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FaZe Ewok @Ewok

15 | Deaf | Competitive Player for @FaZeClan l $10k | Twitch Partner | @gfuelenergy | @hyperx | Business inquires:

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help the guy out <3 late start @YLiquefy yo @LiquidRiversan yoMEET FAZE EWOK 📺 Join us as we travel to Indianapolis, IN to meet @Ewok's family, learn about what introduced him…
Retweeted by FaZe Ewok @FaZeClan @NissanUSA FaZe is a family. They embraced and celebrated whoever I am. Thanks for your love and support. 🤟❤️🤟❤️🤟❤️🤟 #FaZeUp @JeltyTV @criizux goatnvm doing this tmw @Tahifn ngl i laughed1k likes then ill do 24 hrs stream @Nadeshot bring that hair back
The good old days :( Edited by @Pyrets1
Retweeted by FaZe Ewok @opsqt LMFAO @youngsummr @MeroFN @ZlemFN @NewAgeTNA YAYY @TTheUzi @? @ElevateFN lets go elevate fort montage @vnshmax homie i think thats bernie @fnstrep LMFAOOOOO THE NOSH CLIPS @fnstrep LETS GOOO @riftmull @ENDL8SS @DeyyFN W @DeyyFN @ENDL8SS LETS GOOOOOOO @kejzerr pls don’t give epic ideas @MackWood1x but audio frickin disappears @fluctraa but I’d recognize your voice @MackWood1x @benjyfishy so that leaves just ONE con for me 😃 @Bullywyd @beehhive cough sign cough language cough @Bullywyd @beehhive you were to me @Bullywyd isn’t it tooooo obvious??????
@kyrhha @PAPERCLIPXCII @snaquefn @KhuuFN LOOOOLLLLL @PAPERCLIPXCII @kyrhha @snaquefn @KhuuFN LMAO @PAPERCLIPXCII @kyrhha @snaquefn @KhuuFN WTF@ players LFT @PreetBharara noti
@NickEh30 does that ability last four years? asking for a friend @Ashthelll 🔥🔥🔥 @TLuneze yea that’s what I’m sayin @TLuneze @beehhive @ClixHimself shouldn’t have taken a minute wyd???⚠️ leaked message from trump to Biden ⚠️ @riftmull heystarting this tomorrow @SypherPK @Fwiz ty imma do this @thegoaaaaat @NickEh30 no the video said GRRRRR HISSS GRRR GRR OWA OWA EH HEH HEH HAHAHAHAHA @NickEh30 May Fortnite be with you*inserts godly caption on here* @sto_FN @notpandda hard fragger here
@s1iick @koalabumlol @captainyFN fights like this is why I wear headsets @captainyFN yes to stop them from getting mad when I don’t respond @AIliege holy @Astonish2k LMFAOOO @Herettic_ @RLluka_ deaf is different from blind LMFAOOO 💀 @RLluka_ how does gaming relate to races??? @TabzGTV what happened LOL @zyfaFN @100Thieves @Ceice did he pay you @Wyzra_ @LazarFN gotchu bro @LazarFN why do u think I don’t fw it @Class then who’s the alien that destroyed froste’s ps5
@CalebLemond5 @Quick huh how can he not hear about brandrisk it’s been around for a while @OhReckz ❤️ @Quick can someone translate? @REALMizkif Million Man Mizkif!!! @benjyfishy @zayt @Cazzbtw you’re telling me?any good new ign ideas? @JhbTeam dwight from the office vibes @madisonbeer OMGGGGGGG @AIliege Noti @FaZeSway nah I believe asparagus went extinct when the meteor hitewok is so good at sniping, someone trio with him
Retweeted by FaZe Ewokyooo wtf, gracias por el apoyo últimamente ❤️ wanted to say thanks to my homies @JeltyTV @pgodtvv ❤️ @pgodtvv ❤️ @Laiys_ FIYFGESEFGYUF @Laiys_ DELETE I WAS SCREAMING RANDOM SHITif we hit 2k viewers ill do a voice reveal ong is meant for memories not for people. @PlayboiXinepeng @whofishy nba young boy is why I became deaf @THump well at least he went the whole 9 yards @whofishy @OhReckz @imsticksfn @whofishy juice wrld @GFuelEnergy @NateHillTV say that’s a nice guitar 😎 @riftmull i totally get u keep ur head up @riftmull and he was hoping I’d hear it @riftmull free clout 😎 @timthetatman Twitch has this new feature called predictions so maybe if you try that out and keep it on there, my sir? @KreoFN @yungcalc I mean... he won a Super Bowl in 2019 @TheGrefg 😎😎😎😎 @pliirbtw @FoppeFN hey @ScrubzFC 15 mins ago 😐
@riftmull lets trio bro @ThiefFN fortnitenohax @riftmull hello? @JeltyTV noti @dakotaz heard @TomBrady makes avocado ice cream 🥑🍦🤤 @MeyersLeonard 🔥🔥🔥 @AIliege vamos @AIliege si