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ROBIN.SALARIO. @evelinesalario Delft, The Netherlands, Europe

I AM a woman ISFP ambivert (I/E) 4w5. ❤ Astrology 🌞♌🌙♓➡️♌ and me, grandson, yungblud and nine inch nails.

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Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO. @yungblud :) sorry i was to late for showing this datura plant in delft to my father. uncle and my niece and her husband harvesting olives a long time ago. father reading a letter from my uncle in sicily. he was making a new terras. house when my children were little. so many things :) @yungblud this is one of the most sexy songs i know. :) Hozier- it will come back. - it will come back. @tc2oh @ADHD_Alien i say that to my hands every day. :)i'm waiting.
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.#ADHDInvasion comic 😱 Identity crisis when you grow up feeling different...
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO. @SharonGannon3 @rickygervais @Vets_Kitchen @PickliciousF only the cat looks mad. :) this is our mitzy #winkelen en #boodschappen doen in #Delft is in tijden van #corona anders dan normaal🛒 Maar als we allemaal on…
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@yungblud is live now on TikTok to play an acoustic set! Go watch 🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.Whoever sent the sunglasses during this song, I would like to talk
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.📲| @yungblud via TikTok proxima parada: cardiaca
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO. @rentreckie Echt niet eng. :)important announcement!!! please watch. Weird! december 4th. this is our story, and it will be fooking perfect. fuc…
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.mitzy, izzie and dylan in 2010. sicilian knowsd what these mean. :) @yungblud Did you see this movie? lily collins - rules don't apply. colins - rules don't apply. @ADHD_Alien i had that too and i thought the same as you. my father had the same thing and we thought it was an all…
xXx soundtrack! @yungblud But it is to early to sleep. I watched atomic blonde, there is a great soundtrack. blonde.'s an illussion just an illussion!
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.Faitless - liontamer. al terminal,si aprono le porte automatiche.Tutto finisce.Come se si spegnesse un interruttore. Il cuore s…
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.De Groot en de grote Rotterdammers - Jules Deelder. deelder toen hij jong was. :) dortenaren hebben veel overgenomen van rotterdammers. @yungblud ?????? love robins. - Riptide [OFFICIAL VIDEO]. - Dirty. - God save me, but don’t drown me out . @TharusThijs oke, :) dank je.
@stormsonvenus Yes.2018 // 2019 // 2020
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.Mis en toch raak ...
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.Because #Leo suffers in silence, no one really knows the depth of their sorrow and pain.
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.David Guetta - Missing you. Our car song. @Jinek_RTL toevallig is het nummer "you fucked up for the last time" ons favoriete auto nummer. Keihard en dan mee… @Wolverine759 Ik keek alleen dat stukje van dat die ene prostue hem in zijn gezicht stak en dat hij toen iets bij h… @TharusThijs Dat zou ik ook wel willen weten, wat voor incident. :)De babbelbox vraagt zich af, wat was uw laatste incident op het distributiecentrum?
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO.Job hunting in 1930’s during the Great Recession.
Retweeted by ROBIN.SALARIO. @christinehermse @SanderDTC Rood is veel mooier, mijn moeder heeft ook rood haar, in jou kleur, en nu is ze 92 en h… @Wolverine759 Ik ook, zoveel bloed enzo, bah. Maar ze is echt een geweldige actrice. @greetschrijven @eetschrijver Mijn vader at ook pasta met een gesneden aardappel meegekookt. En er dan een paar ee… @grandson About time!Dirty in the top 40 LETS GO thank you guys
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