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Is there a more offensive take on the X-Men than Krueger and Ross taking three pages in Universe X to say that mino…
Retweeted by Big-Measurement X-Pogg @GhosttGray I’d love to see this lens applied to the New Gods - Final Crisis and Mister Miracle have shades of it b… @GhosttGray The post-war aspect of this run is such a killer twist on the premise that opens up absolutely acres of… Liberal Ben Garrison, this is incredible stuff don’t buy this take but I appreciate the sheer horrifying power of it y’all know there was a completely different Thomas Wayne Batman that wasn’t the Flashpoint one? From the Earth… @ComicsSteve @tragiculous Megan and Cardi B are Horny and enjoy fucking. Presented are a variety of acceptable fuck… @tragiculous @ComicsSteve I’m so jealous you got to answer this before I did @tragiculous Oh ok yeah! I’m not 30 til October. Obviously why I was aware there were other famous people in this. @tragiculous Haha I think you’re younger than me, aren’t you? Imagine how I feel. @tragiculous Apparently! I felt very old skimming this. @ScottPRedmond I really struggle with that TMNT book because of those microseries tbh, it’s extremely difficult to… @tragiculous I felt that way about literally everyone in the video who wasn’t Megan. (Though I’m also extremely face blind) @RobertSecundus I vote againstIts that time of the month again where the internet talks about Batman's wealth so I made this handy guide for ever…
Retweeted by Big-Measurement X-Pogg(Watching a video on it now that mentions there was even an attempt by a soda company to purchase it)Hey @GhosttGray did you know Crisis in Xmasville seems to have been based partly in reality?
why doesn't batman crime
Retweeted by Big-Measurement X-Pogg3565.
Retweeted by Big-Measurement X-Pogg @LeviPTompkins i mean yes but also nowhy would I click on this whats wrong with me @ComicsSteve I’ve honestly never given him enough thought to get blocked, I guess! Does he name search? @it_couch Presumptively said something critical about his work that turned up in one of his countless term searches… Slott blocked me again. I kinda prefer it, now I don’t have to Voldemort my way around his name when I’m discussing him. @ComicsSteve @RobertSecundus Xavier Files, they’ve been expanding their coverage @ComicsSteve Check with @RobertSecundus - he’s written about it for XF I think.For good and bad this kinda lines up perfectly with the characters, huh? (Priest on USAgent is going to be easily… @excel522 The revenge of the Sith was on me all along
Retweeted by Big-Measurement X-Pogg @MagnetoRocks I post only with love
*cracks knuckles* i trained for this
Retweeted by Big-Measurement X-Pogg @vgulla87 This is a criminal crime and also happy birthday @vgulla87 @j_partridgeIII Could even cross games somehow and make it Injustice Superman @cathalDON1 I don’t actually know! I would assume - neither Regal nor AMC are actually US-owned - but I’m not certa… @j_partridgeIII I would also accept Ultraman. (Suicide Squad vs. Injustice Gang is a story I’m actually shocked we haven’t seen yet) @j_partridgeIII I like the (almost certainly wrong) theory that that’s actually Bizarro on the cover @cathalDON1 Oh that’s 2030 for sure. (I work corporate for a big chain and the complete lack of knowledge anyone… @GhosttGray The google results on that discussion were...unhelpful will buy AMC within two years, calling my shot now @MagnetoRocks @cathalDON1 The man himself! He was aggressively harassing a pal on here a while back and I tried to… @cathalDON1 @MagnetoRocks There's still that one loon who keeps trying to push the Rightclops agenda now! I think e… @Akylle @GhosttGray Rad! I would've sworn it getting cancelled was part of the BatDick backlash @nolapfau Precisely that one. Read it for the first time early this year and was really impressed by it, even calle… @GhosttGray @Akylle Wait, what's Ridley's Black Label project? I thought Other History got canned? @nolapfau Yeah very true! I kinda forgot about that, I'm past due for a reread. It's nice to see that kind of wild… @nolapfau That is a dead fucking heat. (Of course, Beast is regularly recognized by the narrative as the worst, wh… this is how I found out there are trans rights Big Dogs shirts
Retweeted by Big-Measurement X-PoggI don't really care about this game but that logo is A++ Was that taken from a comic I haven't seen, or is it an o… @GhosttGray This absolutely reads to me as the consequences of only writing, (and let's be honest, probably reading… @BigDadEnergy_ There's plenty of stuff I'm seeing in people's rereads that I glossed over at the time but this was… Miller/Jamie Madrox is kinda just Renesmee for comic readers huh? (That whole thing honestly weirded me out… @GhosttGray ...fuck, this is good though. This is downright *elegant* @prince_organa This should be right but the character is very flattened and mostly just pays lip service at this point. @prince_organa @MagnetoRocks @AngstyX It’s the exact same thing everyone did with essential workers at the start of the pandemic. If you tell… @MagnetoRocks Yes to the first, no to the second
@strictlyworse I get that as a concern, but there are very affordable tools out there that let you gather CC inform… @ScottPRedmond The best excuse I saw in the thread was "if anything changes between the solicit and the product, I… amount of pushback this extremely standard business suggestion is getting from comic fans makes me more and mor… you see, one of the Jokers likes jokes, crime, and killing, the other one likes killing, crime, and jokes, and…
Retweeted by Big-Measurement X-Pogg @RobertSecundus Fair enough - I've only ever had a tangential awareness of the dude, I'm more surprised I missed th… skipped out on the Abhay article about three paragraphs in, but I caught some conversation and was the Nerdlove t… @GhosttGray I completely agree with the sentiment here, but I’m very afraid you’ll be disappointed. Invincible was… @Elana_Brooklyn Bug/Forager (both versions) @tragiculous @prince_organa I feel this in my soul. The Cyclops look with the bandolier and big underpants is one o… is stunningly inappropriate behavior from such a huge name and makes me feel kinda gross about a lot of his st… @deathchrist2000 ...Claremont?
