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The best professional esports team. A legacy of excellence, a future of dominance. #LIVEEVIL

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Start of the round I said "I am buying y'all save I am winning this round." Proceeded to ace.
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesOur money is on Team Fear in the @TwitchRivals #VALORANT Series 1. Let's get that #EGWIN!! First Group Match of Twitch Rivals :) VS Team @sonii
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesPull out your wildest #dota2 strategies and finish off the drafts from last week's #NADPC matchup. Hit us with your… @NADPCLeague @5_midas @TeamUndying #EGWIN #EGWIN #EGWIN @PlayVALORANT taliyah maybe pretty good. it will be more like a taliyah deck with lissandra, thralls, and draklord. bui…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesStreaming in a few. Going to answer SG questions and open a lobby for newer players!
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesAs #BlackHistoryMonth winds down, #LiveProud host @ErinASimon highlights some of the Black creators in the esports… @TeamRazer @EvilGeniuses for all the new gear! #ad
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses
Time for us to hit the books. GGs @MaryvilleGG. @UnifiedEA Grand Prix starts now! Tune in and wish EG Prodigies good luck, but we know they won't need it😉…
.@HelloKittyRicki, can you believe this Chun-Li disrespect? according to plan. #EGWIN 👏 EVEN 👏 CLOSE 👏 #LCSCLG is fantastic, just needs to work on communication, map awareness, laning, vision control, csing, poking, landin… Great Escape feat. @JiizukeLoL | #EGWIN put on a show last night! Don't miss our match against CLG to end week 3 of the #LCS!… Prodigies has qualified for the @UnifiedEA Grand Prix, where they'll be competing for a spot in the #LCS Proving…
For 14 years, #BlizzCon has been an integral part of the gaming community for both fans and players. While we would… went mcdonald
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses @TeamLiquidLoL @Impact Thanks for strengthening @Impact's mentalWE BACK! #EGWIN*getting camped all game* goes MEGA to set up the triple kill for EG #LCS! | #EGWIN
It's time for our REVENGE! Send us your Evil energy as we take on Team Liquid in week 3 of the #LCS now! #EGWIN Episode 5 is available now! Join @ErinASimon, @CherryRae of @UbiSoft, and @StevenSpohn of @AbleGamers as… @tarik @G2esports You got this, keep working hard! 💪0-2 vs @G2esports GGwp Quite disappointing European run from us here but it’s back to the drawing board to fix it…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesDamn. EG #CSGO took it to 14-16 on both maps but it wasn't enough to secure the win. GG WP. @ESLCS @IEM @tarik a spray and a tap, @tarik has control of catwalk 👌 #IEM
Retweeted by Evil Geniusesnew champion and 8 more cards. jarvan iv looks promising
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses @Sabby The real PvPBack into the server for what could potentially be our final map of the evening for the B-Stream @EvilGeniuses 0-1…
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses#BlizzConline Day 2 is starting soon! What are you hyped for the most on today's schedule? That @CriticalRole @Diablo campaign looks SICK. 😈👿🤓 > 💦 #LIVEEVIL #EGWIN
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses @LEXXLLUTHOR @dekillsage @kobetorts @Arteezy You gonna be teaching it? @Arteezy What class are you gonna play first? 🤔 @ESLCS @IEM @tarik @karonmoser #EGWIN @dekillsage We like this video a lot wow @EvilGeniusesCS @tarik a video wow
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesShhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, @tarik's hunting nexa. | #CSGO @ItsFearItSelf Let's go Team Fear! #EGWINOur tournament life is on the line and we're ready to send G2 home. We're heading off to Train first on Day 3 of… you for this beast @EvilGeniuses @secretlabchairs #ad #LIVEEVIL
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesTSM has spoiled our victory plans. We'll be back tomorrow for another shot against Team Liquid. #LIVEEVIL | #LCS @Huni GG HuniCome spend your Friday night with us. EG #LCS is playing against TSM now! #EGWIN Day 1 is wrapping up! With all of the announcements today, what are you most looking forward to s… snipe from across the map was absolutely EVIL! Catch all our menacing plays from last week down below. 👇 📺…
