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@yongledd damn bruh ur was 5 mins @ignepiphanys @VobengKhee @fishszns 🦆 @fpstony @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @catboythomas @wtficon you can get it to @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @catboythomas @wtficon fight this dick @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @catboythomas @wtficon fight back @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @catboythomas @wtficon LMFSOOO @ignepiphanys .28 @IiveelaughIove @fIuffyypriv @cindyypriv @catgirlna bangers today @t4sted LMFAOAOAOAOOO @adorbse LMFAOOOOOO @t4sted for realths @adorbse she’s lost it @t4sted dead ath @wunjii @fairyfps @MatchewVal @adorbse rizz god @inaahxo @wlyrrr @fIuffyzx he dmed me the same thing @wlyrrr @inaahxo @fIuffyzx W wingman @inaahxo @wlyrrr @fIuffyzx i promise you, you are wrong @ignepiphanys @hoodiefr did he say smt humorous @ignepiphanys @hoodiefr what’s so funny
@adorbse so sorry @adorbse U GOT PLAT? @frostyZK put it in @jazminestarrr_ LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @wlyrrr @daimyoFPS RAHHHHHH @yoonchiiu so sorry for ur loss @yoonchiiu u have a whole guild in the call ask one @daimyoFPS hope she sees this @wunjii @ignepiphanys @unshtable LMFAOAOOOOOOO @ignepiphanys @unshtable yea @ignepiphanys @unshtable 🤷🏻‍♂️ @unshtable @ignepiphanys he gets it @derekjoon WHT LMFAOAOAOO @derekjoon where do u find this @IiveelaughIove sozz @ignepiphanys @ForcKnife come fuck me @zowhei LMFAOO DM ME IT @zowhei @ @WasteManOP @Sameer_VAL u seeing this? @blue64 @kumifps pausing @kumifps 🙄✋ @kumifps do me🤤 @kumifps im getting closer to the edge of this building @fIuffyzx @adorbse @unshtable +4 @karraof @unshtable @emgotcutetoes @unshtable @fIuffyzx wya @fIuffyzx @unshtable dead as @unshtable YEAAA?running out of time
Retweeted by ev @AeroValorant i’ll jump @1nxsh @matchacataimers what is preston’s postal code nash @ignovercook stop bumping my dog @ignovercook GET MY DOG OFF @7kimchie @WIIREE_ im foaming out the mouth @7kimchie @WIIREE_ it’s been 5 bro @gage1x @FallGuysGame LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @karraonlyfans old ass man @presidentdove ur D2???? @jekorfps my fault @jekorfps bro @davidkim325 deadass @Wuntahps_ LMFAOAOAOOOOOO
@ignovercook @yongledd @karraof @ShiiroQt 😭 @999sonderr W @yongledd @karraof @ShiiroQt @ignovercook 😂 @yongledd DADDY @luvducki dogshit ass pfps and u have bumped it 4 times @luvducki STFU @IiveelaughIove fruit cake @kumifps @bittybtw v @HK4RI i wanna be on it @WIIREE_ 3 more @WasteManOP u weren’t even big ur cut makes u look like a soccer prodigy @WasteManOP wow @homiesrice HBDD @alejandr0ne NOOO @alejandr0ne MY GOAT @IiveelaughIove magnificent @ssav1or @iamhcu here he go @IiveelaughIove i c @Ino_VAL it’s so boring for me LMAO, i only really sit in cord with everyone and have fun @Ino_VAL i can barely play 2 games a day now man @Ino_VAL what’s the plans for today baefy @Ino_VAL heyy @IiveelaughIove i thought u fixed it @zurieltolibas >.< @zurieltolibas fuck@me@then @Wuntahps_ now twerk @7kimchie u sexy as shit @WasteManOP virgin @khxmeron deadass @luvducki idgaf @RexgatorVAL @NotryaVAL slayyy betch💅🏾
@unshtable @ignovercook @kayvalorant w mans @kayvalorant @ignovercook @unshtable no take him please god 😭 @unshtable @ignovercook @kayvalorant nah deadass, i’d do the same though i can’t lie w mans @ignovercook @unshtable @kayvalorant ur all cuffed what about me, leaveing me behind @unshtable @ignovercook @kayvalorant sigh