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#LimpopoRape The MEC for Social Development in Limpopo Nkakareng Rakgoale says the 6 year old girl who was gang rap… Nicholas Ninow and his grandmother shortly after the matter was postponed to tomorrow. EN implemented stage 2 #Loadshedding ... Checkout where and how long your area could be load shed:… Zondo says the commission cannot only look for answers from the accounting officer of the Agri… other words considered were Vosho, Lit, Okusalayo and Idibala. Zondo Commission that beat them all.A dance technique, to a trending music style, where some of the top contenders of the South Africa's Word of The Ye… Rockman says treasury was not stopped from monitoring the project because they were able to do site vitists. SZ#StateCaptureInquiry Zondo asks Rockman, was there anything restricting the FS treasury from monitoring whether the… Rockman says cattle seemed to be few but they were told that others were out on the field. SZ#StateCaptureInquiry Rockman says she found cattle at the Estina farm each time she went for a site visit, both in 2013 and 2014. SZ#StateCaptureInquiry Rock says the way Agriculture structured the payment to Estina it made provision for phases of… Rockman says is asked if when she went for a site visit at the dairy farm could she see how th… Rockman says when Agriculture approached treasury about additional funding, she asked about a… Rockman says it is not treasury's responsibility to monitor projects. She says departments hav… . Genis says Ninow need rehabilitation programs and has shown remorse. EN#StateCaptureInquiry Former Free State mec Elizabeth Rockman continues with her testimony about the Estina Dairy Farm Project. SZThis learner Kaylen Willard says teachers need to be held accountable...@NkoRaphael woman from the local ward calls for the local ward committee raises her concerns...@NkoRaphael Education MEC Kwazi Mshengu has called the school ‘A Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah’. He has repudiated a game… Funeral parlour owners outside the union building. They are marching against legislation that's maki… Education MEC Kwazi Mshengu will address the agitated community members shortly. They want him to find solution… Department now says another pupil believed to have been attacked in retaliation is fighting for his life in hospital. @NkoRaphaelThe DROS. Genis says Ninow has a mood disorder. EN#The DROS. Genis says the use of drugs is not causal thing for Ninow s behaviour but could possibly had an influence on his behaviour. ENThe DROS. Ninow letters continue.EN DROS. Letter Nicolas Ninow wrote which he read to the court . EN Rockman says 3 payments to Estina was made based on information received from the Agriculture…[WATCH] A packed hall in the Eastwood community of Pietermaritzburg where a pupil is believed to have died after be… Rockman former MEC Mosebenzi Zwane attended at the wedding. SZ#StateCaptureInquiry Rockman says she was invited to the Gupta Sun City wedding but she did not attend... She says… Rockman says she met Tony Gupta to discuss Estina purely for the funding available in terms of the budget. SZ#StateCaptureInquiry Rockman says she had 4/5 meetings with Tony Gupta at SAHARA computers, in Saxonworld and in Bl… Rockman says she knows that when she was DG, the office of the Premier bought laptops, but doe… Psychologist Marina Genis has taken the witness stand .EN#DrosRape. Convicted child rapist Nicholas Ninow has wrapped up his testimony in mitigation of sentence.EN#StateCaptureInquiry Rockman says there was a meeting with at the Gupta compound in Saxonworld in 2015 about concer… Rockman says finance did not have any relationship with Estina, and the questioned asked would… Rockman is asked why the Guptas were asking for more money despite not finishing the first ph… Rockman says was aware that R30 Million was paid to Estina. SZ#StateCaptureInquiry Dealing with the Estina Dairy Project now.... Rockman says she met with Tony Gupta about money… DROS. Court GC proceedings underway Zondo asks the inquiry to check the number of copies of the New Age and how many percentage of… Rockman says government t was providing support through advertising to a new player in the market at the time. SZ#StateCaptureInquiry Zondo asks Rockman: why did you have to go to the extent of subscribing to buying thousands Ne… Rockman says Mzwanele Manyi made his owned presentation after he took over the news paper whic… Says the Free State government signed a subscription agreement with the New age because it cov… Rockman in 2011 she held a meeting with reps from the New Age to discuss a subscription. She s… Two pupils have been killed in another wave of school violence in KwaZulu-Natal. More on this story here:… Rockman describes that in July 2010 there was an agreement in principle that the FS governmen… Rockman says August 2011 they were advertising on an ad hoc basis on the New Age without a subscription. SZ#StateCaptureInquiry Rockman says she only met with Tony Gupta in April 2013 after she was appointed as MEC for Fin… Rockman says in May 2012 the first New Age Business Breakfast in Bloemfontein, Some of the Gup… Rockman says it was not strange for strangers to be present as EXCO held meetings.