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Andrew R @ExcelPope Kingdom of Northumbria

Three times winner of Twitter's "Least honest bio" award.

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@KeefJudge @dysondoc Same. In fact, they're the very first account in my (short) block list.Thousands of you have read this since this morning - thanks for all your kind words about it. Last call today for m…
Retweeted by Andrew R @samanthasrants That's the straight-talking, honest politics we need. You've got my vote.Andrew 2020: Be good, mummy will be home soon. @forwardnotback I went to the British Museum last year, on a whim and with no real idea what was there. My poor fa…"If you aren't radicalised then why does the machine keep spitting out pieces of paper with 'Radical' printed on th… FORCES: Simply hold a terrier under someone's chin to determine if they still like terrorism.“Lie detectors” don’t work and have no place in any justice system, anywhere.
Retweeted by Andrew Rtbh I wasn't sure about a US reboot of Spaced, but I'm encouraged by the casting of Mike. @twlldun "I have a dream that my 4 little children will one day live in a nation where an old white guy can become…
Had your point utterly refuted? Simply change your position and claim your depantsing as supporting it. @lolaolufemi_ Likewise the moon doesn't exist unless we give it a name.
Retweeted by Andrew R @GlennyRodge I've an idea for a show where publicity hungry minor stars are lowered into the sweepings from a barbe… @rcolvile Surely, 1985: 2 big 2 brother @francesweetman It is well-establish fact that education is bad for ladies' brains, causing them to overheat. You s… @teaforpterosaur My office also gets a fruit delivery, and I chose…a plum. @BillBaggins96 "I can explain everything!" @mrdavidwhitley Q. What did the duck get for Christmas A. A football strip and a ball, not the girly crap that his… @Daniel_Sugarman "In many ways, at the time they were written, the gospels were so revolutionary, and so disconcert… For The Day just isn’t what it used to be
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@budgie An exciting week for Richard, as he gains both a campaign manager and a policy.
Retweeted by Andrew R @ForwomenScot @munkihanger How can you pretend to be trans? The very core of its ideology is that everybody who says they're trans, is. @Rule34Rocks The, “Hoi, AC/DC!” line cracked me up. @SpinningHugo @GeoffShadbold @Simon_Pegg @andyeduardo77 And have we done Doctor Strangelove yet? @GeoffShadbold @Simon_Pegg @andyeduardo77 Fritz Lang’s M Rebecca On the waterfront Man bites dog (bit of a cheat, there)Everyone loves a bit of sophisticated political satire on Sunday evening…but if you've already done that, then why… @Daniel_Sugarman @tinycIanger @thegoblinpoet "Exclusive interview: We ask the questions that the Diet of Worms didn't!"I very rarely bother listening to podcasts, but this one is absolutely superb; professional, calm, measured, engros… @teaforpterosaur This is Britain. We're a nation that loves tradition. Clearly there should be a formal decommissio… @MysteriosoX "Can't say I've noticed, sir" @budgie An exciting week for Richard, as he gains both a campaign manager and a policy. @AndyGilder SPG: Oxfordtfw three Oxford Dons have been murdered and the case seems to be somehow linked to an unsolved theft from the Brit… @budgie Sorry to have missed what sounds like a story about Han overdosing on laxatives.
@teaforpterosaur Good luck to her, Hannah. (How strict is the 'no mammals' rule, I'm already in my kimono, with my…, I may be reported to my Governing body for being a gender critical midwife. Bring it. This is a hill I’m willin…
Retweeted by Andrew R @HelenMilburn @Gary_Bainbridge And Raquel Welsh @5goalthriller I thought I had included it, but there's just a blank square there. Must be a Twitter bug.When searching for elements of this photo I held out little hope for "camouflage snorkel" but, no, you can purchase…, everything seems to be on for Elon Musk battling Space Force for control of Mars. @francesweetman My gut instinct is that populating Mars with scientists unrestrained by morals ends badly for us. @MrKenShabby Maybe there is a, yet unseen, earlier film (using that de-aging CGI that everyone loves) where a mento… help is hard. Asking for it is even harder. My country has shot itself in the foot and is working on contin…
Retweeted by Andrew R @PlopGazette The first #SpaceForce utility uniform nametapes have touched down in the Pentagon.'re a bit behind schedule, pick up the pace. least you'll blend in with the space trees, you utter fucking mentalists.
Retweeted by Andrew RWell, isn't that a little gem? Proper 70s horror. @TimGStevens Lord, it must be 30 years since I last watch From Beyond the Grave. A lovely little piece.
