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17 f/a val for @TacThrowVAL

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@chloowin damn @WasteManOP we lost this game 💪💪💪 @snirot aigh lets go almond
@snirot lock ur doors @Ino_VAL grrr @snirot i thought u were editing @x9ric so good @emmfps_ YIPEEE @wh0FPS gyat @Bre4ad @heldhostage UR SO WEIRDNLMFAOOOOO @Kazler_Val that’s on me fr @t41ko this is so@tour @Add3rTV @celaiiina @notrxchel @Darrinsval i started calling people bugha bc of u people @fIuffyzx @playgirllashley @exavlrt the russians @exavlrt @fIuffyzx i bottom fragged both games goat talk @Bankroft excited for prac @Bankroft i just dropped 12 kills@now i’m on omen @exavlrt @WasteManOP lets q @exavlrt @WasteManOP tmrw ? @exavlrt @WasteManOP disappointed @lucasOblock realest shit you’ve ever said ISTG @exavlrt @WasteManOP U WANNA GET ON LETSNGO @WasteManOP @exavlrt come q please @sitrolol no litwrally LMAO @Dogo_VN @Governor_Val LMAOOOO @haesarchive bro it was one bad game @derekjoon LMAOO @derekjoon q? @ssav1or throwable head @ssav1or so round @sarachashrimpp @WasteManOP how u felt typing this @RQCKET hit immortal lil man @RQCKET fell asleep watching this @thekr1sP @starriebun u r fast @notrxchel @haesarchive cosplay @fIuffyzx @AeroValorant LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @uhhreece me asf @itsaerrae OFC! @itsaerrae compliment! @itsaerrae so rae of u @HEYHIKARl @celaiiina we’re goats @daimyoFPS @AeroValorant MAN IM JUST HAVING FUN @celaiiina id be gods gift in competitive pokemon
@ForceZK @stephxch what DO U MEAN @CoachJoe__ @AeroValorant joe i was filling every single role and had mid stats and i’m the dogshit one @stephxch u can’t defend ur self without slurs steph!! @AeroValorant i ain’t no snitch @derekjoon LMFAOAOOOOO @vielmfao wonderful accomplishment @AeroValorant okay but why’d i get shit talked by a grown man @vielmfao shit is massive @clearfps @anntfkk the benjamins @derekjoon @celaiiina you’d be copperjah @celaiiina I SWEAR @anntfkk U GOT THIS! @lucasOblock but she’s beautiful @colbzera 1280x960 @AeroValorant okay but why was i getting shit talked over a 10 man @f1ukie yo it’s a 10 man discord btw @Agr0fps @Bre4ad and i’m losing in ranked now i can’t win shit @Bre4ad LMFAOOOO WHO @zeravalorant @AeroValorant @Bobbert_VAL @Kazler_Val @kazvmo vouch my goat @TicSteel @AjjEsports @Pa1ntVAL gods gift i’m telling u, our team knifed him outside A and we gave up the site @AjjEsports @Pa1ntVAL he’s on a team i just lied like crazy @AjjEsports @Pa1ntVAL @9DAVIDDD swear @bigtroller @derekjoon @WIIREE_ 9. @CarbynVAL @Luna__Fox @dashDevv @zeronaVAL @lmAvenger @deertherine DEALLL @Luna__Fox @dashDevv @zeronaVAL @lmAvenger @deertherine dw im 2 win and 9 losses rn but its sm fun @karraof thrilled to hear @karraof how is new york citymid clips from 10s @ProfessorSoop GYAT @WIIREE_ AT 9 RN 1 MORE!!! @svrbear its at 9 now @unst9ble oh wow. i’ve lost 9 games in that place dw it’s nothing special. @1nxsh @4javii @OvertimeGG now apologize to @MaanishVLRT for that 9/26 game @iamhcu LMFAOAOAO IM 2 WINS 9 LOSSES BRO IM RETIRING @unst9ble it’s definitely a day. @lucasOblock @Agr0Priv @aeroventing lucas i’m leading losses rn in these games @unst9ble ofc @derekjoon this looks fire @derekjoon it’s 8 now btw @xoxglimmer everyone thinks i’m shit fs but never give up @derekjoon @decayvalorant LMFAOOOOOOlet me work @Klamran @CarbynVAL @risorah @LouBanci @1kouhai dude i’m limit test filling on every role and everyone in this serv…
@risorah she is her. @sarachashrimpp i’m gonna cry i love that big smuhck @decayvalorant vouch got me my first 10s win!