#StateCaptureInquiry Rockman says in July 2010 the New Age newspaper made a presentation with the Free State Depart… Rockman says the Premier presided over treasury meetings but hardly chaired/attended the meetings. SZ#StateCaptureInquiry Rockman says the HOD is responsible to implement an EXCO resolutions within the confines of ap… Rockman is being questioned about her role as DG and MEC for Finance in the Premier's office.… Rockman " there were a lot of contracts that we discovered were not in the interest of govern… Rockman says the Executive Committee in the Free State did not see anything irregular about… Rockman says she attended regular Lekgotla hosted by the provincial government where the inter… Rockman says she joined Free State government after the 2009 general elections. SZWATCH LIVE: “I made a mistake and I intentionally did those things with that girl.” Rapist #NicholasNinow said.… Elizabeth Rockman says she did not return to the Free State Legislature after this year's elec… Zondo says he would like oral evidence to focus on areas where there may have been corruption,… Inquiry Chair Raymond Zondo says Rockman's statement is unlikely to be controversial or disputed by anyone.#StateCapture Former Free State Mec for finance Elizabeth Rockman is testifying at the inquiry today on the Vrede Dairy Project. SZ#Loadshedding BREAKING Eskom confirms it will implement stage 2 loadshedding from 9am until 11pm.#HermanMashaba When asked if he will consider to to go to the EFF he said: "I think my political future will be dec… Mashaba also says if things don't improve within the DA, he's out. "If DA is going to be taken over… When asked if Maimane is equal to the task Mashaba said: "It's a difficult question, we really hope… The mayor touched on a number of thorny issues within the DA, including transformation, his thoughts… Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba says he will leave the DA if the party is taken over by what he calls "r…
#CTtaxis Passengers are forced to stand in long queues at the bus terminus and some commuters are left stranded at… Calm has been restored at the Cape Town transport hub, following unrest this evening. A number of taxis… Sachs says for the struggle of SA to survive- Samora Machel died. BD#KathradaLecture2019 Sachs says former Mozambican President Samora Machel had a huge impact on his life. BD#AhmedKathradaLecture Sachs tells the audience a story when he met Ahmed Kathrada when they were all young men. BD#AhmedKathradaLecture @NombonisoGasa will be the respondent to Justice Sachs speech and then an audience participation.#AhmedKathradaLecture the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is celebrating 10 years of the annual memorial lecture. This ye… UPDATE: Multichoice has confirmed that firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze. They will now ins… Heshu says they expect no interruption in services or customer care due to the fire.#Multichoice Heshu says the fire is isolated to the technical area. The fire department is on site.#Multichoice DSTV's Joe Heshu confirms the fire broke out at the Magic Centre in the Multichoice campus.#Multichoice has confirmed to no one has been injured. Details are still sketchy.#Multichoice has evacuated its building while the Joburg fire department tries to extinguish a blaze in the property.#JacobZuma closes his short address to supporters with his signature song: Mshini Wami. @NkoRaphael says reasons given by the PMB High Court on Friday dismissing his application for permanent stay of prosecuti…’s a smaller crowd outside court. Supporters of #JacobZuma say they were sabotaged as some busses transporting…[WATCH] #JacobZuma’s spokesperson Vukile Mathabela Zuma is still confident that a higher court may rule against the… Batohi says budget constraints and lack of other resources has weighed heavily on NPA, but high conviction rat… NEWS: #JacobZuma to file for an appeal in corruption trial #JacobZuma’s corruption case postponed to the 4th of February 2020.#JacobZuma’s legal team agree with the proposal by the state for the matter to be heard on February 4, 2020 for a p… state has proposed for the #Zuma matter to be postponed to February 2020. @NkoRaphael#PIC interim board chairperson Reuel Khoza says they have had a "sound and credible" performance results despite governance challenges. BN#ZumaCourtAppearance The State proposes that the pre-trial conference takes place on the 4th of February 2020. @NkoRaphael#NPA head Shamila Batohi is briefing Parliament's justice committee on its annual report and funding needs GDBREAKING #JacobZuma will file an application for leave to appeal Friday’s judgement dismissing his application for… have commenced. The state says it is ready for trial against #Zuma. It has proposed for the trial to st… briefing standing committee on finance on it's annual report. Deputy Finance Minister David Masondo says the P…