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Eric Sampson @evntdrvn St Paul, MN

Father of twins, ex-pat 🇨🇦, adhd. Into biking and anything with an engine 🚗🏍🛩. Back-end engineer writing Rust at @eaze ❤️‍🔥🦀. he/him

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@kangadac @editingemily Live the dream 🥰🦀 @isntitvacant why fight it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"scala transitive dependency hell" I think the early iteration 150 really got the sewage/maggot look spot on for so…
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@ceejbot There are some tech things that help, like turning on Zoom's "original audio" to remove the XXXm ms lag in… @ceejbot I'm so bad at this (where I grew up family/friends talks over each other, kinda like Italians). I try to k… @ceejbot @softfalcon this is kinda neat: @isntitvacant (clarification, by "be a span" I meant shipped to the tracing platform. It will still have trace/span… @isntitvacant Like the logs will include every transaction, and more detailed "in state X because Y" type info in o… @isntitvacant hmmm 🤔 I need to chew on that. I can see what you're getting at, but what I was used to is "not every… @shelbyspees I did _not_ realize quite how sensitive to noise I am until I moved to a reasonably busy street in the… @reubenbond @cgillum Sometimes I wonder if Durable Entities (and maybe even Durable Functions) would get more atten… of @glyph :) @isntitvacant If you do want to do both tracing and logging, some of the vendor tools like Datadog automate the lin… @isntitvacant If a given service absolutely need to be able to track each and every action for debugging of individ… @isntitvacant I’m not 100% convinced that manual logging is required for most applications, I’d put the energy into… @isntitvacant - structured - common basic fieldnames (and data formats) and schema, across ALL APPLICATIONS - inclu… @tqbf @aviddy @creationix @brianleroux (side note, after reading that app names are global—it could be nice to have… @isntitvacant @brianleroux with Azure Functions, it’s reaallly easy to run the host runtime locally—that’s the norm… @tmclaughbos @walmsles @brianleroux Yeah it’s very easy to end up with 500 functions that are interdependent, with… @davidfowl Nice! It's a little awkward to have to pass in an ParallelOptions just to specify the maxDoP vs another… @ceejbot Yeah, turns out I didn't end up getting an M1. cue takeoff noises lol
@ceejbot 👋 @atomicthumbs workarounds lol: "Our C++ cross-platform support in Visual Studio assumes that all source files origi… @atomicthumbs yes @NerdPyle @BrewingBeers @SteveSyfuhs Significant Other? @nickgeracehacks @lars_francke @vadorovsky @anotherwalther Is it envisioned that it’s going to become an official (… @ceejbot In the ADHD community, people go to accountability sessions to help create externalities. Given the nebulo… @ceejbot Feel free to bump it back as required :) @pati_gallardo That’s why I just started at Eaze :) @Prom3theu5 @davidfowl Probably @ceejbot Oops sorry @blowdart @CarmenCrincoli They missed the opportunity to go with “Paleo Pasta” 🤡🤔 @SteveSyfuhs @darth You joke but @pati_gallardo @Cor3ntin We could use a PaaS where the P is Patricia :) @livelovegeek @ornelladotcom @mistymadonna @mybearaby Nice!! I have the same issue. Thanks! @Adron @MaravankinDiego Maybe @jeremy_soller has an in that could get rose gold case option added for some models :) @andywinterman @QuinnyPig @AltTxtReminder You can add it later? Is that a web-only thing or something? I can't find… @zkat__ @erbridge @_randolph_west or like a glitch. Tapering off is horrible @trevorbrindlejs I never noticed that! It was originally named after the book Farenheit 451, which makes sense :) @unlambda @mgattozzi @unlambda @mgattozzi Funnily enough, that pair has a commercial version that’s used a ton in engineering; Simulink… @mgattozzi @dreid This state machine language/simulation package is used to codegen embedded firmware for things li… @ticky @Catfish_Man