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@mattmattmatt @SimiStern It was the 'ws' package !The default behavior of SameSite cookies is changing with the release of Chrome 84 on July 14th. That's in 4 days!…
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@wnatch ugh @wnatch debate
Few things please me more than running `npm i` and only getting one package
@CJHicks15 @compgeke nice! it all still works with modern hardware too. I use it as a terminal for my raspberry pi @compgeke VT320>VT240
@doriantaylor @JeremiahLee @robinberjon Internet draft is the way to go. I imagine this will be easy to accept. My…
@OddsAndBits @thatcks @PVince81 @Canada This might be a good place to find a contact to voice your concern:…
So much coming in Thunderbird 78 (our next stable release). It's going to be massive upgrade.
Retweeted by Evert Pot @IDeMostafa I've attended an @APIdaysGlobal conference today, and there's actually a large degree of audience/speak…
@thijstriemstra I was hoping that the PoE hats would have a feature to do power-down via "shutdown" but that doesn'… @Ocramius I think I need taller leaders between the hat and the main board, and a gpio extension. I worry that the… Ethernet cables. Last step will be finding a way to get a access to GPIO again for fancy LEDs. #raspberrypi so many conferences going remote, I wonder why they stick to the tight schedule. Seems like there would be so…
icymi - @mnot breaks down http structured header fields (and perhaps more excitingly previews binary fields) --we'v…
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@thatcks @PVince81 Ran into this with @Canada PDFs as well. Send a complaint!
@blokhut @loginn Yeah I've seen this product! It's pretty neat. Not entire what I'm looking for but definitely some… to create the weeknd's "blinding lights"
Retweeted by Evert Pot @awwscript Well, its way better than forking a browser ;). Electron is easy. Just start with a web app and then wrap it
@awwscript If you want to build a prototype for this, why not do something Electron-based first? You get a lot for… @jgmac1106 @indiewebcamp Ah that does sound interesting! always wanted to join one =) @DLand @philshapiro I had to look up WILD :( > Originally called WildCard during its development, the name was cha… @DLand @philshapiro The kinds of formats I have in mind are the category of application/vnd.siren+json, but the nic… @DLand @philshapiro Plus sites can still work in a regular browser, if you see Accept: text/html, just return a HTML representation. @DLand @philshapiro Yes! I want a browser with much more focused, restricted media-types, UI control beyond the <bo… @DLand @philshapiro I keep thinking, am I just describing a browser... But I think there's something here.Ok, no strong answers here. Anyone wanna fund a project that marries Notion, Hypercard and MS Access? :P
@jgmac1106 Do you have more details about this project? Is it open source? Curious to have a peekThis is probably a stretch, but anyone know of a hypermedia-powered, self-hosted version of @NotionHQ ? @codepo8 @RReverser this should also work: const is🫓 = Number.isNaN; @codepo8 @RReverser Ah I meant the emoji is a flatbread =) @RReverser @codepo8 Not a true Naan =( but close! @RReverser @codepo8 const 🫓 = NaN; @JennaEllisEsq Ah shit, I wish I had seen this earlier. I just cancelled it. @IamAsheChaos @procornholer @Actually_Tina Well, I'm glad you weren't my doctor who decided to make a moral choice… @IamAsheChaos @procornholer @Actually_Tina Not denying it's selfish and stupid. @IamAsheChaos @procornholer @Actually_Tina But, I guess you don't think I deserve it. @IamAsheChaos @procornholer @Actually_Tina I'm not the person I was and the social net allowed me a second chance. @IamAsheChaos @procornholer @Actually_Tina Nevertheless, I made mistakes and thankfully still a contributing member… @IamAsheChaos @procornholer @Actually_Tina I'm glad I grew up in a country where I could make dumb teenage mistakes…
@inadarei Any API I developed in the last 5 years emits text/html . It helps! Anyone can browse data model by just… The first wave of web's explosive growth was single-handedly accelerated by "view source". If in the "AP…
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@ramsey What's the code? asking for a friendAvailable at @code insider & @typescript nightly.
