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Elizabeth Warren @ewarren Massachusetts

U.S. Senator, former teacher, and candidate for president. Wife, mom (Amelia, Alex, Bailey, @CFPB), grandmother, and Okie. She/her. Official campaign account.

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We must end the unnecessary detainment and inhumane treatment of asylum-seekers and immigrants at our borders. I've… Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin died one year ago today, just days after her seventh birthday. Jakelin and her fam… United States doesn't become stronger by weakening our allies. But that's exactly what Trump has done, repeated… in this country got rich on their own—and that includes Jeff Bezos and Mike Bloomberg. If you made it to t… president, I’ll fight for your family as hard as I fight for mine. That’s a promise. Berkley Bedell always fought hard for the people of Iowa. My thoughts are with his family, friends, and… the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi shows, a free press poses a powerful threat to authoritarian regimes li…
Throwback to when @MsPeoples joined @ewarren in Atlanta last month. The story of Black women’s persistence is the…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Warren.@PramilaJayapal is right. Drug prices are crushing American families. A bill to fix this shouldn’t work for only s…’m grateful down to my toes to be in this fight alongside @Benny_Starr. Thank you, Benny! Looking forward to fight… corporations trying to maximize their profits are squeezing working families to the breaking point. My Fair… is working great for oil companies and giant polluters—just not for the communities on the front lines s… assistance devices should be available for anyone who needs one—and my Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act wil…'s safety investigators are reportedly more concerned about protecting their company from liability than protec… rich and powerful want us to believe the racist lie that more for your neighbors means less for you. Donald Tru… huh. I'll put any promise Donald Trump makes about student loans right next to his broken promises about protect… Hampshire state workers deserve fair pay—and an independent fact-finder agreed. I stand with @SEIU1984. It's ti… for a #GreenNewDeal, for our planet, and for our future.
Retweeted by Elizabeth WarrenThank you for standing with the #ClimateStrike movement @ewarren! We must take on the fossil fuel lobbyists and e…
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Freedom of the press is one of the most important values in our country. A reporter’s coverage of candidates for th… have to defeat climate change now—or kids like Eleanor will be living with the consequences for the rest of thei… for president shouldn't be a passion project for bored billionaires. Our democracy should not be for sale.… have said it before me: "If you don't have a seat at the table, you're probably on the menu." I’m looking fo… is a leading advocate for reproductive rights—and I'll fight alongside her to enact her proposal req… is a leading advocate for national paid leave—and I’ll fight alongside her to enact her plan to mak…'ve seen a record number of women in this primary. That has meant that together, we've been able to shape the nat…'s not just about having a job—it's about having a good job with fair pay, benefits, and that treats its workers… need a #GreenNewDeal. We need to build a new green economy with millions of good jobs. And we need to root out t… are dying because of the Trump administration's cruelty, racism, and neglect. The Trump administration mus… Harbor. Pensacola. Not even our military bases are safe from gun violence. I'm heartsick for the victims and…
Dream Big. Fight Hard. And together, we can win! corruption, to the Electoral College, to Baby Yoda, I'm ready for any question @JimmyFallon throws my way! isn't ending needless forever wars—he's only expanding them while keeping Americans in the dark. It's time to… companies rake in giant profits while squeezing working families to the breaking point. My Fair Workweek plan w… @jenniesweetcush Grateful down to my toes! We’re going to do this—together. @samrdevereaux Aw! So sorry to have missed your sister, but glad I could bring a little joy.Today, I’m making calls to thank grassroots donors. Pitch in to our campaign now—and I might give you a call soon… Trump will keep committing crimes and undermining our diplomatic relationships and national security unless… on @FallonTonight, I talked about how we’re running this campaign by people pitching in $20 here and $5 t… devastating impacts of climate change in Puerto Rico have been made worse by decades of neglect and racism. Jus… corporations have too much power—and they’re pushing working families to the breaking point. It's time to mak… talked with @JimmyFallon about how I'm building my campaign from the grassroots up. I want to spend my time with… Trump embarrasses America. And he does it repeatedly. forward to joining @JimmyFallon on @FallonTonight—tune in! was glad to meet @Alanis at @FallonTonight! It wasn’t ironic at all. have some thoughts on the whole @BillieEilish thing—tune in!'ll be talking with @Lawrence on @TheLastWord soon about how we can build an economy that works for everyone—I hope you'll join us!Congratulations to @RachelForAmes—the youngest woman ever elected in Iowa and the first @IowaStateU student to be e… put money into this race, but if it’s a fight between money and the power of a grassroots movement, I'm b… is cruel and disgraceful. Donald Trump will happily give millions of dollars in tax breaks to his billionaire… just spoke on @BloombergTV about why billionaires like @MikeBloomberg, who owns their news network, shouldn't be…
