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Elizabeth Warren @ewarren Massachusetts

U.S. Senator, former teacher. Wife, mom (Amelia, Alex, Bailey, @CFPB), grandmother, and Okie. She/her. Official campaign account.

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Thank you to all the farmers, growers, farmworkers, supply line workers, grocery store clerks, delivery workers, an… of color face higher risk and more severe consequences from COVID-19. If we don't collect data on these…
52 years ago, the course of American history changed when we lost a great leader—but his dream lives on. Today and… Trump administration needs to stop using a global pandemic as cover for political revenge. It’s corrupt—and it… still wondering why I love @TheRock? I’m grateful to all the parents out there who are working hard to make… jails and prisons are overcrowded and lack basic hygiene options and health care. It’s not only inhumane—it ma…
This White House has been a stunning failure in leadership. I talked to @SignalBoostShow about the warning signs w… Trump made a show of sending off the USNS Comfort. But because of a tangle of bureaucracy, it's sitting most… is ridiculous. States shouldn’t have to be bidding against each other with private companies to get the resour… Pence and Donald Trump have made it clear—Americans without health insurance are on their own. It’s disgracefu… is, in fact, exactly what it’s there for. Get states the resources they need, or get out of the way. administration has consistently failed Puerto Rico. Facing yet another crisis, Puerto Rico must get every reso…, the deadline to request an absentee ballot has been extended to today at 5pm!’s why last week @AyannaPressley and I sent a letter to HHS urging them to collect and release racial data on c… health care system is rife with racial disparities. Racial data on coronavirus will be critical to ensuring an…
People experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerable during this crisis. I've introduced a bill with… shouldn't be deciding which side of any issue the public gets to hear about. No tech company should have tha… months before Democrats could select their nominee, they sold their most prominent YouTube ad on Election Day to the Trump campaign.Unfortunately, this is part of a larger pattern. Google refused to prohibit false ads on their platforms. They impo…'s response to this crisis has been slow, insufficient, and driven by his ego instead of the advice of medical… Trump must re-open the federal Obamacare exchanges now to help Americans get the coverage they need. your voice heard, and keep yourself safe. Request an absentee ballot before today’s deadline, and vote for Jil… are in a crisis. They need help—and they need it now. The Senate doesn’t have time to waste on recess. Mit… is why my anti-corruption plan would ban the practice of government officials trading individual stocks while… trading to profit off a pandemic isn’t just morally reprehensible—it’s illegal. We need a serious investi… 2020 census will determine your community's resources and representation for the next decade. It’s critically i… Corporations have a responsibility to protect their employees during this crisis. If they’re failing, emplo…
It's important to have plans to get in front of a crisis rather than chasing it from behind. If we had put in place… hope you're all keeping healthy and safe. Bruce, Bailey, and I are staying home. We will get through social dista… have made it clear: They need support from the federal government. Before we spend a single penny to bail…'m proud to support @VoteYesForMPS, because every child deserves a quality, equitable education, no matter where t…, @Instacart, @DoorDash, and @Grubhub have a responsibility to protect the health of their workers and the pu… forward to chatting with @SethMeyers on @LateNightSeth tonight at 12:35 ET!This crisis is disproportionately impacting the low-paid women who are working on the front lines. That's why it's… funds should be used to keep workers on payroll, not to enrich executives. I'll be watching the Trump admin…
This agreement between @CWAUnion and @ATT to cancel stock buybacks and support workers shows how we can not only su… Trump administration has failed to provide states with the necessary resources and medical supplies to fight th… #TransDayOfVisibility, I want all trans and non-binary people to know you are valued, you are loved, and that… @notdavidguirgis I’m sending you and your mother all my love, David. I’m so grateful for all she does to keep us he… disparities in our health care system may mean that Black and Brown communities don't receive equal testing… week, I asked for your questions about coronavirus. Today, I answered them. Stay safe out there, and look out…
We need to be doing everything we can to avoid a housing crisis, and @JulianCastro has a plan. stand with every worker providing essential services during this crisis. Add your name if you're joining the…'m supporting Instacart workers on strike today. They are providing an essential service to those who cannot leave…, bigoted language about the coronavirus is driving a surge of violence and hate crimes. It must stop—now. 2008, the financial crisis drove our economy to the brink of collapse. As we face another economic recession,…
We need to go further to ensure health care providers have the resources they need to expand testing across the cou…
Our tech team worked hard to make getting involved with @ewarren's campaign as easy as possible. We leaned heavily…
Retweeted by Elizabeth WarrenIn the midst of a pandemic and an economic crisis, the Trump administration just made it easier for predatory payda… recipients are working hard to support their families and communities, and to ensure they and their loved ones…'re still fighting righteous fights. Join our movement to put people first in fighting for the relief measures we… margins don't come before people’s lives.
