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1984’s George Whorewell @EwdatsGROSS Ugly crying in Chicago

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Yes everyone from your hometown might be “stable” and “happy” and in a relationship but you have enough dysfunction… is too expensive I didn’t ask to be born, what the fuckYeah sex is great but do you ever lay in bed on Sunday dreading the fact you have to get up and work tomorrow becau…
If you save $416.6 an hour, thats $10,000 by the end of the day 🤷🏻‍♂️ I eat salt for lunch, and wet tissues for din…
Retweeted by 1984’s George WhorewellFun date idea: we lay in my bed not talking or touching each processing how we grew up being told how much potentia… if you’re looking for social media or copywriting or just generally any digital help for money because I am brok… @AndyKauffman AlwaysYeah I’m dtf Down To Feel like I’m accomplishing nothing with my life & spiral out on a Sunday morning because I t… @LargeDonut No shame on not being able to not afford it (if mine broke today I couldn’t buy a new one) shame on peo… anyone with an android would like to fight me in the replies I’m sorry I don’t read ugly user interface @americana__SAD No because this is factssex is intimate and sacred. your body is a temple and you shouldn’t share it with anyone who uses an Android @bhandari17 YayAnother day of waking up not being hot or rich, i hate it here @ziibiing Not sure if I love or hate this for you @CarmineVU91 My b didn’t know this was your tweet dudeWHAT YOUR SUNDAY SAYS ABOUT YOU: Brunch: escaping the reality of life with poor coping mechanisms Sleeping In: s… bell tasted a lot better when i had crippling depression and a marijuana dependency
Retweeted by 1984’s George WhorewellPeople I graduated with are having CHILDREN and I just want someone to take me to an OUTDOOR ICE SKATING RINK and… in my new Jeff Bezos guillotine earrings
Retweeted by 1984’s George WhorewellHow good | ___/ the sex is | / | ___/ |/___… @blondemedSJW We LOVE him
Fuck it, toad vibing to dreams by fleetwood mac
Retweeted by 1984’s George Whorewell @large_cart I am tragically unpretentiousI know you saw this, pay up. Venmo ewdatsgrossCars speeding up under a yellow light 🤝 Me turning red Going through itDue to personal reasons I have decided to stop checking my bank accountToday is like Christmas for girls with daddy issues. Remember it’s ok to fuck your problematic ex as long as he mak… @teddy_ow Ewdatsgross @Club_Five19 Please have a 519 shot for me tonight I miss themHappy Valentine’s Day if I’ve ever made you cum you owe me $5
i’m: ⚪️ single ⚪️ taken 🔘 going to buy all of the 75% off chocolates tomorrow because I’m a slut for fiscal responsibilityMe adding snapchat sticker hearts in to the background of my nudes today @Thomas_Omaley Should I know who that is @starstrickenSF An honorWhat if before Valentine’s Day you admitted you had a crush on me Haha jk .....Unless?Just a reminder if you’re single on Valentine’s Day it’s because you didn’t have enough childhood trauma to make yo… really sentimental rn. it’s just nice to date someone who doesn’t hate everything about you, ya know?
