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20 • code "excelvfx" #ad • channel manage @whofishy • highlights @epikwhale • work(ed) with @cented7 @co1azo @aussieantics @buckefps and more.

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Joined Twitter 5/15/20 to be looking for someone to take over whofishy’s channel in the next few months. as i get closer and closer…
Retweeted by Excel @ShardVFX @Advyyth @jojiFN @stahtfn not much you can do ig🤷‍♂️ @Advyyth @jojiFN @ShardVFX @stahtfn why reply this lol
@ShardVFX @jojiFN keep it up with AE shard... you’re improving so quickly
oh one last thing, for the sake of clarity—i’d still like to do the highlight videos whenever y’all need, at least… note, if you’ve sent me a DM and are awaiting a response, I apologize. I’m away on vacation for a few days and…’ll likely be looking for at least 4-5 uploads a week, but i’d leave details up for y’all to discuss. if you’re i… to be looking for someone to take over whofishy’s channel in the next few months. as i get closer and closer…
@Reetlol new @MooseGGsFN video looks nuts @flawless1x just 200 him next time lol
@yarnvfx @JannisZFN if you know who calboy is, this lowkey sounds like him @qlwlpVFX @yarnvfx @JannisZFN M.I.A = missing in action @qlwlpVFX @yarnvfx @JannisZFN what qlwlp @yarnvfx @JannisZFN interesting. is this ssgkobe btw? @yarnvfx @JannisZFN is the capitalized 'h' an accident? maybe i'm tripping, but i feel like no one ever capitalizes the h by choicesorry guys, OBS is selling my bread. it won't let me use window capture... @JimmyFX_ @whofishy song's quieter than usual, you might be rightpreview for @whofishy :) finishing the video in a little bit on stream...
@XnBFN okay so there's a lot to unpack hereThe @excelvfx x @NotS4cK EDITING PACK IS HERE!! 🚨FREE CODE EVERY 50 RETWEETS🚨
Retweeted by Excelnot leaking kovaaks routine
well... he wasn't lying🤣 @Cented7 some people don't react, others have a bad fever and migraines for 24ish hours. really varies from person…
@OhReckz LET'S GO DOUGY @termfn @TabzGTV pophead was the kid who won world cup bro, all T1s here @termfn @TabzGTV ???
@omar1xs @CarRoyVFX is this more clear? really wish twitter's character limit was longer clarify--wasn't thinking of a bunch of editors collaborating on one video. i'd edit OTHER editors' (and their cl… @soiIlan @omar1xs @CarRoyVFX your video idea includes everyone. i'm thinking i could do something like "Your Favorite Pros v… want to do a community client/editor hl video, nothing crazy effects-wise but I think it could be a cool idea for… @loonie1x it's whatever😝
@ItsZlem come play hype night i need one🙄 @uhbbfn @whofishy get it together mankid's mental is something else @awarevfx took all my willpower to RT and not steal LOL this is good @Cented7 not exciting enough?how editors see 24fps videos vs. how clients see 24fps videos @RoSeNvfx sick** not suck lol @RoSeNvfx video is suck, jump shot is BROKE @grzzlei @soiIlan @dduucky KIDDING @grzzlei @soiIlan @dduucky man @imsticksfn I see the comp route isn't really working out for you... down to edit my next highlight video?
@beehhive @liamfnr74 @verified tell me about it
@ripdevv @noobteyo @G2Nwanderer try VBR 2 pass and like 40 if it's a longer vid, 50 or 60 if it's a highlight
@imsticksfn @MuzFN @looterZK @BankTellerFN @whofishy muz's just vibin @bhronosFN @bhronosFN no man, you're chillin! @trengafx @Remixxxfn 0:29 casting a spell? @Remixxxfn @PreciseVFX bro😂😂 you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect 1k on every single preview @PreciseVFX ?? it's got 450 likes in a few hours. @D1gnal @joshyy_tv @VfxEon @sebywya @Sn1pzy @odsu_ @FrizzeVFX big dig overnight @QueasyFN reverse? @qolosaal @EpikWhale mainly myself, i watched a video on the value graph a while ago though @qolosaal @EpikWhale no but this is for @EpikWhale :)
shake and a few minor things are still vegas—haven't gotten around to buying plugins for AE yet... this was the fir…❤️ just a little AE practice from earlier this week :) for @AussieAntics :)
i really don't deserve you guys. at all... tysm for the support <3 i'll try to be live again tomorrow, even if it's… @bhronosFN @kaaifyWNF still one of my favorite clips of all time @HelpingXnB @beehhive @XnBFN @Avery_FN get to work ^ @beehhive @XnBFN @Avery_FN and so it began... @beehhive @XnBFN @Avery_FN great minds, beehive. great minds. @_xans take it as a compliment. i used to take offense when @MooseGGsFN was in his prime excel fanboy days but the… preview later. I'll START it on stream at the very least. Who knows if I'll be motivated/focused eno… @rob_rubenst @whofishy @_Oscat assist + noti @whofishy @_Oscat @rob_rubenst let's not talk about growing up... you just grew sideways. @whofishy @_Oscat you like food? have a bite of this ratio (@rob_rubenst tap in)
@AussieAntics so incredibly handsome @ralfn_ @Plege vouch, dies to editors and console players @Cented7 okay, this is improvement!
@RiseFn @TruNorthGaming the kids are eatin good tonight... good stuff @TitoIsVibin you're ENTIRELY twisting words tito. i'll DM you with my genuine thoughts shortly.This isn't about the @apievfx situation by the way. I'm seeing antagonistic replies under my tweets lately and don'…'ve always tried my hardest to be respected in this community. If you've felt like I've mistreated you, drop me an…'m not a huge proponent of "cancel culture", bc I'm optimistic that people can change with the right education. Th… @tweaaks @EpikWhale @domuqt i suggested still into you a while back🤷‍♂️
@ManuA12TV @Cented7 @Cented7 ^ @genz75 initially i was under the impression that this was a joke but now i’m thinking otherwise @TijnDenH rare tijn banger @imsticksfn i've been staring at our DMs for the past 8 days, eyes watering, awaiting a response
@WassuhYozy @NotS4cK @closr9 @aleksedits @saevid wait what lol how @PxraFPSx3 @PxraFPSx3 anymore by john wolf @Jacobvfxx vegas @xxrkqt @NotS4cK ohhhh i get what you're saying. my presets haven't been converted to Pr. if i get enough requests,… @xxrkqt @NotS4cK it's this one, so yeah @xxrkqt @NotS4cK these + a project file, velocity settings, project/render settings, fonts, overlays, practice clip… @xxrkqt @NotS4cK @motionbywavi @jb4rr_ @NotS4cK 13 of his 15 impacts were converted, all 6 CCs, and two of the transitions (we're sl… @jb4rr_ @NotS4cK he has four clips showcasing transitions in there. @PeefVFX @NotS4cK yes, although there are two transitions rn i think and more will slowly be added in over time. it… @PeefVFX @NotS4cK @grzzlei @NotS4cK ru on mobile lol @excelvfx x @NotS4cK EDITING PACK IS HERE!! 🚨FREE CODE EVERY 50 RETWEETS🚨 @cjooee @TheOAAcademy MORE THAN JUST A NOTI GANGER?!