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@jemmaisOKeh Listen I can’t even think about that @thisisniggatry YesAzzedine Alaïa Fall/Winter 1991. I knew I should have bought this dress when I had the chance 🙄 yea i interviewed tiffany fuckin pollard 😎
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeA $20 fashionnova hoodie dress. It was comfortable as fuck.
Retweeted by Rashida RenéePink being front and center is sending me @MarquiseDavon Tell your daddy I said happy birthday 😘
#BuyBlack ✊🏽🖤 All merch 25% off at
Retweeted by Rashida Renéeit’s officially that time of the year
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeI’m not on clubhouse but it’s really disheartening to hear what’s happening to @WannasWorld . Thank you for standin…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeThe way these niggas coddle celebrities when a Black woman asks a mildly critical question.
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeMadonna loved expressing her white grievances about her Black peers in the music industry. This is just ONE example…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeAbolish gofundme feesPeriod mom’s dad couldn’t afford heart surgery and passed away as a result of lack of funds. there is never a right tim…
Retweeted by Rashida Renéehe was hiding the fact that he needed the surgery from our family for months because he didn’t want us to stress ov…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeEveryone pls help Patia’s uncle in this time of need if u can 🙏🏿 so I finally hit my fucking goal literally screaming rn (they still hitting me with at least 3 racks worth of fe… ways to download Black Friday shop when you can donate to better the livelihoods and safety of Black women instead? Please donat…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeI only need 400 more dollars to reach my goal 🙏🏿 fucking Christmas!!! to @refinery29 about what I've been wearing to work lately :))
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeBEAUTY where are the wig sales!
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeBlack luxury is corny if yall can’t dress or accessorize. 😂😭
Retweeted by Rashida Renée
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeAgain he really knows what we want to see’m so smart when I’m not smoking weed
@coochieprintz Oh I didn’t see the rest of this @mistervacation Laina...lmaoMegan @theestallion on how she and Beyoncé reacted to the #SavageRemix #GRAMMYs nominations. 💖 Get the song:…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeNah. Their commentary on incarcerated people is gross. Most of them shouldn’t be incarcerated, others are wrongfull…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeBalenciaga Fall/Winter 2020. to whiteness is of no real benefit to you or your people. Your grandmother still has diabetes and can’t read. Please. Wake up.
Retweeted by Rashida Renée @sageyblanco We would be here all day naming names honestlyI agree 1000% you @MaisonAlaia for the support. Excited to see your new collection live today on IG, btw thanks for this be…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeToday in: things Katy Perry will never have
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeHer transformation is just amazing
Retweeted by Rashida Renée
Nicki Minaj >>> Bon JoviThis contrast has me crying lmaooooo love my YouTube algorithm
This is exactly what I wanted for Christmas hope our former First Lady Jacki-O is doing well 💖💕 she said Black men are into fat white women 😭
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeAYOOOOOOO A SHORT FILM I SCORED FOR LEVI’S GOT ACCEPTED TO TWO (2) FILM FESTIVALS!!!!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeFinally some good food I think these homophobia jokes aren’t subversive as people think and are starting to just be rebranded homophob…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeThank you for posting this won’t be supporting Poster Girl anytime soon’re not ❤️ stop gassing these ugly men
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeKennedi does it again
Retweeted by Rashida Renée @kyayigirl What happened lmao Mckenzie, Jean-Paul Gaultier Fall 1997 🦋 @mahoumoreno I’m surprised you haven’t deleted this yetLIFE OR DEATH EMERGENCY! READ THREAD!!! Pato-chan is a Filipina trans woman currently in Japan and she needs EMERGE…
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alternatives ways to donate if you can’t use GFM for whatever reason Paypal: Venmo:… @kissmeriver Let’s go. @kissmeriver Light skin love 💖✨Hey it’s trans awareness week and I’m super close to my goal and I really would love it if we could get me fully fu… @mistervacation The best feeling @Jenchy_ @ImTheReasonWhy I see it. Embrace it. @Naimaism @jeremyoharris I love you lmaothe conversations about race on clubhouse are so lacking we def would be slaves again if it was up to some of y'all smhBlack Roberto Cavalli evening gown with an embellished snake on the back 🐍
This lady really knows how to piss in my fucking Cheerios like what a vibe killerQueer icon River Moon (@kissmeriver)is here to devastate – direct from System Restart: Cape Town with @ballantines.
Retweeted by Rashida Renée @kyayigirl I’m going to go by a pink wig with a hard chine bang ASAPI’m not taking this pink wig off either
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeMen that were never gonna be in their children’s lives anyway love these hypotheticals 😭😭
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeFrance-France!-wants to use ID numbers to keep tabs on what politics *children* are exposed to. The same France th…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeEmmanuel Macron is doing what Marine Le Pen dreamed of. It's wild how easily European democracies can backslide tow…
Retweeted by Rashida Renée @TransFantome @deavenbooker_ I don’t like light brights unless they liftThe way I got death threats and all over this post. 😭😂😂
Retweeted by Rashida Renée"Any picture you ever saw of Kylie was approved by Kylie; nothing ever went out that wasn’t. I’ve never seen anyone…
Retweeted by Rashida Renéepay for our Healthcare babe
Retweeted by Rashida Renéereal bitch but that body built like a doll 💋 Happy 21st bday to me 💕
Retweeted by Rashida Renée @shycsmith You would look so good in thisLess than 2K let’s make this gfm obsolete please @evilrashida 💖
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Can we get transgender liberation for eternity and not awareness for a week?
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeWe need Dr. Caresha Brownlee on Joe Biden’s Corona task force
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeI didn’t even @ you omg love @orbgoddessOpen your wallets
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeHappy Birthday Gwendolyn 🎂 Let’s all celebrate this amazingly talented artist and beautiful friend today pls send… @veaudeau Yes.Today is Trans day of Remembrance and We should remember all of the trans lives lost to violence but I also want to…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeThis deserves to be an album cover.
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeOn Transgender Day of Remembrance, let's take an extra moment and honor the labor and legacy of Monica Roberts.…
Retweeted by Rashida RenéeBring back Martha #PinkFridayAnniversaryNicki is really the map. They said we wouldn’t get more than one album.
Retweeted by Rashida Renée#NewProfilePic #PinkFridayAnniversary Nova made a version of this dress years ago out a new colour on me, what ya think ? In @SavageXFenty ✨#savagxfentyambassador
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I just want to like vibe on clubhouse but everyone keeps giving career advice