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1984’s George Whorewell @EwdatsGROSS Ugly crying in Chicago

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@JavaSokSleeve You had me at nailing parallel parking @GeorgiaModi Ok cool, just checking!!! (Not cool that You’re allergic obvi lol) @GeorgiaModi I can’t remember if you have cats but if you do be so careful!!! Just breathing in the pollen from pea… @JavaSokSleeve @Dunkin ndonuts @AidenGrossOk @Matticy67 Aiden did you like your own tweet
@KR_Sayers I need a Xanax @GirlsVsSuits @btaylorbeauty_ Pain. So much pin @KylieJU I keep taking L after L latelyI get knocked down and I don’t get up again because I am very tired of getting knocked down and I would just like t… relationship should be 50/50...if he cheats on me I construct elaborately written diary entries and frame him for… @katya_smalls I swear by st. Mortiz @hugswellness He was the basis for Psycho, right??? @GoodnightGuy Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t eat people with tattoos because he said the ink made the flesh taste weird @Abel_SD Dorangel Vargas killed and ate 10 people. He said men tasted better than women @hugswellness Jeffery Dahmer ran out of places at home to store bodies so kept one in his bathtub and showered over it for over a month @JavaSokSleeve @jon_holland94 meMy Therapist: how are you Me: still depressed My Therapist: it be like that sometimes 😔🤘 Me: it rlly do 😔🤘 @CdyRnkn Honored to be one of the 4 @BaileyCarlin Yeah noticed this too— I lost like 300 today
It’s not justifiable. Do not not even try to equate the economy to human lives, I will not hear itIf you try to justify voting for Trump to me, don’t ❤️ @Salmpiece @benedictpolizzi Literally me. This is art @JavaSokSleeve Idk what’s worse this or having to eat cow intestinesI don’t want to work I want to go to Target and buy Fall decorations and smell candles and only worry about being h…
Retweeted by 1984’s George Whorewell @Club_Five19 Love this bar so much❤️🧡 ✨🎃 ✨🍂✨🧡✨🎃✨🍂✨🧡✨🎃✨🍂✨🧡✨🎃✨🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🧡✨TIME TO GET SPOOKY 🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂🧡🎃🍂ur chances of being killed by shia labeouf are low but never zero
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@Matticy67 No ❤️ @DastardJohny Yeah I wasn’t aware of the cultural implications of this until people started responding. Just meant… @ellenwalex @hotbloodedeq Yeah I wasn’t aware of the cultural implications of this until people started responding.… @genderdox (Aka if you have republican parents educating yourself outside that) @genderdox Ah, didn’t realize this was a cultural thing until people started commenting. I can see where marginali… do not do this @_PhoenixPenny Thank you!! @torleta Thank you!!! @_swagbob Thank you queen @Kim_loves_sp Thank you!! @toolmetoshame Thank you! @cassthevirgin It’s also my birthday but happy birthday @k_barry801 🥺🥺🥺 thank you @RamboPengCSC 🥰🥰🥰 @Zarahx1994 Thank you!!! @Sara__Lynn13 Lmao thank you!! @Doug_R_Kuhn 🥰 @kora_kari Huge day @desperanza777 🥺🥺🥺 thank you! @mcdiesel88 Thank you!! @liltummyhurts THREE HUNDRED SIXTY TWO DAYS @cprkrn Thank you!! 🥰 @callmebekbek He’s too funny for his own good @ChristiCon Thank you!!! @AladdinButUgly Thank you bby 💕💕💕 @JadeKling Only took 362 days @postcrunk Thank you!! @andreistrash Thank you :) @DuncanNoDonut THANK YOU SO MUCH @Livbug307 Lmao no that’s An amazing tattooHappy birthday @EwdatsGROSS you’re the baddest bitch around. I have no pictures of us the only footage from your bd…
Retweeted by 1984’s George Whorewell @spicysalamimami @DJ_Slizzard HAHAHAHAHA I AM LAUGHING SO HARD @danielsburner Thank you Danny 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @Bourbontattoo Thank ya! @kayla__dunne Thank you bby!It’s my birthday and my rib tattoo already looks bad I’m allowed to tweet this“Your tattoos will looks bad when you’re older”. Ok buddy, bold assumption I’m trying to live that long @jlomps Thank you Justin!!! @gracecamille_ I love this for us @_what3v3r Omg birthday twin @fatherhun 🥰🥰🥰 @JackieMagh Thanks so much!!! @BeautySupreme Thank you 🥰 @mydramatic20s That’s literally what we’re doing for dinner 😂 thank you!! @userjaymes Thank you!!! BIG DAY @_iBruno Thank you!! 🥰 @endofanerajc Thank you so much!!! I’m glad we’re friends too :)It’s my birthday and I made the grid :,) I’m definitely getting quarantine depression Me, with year round depression: @Fight_My_Second @abileneboi Tomorrow but thank you!Bitches be like “it’s spooky season 👻” like their not getting ghosted November through August too, grow up @abileneboi Are you body shaming me on my birthday @FrahmilyPlan Disgusting @Lo_n_behold88 Oh jeez Hurricane is a wild cardCONS FOR COLD WEATHER -cold -??? -??? PROS FOR COLD WEATHER: -reason to stay inside and be lazy -feel superior co… @raidingthedraft Thank you! @kayteeparee Ok I love this for us @raidingthedraft It truly doesn’t count
@davidrzjr I’ll take it @kweenkwerke 🥺 @EwdatsGROSS but don’t feel like you have to! @twaterella Thank you for trying @Livbug307 Thank you I love it @nathanallebach Love to see it @katie_powell11 @ChurchOfFoster I feel this so much @AladdinButUgly Ok yum @samijalldayy A great gift tbh @RobertMorvay I’ll take what I can get @RandoRoberts Lol thank you 🥰 @oweraj I wish @Morradinn The best @mrkauhane Chicken nuggets @hannahgjoyce 🥰