small fry @miarrow Oh, ok ok I hope you find a way to lessen the neck and shoulder pain :( @miarrow what about one of those very very light bralette or something? bandeau top? or maybe longline bras so the… @belugachop I'm really not knowledgeable about the "zine scene", not necessarily by choice. This was very interesting to read :)Caturday greetings from myself and Smudge, think I interrupted bath time @caenhillcc #smudgethecat #caturday
Retweeted by small fry @miarrow oh no :( @PenholderArtUK I don't think you would enjoy the paints, though XDEsben and his companion Morris. Secondary characters from the next chapter of our webcomic, The Thief of Tales.
Retweeted by small fryAre you born in January? Then here's the perfect paint for you. An in depth test of Daniel Smith's Garnet Genuine:…
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Couple skull studies and sketches for sale- $75 each $60 for truck (cat-oil the rest gouache)
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Retweeted by small fry @glitchritual Best of luck! And yeah, I would try and listen to an album or a playlist and it would add shit in the… @glitchritual I removed the app because I couldn't do it with the ads. And the fact that Spotify will sometimes tos… is yet another review demo painting. The paints weren't all that awesome, but I tried my best. Wonky boat lol. the world lost a wonderful artist, a brave soul who fought and fought, while gifting us with inspiration and…
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Scout and Pekoe. Scout enjoys sleeping on my legs and hunting her sister Pekoe.
Retweeted by small fryI'm running a hare linoprint giveaway over on Instagram if anyone's interested. #lovehares #hareprint #linoprint
Retweeted by small frySomeone just bought me a coffee on Ko-fi!
Here's some appreciation for Eyvind Earle. He was one of the greatest animation stylists to ever work in the indust…
Retweeted by small fryforgot to share the alternate version i did of this (featuring side characters nathan & mireille)
Retweeted by small fry @miarrow Yes! Meanwhile the bigass companies pollute like there's no tomorrow... AS IF the straws make such a big impact 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 @miarrow That's perfect! There are so many shitty things in life in general, we don't need article to make us feel… @miarrow it reminds me of an article I saw recently that was like "etsy is a good platform if you make a profit fro… @miarrow eggs have a ridiculously long shelf life in the fridge. @miarrow urgh, that kind of article's only achievement is making one feel bad about what they do. You don't seem to… usual, @djkittenacademy has come up with the perfect names for Bell's new kittens!
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@kennydalman Yup! That's what I'm using atm, trying to get more familiar with it :D