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celebrating contemporary music + sound ✨✨✨ (fka OBEY Convention)

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A reminder that *EVERY SINGLE* music organization in the Maritimes needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and…
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I think the world could use a billy woods and @moormother collab album right about now
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@jazzcodrington saw him live some years ago: immense
truly blessed to be supported by ppl with such amazing knowledge, skills, experiences and intentions 🙏Rajee has been a long time member and attendee of EVERYSEEKER and is excited to share her experience in curation an… Paña Jejishergill is a second-gen settler immigrant artist of Indo-Filipinx descent born in Treaty 1/Winnipeg… Mason is a local artist centered in Afrofuturism in both life and his works. James views his role on the EVER… works with Synonym Art Consultation, Wall-to-Wall Mural & Culture Festival, and a few other music and art-focus… K. Balmana is a cat parent and part-time gardener with full-time love for creating equitable opportunities to s… excited to be welcoming these brilliant new board members to the ES fam 🥰
That show with @angeltheoracle was unbelievable and this new album is deeply beautiful ✨🎷🌿 just found this random page of Seventeen magazine from 1958 that claims all the teenagers are listening to Gesual…
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKER @brenmccracken ‘Old age is getting cool’ ~ classic Seth 😅🥰😝and maybe there’s just one more lil’ surprise on the way... 🌿That’s a wrap on our 13th year of programming! Thanks to all and everyone who supported us, took part, came thru, s… @brenmccracken woah now! 😮 those sneakies!
@jazzcodrington it’ssss yeah, been a blessing ✨This is the 40th and final project for our online festival, Emergent Response ✨ you can discover the rest of the pr…“We smoked cigarettes on the fire escape and watched the cops and the street do their dance. By then I had been aro… ~ a short story from NYC emcee billy woods 🤯 a contmeplative piece that explores the depths + tensions of H… @frankietearbaby somehow the drawing of the box is as caltivating as the picture of the salad 😳 @aquakultre yes and we’re SO here for it 🤠
Getting to work with so many brilliant artists is a wild, wild blessing 🙏Just received the final project for the fest and absolutely reeling from how powerful it is 😦 posting tmrw!We’ll be looking at the year in review, what’s coming up AND voting in new board members ✨ if yr interested in a po… AGM is tmrw nite at 7pm ADT ON Zoom 🌿 its open to all and 100% the best place to get an understanding of how we…
Eric shares vital stories and teachings, and the two unpack how the compilation came to be. The hour also includes… this piece, we explore the deeper histories and context around Eric’s life and practice. Kevin Howes (Voluntar… song was re-released in 2014 with @lightintheattic Native North America (Vol.1) compilation, bringing wider awa… those who know it, Eric Landry's "Out Of The Blue" (the only song he's released commercially in a 40+ year care… penultimate project for the festival is ✨DEEP✨ an hour-long convo with indigenous folk legend Eric Landry and p… DIY Spring 4: DIGITAL SUMMER August 3-September 3 (Full lineup soon!) We're taking it digital+showcas…
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKER @nikostratis @SpotifyCanada 🤦🏻Fuck @SpotifyCanada how bout? @lavendercowboy_ that’s a medical term, right?s/o sobeys merchandising team for commemorating grunge history
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The gallery is open for a limited window from 7pm-12am ADT ~~~ TONITE 💥 made during an audience member's turn may be temporary or permanently alter the compositional form.If someone else is ahead of you in the queue, you’re encouraged to wait and listen as the composition develops. Onc… members are welcomed to take turns interacting with the piece for a 3 min window. When you arrive in the s… motivation behind the project is to explore the ways we remain in relationship to one another, despite being in…‘Haptic Paradigm’ is a web-based interactive installation conceptualized by Brooklyn-based, Cree-Canadian interdisc… part in this very special collaborative project TONITE 💥 right now!’re looking for people to join us in our quest to destroy industry bullshit 🙂 @ssrrssll like just IMAGINE doing something like that with yr family 🙃 it’s unfathomable!Really special livestream tonite ✨ much love to this brilliant family!
