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Ever since @aliciaacewest showed me her dream ring I keep getting ads for rings @classicheaux That’s cause I would imagine that if you’re a man with emotional stability then you’d know better. Yo… @classicheaux No I know it’s been around, I’ve just never been one to think it’s ok or acceptable. If I had a son a…’ve never in my life hit or been abusive to a woman. You can punch me, cuss me out even if she spit in my face. I’… just seen what happened in Harlem to this innocent woman. Any male, not man (cause men don’t do this) who finds t… @beenAround_310 “Messy bun top after hangovers for 500 Alex” @aliciaacewest How can we hold them accountable? They weren’t raised properly, had their egos damaged and don’t kno… y’all really attacked a women because she rejected y’all🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by HendrixXx @aliciaacewest 😂🤣😂why not ace, what happened?Do a 25+ woman not ducking Dick is a lil girl? @kaylabynature Hmmm guess I’ll take the advice of other good looking women. What one won’t do another definitely will.I wanna date a different ethnicity. I’ve never dated a Jamaican, Hispanic, or Asian. Even someone from Colombia would be interesting. @OreoSweetz @TERAAxo_ I’m A1 and got magnificent tongue tricks, it’s the other way around. She ain’t tryna gobble m… @kaylabynature So I should cut someone off who ate tryna gobble me properly? @kaylabynature So a 25+ woman not sucking Dick is childish? @its_lindz Because if they over 30 and can’t deal with rejection they lack emotional stability. @myluvisblind Hi babe 😘 @gotablasst Where was you last night I was freshly showered too 😂🤣 @GorillaMamaWho’s why I fucked your bitch you fat MF..
Retweeted by HendrixXxThis thread is sad. These young niggas don’t know how to deal with rejection. They going choke or attack the manage… @its_lindz The usual? These young niggas don’t know how to deal with a lil rejection.When I see a potential woman I always check that left rang fanga @OhRellee Lmao so lemme ask this, the question came from someone I’ve been with who doesn’t suck Dick. I’ve been to… @OhRellee Them lips look so 🤤😍 @OhRellee Lmao “Here come out to mouf on me” 😂😂that’s what you’d tell him? Lol @cocaeena_lii This though 🎯 @earthtojalyn Let’s play. DM MEIt’s the whole 🏝 vibe for me 😍 shots of tequila @bankwithchayse_ 🔥If you 25+ and not giving oral pleasure...go kill yaself! @confectious86 On Netflix or Amazon prime?Yall got any good Netflix suggestions? @Danii_Lena Oh yea I think you told me that beforeI wanna give out some god back shots while I choke you from behind @PhattiLabelle Same here I was going heavy while Trump was still in office @Danii_Lena What’s the 513?Ladies, If a man said he didn’t eat pussy would that be a deal breaker for you? @GottiWorld30 I ain’t ever get the memo lol 😂 @MrWilson______ And that shit ain’t no hoe, fuck up the whole mood @saleenasss Don’t play with me 😏 you sure you know what you doing with all that 🍫 people still have smoking sessions or did COVId kill that?
Catching muscle cramps during sex are THEE worst 🤦🏾‍♂️Bow Wow Essentials only has 14 songs.’d I get a missed call from South Africa?!’m supposed to be in training but yet here i am tweeting away.Ladies, do y’all get fed after a booty call or you out the door before the suns up?Damn Ashanti 😍🥰 y’all gonna start at 9 just say that!
Retweeted by HendrixXxI’m still sleepy 😩 @ILookLikeBaae You were at the gym at 3 in the morningHow to Dispute Credit Report Errors all of a sudden alcohol got involved, it’s 3a and I gotta work in the morning 🙊 can’t believe this woman got@me up out my sleep @ 2a....these booty call hoursI’m so speechless right now... I’m going to sleep 😂Guilty 😂😂😂 @saleenasss Oh so you know what to do with all that and got good knees huh? 😏☺️ @saleenasss You’re welcome! You get all you wanted for your bday? @saleenasss That chocolate skin tho 😍🥰😍 yo knees hurt? @saleenasss happy birthday beautiful 🎂 🎉😂😂😂😂 @stephlova__ You know what... holding on to Foolish like a draw 4 in uno 😫😂
Retweeted by HendrixXx @stephlova__ Why they hating on her fine ass 😂I had that same Jordan Bullets Jersey 😂😂😂 it Thick Thigh Thursday or something?Nah not really if it’s a song i don’t like it just don’t like it. @mmathis13 To each is own I guess. All women are different. If I was into a person and thought they were into me then I’d ask. 🤷🏾‍♂️ @confectious86 It ain’t that simple lol they still need they whip 😂 @mmathis13 You didn’t make it seem like these was just random regular Joe Schmo’s. If that’s the case that’s differ… @mmathis13 What’s uncomfortable? A guy asking if your attracted to him? How’s that uncomfortable??it’s a simple question we ask y’all. @BiiFieri What’s your IGThat versus, when “Movies” came on I- 😌Ashanti was so 🔥 when I was 16 lmao 😂Mfs been in the house toooooooo damn loooooong 😂😂😂🤣’s literally any type of surgical procedure you want for anything now. @mmathis13 What’s wrong with asking that? Some women don’t be knowing what they want and be misleading @confectious86 I need to buy a new whip. I have my parents but they want they shit back. I been driving they car since October. Lol @UhWhoSaidDat I couldn’t rely on someone to be my dedicated taxi. Ion like someone else having control of my life like that. @GLDN24k Before you weren’t capable of driving? @qui_ling_ I’m considering doing that @confectious86 True. You can get around bigger cities using public transit, I just ain’t getting on a bus 😷 @_TieBoogie I could understand that. My only concern would be if they could drive or not thoughIf you could watch one movie for the rest of your life what will it be? @_TieBoogie You’d fuck with someone without a DRivers license but no car?
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Retweeted by HendrixXxI’m so drained from today 😴Why now? What’s different? ain’t a real freak til you heard Lucille Bogan “Til The Cows Come Home” @eljay25thleo First of all follow me back ma’am then I can just spare the detailsIt’s the blonde hair for me 🥰🥰🥰@DaniLeigh I gotta hormones acting out @eljay25thleo I have my Drivers license, this question came from another friend of mines who doesn’t. @soulljahhh I need to do the same lol@I get a new notification every 15 mins. Like damn mfs ain’t got shit else to do or something @Kadee2Cool Lmao bad experience? @iamshe_xo I’m from a middle size city but I still need a car a Drivers license. I’ve never been the type to try i… @iamshe_xo Agreed. I never been the type to rely on a woman for transportation. I’ve always had my own. But I had a… @southerngurlyy Agreed. I wouldn’t be ok with having to be a person reliable transportation everywhere.I just caught a cramp in my leg 😩Issa is so beautiful 😍look at that smile 🥰