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Catholic American & British bookbinding techie living in the Netherlands. My views are mine alone, and my timeline is mine to curate. Be appropriate. (She/her)

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@phiala ...unless that name is Connor McLeod. @patchworkmouse @fromankyra I was thinking Hamilton. But yes, it's hard to be the correctly distinctive level of boring. @SwindledPodcast Valued Listener bonus? @patchworkmouse @fromankyra Isn't that Describe Your Favorite Musical? @fromankyra @aegtx My mother says it all goes around, The ship goes around the station, it all goes around. My moth… @fromankyra @aegtx Was...was some of the singing about eggs later on?Socks with sandals AND beards? So basically Unix experts. for you, tweeps: Psalm 23 plaque, Green-wood cemetery, Brooklyn, New York., 1897 #mucha #alphonsemucha
Retweeted by evilrooster @irinarempt It would be! @rikibeth Cross my heart and swear to die I have not tampered with that image btw. @rikibeth (I'm fairly sure the current target is the product of some kind of URL hijack, not the original intention… @rikibeth Yep. @rikibeth It's quite something.Owen Simmons' 1903 'The Book of Bread', is famous in the book world as, arguably, the first photobook. But the usua…
Retweeted by evilrooster @rikibeth One thing that was neat was that the City Hall has a QR code laid into the pavement in front of it. Pragu… @rikibeth The new town hall (usually called the City Hall) is the functional administrative building. It's basicall… @rikibeth The Old Town Hall is mostly a museum now. It's got a famous clock on it, and is in a square where a wide… @rikibeth No, that's the new town hall, which is confusingly far away from the old one. I climbed the tower in the… @JimVandewalker What none of the photos show is that behind the desk, in the middle of the space, there's a hammock. @prgodbarebones @pnh So that's linguistic accuracy out the window, then.Bookbinder inside baseball: is a supported hinge a closed or open joint for the purposes of endsheet drying? Must p… @TondaCreel Unfortunately, there's a spiral staircase at the top of the ramp. But the view is fantastic when you ge… @rupertg @borkdude Wait, you two know each other? wtf, universe?#SomethingBeautiful: Shovel sculpture. This goes from construction site to construction site in Amsterdam. @borkdude Skype for Business. @NMamatas @dlbowman76 s/dislime/dislike @NMamatas @dlbowman76 Great. Enjoy that strawman about the bad people telling you you must never dislime Hamilton.… @NMamatas @dlbowman76 The tweet you started with was a sneer, and you doubled down from there. Even when he retreated. @dlwchico Thank you! I do love having the space to do several things at once -- or do one thing in the company of two cats. @NMamatas @dlbowman76 It's when you go from "don't like Hamilton" to sneering at people who do like it that you emb… @MorseLyA I only make them when my surface-level spaces get too full. @NMamatas @dlbowman76 My experience is that if you start a snarky thread, you get snarky answers. Dialing up the na… @irinarempt Autocorrect changed dormer to former. It's a dakkapel. @MorseLyA Depth of storage is basically speed of accessibility. What's on my desk is what I use often. We have a bo… @NMamatas @dlbowman76 Your fellow conversationalists... @NMamatas @dlbowman76 Yeah, shame about the collateral damage on the people you were being a jerk to. @NMamatas @dlbowman76 In the sense of not putting the effort in because you already know you're being a jerk and kind of enjoy it? True. @NMamatas @dlbowman76 You're far too good a writer to miss where you turned mean. And far too smart to genuinely be… @molo_writes You're right! It does! @BenWolfeVision "Overflowing" may not be the best verb for giving me an accurate mental image. @NMamatas @dlbowman76 Nope. I've disagreed with you many times but respected your views. But sometimes you just revel in being mean.Ambassador goes skiing with a local. her family, young woman’s ex appreciates her. goes to college in New England and learns to fit in with troublemaking classmates. @BenWolfeVision I have a good deal more ink than I’m keeping on my desk. This is just what’s in current use. @MrPersimmon West facing. Can be warm in the summer, but yes, good light. @MrPersimmon Autocorrect hates “dormer”.Done! Rocky approves (and wants me to stop messing about with hooman things and come snuggle him in the hammock.) for you, Twitter: the Dutch word "bewust" (mindful, attentive) on an art project, Amsterdam @pastellistin Such a wealth of excuses to obtain more! I envy that. It’s like finding out someone hasn’t yet read a favorite book.The usual pile of things I don’t need on my desk. Deeper storage time for much of this. @pastellistin Maybe my real problem is that I have too few. (At least three I own are not in that shot.)It’s possible that I have a bone folder problem. out a new solution for inks and cords: IKEA spice rack. I’ve kept the hardware on in case I want to stick so… machine drawers (as previously discussed on Twitter) fit nicely. These have tools and fidgets, but I’m thinn… desk is quite deep underneath the windowsill. I use the space for boxes and other containers of useful stuff.