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@OldStanners Me: OK, what's the hub doing? Them: What's the hub? Me: It's the little box with lights on the front,… @OldStanners Heh. I had a client, years ago, running a very small private network. Just a server and three workstat… @OldStanners Ha, no. Was it to plug in the hoover? @mr_s_wilder I think we're all agreed that life on Earth is a write-off, but with the possibility of primitive life…*Very quietly turns off the Large Hadron Collider and backs away from it* @sexbasedrights #ff = Follow Friday. A traditional, now somewhat in abeyance, that on Fridays people used to use th…
@Rfrf11111 Shut up, you idiot. Those algorithms have given me great odds on a horse tomorrow, just because it's com… @twlldun @jruddy99 "And there's that single tear. That single tear. Rolling down your cheek. And it smells of Victo… @twlldun @jruddy99 RT if you remember buying razor blades on the black market. @jruddy99 I just watched "I love 1987" and, from the ages of the talking heads, guess that it was recorded some time in 1982. @LiviaBurlando I hope I’ve helped the wonderful GWOM account pick up some supportive followers. @forwardnotback *Cough* Armin Tamzarian *Cough* @twlldun I hope your economic plan accounts for updating thousands of “area the size of Wales” reports. @SimonHbikes @DanielJS46 When you try to mask an unsightly zit by drawing a big red circle around in… @MysteriosoX I'm annoyed now that I got this wrong, I think it should be more, "Good good…good good…good,good,good, GOOOOD!" @MysteriosoX If you translate the Jaws theme from Welsh it's "Good…good…good…good…good, good, good, goodgoodgood!" @PlopGazette His foresight is truly 20:20 @BrianSpanner1 @IvorGCampbell Robocape! @175AMENS @girlonetrack Hard disagree. What they want is silence, to foster the illusion that what they're doing is…"It's OK, Nigel, we're just trying to beat the quarantine deadline!" FOR YOU! *punches heir*
Retweeted by Andrew R @girlonetrack I hope that isn't an elected position, because the ballot paper's going to be a mile long."All those bombs you made, you can throw them in the bin, because you made them by cheating"
Retweeted by Andrew R @girlonetrack I know it's awful, but the "official request" makes me chuckle. I wonder if they have a proper badge… haven't tagged them, but Great Women of Maths is a great account, and I'd strongly recommend that you #ff them. /EndI know we've all seen this, and much worse, before, but this one got to me. Especially with maths being a field tha… Twitter won't help them, possibly because literally nobody has said or done anything that could be construed as… this is where I stumbled across the argument. The OP seems to have forgotten that they got blocked for demandin… the OP forgets for 6 weeks about this, but pops back up at the start of this month, talking about blockings, a…, this is absolutely not about making everything about transwomen., this account hasn't said anything about transwomen, and when asked if they would include them said to fin… OP has no such concerns, and decides to reveal who runs the account. it's because they clearly want to avoid anything political that I haven't tagged them in. I like the account an… account explains that it aims to appeal right across the spectrum, because kids liking maths shouldn't be a pol… we learn that: (a) Making anything about women is political (b) Saying transwomen are women is not political the misery of having to wait for 7 whole minutes, they do get a response, saying "No political statements". they didn't get a response within 3 minutes they made an "official" request. Determining their "official" capa… in April this rando decided to, out of the blue, attempt to police who they followed. by chance I happened on a Twitter beef this week, and though it worth recording for the annals of "Women can… @Rfrf11111 So if you've taken 3 A-levels there's a 76% chance that at least one of your grades is wrong, rising to… @buntyhoven Great, now I'm getting flashbacks to my own face-painting nightmare.