Retweeted by 1984’s George Whorewell @roxiqt @TwitterUK Oh shit it me
@GoddessTKelly My Venmo/cashapp is ewdatsgross @fux0r God i wish @staciabarbosa Confirm: literally @BParker32 @RiotFest has an emo sex playlist. Highly recommendWHEN SOMEONE SENDS ME FLOWERS AT WORK: -romantic -🥺🥺🥺 -cute -a sign of how much they love me WHEN SOMEONE SENDS MY… @CallistroFlores @NotKeatonK @AYOMUNCH Oh man you hate to see itGIRLS 👏DON’T👏 LIKE 👏BOYS 👏GIRLS👏 LIKE👏 ICED 👏COFFEE 👏AND 👏MONEY👏 @visnevisnehatun Sell out your existential despair for cloutTHINGS MEN THINK YOU WANT FOR VALENTINES DAY: -flowers -chocolates -jewelry -red lingerie WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WAN… @mkobach @MikeBloomberg Same energy @The_Jak_Life Omg thank you!!!pls follow me because sometimes I’m funny & make memes and can get money off of ads and I am a BROKE ass BITCH pls…
@CashCarti187 @kanyewest As long as you’re aware what your supporting, I could care less @cornh8ers My Venmo is ewdatsgross? Any pay pigs are welcome to pay for my valentine’s gift @Elimentary No I’m just stupid why do you like to unironically say “I’m fine” then go home and listen to white Ferrari on repeat
Retweeted by 1984’s George WhorewellNo One Has All 3: -a job that doesn’t under pay you -a brain that produces serotonin -a valentineHow Much | ___/ Coffee I | / Consume | ___/ |/_______________… don’t know who needs to hear it but don’t text them back, they’re just going to hook up with you twice until you’…
Imagine looking like emily ratajkowski. Just imagine @JasinskiHayley @illwreckurcar What if I told you I was a Virgo/libra cuspIf you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my ᶜʳⁱᵖᵖˡⁱⁿᵍ ᶜᵃᶠᶠᵉⁱⁿᵉ ᵃᵈᵈⁱᶜᵗⁱᵒⁿ ᵃⁿᵈ ⁱⁿᵃᵇⁱˡⁱᵗʸ ᵗᵒ ᵉˣᵖʳᵉˢˢ ᵉᵐᵒᵗⁱᵒⁿ @poastsbymatt Goodnight lilly @_Meadow_Clarke_ Ok well I amIf they made a playlist for you and it has First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes on it, they’re in love with you it’s actually scienceYeah sex is great but have you ever made yourself emotionally vulnerable with someone then lived in fear of the mom…’ve never gotten flowers for Valentine’s Day so this is your ONE chance to redeem yourself men!!!! If not I will h… @NoraElkins I hope this works for you tbh
@BigTucsonDad You look dapper @destroyeboys Nope you’re Gucci @hellothisisdp You are welcome @SreyaMulukutla I hate dark interferences :( @LilYumper Aggressively ENTHUSIASTIC! @e_jo3 No I just literally emailed a client with FOUR different !’s and was like wow I need to calm downNORMALIZE USING ! AFTER EVERY SENTENCE IN YOUR EMAILS NORMALIZE USING ! AFTER EVERY SENTENCE IN YOUR EMAILS NORMA… @DribblingExca @jon_holland94 takes notes @Yinyangfooey Mistakes totally happen and I’m glad you recognized it before someone called you out, cancel culture is quick sometimesMe: :( * * . * . * . . * . * . . Being 20 minutes late… @thatdutchperson I was wondering why I randomly lost like 100 followers today and then someone DM’d me and I was Ik… @nxtvxkxng Ahhh that would make senseHey a few people have DM’d me about why I liked a racist tweet- I didn’t. I must’ve accidentally hit it when I re… @Staccato_Girl No, that’s valid @Gregggyboy Yes, this @MillerStream It is a KOREAN film, JONpls follow me because sometimes I’m funny & make memes and can get money off of ads and I am a BROKE ass BITCH pls…’re so fuckin precious when you 💖 💗 ✨⭐️😍 💖 💫 💖💗😍⭐️💖 💗 😍 💖 💫 💖💗😍⭐️ask me to be your valentine, bitch💖💕✨ 💗 😍 💖 💫 💖💗🌟😍⭐️✨ 💗 😍 💖 @Derektionary Honestly it’s a good one @MrsSarahHarvey No he’s just in Colorado and I miss himMe destroying all relationships before I can get too attached so I don’t have to make myself emotionally vulnerable @bingustheory Sunday scariesI May Be: - a solid 6 - kind of chubby - emotionally unstable - extremely annoying But At Least I: -never join… @NickFent EXACTLY @DJ_Slizzard @AnyaVolz :)Knowing he wanting to Has a good text him Reason for. “who is she” Not t…
@BigTucsonDad You’re welcumI thought it was fairly well known that Adam Sandler is an excellent actor but picks his Serious Projects carefully…
Retweeted by 1984’s George Whorewell @whorewellbot We Have to Stan @bowerygirl I ordered pizza @bowerygirl Wait is this true