Diablo 2 pog
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesSkins equal wins. Which one are you adding to your arsenal? #VALORANT reveal in 5 minutes, 13 new cards Pog
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesWe haven't figured out our winning strategy against #CSGO Astralis yet, but we're getting closer. We fall 0-2 today… #CSGO drops Map 1 to Astralis but we've got plenty of time to turn it around on Day 2 of #IEMKatowice2021.… of EG's first notable wins came from our #WorldofWarcraft team in 2007 at the US Arena Championship. Our #WoW s…
It wasn't supposed to turn out like this. 😡 @NADPCLeague A live look at the EG staff watching this series: the @#$% did we just watch?! 🤯 new @PlayRuneterra cards. new shurima region, new landmark. my reactions and thoughts ->
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesWe got a fresh batch on the way as we head into Week 5 of the #NADPC vs Quincy Crew. Game 1 draft is underway!…'s TIME 👀 The two teams left standing undefeated in #NADPC are finally going head-to-head... And @ccncdota2 of…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesDid you miss the EG #dota2 action last week vs A-Team? Check out these #NADPC Week 4 highlights! @TeamRazer #EGWINOur Evil Mastermind has landed. Welcome to NA @pcdv8r! the most Evil of birthdays today to Mr. Content himself, @tarik! 😈 a fantastic present that win was! 🙌 Happy Birthday to @tarik, he turns 25 today 🥳🎉🎊
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses2-0 vs @GambitEsports for @IEM Katowice. GG's
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesDay 1 of #IEMKatowice2021 is in the books as we take down Gambit Esports 2-0. We'll see you bright and early tomorr… time isn't on your side 😓 #IEM @Brehze
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesGGWP 2-0 @GambitEsports e comecamos com o pe direito na IEM Katowice! Amanha @AstralisCS ou @mousesports
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesAyy. We got the birthday win with a 2-0 over @GambitEsports ! Proud of the boys, GGwP
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesOverpass is our map now. #EGWIN | #IEMKatowice2021 Americans have done it, they take Overpass! @GambitEsports 13:16 @EvilGeniuses Up next: Inferno 🔥 #IEM
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses⚡ G R O U P S T A G E ⚡ B stream is LIVE with @GambitEsports who has 4 out of 5 players making their debut at…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesIt's never too early for some #CSGO! We're starting our #IEMKatowice2021 run against Gambit Esports. Game 1 is live… the way we wanted to end our final week of the #LCS Academy. We'll get our revenge next time. GGWP CLG… boys are back for week 5 of the #LCS Academy! Tune in now as we face CLG. #EGWIN
We're excited to announce a brand-new anime series exploring the Dota universe like never before. As fellow fans of…
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses @DOTA2 Good thing we're ready to fight!
#CSGO CT side—is your go-to weapon the AWP or the M4A4? Or do you prefer something else altogether?We are kicking off #LiveProud 2021 with host @ErinASimon and guests @CherryRae of @UbiSoft and @StevenSpohn of…
Your ❤'s + 🔁's + 💬's = Our #LCS Twitter Play of the Week for week two of the Spring Split!
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Our plan to take down Dignitas did not fall through this time. GGWP #LIVEEVIL | #LCS's Deft hold the ly Die #LCS
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesTune in and witness Evil as we face Dignitas in the #LCS. | #EGWIN Collegiate Discord and watch parties: name a more iconic duo. Join us today at 3PM PT as EG #LCS takes on Digni… he pulls off the 1v5
Retweeted by Evil Geniuses @NADPCLeague @LyricalDota @TrentPax NO U 😍 are red 🌹 Violets are blue 💙 EG 2-0 😳 And stay perfect, too! 😍 #NADPC 📺 🗣️…
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesGGs 2-0 A-Team #EGWIN
Retweeted by Evil GeniusesA four-week win streak feels so damn Evil! EG #dota2 makes quick work of A-Team in this week's #NADPC matchup. !be…🎵 Jump in the line, rock your body in time. 🎵 OK, we believe you @abedyusop + @Cr1tdota! show no mercy and ROLL Game 1! 😱 Will EG keep their perfect #NADPC record with ANOTHER series sweep…
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