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@Naimaism Makes sense Naomi Campbell is Black Jamaican Chinese.
Retweeted by Cocolo Minajapparently lucy liu is naomi campbell's cousin
Retweeted by Cocolo Minaj @brotherbaeture Please do @jeremyoharris GO AWAYYYYYTYTTLMAOOOOOOONow you know nobody black was taking pictures of this random white lady to the salon in 2009 shut up 😂😂 photographed by Michael Thompson for W, August 2003 wearing Gucci by Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2003 Ready-to-Wear
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@Abalisah Shut up 🙄Literally @preciousretrib2 Exactly @preciousretrib2 We have to talk about it one day @preciousretrib2 No lolSun. Moon. Rising. other comment on my post outing the rapist who hurt my friends is “there are 2 sides to every story” “is ther…
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajFor months my mother has been telling her previous doctor that something was not right with her body & she was advi…
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajI’ve been having like such a shitty week so my sister Patia sent me a bunch of Pat McGrath goodies!!! Thank you so… is this @kissmeriver HELPPPPP
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajOther Scorpios @isismadilyn Wake that upNiggas too but y’all don’t b havin outfits
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajJuergen Teller is one of my fav photographers and seeing all the slander is really hurting my feelings 🥺But I’m a Scorpio’m always fake gay with women who are Cancers don’t know what that’s about????Mariah will be bookending every year with a #1 for the rest of time. Be mad about it!
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajOuttakes
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajKenya Moore on set for Smooth Magazine #17 (2004)
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajHeyyyy
Retweeted by Cocolo Minaj @bertalxndr @TELFARGLOBAL Awww happy born day moms!!!!Bitches will talk to everyone but you when they have a problemCome through Cavalli Queen @J__FT Oh exactlyThinking about this beautiful chicken Juergen Teller photographed for Vogue Paris’s May 2018 issue. @maceoidk Thank you some one sent it to me already! @cointelho Thank you babe 💖💖💖No seriously
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajHappy birthday my love!!!’s the twins fifth birthday today everybody say happy birthday to my babies who aren’t baby babies anymore and wh… first steps are always the hardest
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajThe funniest thing about this wrong opinion is that Missy’s videos actually matched exactly what the hell she was s…
Retweeted by Cocolo Minaj @Epithymia__ I agree!The way they act over you isn't translating how it should. You should've been already in the industry 10 years ago.…
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajI’m honestly over all the fake love from the industry people in my inbox like If you don’t got a job for me or some… feel like I’m going to marry one of my stans and I’m at peace with thatWanting to be relatable is the worst to happen to fashion music and media in general. There’s no more fantasy nothi…
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajNow that I'm more sane I genuinely do feel like a lot of abusers on this site falsely use discourse to get themselves off
Retweeted by Cocolo Minajthis @ is cowboydyke. a lot of people on my timeline speak on them like they're a victim... and up until recently i…
Retweeted by Cocolo Minajlike stop and pause and realize all of the harassment towards this person started because two 18 year olds decided…
Retweeted by Cocolo Minajomg black ppl finally found taeyang in his omarion era
Retweeted by Cocolo Minaj @PalIahAbdul I was SICKEverybody wants to be a barb but nobody sprays their linens with Minajesty so what's the trufth?
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajLove that for us
Retweeted by Cocolo Minaj @NINETIESWITCH I literally start crying every-time she says Black Dolores lmao @PalIahAbdul I remember being so gagged when everyone started sucking Dick in middle school I was like “ok so dolls… @DeaunteC @purdybribri It’s ok I understand the appeal of her tig ol bitties @purdybribri And even then it’s still a “meh” for me @DeaunteC @purdybribri It was a rhetorical question you weren’t supposed to answer... @190042O6969 No they want my soul compromised like theirs isLet him have his fantasy @purdybribri What is a good looking snow roach tho honestlysynthesize the real.
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajSee why y’all acting like you 🐵🦍🦧don’t be sucking the sweat out of white girls bootyholes he probably been dreaming…'re the token or you're disposable in many cases
Retweeted by Cocolo Minajalot of queer spaces are not welcoming to black trans people esp dark skinned folks and women but build their entir…
Retweeted by Cocolo Minaj @Abalisah Your fav is finally getting the love she deserves#HunterSchafer for @VanityFair Fashion #DaraAllen Hair #SonnyMolina Makeup #RaisaFlowers Nails #YukoTsuchihashi Pro…
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajYup!
Retweeted by Cocolo Minajblack women are the blueprint @AMRHANKYBEAT We are going to need a link sir VIOLENT SA more victims have come forward who choose to remain anonymous but he assaulted someone after a geor…
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajPURRR 💅🏾
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Retweeted by Cocolo Minaj @aReneaDay Naw I know who exactly is wearing my clothes and they def didn’t belong to any dead people and they def… clothes you thrifted are also made in other countries so what are YOU talking about? 😂 sexual assault this man is a complete monster and everyone needs to stay away from him. please retweet this
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajTW: VIOLENT SA [sexual assault] R*PE nyc area & beyond please spread this, carlos polanco is a serial abuser who n…
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Retweeted by Cocolo MinajBeyoncé @kissmeriver AhhhhhhhhhhNope. hope cis ppl posting those screenshots all over of the stuff azealia has been saying know trans folk are seeing t…
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@BBYSLEAZE Thank you my sister 😭They look bad too! But go ahead and express yourself I’m not mad! @mrsrobinsun @deadluvrboy @BBYSLEAZE You really need to take that thrifted shirt off cause the demon energy is coming out of you omg @selfconchass But do you really know thoYou know how hard it is to get demons off of you???? don’t have many followers here but if someone could just boost this gofundme for my dad he is a hospital worker w…
Retweeted by Cocolo Minaj @BBYSLEAZE Like clockwork mangot a whole modeling contract during a global pandemic... now look at God 🥺
Retweeted by Cocolo Minaj @evilrashida you rn
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajIf you looked at the screenshot it clearly says I’m not following her in 4K so who’s the dummy??? You. You are the… follows ME sweaty get it right! are they trying to send you to the previous owners of their wardrobe????
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajI was just sad trying to have fun and now they are implying I buy clothes that are fast fashion like hello I’m lite… @Epithymia__ @AnaSofaKingCoo No I’m notI cover the mirror before I go to bed cause I don’t play with demons 🙅🏿‍♀️ you telling people you don’t know to go to hell please relax? Lmao you for the music and the memories, Daft Punk ✨❤️
Retweeted by Cocolo MinajBREAKING NEWS : Jidenna arrested for playing Classic Man in a club in 2021.
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