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The best professional esports team. A legacy of excellence, a future of dominance. #LIVEEVIL

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End the week right by grabbing a brewski and watching ya boi @Contractz stream on the @BudLightGaming Twitch channe…
@SonicFox 👀 know its a super high level tactic, remember that, yeah?
Did someone mention a #MeteorShower? you miss the @Skullgirls Spring Blockbuster with @dekillsage and @SonicFox? You can check out the highlights in… then Warzone later?
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@Shyyros We will have jerseys available again very soon™!Watch as EG #dota2 burns it all down in this week's Money Plays, brought to you by @coinbase! #LIVEEVIL're not sure if Twitter crop is working or what @Arteezy is looking at. your friend suggests you play Ashe jungle know the power of The Dark Side. #Revengeofthe5th #StarWars #Sith #Vader else is dreaming about the #LoR expansion tomorrow? We know @swimstrim is!
What #CSGO role is your best/favorite?The #BudLightSummerStimmy is approved! First up on the agenda: the GOAT of ticket packages, including: the Super Bo…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesTo all Geniuses in the Galaxy: #MayThe4thBeWithYou"Bro I didn't even see it... I was in the smoke screen." - @Svenskeren1 The newest episode of Evil Intercepts pres… with more valorant gameplay
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@NetflixGeeked @LeagueOfLegends You have our sign of approval that precede unfortunate events's a wrap! We make the SADBOYS even sadder by taking them down 2-0 in this week's #NADPC matchup. #EGWIN
Puckaboo, @abedyusop sees you! | #NADPC @92625151's time for another series with "NA's Pride and Joy" (the casters' words, not ours 😈)—Week 3 of #NADPC vs. SADBOY…
@NoiSinEss Lets Go Bridgewater College! @evolve @CoachAntor Lets Go Northwood! @GSNeverMind Lets Go Georgia Southern! 🦅 @Cougar_eSports Lets Go Columbia College! #WeAreCC @Setheyyy Lets Go Drury University! #DruryLife @BoBBy__Burnside Lets Go Clemson University! @lalisaccharin Lets Go Sriwijaya University! @iSyncShips @Illini_esports @Illinois_Alma Lets Go @Illini_esports! @kneecourts Lets Go #CSUN! #EnterTheRing @PalmPlayz Lets Go Northwood! @littlelozard Go #Bearcats! @reegs191 Lets Go Babson University! @PogiMerga Lets Go #KState! @Atomicfreeze_ Let's Go UCSB! 🦝 @toastlyzone Lets Go Binghamton! @UCLAEsports #GoBruins 🐻 @CUWEsports Lets Go #CUW! cast for Americas is starting now. I'll be casting the top 8, gonna be some fun games.…
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses @OP_CLOL_FAN @SFASU @Esports_GCU We got you covered #LopesUp #LopesRising @IWU_Esports #IWUbreakthrough @CasterAudio #HUProud! @LSUEsports Lets Go #LSU! @halplaysgames Lets Go #Mizzou! 🐯 @UTDEsports Let's Go #UTDEsports! @CardTosser Let's Go #utdallas! #utdbright @iamyoonrie Lets Go Mapúa University! @aoli32 Let's Go #SFSU! #SFSUWIN @AbsoluteJustic3 #FullSailArmada @adspivak #YellCornell @_Tamagu #GoBruins 🐻🐻🐻 @olivevhughes #GoBruins! @OverweightPoro Let's Go #CofC! #GoCougars @Lynzor_ Let's go HU!! #HUProud #StormLoL @kesstrudel Let's Go Maryville! #BigRedM @LunaEphemera Let's #GoLobos!! 🐺 @Alby_Rassavong Let's go #SAUBees! @navsheik Can we get an 8-clap? #GoBruins @Xcelsior_GU Let's go AU! #AUChallengeAccepted @bwilke7601 Here you go! @ATTlKA #lopesup @myztroSuRpLu5 Let's go #TexasTech! @SDCoyoteEsports #GoYotes @ILUSVHunter Let's go antelopes! @nivera_ Here you go! @JohnPaulHelberg Let's go Red Wolves! @WazzuSnakeEater Cougs definitely have school spirit @Arkistor Let's go Broncos!'re celebrating #NationalCollegeDecisionDay by creating custom university flags for you! Whether you're a studen…
The #NewPokemonSnap looks a bit different than we remember.
😱 😱 😱 —ft. @SonicFox @TeamRazer for getting us ready to win this week's #NADPC match! you this saturday
Retweeted by Evil Geniusestoday's cards were the best reveal so far, super hype
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesDon't miss your chance to enter!
Tryndamirror 2 of the DPC called for a clean 2-0 sweep for our #dota2 squad. Check out the action in the newest Money Play… again @BudLightGaming for letting me do another Happy Hour stream! Had a blast 😈🍻
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Not sure how to reach out to esports mentors? Join us on April 27th at 5PM PT to learn how to network live from th…
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses the Evil Geniuses edition @Razer Orochi V2. It's the Evilest mouse ever. We know you want it, and luck… @secretlabchairs Looks cool!Introducing the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk — the quintessential modern computer desk for gaming. Gain full control…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesOutlast & outplay anywhere, any day—introducing the all new Razer Orochi V2, a compact, ultra-lightweight wireless…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesCrack open a cold one with @ItsFearItSelf on the @BudLightGaming Twitch channel to finish off your Monday night. case your day was going a little too well
Live now with @Sabby & @EvilGeniuses discussing how we can support #AAPI community with fans and viewers.
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses🔴Live Now! @erinasimon and @sabby at 3:30 PM PT as they discuss how to support #AAPI esports members in a Twitter Live Sp… sure how to reach out to esports mentors? Join us on April 27th at 5PM PT to learn how to network live from th… to get Evil 😈 clean 2-0 over 4Zoomers for the EG #Dota2 boys today. GG WP!
A matchup we've all been looking forward to since the start of #NADPC Season 2... How are @talflyaizik and…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesGet over here and find out if Pudge makes another appearance! #NADPC Season 2 Week 2 vs 4Zoomers starts now. 🎣…'ve got new talent entering the fight! @MaxKetchum_ and @rodneyconyersjr are casting the Comet Cup this Sunday a…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesWhat a finale! @SonicFox forces a Grand Finals bracket reset and takes 2nd Place at the @Skullgirls Spring Blockbus… I LITERALLY DROPPED THE GAME WINNING COMBO NOOOOOO NOT LIKE THISSSSS AAA Ggs @cloudking211 you played phenom…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesMAKING THE RUUUUUUN AAA no matter what no regrets i got revenge and beat strong opponents hahaha
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