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kwame @ewelery Accra, Ghana

finder of silver linings | fixer | rainmaker | starter-upper | moscatopapi | cacti slayer | big enabler | award-winning nobody | asa boni hene

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These are mad times 😂'll accept all John Wick that this lifetime has to offer.
Retweeted by kwame @thicknlong Is holding other players allowed?Sinking ship deɛ saa😂😂 @ewelery The agenda doth agend
Retweeted by kwame @Somajjah The sibling rivalry is real 😂😂😜Watching Brave New World and it's always fun to spot local places.
Retweeted by kwame @radjoa They just put the top 3 teams in the middle in that order but you can't relate @enyonvm You don't recall I have a full beard? Wowwhy can't elections be every six months?
Retweeted by kwame @Firstwives_ Congrats to the mum and family! He's lucky to have you as an auntKnow when to stop, amega
Retweeted by kwame#day5 #100poemsfor100days
Retweeted by kwame... and that, kids, is how electric cars are made...
Retweeted by kwame @Mzlianne West African...
Retweeted by kwameThis is NOT sensible driving😅's green is greener than Nigeria's green Love to see it 😂😂😂 laterrrrrr is 5000 years old. Paris is 2000 years old.
Retweeted by kwameHey twitter! Not one to do this, but my dad owns the oldest Indian restaurant in East London and has been strugglin…
Retweeted by kwameJust 20°C in Gbadzeme Will miss this weather for Energy!
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@99Poke_em Send go my BofA @99Poke_em Take a pic of it like we all do @ewelery I like it, it’s sour and sweet and very fragrant
Retweeted by kwameS. Pellegrino for me but yes!!
Retweeted by kwameToday's weather is Green Snitch and flowers mine. If you need a copy, talk to @booknookgh
Retweeted by kwame @enyonvm Say no more @dr__biba Not even a week later, sis SMH @enyonvm So much for American exceptionalism @iamasare @ewelery @AmaAfful6 I don't know why we resort to looks when it comes to women and juxtapose that with in…
Retweeted by kwame @obey_briks Bro! You dey see things for village o. I just dey watch the fruits dey ground like nothing @Maame_Nyowai Atiaa (same name as cashew) @obey_briks YupYummy season could teach here when I retire to my village Watch this page😅 @bookpresse There are two authors whose books are so underwhelming if not horrible but somehow always receive great…
Retweeted by kwame @FlavaFlavswife @soul_rebelle We're lucky to have you 🙌🏾🤩 @iamBeatMenace What are the odds?😊😊 Grew up on Synchronicity I; such a fun album @freespiritabby @Wiredu_ Did you make a meme of yourself?TikTok? What's a TikTok? Instagram has Reels now. Some might say Instagram has perfect timing.
Retweeted by kwameAnybody looking at a little girl eating fruit and labelling it ‘sexually suggestive’ should be the ones in the news
Retweeted by kwameplaty bluey grey klutzy dirty yellow uppermost bright lime
Retweeted by kwameYour entire life can change in 1 year. Keep going.
Retweeted by kwameNothing is impossible. #Nash #JohnNash
Retweeted by kwameA boy dreams what a man does
Retweeted by kwameSynchronicity x 100 I by The Police on Amazon Music shouldn't have higher standards for individual journalists than for your government
Retweeted by kwameLibreOffice 7.0 Released, This is What’s New
Retweeted by kwameI once plugged my friend with a job vacancy. We were both looking for jobs. She got it I didn’t. Celebrated with he…
Retweeted by kwameSo my friend’s dad passed about a week ago , he’s not buried yet and his company has a vacancy ad out for his posit…
Retweeted by kwameI have eaten in Rex Whistler restaurant at Tate Britain. Had no idea famous mural had repellent images of black sla…
Retweeted by kwame @amazonmusic @jennykernmusicFall instructors in the US: get ready for your students to be dealing with major crises. A sampling of what my summ…
Retweeted by kwameMandiba Brakes is coming through for y'all car owners this month. Refer a friend(s) and enjoy free brake pads and…
Retweeted by kwameIf anybody chances on my fairy godmother, please remind that recalcitrant imp that my cashapp is $abenagrant
Retweeted by kwame @enyonvm And a certain bestie of yours☝🏾I couldn't agree more. There was a lot of ineptitude going round in that interview, from the production team throug…
Retweeted by kwame @Okornore I'll take it in lemongrass Thanks🗓️ One year ago, @HarryMaguire93 became a Red... His #MUFC numbers speak for themselves 👊
Retweeted by kwameHow did they get my man Stephen Hawking wheeled into Epstein’s Island? 😩
Retweeted by kwame @Beteljuicceee @soul_rebelle Nothing a private jet owner can't do🤣🤣🤣I want to expect politicians to do better, be truthful and more forthcoming about things. I really want to but I c…
Retweeted by kwameThere's a reason why anchors have producers. Serwaa's team left her looking funny. And a minister of information s… @KevinBmore Those shoes be clean though 🙌🏾Today's motive. Also, iPhone camera 🤝 sun
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Retweeted by kwame @thicknlong Please what's your skin care routine?I need to go on a long 8hr hike for like a week and come back with a bushier beardA thread of my October tour packages. Follow @ewm_tours for more. Kindly RT.
Retweeted by kwame @theakyemmafia I like a person who negotiates 😊everybody doesn't deserve a platform and everybody with an opinion doesn't need a podcast.
Retweeted by kwame @_badbeamer world has always constantly been in such a mess, difference this time is that some things are hitting closer to home for most.
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@EucaDriptus Delusional to think they were clapping for her and her friend was thrown away ?
Retweeted by kwame💯 @_Nhyira_ First born fuor @theakyemmafia All glass beach houses beg to differ @dr__biba 😊😊🤗 @bizzlekay The Amazon Original TV show is based on a WBUR & NYTimes podcast of the same name @bizzlekay Best podcast @nini__rp Until they fail that first paper for late submission @ESPNFC ' Don't mind the body, mind the engine '
Retweeted by kwameThe gender today is the smell of church incense and peppermint soap.
Retweeted by kwameTonight's forecast: overcast with extreme hiveminds.
Retweeted by kwameWe are adults who enjoy eating cerelac and we will not be silenced!!
Retweeted by kwame @Somajjah The moon was so lovely yesterdayIf you're able to love multiple people at once why can't you be in love with multiple people at once?
Retweeted by kwameThe videos from Beirut are heartbreaking
Retweeted by kwameAll passports are not created equal.
Retweeted by kwamewhen cats write inspirational copy
Retweeted by kwame @nfreduagyeman Freshly tapped @_KingJane Have to have? No ma'am, no one has to do shit @Okornore You've got a good plug?So them dey quench light for Accra as if y'all don't pay for yourselves and for rural electrification What injustice 🤣🤣🤣🤣