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Retweeted by Dog Spelled Sideways @xmenbutgay Yep- you’ll hit a point in Thunderbolts where all the characters vanish and it turns into a weird fight… @xmenbutgay One of Marvel’s best quietly consistent books of the 90’s and 2000’s! You’re a long way out, but make… @CrushingComics @xmenbutgay I really would love to see this team release a stand-alone JJ GN ever 8-12 months
@Koltreg Congratulations you’ve solved my puzzle @ComicsSteve Turns out nope, which means I need to go and actually cancel my comiXology sub before next week. @xmenduh @xmenbutgay Yeah I've been actively trying to pull back from dunks recently and this one is so tempting but it's been done. @tragiculous @GhosttGray And of course now Mora is doing Superman, I believe. (And you can't forget the other lite… @xmenbutgay There's a flashback in like 3 or 4 where she's been sent to kill a kid and decides not to I think? @xmenduh I would argue the art and complete lack of backgrounds/expression really add to that feeling of just words… @xmenbutgay I think - think - that it's a kid Kwannon let live a long time ago that has machine powers and turned e… @CrushingComics Now if you want to make that argument about DC's main line... @RobertSecundus I'm absolutely gonna buy this when it hits a Comixology sale just FYI @MagnetoRocks Yeah it's just somebody's fan theory that got spun up AFAIK @ComicsSteve That's way better but also is 6 not a Hickman issue? Because now I'm bummed if so. @strictlyworse Yes and no? It's not railroading so much as a lack of direction that means Travis is pushing the sto… @strictlyworse I agree, and it creates a real "boy who cried wolf" situation where when there's a real issue with railroading @xmenduh I like his attitude but I kinda hate his costume. @arthurstacy You mean “ooh!” @Ali_Galactic @arthurstacy Oh I like that! Wouldn't surprise me especially with Vita writing, I'm sure if Marvel le… @RobertSecundus @revel_nir Oooh, yikes. I'm really glad I got into X-Men just after this and only experienced this… @iankeiththomas @arthurstacy That or they're mutants with similar powers that are specifically working them to matc… @Ali_Galactic @arthurstacy Oh I didn't make that connection! I do love the colors on the Angel, he's my favorite of… @revel_nir @RobertSecundus I've never read it, is it bad? I have no idea of it's reputation honestly. @RobertSecundus no no, I said a good redesign (Seriously I like the priest collar touch but otherwise this one doe… there ever been a decent Nightcrawler redesign? Like, most of the X-Men have 2-3 iconic looks, but it feels li… @arthurstacy Oh man now I'm imagining if Colossus had a tail all the time, I think his character would be at least 20% betterI think this may put the kibosh on the Chimeras theory, @arthurstacy - that robot tail is a little too far for me.… @AquamAnder @DaveShevlin88 @bolu_ay I’m cautiously excited! I think it’s an interesting idea even if I don’t except… hey! I wrote a thing for WMQ, and I'd love it if you'd take a look.
Retweeted by Dog Spelled Sideways @DaveShevlin88 You should honestly go back and check the Orlando fill-in arc post-Robinson and pre-Wilson, it was e… @rooneg @zachrabiroff @XavierFiles @arthurstacy I made a crack about Adam-X not being responsible enough to run the… @xmenduh @geneticghost @Horse_ebooks Wow for some reason I was thinking it was like two years ago? Time has compres… @xmenbutgay @iankeiththomas Killcrop yes! I like that series but people don’t really acknowledge that it was a com… @xmenduh @geneticghost @Horse_ebooks How long ago did the LT accounts fall? I didn’t go near them but they seem to… should've stayed dead. @geneticghost So where did the ebooks account fall on this? I thought they were more RP based but I could be wrong. @strictlyworse I gave u eventually after dying like 500 times but I got pretty far doing that, so I'd say you're fine. @XavierFiles We just had a resurgence with the ebooks accounts right? And those blew themselves up in about a month… @DaveShevlin88 @tragiculous I did like Deaths Head all right as well, and that Cap annual was genuinely good. (Str… @DaveShevlin88 @tragiculous Not to contradict Chris, but I thought it was just fine... Tini's stuff doesn't really… completely forgot about this - I don’t think this ever got resolved right? We all just agreed to ignore it? @iankeiththomas That was absolutely a plot point that was unceremoniously dropped, but yeah he was something called… @tragiculous @DaveShevlin88 I really want to know the story here, because I feel like he got the Thor offer and jus… @DaveShevlin88 Yeah it's like - he came in and announced himself with Thanos Wins and that one and SSBlack will hav… @DaveShevlin88 It's weird to think he did that much cosmic stuff right? Like, obviously he did, but I hit those pa… @homosuper1or Haven’t gotten to 6 yet but I binged the first five and it reads way way better that way. @prince_organa Nah he certainly has ons and offs still, but he’s clearly trying and it’s a real step up from the so…, Alex Ross has quietly leveled up his cover design game in the last couple years huh? @colettecollects @xmenduh God you could absolutely build something like that based off the Krakoa map. That would be incredible.Wanted to make a shitpost about Hickman naming his X-Phases after Planet of the Apes movies but it turns out that f… @colettecollects @xmenduh A. That would be great B. I think that may ascribe more coherent planning to the data pa… @xmenduh @MojosWork Yeah it’s one of the Marvels Snapshots things Busiek is curating? Just announced in the last co… @xmenduh @MojosWork I feel like there’s a real good chance Jay Ediden’s story will go there? @colettecollects @xmenduh Also a standout! All-timer has to be the layout from X-Men 1, of course, that thing blew… @xmenduh That one is pretty good, agreed. Marauders is the most consistent data pages, X-Force is wildly inconsis… @xmenduh You left out the XCoin! This is maybe my fave non-Hickman data page? @homosuper1or @xmenduh Yeah don’t downplay yourself! You are a standout on here; very much yourself but not aggress… @homosuper1or @xmenduh Haha it’s rarefied air, isn’t it? @xmenbutgay Don’t forget Krakoa in the x2 timeline!