This is not the time for Congress to go on recess. Our work isn't done. We need to force Trump to use the Defense P…'re so grateful for the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals who are doing the dangerous, necessary wor… have more work to do here to fight this pandemic and help workers and families weather this crisis. This isn't the time to take a recess.This bill provides immediate, necessary aid⁠—but it's insufficient. Tomorrow, we keep fighting for more aid for fam…
Staying at home helps slow the spread of coronavirus and protects medically vulnerable people like Xiomara. If we r…
.@AMarch4OurLives built a powerful movement from tragedy. The organizing work continues, even while we stay at home… obligation, our moral imperative, is to save lives. If people are forced out of their homes too early and thous… years ago today, I signed the Affordable Care Act into law. It protected preexisting conditions, cut the uninsu…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Warren
We shouldn't be choosing giant corporations over those who need resources the most. I'm fighting for a stimulus pac… stimulus must support workers’ payroll and benefits—not enrich wealthy executives of giant corporations. If we… and I are sending you and John all of our love, @AmyKlobuchar.
Gig workers are doing essential work during this crisis. They need and deserve essential benefits like paid sick le… holes in @Amazon, @Walmart, and @McDonalds's paid sick leave policies will put workers, their colleagues, an…
.@PineStreetInn is helping ensure vulnerable individuals have the necessities they need, helping move homeless indi… is working with food pantries, community meal programs, and other food assistance providers throug… Boston Resiliency Fund is supporting Boston residents most affected by this crisis. is helping send doctors, nurses, and other frontline responders to communities in need, and deliveri…'s Coronavirus Defense Fund is helping communities prevent and detect coronavirus, helping deploy emergen… is training health workers on the frontlines of this crisis and providing personal protective equipmen… is helping feed kids who aren't getting healthy meals due to school closures. is bringing food to seniors, who are especially vulnerable right now. is helping feed those in need during this crisis by supporting local food banks. is providing cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal s…'s Coronavirus Care Fund is helping support in-home care workers, nannies, and house cleaners duri… need all hands on deck to support our neighbors and communities through this crisis. Here are just a few chariti… every nurse, doctor, and health care professional, to every grocery worker keeping the shelves stocked, to every… is something fundamentally wrong when a Wall Street CEO can get a 19% raise while millions of Americans are s…
🚨MASS CALL TONIGHT🚨 Join @ewarren, @JWJNational, @CPDAction, and @WorkingFamilies on a discussion with Walmart & A…
Retweeted by Elizabeth WarrenWe need to rapidly ramp up our ability to test for coronavirus. That means we need to keep up the pressure to ensur…
Any taxpayer assistance that goes to giant corporations must come with real strings attached to ensure the money is…'s not enough to just waive student loan debt payments during this crisis. If we want to stimulate the economy an… care providers are on the front lines of this crisis and we’re so grateful for their selfless work. I’m work…
The decisions our government will make in the next few days will be crucial. I’m joining @AdyBarkan,… number of coronavirus cases is growing, and we need more resources to care for new patients. Today I'm requesti… to @Marie4Congress on winning her primary election in #IL03! This isn’t a moment to back down—it’s the tim…
Airline executives spent billions on stock buybacks and are now asking taxpayers for billions. We need to help airl… need a stimulus package that supports our economy from the grassroots up and permanently improves the lives of f… most pressing issue is ensuring that everyone who needs a test for coronavirus can get one—for free. But just a…'ll be on @AllInWithChris soon to talk about why we need a stimulus package that directly helps working families.…
The coronavirus outbreak has been declared a national emergency and we all need to do our part to stop its spread.… can help people stay home if they're sick and support our economy by: -Creating an emergency paid leave program… need to show that we have a government that understands the scale of coronavirus’s threat to the economy and pub…
We can all help slow the spread of coronavirus by taking simple steps. It is important to listen to the public heal… lack of widespread coronavirus testing in the United States is a disgrace. If we hope to control this outbreak,… crisis also reminds us we need public officials who will serve the public interest. We need a clear-eyed, data… administration cut funding for public health agencies and put politics and spin ahead of good science. They've…'s proposed economic response is inadequate. I'm proposing a $750 billion stimulus package, including: -Fully…’m calling on the administration to issue a Stafford Act declaration that will open key funding and regulatory fle…