Nothing says aerospace-grade electronics like cadmium plating 😏 @yoshuawuyts @Microsoft Awesome! @jefflembeck @NerdPyle Great pic!! @CarmenCrincoli @MrChrisofEarth @blenster stick goes brrrrrrrrrr phsttttttt @CarmenCrincoli @MrChrisofEarth @blenster No rudder, the engine sits on a ball pivot and has a fixed prop shaft hoo… @_randolph_west At least you get paid hourly right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@_randolph_west @ErikEJ @isntitvacant Funny, I'm the opposite—I like separate apps for everything. I have Gmail and Gcal as apps, love the… @mikurubaeahina @Ford And on no-tread all-seasons. Throw some more off-road friendly tires on there and… @zkat__ <3 to everyone involved in that effort @ekuber @Catfish_Man I think the .NET Native efforts have a mode that works like this, shipping a binary with optio… @firstdrafthell client-side Blazor right? I think they made things confusing by using the same name with a because… @Lisa_Royal Happy pupper 🥰
@Greg_Sideyr🤪 @badamczewski01 @isaac_abraham @davidfowl The mark of thought leadership :) @bmastenbrook @krismicinski Dogs loving riding in the bed, just sayinA report worth your time to read, if you’d like to better understand the history of the Canadian residential system… @arachnocapital2 @rickasaurus that's a whole herd of yaks my friend @NerdPyle after 9 hours of meetings, as interpreted by @Mrs_Carm 😇 is awesome. Can we expense these for the department @jefflembeck? ☺️ @IanColdwater @IanColdwater I've heard that!
@ChristosMatskas I hadn't heard until your post. Damn itInvestment Twitter, what's a good way to hedge against inflatition with the lowest risk? Thanks! @LeviBroderick @vcsjones An attempt was made 🙃Marketing works lolsob @ChristosMatskas What!!!!!!!Minneapolis city lakes are closing due to e. coli brought on by heat waves; the AQI will be in the 200-300s this we…
Retweeted by Eric Sampson @JefTek @clairernovotny Sweet :) @jeffwilcox @stephenrwalli Ugh. I had 3 bikes stolen semi-recently. Makes me so upset @ceejbot Take look at the stock prices over the last year… @ceejbot Not negative enough for me, at least Ponzi schemes "only" hurt people and not the environment :/ @yoshuawuyts @zkat__ I appreciate that Rust is supported on Windows, its nice that folks like IIRC @steveklabnik ru… @paulbiggar @isntitvacant @ceejbot I hope it didn't come off as negative, I truly do think it has so much potential…
@jeremydmiller Ah yeah, I was envisioning backwards-compatible additions only @jboner @jbeda or Azure Durable Entities @munificentbob Congrats!!! Awesome job @jeremydmiller Good post. Although like you said near the end, it's not all roses for lib/framework authors, since… @Nick_Craver The conveyor belt example used in the SERedis docs(?) about pipelining was pretty good/universal IMOgood thread @RachelAppel @buhakmeh @davkean @MalwareMinigun Did the recent TP algorithm refactor change this interval? I'm trying to remember… @isntitvacant One thing I have found useful is making it so that the code/IaC is designed to create things like per… @isntitvacant I think it's a lot more achievable in more well-designed greenfield situations. Or if there's enough… @isntitvacant What I've noticed with complete local env is that it tends to constraints your choices of SaaS to thi… @rebiiin @sgoguen @kitlovesfsharp Both the book and class are great. There's at least handful of great books if you like learning that way @mrinal @louispilfold Agree. An oldy but I think still has some good nuggets:
@brianleroux @isntitvacant You're talking about Arc? @isntitvacant @ceejbot Can I wish that Darklang eventually makes it beyond vaporware? I wouldn't bet my house on th…😳 @mdavidallen @rmpek @QuinnyPig @DanMarStP @SaintPaulBike I've been down it a number of times with my plus-tire MTB (🤫), and it would make an awesome official trail @SaintPaulBike have you heard of any plans to make Grand Ave a little more bike friendly/safe? Summit Ave is great,… @DanMarStP @SaintPaulBike This would be awesome