@MojosWork @XavierFiles Co-signing that the graphics really do stand out a ton as I’m scrolling- very recognizable but interesting.Not gonna RT every one of these, but there's so many good folks here doing good work and I can't wait to read this… @ComicsSteve Left one is uninspired though, should've had Impulse and Max Mercury at the very least. @ComicsSteve Honestly, I think the one on the right is fine? Should've gotten Bolland in, but they've got the point… @MagnetoRocks @WhachaWatcher But form my understanding they shat the landing, so... @MagnetoRocks @WhachaWatcher Still haven't seen RoS (maybe this weekend) but I do think TLJ builds nicely on the te… @WhachaWatcher @MagnetoRocks Yeah this is where I'm at, though I acknowledge that it's not quite a duel (though is… @MagnetoRocks @WhachaWatcher Did you ever see the comparison GIF that was floating around comparing Rey's training… @MagnetoRocks @WhachaWatcher I think it's also easy to forget the "twist" that the snow fight sets up - after all,… @WhachaWatcher @MagnetoRocks Still haven't, still happy! @MagnetoRocks Not a duel, but I feel like the Throne Room in TLJ is pretty iconic. @DaveShevlin88 @iankeiththomas You know what I actually mostly liked? Those Tales from the Dark Multiverse one-shot… @iankeiththomas @DaveShevlin88 Metal is genuinely pretty fun but he's been diminishing returns since AFAIC. Especia… @DaveShevlin88 @iankeiththomas C'mon, imagine a BWL who was more of a Goblin Prince @iankeiththomas @DaveShevlin88 Maybe it's my limited perspective, but as far as I'm concerned BWL should be about 3… @iankeiththomas @DaveShevlin88 BWL is absolutely this except you just know you're getting a story with a bunch of c… @DaveShevlin88 Did the Exiles ever go to Earth X? It seems like a great idea but I don't remember it. @DaveShevlin88 I really want to do a reread, but they've never digitized anything past Earth X in collected form an… @DaveShevlin88 @iankeiththomas I think it was the one-two of Countdown and Sinestro Corp that got him the reputation @DaveShevlin88 @iankeiththomas But even Knull is mostly in Cates' books, he's not a wider universe character in the… @iankeiththomas @DaveShevlin88 It was CGR/Knull for a bit there, but I don't know that there's anyone right now? I… @iankeiththomas @DaveShevlin88 I mean we still have that - look at Batman who Laughs. @illusClaire Easy: Alan Grant - let me tell you about a book I read Alan Moore - let me tell you about two dozen bo…
Retweeted by Dog Spelled Sideways @LeviPTompkins #xspoilers Depends on when Kate recovers her memories from, she might not remember who did this. @colettecollects #xspoilers My read was more that he just put a bug in Christian’s ear to sway his vote in the coun… @CrushingComics I did not know this existed and may need to hunt it down now! (Enjoying the list btw) @ASmith_Petersen Ah that’s what I was sadly afraid of. As bizarrely miscast as James Marsters?Anyone watch those CW shows that can tell me if Brainiac 5 is a recurring thing on Supergirl? Haven’t watched in years but I am *intrigued* @RobertSecundus Ah well fuck. No Roku or anything I assume? @RobertSecundus I know there’s ads but can’t you watch it on FXNOW?I know it’s just movie driven, but I’m still a big fan of the return of the skirt to Diana’s costume after decades… @RobertSecundus @vgulla87 Agreed, only other way it makes sense is to have him get the wrong coin as you suggested,… @vgulla87 @RobertSecundus I read it as the bird would fly through whatever time dilation and the coin would age acc…
@RobertSecundus Wow, that’s an extremely smooth fix actually? Maybe that’ll be a reveal or something but I doubt it… @RobertSecundus ...fuck. You’re not wrong, it doesn’t hold together. @strictlyworse I think there's folks that attach to a character and folks that attach to the existence of the X-Men… all! I've created a GoFundMe to help with transition related medical procedures and services that are not cov…
Retweeted by Dog Spelled Sideways @mistaketheory @stevewmorris It's MADDENING Apparently for IJ he cut out the endnotes separately and carried them in a smaller booklet? @mistaketheory @stevewmorris Wait wait wait, have you not seen this guy today? @mistaketheory @stevewmorris Boom!'s trades are infamously short and backfilled with a bunch of variants and so for…