@RowlesDavis Perhaps one of those all-female cast reboots? That would be a blow for equality."Fluff your A-levels, did you? Taught you how to hustle, eh? Know what I mean? I bit of the old 'grit and persevera… @twlldun He did say he was the first to "get" a place, perhaps the alternative was to "buy" a place.This is really just a second kick in the teeth for those poor bastards from The Full Monty. @jlsinc The latter.Ok, I just spent 3 solid minutes laughing at tarantulas being hammered.Bumping this, just because I’m pleased with my own Photoshopping. Don’t like it? Go and protest by unfollowing @mocent0 @twlldun “Let’s see if it’s right and how many people said ‘Godless communists’”“IntereSting thReAd on thE beirut expLosion” eh Chris wink wink eh Chris
Retweeted by Andrew R @jessesingal @tombennett71 Always awful to hear of on-line billying.The SQA have upgraded this to 69 to 56 because he's got a good postcode
Retweeted by Andrew RThis image, of course, taken from the =CEILING of the Excel Cistine Chapel.The creation of a damn fool @mocent0 Is that your dad on the right? He looks a lot like you. @PublicChaffinch But they lose marks for not calling it "Goodnads"Personally, I skipped the most important exam in my economics A-level because my girlfriend's parents were out. Whi… @metoffice @Cadmarch I have waited at home for 3 days for my promised thunderstorm to arrive. If it is not delivere… @PlopGazette "As someone who understands all too well the panic of waiting for an 18yo to get her test results…"I hope they at least had to spend an hour convincing their mums that their tummies really hurt.
@DamCou I, for one, look forward to our government being proved wise and benevolent, by the data they'll be realisi… of the EHRC survey from @MForstater - Leading questions from the EHRC – single sex spaces
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@biscuit_ersed Hovering around the border, where they're no good to anyone, apparently. @IainFletcher8 @jobettysmith Hah, me too. @jobettysmith Age is a spectrum, therefore <hand waving> I can be any age I claim to be! @DineshDSouza Actually in Europe we pronounce 1 and 2 and Trump was just bring cosmopolitan. 😂
Retweeted by Andrew R @ADemeisen The number of times the "Do you even know any transwomen" argument gets used, generally, really annoys m… @LeithMotive @duncanm Well, quite. As I wrote last month… @LeithMotive @duncanm The whole piece is just so meandering that it seems like she either doesn't have a clue how t… quote is from her Guardian piece, from yesterday. TL;DR The rest of it isn't any better thought out. @LeithMotive I suspect not.Tell you what, Rebecca Solnit, when it becomes bigoted, or even a hate crime, to ask repairmen or emergency workers…
@78SoylentGreen I guess I’d still have to walk the dogs. I can’t see either of them being keen on coming for a fly.I think a lot more people would get a lot more exercise if, rather than going for a walk, run or jog, we could fly.… @helenstaniland It seems to be a rambling rehash of the same arguments, fitted with a new preface but doing the sam… @girlonetrack I looked forward to seeing this daily, in meme form, for the next decade. @ThePoke Archery with Boris Johnson. You will need: • A bow • An arrow • Dominic Cummings, to move the target to wh… @francesweetman Come on then, let's debate. You take the "China, what a great bunch of lads" side and I'll do the "Not so fast, Weetman"Really enjoying Priti Patel's seminal book The Female Enoch.
Retweeted by Andrew Rlate to the party, but I think I finally understand why so many men wanted those "This is what a feminist looks lik… how men know exactly how human reproduction works when it suits them, then it's back to "but clownfish!" the…
Retweeted by Andrew R @DamCou @JeannieMolloy @AlessandraAster @Gillian_Philip You're not wrong about the religious mania. @Gillian_Philip You've been reported by Jesus!
Surely he'd be better off taking to the Australian government about a carving in Uluru, if he wants a decent colour… @twlldun "I will love to my last breath, and beyond." hot singles in your area
Retweeted by Andrew R @mocent0 "Love bugs" @nogbad The constituency has been held by the Tories since its creation, in 1950, and their vote share has never fa… @rhodri Willing to offer excellent introductory rates for my consultancy on Alnwick-based humour. column should go down really well with everyone on here and I’m really looking forward to my mentions today!
Retweeted by Andrew R @Jsoosty @teaforpterosaur It used to be a common-law principle, 'Cujus est solum, ejus est usque ad coelum et ad in… the future holds for our forcibly evolving language.
Retweeted by Andrew ROne of the peculiarities of they/them pronouns is that it makes this para, from Prick News, read as all of the tran… @katebevan Just @ me next time!If Black women challenge their 'if Black women are women then trans women are women' racist bullshit, this is what…
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@scrapegroat “Then I said…you’re going to piss yourself, love…I said, ‘That’s not hot. You want to try living in th… @DavidMuttering @DavidDPaxton To be fair, we knew you were awful before you became a QC. @DavidMuttering @DavidDPaxton “Some”