#SomethingBeautiful for you, Twitter: the ramp and elevator shaft of the Old Town Hall, Prague. (This struck me as… are also sundry stains, from a coin that lay on it wet for a time, iron mordant from botanical dyeing, founta… it’s not intended to be pristine. Instead, I periodically sand it down and use dark beeswax polish to highlight… @aegtx Christmas present from Fiona! Not unlike the tattoo on my left shoulder.’s very much a working desk: I not only do techie work on it, but also sewing, bookbinding, linoleum block printi… My desk. My workspace is in the attic, in a space illuminated by a former window. The desktop is two IKEA fir… @puzzledpeaces Let me finish doing my scheduling and I'll do a tweet-along as I set it up. @puzzledpeaces I should do a thread on it. It's kind of a thing.#SomethingBeautiful raindrops on a red tulip
Retweeted by evilrooster#SomethingBeautiful (I love herons) @puzzledpeaces It’s fine. I was up late refinishing my desk surface and I have Mass this morning. So I didn’t have time to schedule them. @MorseLyA Eh, it’s fine just busy evening, busy morning.My Something Beautiful posts will be delayed today, for Reasons. @johnpauldickson Given the relative quantities and prices of books between the two eras, I’m unconvinced about the… @keepof4worlds So white+cis+male+have a get-out clause for caring about other oppressions is just terrifying. @keepof4worlds Well, Milo has been, but he was deliberately outrageous. Mayor Pete’s failures on race and his notio… @keepof4worlds I apologize for the phrasing, and for jumping on that tweet. As a woman, I see (and am affected by)… @NMamatas @dlbowman76 No, Nick, you were being a jerk. The fact that you could have been a bigger jerk notwithstanding. @dlbowman76 He’s an asshole who likes hurting people.
@keepof4worlds As a white cis straight woman, I recognize the Karen problem as not about sexism per se, but a probl… @keepof4worlds Sorry, James, but there is actually a noticeable set of white cis gay guys who feel they’ve got the… @masterobscurity I was six. We had a Vespa scooter, and managed to get all four of us on it (me standing between my… @JTatLife Yep. Faces the door of the chapel, but set back from the courtyard with the well.#SomethingBeautiful for your timeline: Funerary statue of the Lawsons, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York. for your feed, tweeps: statue of St Willibrord, patron saint of the Netherlands, Heiloo, Noord-… @D_Libris I would like to know which cons have NDAs. I can't imagine any fan-run one has the ability to require it…
Retweeted by evilrooster#SomethingBeautiful for your feed: building typography (which I cannot read, sorry!), Prague. for you, Twitter: Staircase and shelves, Trinity College Library, Dublin. @JTatLife Absolutely. That would make things so much easier.Happy birthday to the country of my birth. May we draw closer to the dream through these difficult times.This is all question-begging, of course; the answers are baked into how I phrase things. But that's how I see it, t… you take one aspect of the dream (individual liberty, for instance) and use it as a stick against the rest of th… you make an idol of one of our attempts to realize this dream, raise it up and worship it as a golden calf, and… theory, if you pledge your allegiance to this dream, you're one of us. In fact, that's the heart of the dream.… an American is being a shareholder in a dream. It's not the same as the blood-and-soil model whose traces rem… for your feed: Early morning, Zaandam, Noord-Holland. @ThisIsEricsTrip @themommacrae @kinfeng12 @ope_im_gay @HollyontheHill Only so long I can take poking people before it just seems mean. @prgodbarebones @SergeBroom There’s always one language 🙄 @themommacrae @ThisIsEricsTrip @kinfeng12 @ope_im_gay @HollyontheHill If you want it spelled out: this is an analog… We never stop waking up to things we slept through before, and 2. I *really* want to see an all-droid production… about Washington and slavery and “Here comes the General” memes about Leia and how that was three movies a… @dimelojp @JesusOfNaz316 In my experience, he’s like those relatives of missing people who never change the locks a… @prgodbarebones @masterobscurity @RJSWriter Absolutely.