~~TONITE~~ at 8pm ADT ✨ the second instalment of ‘Country Blues’, Art dives deeper into the music, histories and perspectives that conve… music is not about personal expression or experience as much as it is about reliving, recreating and redistribu… Bouman is a Halifax-based activist and Black banjo player. His practice seeks to reclaim the banjo tradition of… Two of this brilliant project is up #blackbanjo 🪕
Before we officially launch NEW FEELING, we created a survey to help us better understand how Canadian music fans a…
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKER is going down tmrw and uh... you just, yr gonna NEED to be there 👇 the most magical artist family ✨ @jazzcodrington @vernisonline yeh! the performance is archived at if that monument could get more annoying, vacant and useless 😒 my stream for @everyseekerhfx ? Fear not! You can watch it here:
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Retweeted by EVERYSEEKERCurrently being reminded that @t6mikee is nonstop INCREDIBLE in all the ways ✨
How can you expect people to see the problem when they don’t even see themselves.
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKERPortland’s incredible beatfreek noise chameleon @vernisonline goes live from another dimension TONITE at 9pm ADT ~~… Emergent Response Tonight 9pm ADT/ 5pm PDT 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 @everyseekerhfx
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKERER #34 ::: Frosty Valentine ~ Frozen 💓💗💕 a cartoon epic
~FRIDAY NIIITE~ we go live with Portland noise chameleon @vernisonline 🐍💥✨🪐 #33 ::: @aRENYE_ ~ Qualentine 🌿💜 an intimate msg from the Nigerian pop star, focusing on creativity + positivity… news we’ve heard in a looonnggg time 🤙
We are continuing our mission to provide space for artists with amazing talent. The first event in a new series is…
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKERIt really was so so special ✨ @edwardlgordon @hfxpublib forest installation of improvised textiles, live reconstructions of sewing machine songs, and motorized choirs of… #32 ::: Rare Earth ~ from Jay Crocker & Johanna Hayes ✨🌎 a short sci-fi tripper 🌿
“There’s an opportunity for evolution in every single moment” ~ LA-based polymath Low Leaf chats with @amidang on E… out to all the black experimental weirdos and punks, especially the women who've been at the forefront of tho…
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKER @aculturalbitch So sorry you had to face that 😡 You deserve so much better, so much more 💜
Thank u Matana 🙏 are challenging times...remember you can't lift others if yr also not lifting yrself. One feeds the other.yr…
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKERCheck the Flex! 👇 @MattYHZZZ @MaggieRahr everybody gettin’ married at Reitman’s @clairerousay you’ve got a suitable hype person thereIt's encouraged that the audience return to these pieces in different order / collection / formation to allow new m…‘a part, as a whole' is a collection of four videos created by Emily during coronavirus lockdown. The pieces can be… #31 ::: a part, as a whole ~ from Fredericton cellist Emily Kennedy 🌿🌸
‘Country Blues’ is a two-part project. This first chapter includes a set of songs performed by Art accompanied by n… music is not about personal expression or experience as much as it is about reliving, recreating and redistribu… Bouman is a Halifax-based activist and Black banjo player. His practice seeks to reclaim the banjo tradition of… #30 ::: Country Blues: Complicating American Roots ~ Part 1 ~ from Art Bouman 🪕 @GDF_X 😂😂😂
About to begin! ~~> @moormother its soooo good✨TONITE✨ we host African Nova Scotian neo-soul star Kwento for a live IG session ~ 8pm ADT @ansdca @OfficeofANSA’ve got another new cut from experimental Athenian artist Johnny Labelle ~ Your Money’s Not Good Here 🤑 heady, ph…
All PayPal donations for this edition go towards the Nova Scotia Black Lives Matter Solidarity FundTonite we’re partnering with CUARENTECA to host a digital heater feat. @djbembona 🔥 zoom link goes out at tip off🔊👨🏾‍💻🎵 - Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry @Planetmurecords Some street-level fire music for #Juneteenth ft. “Amerik…
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKER @StevenHartka @OfficialIMKA yess! the best 💜the most psycho part of my life is that I assume everyone cares about experimental music ..... big, big mistake
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKER @jazzcodrington @deaddogfilms902 psyched for this 🙌
Holy smokes! $25K in just over two weeks!!! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!!! ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏
Retweeted by EVERYSEEKER✨TONITE✨ we go live on IG with the incredible @charmainelee 🌀