I'll be on @BloombergTV soon to talk about the big, structural change I'm fighting for. Tune in!Sybrina Fulton lost her son and endured unimaginable pain. Yet she's turning that loss and pain into a drive to ser… guess some billionaires figured it'd be a lot cheaper to spend a few hundred million to buy the American presiden… change is an existential threat, and we must get to net-zero carbon emissions as soon as possible if we wan… DeVos really didn't like being held in contempt of court, so she wants to make federal student loans someone… on the move, Larry Page! Quick reminder: We do still expect you to testify before Congress. And changing y… Trump is pushing out talented diplomats, hollowing out the State Department, and appointing his own donor bu… by me. I’m fighting to give every person in America the opportunity to build a good life for themselves and th… #GreenNewDeal #EndCorruptionNow All of this is possible and more—if we fight hard together. Ch…'re all deeply grateful for @KamalaHarris's leadership on issues from protecting our democracy and advocating for… Trump abused our diplomatic relationships and undermined our national security for his personal, political g…
Bailey's loving his snow day!'s not just about having a job—it's about having a good job. Workers are struggling with unpredictable schedules… you @KamalaHarris for your commitment to fighting for the people, for justice, and to holding Donald Trump ac… stand with @hgsuuaw. Grad student workers deserve fair pay, benefits, and labor protections—and it's time for… can free students from crushing debt, boost the economy, and reduce both the Black-white and Latinx-white wealth… companies are raking in profits while squeezing working families to the breaking point. It's time to put more… it's time to remove the perverse incentives that keep giant corporations from making their workers full-time. I… plan will give workers who work at companies with more than 15 employees the rest they desperately need by guara… my Fair Workweek Plan, employers with 15 or more employees will be required to give two weeks’ advance notice… unpredictable schedules make it nearly impossible to work another job, go back to school, or schedule child c… of workers face unpredictable schedules that can change dramatically day-to-day—even by the hour—with almo… corporations rake in larger profits, working families across the country are getting crushed by rising costs and… work schedules are leaving too many part-time workers with no control over their time and not enough… government and our economy are working great for the wealthy and the well-connected, but not so great for every… story: I was seven years old when I realized my name wasn't actually Betsy! aren't just bad for consumers, they're bad for workers, too. Amazon workers in the United States and aro…
My daddy was a janitor. My mother worked the phones at Sears. America gave me the opportunity to become a public sc… have barely budged, while the costs of housing, health care, and college have soared. If you're struggling to… @munozjose I wish I could've given you the speech then, but I hope you take it to heart now. Take care of yourself—… @rae_stecker Thank you so much for your question, Raelyn! We’ve got this. Stay strong out there.Our nation is being held hostage by well-financed extremists who will never put the safety of the American people f… was asked at a town hall “if there was ever a time in your life where somebody you really looked up to maybe didn… goal is to get elected—but I plan to be the last American president to be elected by the Electoral College. I wa… you, Marion! Our campaign is driven by this grassroots movement—and I'm so grateful for every single person w…'m grateful for everyone who came out to our Waterloo town hall. This is how we're going to make big, structural c…
A majority of those living with HIV today are LGBTQ+ people from communities of color, who especially in the South,… cut taxes massively for his rich buddies, and now he wants to cut off and reduce SNAP benefits for millions o… Bear I can’t wait to make a pinkie promise with her tomorrow! #WorldAIDSDay, we gather to remember the many lives lost to the AIDS epidemic, we stand shoulder to shoulder wit… Amelia was little, I helped her Brownie troop organize a ferocious effort to try to sell the most cookies in t… I first ran for Senate in 2012, I was up against a popular Republican incumbent. The naysayers told me, “Massa… people of Chicago are fired up for big, structural change. And I promise: As president, I’ll fight for your fam… the progress and medical advancements, we still have a lot of work to do to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. I've…’re hours away from our November fundraising deadline. If you haven’t already, will you chip in $3 or more to he… big, fight hard. #TeamWarren
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I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important: Will you chip in $3 now before our fundraising deadline at midnight tonight… you, @RepSchakowsky! Together, I know we can make the big, structural change our country needs. love every minute of our photo lines. Every photo we take is a chance to talk with voters and listen to their sto…