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evan @Evs2x 47cord🇨🇦

改善 | 16yr old valorant f/a

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@magiclae but you bad @magiclae ur a MAN @kedrickfr peg me @DerekJoon hi @WasteManOP @Christellehjj ? @ignovercook @wunjii when you stream im already twerking, pre fire them @wunjii @ignovercook twerking rn @boyonedrr gm @Christellehjj @WasteManOP i will @whosmicheIa HU @BERE14_ yummy🥰🥰 @BERE14_ bro has a bottle of ranch in his car @lyekuu REAL SHIT, IF YOU ARE IMMORTAL AND YOU SAY ''i dont know how to play smokes🤓🤓'' electric chair. @tbhautumn thanks you !!! @tbhautumn thats the point of my dog, his name is roofus @WasteManOP gm my little sugar plume @turtlewurdle real @turtlewurdle up down @dreFPS_ LMFAO @kawrthevirgin its urs @Bre4ad @lyekuu @ahad @okidenni oh wowWho want my NFT @CarbynVAL @ctrlurs @SlushiiPls @whosmicheIa bro @lyekuu sorry @1kotaaa BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Toastedtw @1kotaaa yo @1kotaaa yo @1kotaaa shut ur mouth before i fuck it @turtlewurdle @CarbynVAL @lyekuu @zekeiVAL we the same fr @181RAYS bro @1kotaaa sorry @181RAYS i would never🙈 @181RAYS real @CarbynVAL @turtlewurdle @lyekuu RURURURU FRUF RUF URFURURRU RUF RTUF @turtlewurdle @lyekuu real @fluffyyFPS @turtlewurdle @lyekuu LMFAOOOO, mb @turtlewurdle @lyekuu @fluffyyFPS @turtlewurdle @lyekuu @1kotaaa @lialovesyu @AeroValorant sorry @turtlewurdle @lyekuu meow @1kotaaa @lialovesyu @AeroValorant meow @1kotaaa @lialovesyu @AeroValorant LMFAOOOO @181RAYS @lyekuu i saw me a opportunity @1kotaaa @lialovesyu @AeroValorant mike, aeros to long @lyekuu ??? @lyekuu meow @fluffyyFPS @WasteManOP Me** @fluffyyFPS @WasteManOP bro fell asleep in a thumbs up position watching my farm pp @turtlewurdle 47cord @kedrickfr ur the luckiest mf when it comes to raffles @WRAI7H killjoined @T1 feels good to be back >:) #T1WIN
Retweeted by evan @ctrlurs @SlushiiPls @whosmicheIa Ur so weird @77Joeyy I just don’t sleep @ForcKnife @CarbynVAL @Ev3ly6 not enough Evs on twitter, we’re starting a movement @CarbynVAL @ImposterVAL RRRRRRUF @veltomfan69520 I WAS THE VASALINE @ImposterVAL barking rn @noxufps FPS @fluffyyFPS @CarbynVAL @Ev3ly6 yea @fluffyyFPS @CarbynVAL @Ev3ly6 I’m a fluffyfps fan🤓 @CarbynVAL @Ev3ly6 W @CarbynVAL @Ev3ly6 My fan @lyekuu @1dianazzz the biggest @CarbynVAL @Ev3ly6 @noxufps real shit @Ev3ly6 @CarbynVAL @noxufps 0_0 @Ev3ly6 YURR @CarbynVAL @noxufps @Ev3ly6 ^^* @noxufps @CarbynVAL @Ev3ly6 LMFAOOOOO GUYS RELAX FAM @Ev3ly6 That’s me @wunjii LMFAOO @wunjii real @crb416_ @sadIucas realif SR Diana has a million fans, I am one of them. @WasteManOP LMFAO IM A YOUNG DEMONwatching evan play osu in bed this guy always got me gigglin
Retweeted by evan @haileyhargreeve @WasteManOP REAL SHOT TELL EM @haileyhargreeve @WasteManOP W @WasteManOP real @DerekJoon join @DerekJoon STOP JOIN CORD HELLO @CarbynVAL @whosmicheIa @WasteManOP tim hortons is so cheap bro, i love @WasteManOP @DerekJoon tmrw @boyonedrr LMFAOANNIES LOCKED UP, LFGGG @whosmicheIa @WasteManOP sorry @whosmicheIa @WasteManOP us @ahad ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @sadIucas @DerekJoon ? @sadIucas @DerekJoon @sadIucas @WasteManOP @sadIucas @mellinieee @sadIucas @47jakez wild @DerekJoon shits everywhere bro @sadIucas @qashsav LMFAO @kedrickfr @47cord ev cosplay @sadIucas @qashsav yes, send her 20 @sadIucas @qashsav YOU ARE BROKE