@OerbaDiaErin A definite possibility! Ten years ago I think it would’ve made more sense, she’s sadly been pretty si… @glimglamgal Yeah this is what prompted the thought - the closest thing I can think of in Big 2 is either Carol/Jes… @maliciousglee Nah, that’s a good example! It feels like the effective pairings are “mental power lady/physical pow… @WhachaWatcher I definitely considered Ororo, but felt like they’re ultimately too similar? The one big thing is th… @LeviPTompkins That’s definitely part of why I didn’t like Harley as an answer, she’s already so tied to ivy. @ironiconion13 You’re selling me on this pretty well actually! I still think Catwoman fits a little more easily, bu… @WhachaWatcher See, I think the obviousness is the point- there’s an easier selling point to describing characters… @ironiconion13 Maybe? I feel like I’d struggle to define the Jean Grey archetype, though “powerful woman who strugg… @AGeekForFun dropped a Catwoman-type reformed villain as the counterpoint, which actually makes a ton of sense to m… @samuli47 Ha, I mean more what are the biggest female archetypes that could get explicitly queer Midnighter/Apollo… @WhachaWatcher Doesn’t have to be, but I think DC has more archetypal characters you can do easy analogues of than Marvel? @AGeekForFun Oh shit Catwoman might actually exactly the answer here, that’s a genuine archetype.Obviously the big problem is that there are even now so few female characters in comics that can be called archetyp… would the lesbian version of a Midnighter/Apollo style relationship look like? In the sense that they’re expli… hell, I'm catching up after logging of to do some actual work and I don't think I've ever seen as many subtwee… @mistaketheory Hulk, Iron Man for a certain value of “good”. (There’s at least a clear attempt at making one and it has its moments) @maliciousglee Wait, I thought I saw a report it was cancelled? Was there bad info? @zachrabiroff Wasn't 3's ending the Hulkling's Grandma reveal? I thought that was a pretty decent cliffhanger. I d… @strictlyworse You're right but it's interesting, because the anti side is just kind of bored and confused by it? C… lack of effort on these names makes me more convinced than ever this is going to be the equivalent of a 4AM col… @zachrabiroff I definitely get the crossover format, and while I find it fairly dull at this point, I can accept it… liked the moment, but putting it as the stinger to an issue did feel really gross. (Especially when there were… Herman sucks and should be a background visual with no lines for the rest of time. It was such a bummer seeing… when you notice a typo in a tweet just as an artist you really love likes it @MagnetoRocks #Xspoilers I think it's a toss-up between Magento and Nightcrawler, but yeah, both of them feel like… Also Reis just straight-up sticking Robot Monster into The World was delightful I did think the redraw of the Weapon Plus bit went on a little too long, but I know not all readers will… Fantomex is easily the best of these Giant-Size books so far, and the closest to what I expected this se… @itsstillalex The focus definitely appeals to me for sure. Is there a good starter episode or is it more a "find a ride you like" thing? @itsstillalex Question - as somebody who likes Disney/theme park stuff but finds a lot of CBB/Doughboys/etc podcast… crack me up because the Loki one happened at least twice, the Cap one is what we all kinda pretend happened a… @BigDadEnergy_ Oh yeah hard agree. I think that run is low-key the single most consistently good Marvel comic of th… @BigDadEnergy_ Extremely curious what your pick is here. Kelly, Duggan, Simone, or other? @zachrabiroff #Xspoilers I'd argue it's more like you hearing the joke from your dad, watching all his friends laug…