Retweeted by Evert Pot @davecheney @bradfitz lol! You're brilliant @davecheney @bradfitz It is just rebranded arm though right? I'm not 100% sure @inadarei I just hope the long term effect is to lower the relevance of America as the economic center. If the brai…
@sarwhelan modern not moder :/ @sarwhelan We learned this during English class where I grew up in the Netherlands aged 13 or so. We were told it w… the lockdown I've been working on a Apollo-like client for React, but for REST/HTTP APIs. If this sounds in… @EnpassApp Any more news on support for ARM Linux? I would love to use Enpass on my Raspberry Pi 4! @r37r0m0d3l Ah interesting stack! @r37r0m0d3l Nice! What sort of API are you building? Plain json or something with a fancier format? @grafcaps It was a .tsx file :P I just wasn't thinking and started typing @r37r0m0d3l I know this is a joke, but I don't like tech shaming very much. Lots of good stuff happening in the PHP… @philsturgeon @phalt_ Not sure if y'all still reading, but I've been working on this since pretty much April and no… hope better / github packages integration will happenNew Github layout is kinda dope, but do I need to publish NPM packages on github too now? @Thiefofhearts @joshourisman @MelficeSilesius @kevinbruce @TimmRogowski @Hanna_Jameson Right now very few people de… @Thiefofhearts @joshourisman @MelficeSilesius @kevinbruce @TimmRogowski @Hanna_Jameson In that case you can't just…
@Thiefofhearts @joshourisman @MelficeSilesius @kevinbruce @TimmRogowski @Hanna_Jameson Presidents only campaign in… memory sticks a long timeI haven't done much PHP in years but I just opened a fresh file and typed <?php @glasser @b0rk As much as everyone love it, its not a real one :( Also there's 420 @b0rk Even the one from extensions are real HTTP status codes @b0rk This is the canonical list of status codes.
Hello world! I'm looking for my next developer role! Toronto-based or remote opportunities! 🤖 I'm an ever-evolvin…
Retweeted by Evert PotMoundsville is a town in West Virginia with slightly under 10,000 people.
Retweeted by Evert Pot @the_murderHobos @meyerweb That's an outdated version. It's replaced by the rfcs in the 723x series and will soon get another major update.
If you're watching #JSNationLive be ready to have your finger ready on the volume button. Can't be easy to get cons… @SimiStern @rakyll Yah it's no surprise Go developers have been asking for Generics for years. It's _much_ more of… @meyerweb Interesting topic! The HATEOAS community might have some things to say about this. I an article for ever…
@daleharvey @mike_conley Can easily whip up a few more of these if this is the type of bite-size tickets you're looking for!Hey, if you maintain an JavaScript based Open Source project and would like to encourage new contributors can you s…
Retweeted by Evert Pot @daleharvey @mike_conley Generics. Ada was so far ahead of its time...
Retweeted by Evert PotWe sweat that HTML. In the app, on the marketing site, everywhere! This is the stellar work of @AdamStddrd ❤️✨
Retweeted by Evert Pot @NLinToronto @TO_Beaches @WTTNetherlands @CityofSurrey Doesnt burning bio waste result in a net higher quantity of… @ColtinC Now I'm worried most people saw the first tweet, made their mind up about it me and moved on :(This thread is as compelling an argument as any for why it's critical that we continue to invest in the web as a pl…
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@DominikTo @AppleSupport Is one of your screens further west?This is why I love anime 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Evert PotForget JS-first and study this instead. Every hour you spend learning to build experiences this way vs. learning Re…
Retweeted by Evert Pot @Deep_Diver_1975 <3 @Deep_Diver_1975 I never had this association either. Some do. Their feelings and the symbolic gesture is more impo…
My last tweet on usage of the 'master' term in git got a bunch of likes! But they were all retracted presumably aft… @awwscript So your take is that 'master' is worth fighting for because changing it would _actually_ play into bigots and racism? @awwscript Some of those people even believed it themselves, and weren't hiding behind linguistics to obscure their homophobia. @awwscript I've met plenty of people that were against gay marriage with the argument that the meaning of the word… @coates It's one thing to think that this is a silly change, it's another to launch petitions. Why is THIS issue so important to you? @coates Yup exactly. A mild inconvenience at most. Yet here's all these 'definitely not racist' people that are wil… if the idea that the preservation of that word is more important than the validation of people who just want to… reminds me an awful lot of people defending the word 'marriage' being exclusive to a man and woman. "We're no… you think this change is not meaningful. Or maybe you think it's an empty gesture. Many people DO think this… am however surprised that if Github feels that this change is important, how far people are willing to go to convince them otherwise.To be clear, I don't agree with this petition.Petition to NOT rename 'master' to 'main' on github: @ramsey @mj_langford @electronjs If that's the case, typescript should no longer generate import statements. Maybe… @ramsey @mj_langford @electronjs Sorry the 'target' doesn't matter, module does though