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@BoJackHorseman Hey @DanielWegge @WWERDream1 Literally the exact first thing that came to my mind too. One of the greatest hottest heels, such a fucking shame. @BananasPls This is next level tweet right hereI got a shot on my ass today and the band aid fell off sometime on my way home and I'm mortified that my ass bandaid is out there somewhere
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseNext up on “Rude Cats of Twitter”: he’ll eat you out of house and home then steal ya girl 😏 #shrimpcomp
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Streaming some Resident Evil 4. Run I've been working on past few days that I don't think has ever been done before… @Viixie_ clip from every episode of @SeinfeldTV
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseSomeone saying N word isn't offensive anymore. It means nothing, it's on the same level as someone saying poggers.
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseWas playing Resident Evil 4 and noticed something I NEVER fucking realized in my 15 years of playing this game. The…'m happy🤡 #DBZKAKAROT #bandainamco
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I had the strangest dream I was doing a food stream on Twitch and I was speedrunning burritos.
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseIt's Wednesday. You know what that means.
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseasei don’t like to use this platform to vent as there’s already enough negativity in the world, but this was an extrao…
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @AgentSheenah I didn't know you were Canadian 😮😮😮
@UtdKB @30SecFights's Tuesday. You know what that means.
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseI edited those stairs in Joker to be piano stairs
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseInteresting...
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseStreaming some DBZ: Kakarot all night!
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseYeet sound effect
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @RE_Games He just wanted to be a novelist 😥 but his mother always told him he has a long way to go. Why did he ever listen to her?! @Viixie_ One of my favourite albums of all time. This song has literally brought me to tears before through it's pu…'s Monday. You know what that means.
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Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseHave 2nd date planned Saturday with girl I met, on top of plans for Valentine's Day :) Here's to hoping I don't fuck this up.Joaquin Phoenix with a great acceptance speech honoring his fellow nominees 🙌 #sagawards @jokermovie
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseasetfw they say the name of the movie in the movie
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @stoopy512 @feliceherrig Let's not forget sucker punching an old man in the face! @feliceherrig Conor is a piece of shit and brings out the worst in people. Least you had the decency to the better person. <3instagram is cancer
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @WrassleQueen @LarsSWWE 16.9k tweets myself. I have no life @Boogie2988 Man I love that 80s hair
That friend that won't go home
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseThis video is golden LMAO
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseIt's Sunday. You know what that means.
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Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @uhTrance_ Idk it's usually hard for me to separate the fighter from the person when they're pretty garbage person.… @uhTrance_ Curious why support someone who punches old guys in the face?Nice to see a feminist ally trying to get a woman fired for disagreeing.
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseScientists really out here making the hyperbolic time chamber and our awful society is like "sweet let's put prison…
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My 5yo can read now so it’s Chrono Trigger time!
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseIdk if y'all saw this or not. Teddy Hart posted to reddit (acting like he wasn't Teddy Hart) about how it would b…
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseasethe sacrifice has been chosen
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseAn Announcement Read:
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @Revan63385455 @rickyberwick Who is the first?It's Saturday. You know what that means.
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseCromch!
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @Thafnine Super Castlevania 4 is FUCKING ASS. Terrible game. @Boogie2988 Any idea when next stream could be? Love your streams lately <3This dog and I are inseparable. He is quite literally the only family I have. I spoil him rotten. Walk him 3 time…
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You're telling me in the Namek Arc, where Vegeta is on the run scheming, he can take time to fish? LOL GOAT
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Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseMY HEART IS FUCKING MELTING @Lord_Arse Untitled Goose Game In My Pants @LPGrodus @RamblyBadger Coffee is gross yeah lolCROWS Coming Back in #ResidentEvil3Remake? The Resident Evil (Biohazard) Ambassador Program manager tweeted this tr…
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @RamblyBadger @LPGrodus Because people love to complain and complain about everything. People complain about transg… the legend be handed down from generation to generation... 🔋
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @Boogie2988 Yoooooooooo @Viixie_ @Garm993 That's actually hilarious lmaoCouldn't have said it better myself @God_Complex_013 100+LETS STAND UP FOR THIS KID I’m sick of people harassing & bullying young Trump Supporters Actor Mark…
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We have important news regarding Cyberpunk 2077’s release date we’d like to share with you today.
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Retweeted by SuicidalDisease#DiscontinuedHotPockets Bees & Used medical needles
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Retweeted by SuicidalDiseasei literally hate kaitlin bennett so much she came to pride, started harassing and questioning the people there go…
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseIt's Thursday. You know what that means.
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseliterally got 0 hours of sleep i love that for me
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseasePermission to come aboard, sir.
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WWE: Bans beach balls from arenas. AEW tonight for the Bash at the Beach episode of #AEWDynamite: WE GOT GIANT BE…
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @MrWhizbang @michabra @BonnieD24282024 @TripleH @RealPaigeWWE 😂😂😂 @michabra @BonnieD24282024 @TripleH @RealPaigeWWE That she may have kids she doesn't know about. Why is that hard t… @michabra @KevinNguyen41 @BonnieD24282024 @TripleH @RealPaigeWWE Dude people get offended over anything. I've seen… @michabra @BonnieD24282024 @TripleH @RealPaigeWWE Any person who has kids they dont know about is a slut?! That is some VERY COOL LOGICNew AVGN episode! This time the Nerd reviews Raid 2020 for NES!
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseNo one : Cats :
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseMike Tyson could be 100 years old and I’d still never fight him
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @Viixie_ ❤❤❤I somehow don't think that's ada
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaser u ready for my last ride
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseIt's Wednesday. You know what that means.
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @KaleiRenay Joke's on you, my dad is dead. GOT'EEMI got $100 for you if you watch this without laughing 😆💀
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseasePlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up Check out your personalized 2019 Wrap-Up #MyPSYear2019 @KennyOmegamanX @PlayApex As I'm literally playing Apex. Who's your main boi?Well! That’s one way to stop @Perfec10n in his tracks. Watch #AEWDark NOW via the link here -…
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@flatcaprisun Pretty basic TBH. Counting calories, smaller meal portions, exercise, healthy alternatives.Nearly 2 months later, 23 pounds down. Spot some small differences, happy with results so far. Another 2 months and… SSJ2 (悟空) vs. Majin Vegeta SSJ2 (魔ベジータ) by Tadayoshi Yamamuro (山室直儀).
Retweeted by SuicidalDiseaseSo men who dont rape are worse than rapists? huh
Retweeted by SuicidalDisease @TorrensJonathan I beat my favorite video game of all time blindfolded!There is a clothing store in Raccoon City, what costumes lie inside? Probably none and you select them from the men…
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