@michaelglasper It's already playing. @Gary_Bainbridge It is a film of many subtle ironies and complex layers, also prison rape and geology. @Gary_Bainbridge BTW, 'Martin Freeman' joke © my wife, from her serious question to me, "Do you mean the white Morg… @Gary_Bainbridge Let me talk you through it. It starts with our hero, Marty Robbins, going to prison for life, for… rest of the family's gone to bed and I've just seen the 1972 Donald Pleasence horror classic, Death Line, is av… @mrdavidwhitley Big Ben flavour? @Cadmarch @twlldun "Do you know who else was called Angus? Yes, that's right…Angus!" A machine for sorting people into tribes (see also: factional distillation) @valleyguitarist He's Lewis's Lewis to Lewis's Morse. HTH. @aidanskinner I'd say 2 years later, with Sideshow Bob's mayoral campaign ad… "Mayor Quimby supports revolving door…"…and another thing - he thinks he looks so hard in that leather jacket, but I know for a fact his mum won't let hi… latest Amazon purchase has arrived! Sometimes it’s good to treat yourself and this was, I feel, 18p well spent., the two genders. @almurray I saw Jetlag Wideawake at the Hammersmith Apollo in '68, they followed Jefferson Airplane, IIRC @forwardnotback I came to mayo late in life, and must now mourn my lost mayo decades. Do not be like me! Do not en…"It's one of those irregular verbs, minister. He has died, you have passed away, I have become a legend."
Retweeted by Andrew RWhy would anyone even think Bloom's animosity was motivated by skin colour? [Voice-over]15 minutes, previously… @TomBlenkinsop On the plus side, it means I can recoup the losses I made on betting Johnson would be the shortest-s… @twlldun Twitter heaven is Cameron beating-off 30-50 horses, on a bus. @namomnetempus @mbooton IMDB has him down as 8 years younger than Hawthorne (which is still closer in age than I'd have guessed). @DavidMuttering @katebevan I wrote about the first series ages ago (I like it, but…), if you want to read me whinge…"Under consideration" means "we've lost the file"; "under active consideration" means "we're trying to find it". --…
Retweeted by Andrew R"It's one of those irregular verbs, minister. He has died, you have passed away, I have become a legend." @teaforpterosaur tfw you've completely nailed your speech for the Durham Miners' Gala, on how re-opening the pits w… @twlldun @Madeley Blade runerSeeing a lot of comment about Laurence Fox and how he and the Fox family are so privileged and how it's wrong for t…
Retweeted by Andrew R @Cadmarch @twlldun "Do YOU know who else had a really good joke about a mirror?" @jamesrbuk God, the grammar in those options take a bit of wading through. I'd have been tempted to split it into t… @jruddy99 Are you having to get your old Austin Princess out of the garage instead? @twlldun Isn't it from that Red Dwarf episode where Lister's jigsaw has been finished and the Cat's leg has been br… say all politics is local, but as Picard has a faster-than-light ship only he can make it non-local. is NOT sad news. WATCHMEN was a perfect season of TV. Why dilute it? It stands up to repeated viewings and wil…
Retweeted by Andrew R @buntyhoven Early morning Tumble?I went for a second interview for a job in Mayfair and towards the end one of the women interviewing me said "so ju…
Retweeted by Andrew R @mocent0 "And when I woke up my pillow was smarter than me"
@PaulFrame85 @rhodri Did you click on the votey button on the strip I posted? @rhodri (Stolen from this brilliant and very, very nerdy strip - @valleyguitarist [Walking into sanctuary] Give me twenty grand's worth of cats! @bombaylychee Is it wrong that I want a remake of Animal House, with Desmond Swayne as Dean Wormer?I venture that not only is it possible, but indeed the very nub of the dispute, that there is one clear reason why… @PeterNimmo1 I did try to knock up a homage to the sketch, but that line doesn't feed well into it. @CyranodEcosse @mrdavidwhitley Tragic that this debate is taking place so soon after the world-cups-of-things-for-twats-to-vote-on season.I JUST GOT IMPEACHED FOR MAKING A PERFECT PHONE CALL! @mocent0 Yeah, we might have to consider that ship sailed and, indeed, docked repeatedly, decommissioned, registere… @mocent0 @ExcelPope “Have you got my Ken Livingstone tweet? You have? Oh, that’s wonderful! The name? Yes, it’s…
Retweeted by Andrew R @consol8ion @mocent0 Hahaha! @mocent0 You left a gap in the market and the competition moved in. Law of the jungle, mate."Yes, yes, your phone call is perfect, except this is a Hitler-jokes-only number." WERE RIGHT! AUNT PETUNIA WAS HAPPY THAT I CALLED TO SAY THANK YOU FOR THE BOOK TOKEN! @jessesingal "Emotive as it is, Owen's unproven accusations of poison gas attack are nothing more than leftist prop… of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains. -Unless you've got a shit-ton of chains then… @PublicChaffinch I prefer to mute anyway. It's not like a block offers any protection against anyone seeing your tw…