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Bro someone in my house bought 5lbs of fucking TWIZZLERS. WHO EATS TWIZZLERS HELLLOLL!?Ohh, we live babbyyyy
@WedidOfficial You make a great addition to that roster. Wedid to Berlin!.@T1BcJ had an Oreo McFlurry and immediately started decimating the ques tonight. I think I’ve discovered his secret 👀 @KING_BABYBAY Happy birthday homieNEW ACT RANKED GAMEPLAY WIT DA BOIS a lil longer cause I don’t feel good. But I’m still gonna stream, fck it…. Give me 5 I’m grabbing waterstream at 10-10:30 tonight. New practice schedule is implemented so ill be able to begin my streams earlier in the…
@zombs But the gun buddy… Is it different or still the same 🥸 @KnightsGG I might have to re download siege for this oneToday we start playing a 10x better Game than we’ve ever before. Massive step in the right direction. We love Valorant 🔥 @zekkenVAL COUNTERSTRIKE CAUSE VALORSNT IS DOWN., im off the phone. ITS GRIND TIME the phone bois secGoing Live at 12am EST. Going for a 3-4 stream. Maybe if vibes are high I could push it to 5-6. Past couple days h… @qtpanini move, noob @RealStrongLegs @Renegades Si, 30min?Fell Round 1 of Playoffs to @Renegades 1-2. @RealStrongLegs Got them boys looking spicy. GGs @MentaL I see you fam 👀. Go big
2-0 NSG groups. lil sum sum. Died every round but you bet ya ass I did my job 😤. The boys cold @sirhypey Love that100% your fault. @ExaltVAL as he walks through Kay/O's abilities and all the nifty ways you can use them to be the best team p…
Retweeted by ExaltGo do the thing, and watch the thing. :D @kilroyTV Bro congrats and you fckin loook goood my booiii!You should be charged with Felonies for these murders @sirhypey That’s horrific, and honestly shouldn’t ever happen. ImoSnappy next. Reset tuesdayTwo 0 Elo Immortal players que into my game tonight. Lost, and deranked cause of poor performance. (which is fine)… @qtpanini night of ranked for me before reset. Lets gget to immortal ETH at $2,049 and BTC at 32 this morning. Ez clap
@EliGE What a beauty @AlvinBach Gawdamn I’m cleanValorant has changed my life. Far from where I want to be, but looking back to see how far I’ve come is INSANE. Thank you 🙏🏽Radiant Ranked // !duo !rank
@yayFPS I’d be jsut a little disappointed @Warbirds_ Let’s make a $1mil each. We in the wrong businessLMFAOOOOOOO got 13-1d on my first game with kay/o. But I HAD THE BEST TEAMMATES. MOST FUN IVE HAD IN A WHILE. I need to m… with Knights Exalt in 5 min I go live. We talk all things kayo and I’ll get some games in with him @jamesoconnor 🙏🏽thank you, James! I’m feeling better now so I’m straight 😈
This COVID shot put me down zzzBroken sleep paired with the fact I’m getting my 2nd vaccine shot this morning. Ooomf I’m getting 13-0d for sureYessir day in the office trolled, live in 5min.Going live at 11pm EST
In case you forgot @ExaltVAL is a beast 🦁 in @PlayVALORANT
Retweeted by ExaltGoing to be streaming Kay/O tomorrow. Gonna show you guys his abilities and talk about the interactions at 1pmEST.… it do, come thru @RiotBallerina ToxicAlright.... Stream at 10pm EST. Cant wait to LOSE EVERY GAME TONIGHT. YES!
@Rawkus More Life 🎊This ranked reset better send all the noobs back to diamond.what it do. pull up
@FNS No have hereNo stream tonight, but imma bang it out and stream everyday for the rest of the month. No excuses! We’re a content machine
@careertwitch @Lear_VAL pretty dope @Lear_VAL The Hawaiian Prince!!Can’t wait to play this game on LAN so I can just hold angles and tap heads @Hoppin I feel attackedWe've got a few people we'd like to introduce to you...
Retweeted by ExaltHe’s got the facecam on and he looks absolutely astonishing. Enjoy the good looks and fantastic gameplay my peeps @witnessqq @Governor_Val I honestly don’t care win or lose cause there’s nothing to gain from it. I just shoot faces and move on Lmfso @witnessqq @Governor_Val If you’re trying that hard for 20 elo… idk bro @witnessqq @Governor_Val Fnatic was playing for a lot of money and points for the major at the end of the year. Th… @Governor_Val If you got that much energy to invest in a ranked game. You’re wasting it IMO 🤷🏻‍♂️People slowing down rounds in ranked calling strats re execs. Lmfao
WE LIVE BABY, LETS GO’d rather have no smoke than for someone to smoke 2 Lmfaoooo tonight after I eat dinner. So let’s shoot for 9pm EST. Going late night tonightGotta do my childhood justice and play this when it drops @aarianaalvarezz @roberthuttinger Do you have access to @exalt? Dm pls 🙏🏽 @jacobcavern @Crit_VAL Crit will KO first roundBro @Exalt let me have your @ dude
Next game is on stream @ Come watch me go 4-20 @AYRINval @heysnav @jcStani How to ruin your career before it even began. GG onto the next game! @fgbVAL He’s actually so much better than you are @WedidOfficial Happy for you bro 🙏🏽
Moves with homies tonight so I’ll stream when I get back. Idk what time, I barely see them. @KnightsGG Tournament tomorrow as well. Pew pewWish you the best in your future endeavors my dude🙏🏽 stream tonight, sooo tired 😴. Tomorrow we’ll get it done though ❤️
@1flyuh @careertwitch @KING_BABYBAY @Subroza @Corey_OW @vice_cs @ethanarnold @Vanityxz Put me in the game coach @Ballatw Congratulations!!!!!!We love freeeebiesssss :D @KnightsGG @boostgaming @HyperX @eBay That TV tho 🥶BRO JIGGLE PEEKING THE HALLWAY HAS ME DEAD the audio on the Origin skins and we're gold. Till then Imma just buy and hold onto them for now LOLidk wtf im doing. But imma pew pew some kids @realmocking LMFAOStream in 5 until I’m too tired or get too tilted.Charleston Chews are the best damn candy every created.