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@Mehtroh yo @tuesuk @bellasxw she ain’t mine bro @Toko1x ye @Keytonnbtw Okay aren't you the person "exposing" me... You should have enough knowledge to Decrypt my .exe and sli… @Pell1x same... @judi1x @wavyKimani omg babe, r u okay, you're typing differently today :(BRO WHAT THE FUCK HUGE VOUCH TO @ExcusesFN I FEEL NO DELAY AND MY PING IS 15-20 NOW.
Retweeted by Excuses @Jinxzd yo wheres the link my man? @tisaaa @LiquefyFN NOTI @haylefr @felixvisuals @x1lly @som_lost ^ vouch @PumpWyd my old auto tweaker @YoImplement My old paid tweakerSorry for the black pfp i'm really sad and in my head over some recent actions. But i still want to help this community. @Keytonnbtw @RahelBoii @yazfps @h47nt @Keytonnbtw @74Action you wanna ignore this or ? @imexilty @Slayybtw ^^ (This tweet is directed at you) (Known problem with any Bat to Exe converters)Also have over 400+ vouches from THESE packs in my discord . In my vouches section. @Keytonnbtw as you wish. :) goodluck $10000 i didn’t make a mistake. I have $10000 to pay if u can find something besides a virus total / scan and with real code proof.paying $10000 if u can find a trojan (WITH ACTUAL TROJAN PROOF) 24 hrs (no virus detections) i want real code from… @Arodwtf noti @CodeNataIie noti @nglLiana @Investbtw noti @Keytonnbtw Yes man 👍🏽 100% Ransomware would lock it pc btw where nothing is responding. no complaints so far tho.… @Keytonnbtw Cant see source code. why wouldn’t it. Bluescreen is prob from too many tweaks theres even a clip on my… @sxhynne @veenovas click enable @Pell1x .There is only one person I care about satisfying...
Retweeted by ExcusesCan’t help but think I ruin whatever I touch , I’m sry
Retweeted by Excuses @Keytonnbtw On top of that. The picture of the Regkey is really common that’s on 3/4 of ppls pcs broken regkeys / u… @bellasxw yo what in the world? I got blue eyes.. @Keytonnbtw Can u find the trojan or no? Or just false positives to ruin someones rep? It’s an encrypted batch file… @anqie1x what in the subtweet is this? @RESQWTF @OpalFN_ @bellasxw @akagvming @DoorDash it’s okay. i’m always ehorny for sum egirls man. E everything :) @Pell1x @feonuh v @OpalFN_ @bellasxw @akagvming @DoorDash didn’t u get rejected by her when calling her beautiful earlier ? 😂❤️ jk i love you opal @bellasxw @OpalFN_ @akagvming @DoorDash yo noti @PxraFPSx3 Paragon X Excuses pack ? 👀👀 (like this tweet so he sees ) @Ralfybtw up good! @imexilty @DeyyFN @MeroFN @Reverse2k noti @nglLiana Hi liana! Hope you’re having a good night! @Pell1x @RESQWTF @larswtff @syawtf NotiThank you to everyone who has been on my journey to become Affiliate tomorrow is my last day! Then I'll be putting… @Seromiclly @HiEcru Goodshit 2 insane players !Won @ExcusesFN Ultimate 2v2 Tourney For $100 with @HiEcru
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@Bolicee12 Yooo i’m dropping something on stream to help everyone for free in a bit !! I’d definitely check it out ! @Pulsyz_ yeah cuz i want to interact with my community. Anything for you guys <3 giving back to the community means… @cooper_fnbr @TheTulantro @MiddiFPS @cooper_fnbr Do you know really anything comparing and contrasting the two OS’s… notis on dropping something INSANE today. @iigio_ @Vynlabtw Hi @PxraFPSx3 @bellsxw idk but whatever age she is i'm now that age @bellsxw Hi i’m excuses ! 👋🏼 @nglLiana @ilyells @anjuhlitna @svniqa @bhpimzu NOTI @bellsxw noti @HiEcru can't say here... @TheSommerset noti + you too ! @connersFN conners man you're in 8th grade i'm an upcoming 6th grader please protect me @nglLiana i wear black forces? @ayseqt @bellsxw @anqie1x vouch this happened @bellsxw @anqie1x what in the .. man i’m down bad @PxraFPSx3 Where? @haylefr @Resentfxll @DREX900 @nglLiana yo wtf @connersFN your notis are literally on wtf @Xenvogs @XLPatekWZ wtf. cinebench is for cpu not radeon graphics card? unless its integrated... @haylefr @Resentfxll @nglLiana oh nah wtf. @77Dxrk damn alt got s worded before main @nglLiana liana... u don’t know thatjust had esex . @77Dxrk @nglLiana noti @nglLiana @77Dxrk noti @Vynlabtw yo @LserkL i just need love serk. something real @nglLiana no @Pell1x @pztches i’d do the same for an Excuses delay pack @Resentfxll shit onImma F/A btw (vouches appreciated)
Retweeted by Excuses @InsightGGs @Arodwtf @connersFN i just want u connersImma F/A btw (vouches appreciated) @favewyd @nglLiana notiIf you want a free pc tweak just ask nicely! @Pell1x so hot @hidessssssss 😂😂 enjoy ur stream @iigio_ yo need help? @PxraFPSx3 agreed @imexilty yeah my actives died tooWTF YO GOD STREAM LITERALLY WTF I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
@SilkkFN doing both @bellsxw come into my stream you're cute <3Picking between these for the pack today @bellsxw @Investbtw @shredlol @zipzybtw @rzlense noti @bellsxw shit i can help @ZitoFN_ @jilikat @TTfue Zito noti @Investbtw @haylefr @16lolll noti @77Dxrk Hello Dxrk!Turn notis on dropping a pack soon @PxraFPSx3 this the only reason i didn’t buy they’re the same thing for me at 1080