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@CMCAdvanced @DianaWintah I don't wanna be with someone where money is what matters most to them, shallow bullshit. @DianaWintah I just want someone where we love each other unconditionally, cuddle, and stay up all night texting ea…
Retweeted by JirenUltraThis is a classic.
Retweeted by JirenUltra @WrassleQueen Do you actually have one blue eye and one green eye or is that just the filter?Hey RE Fans, we are finally ready, we already contacted some of RE/BH admins's websites & YouTubers to prepare ques…
Retweeted by JirenUltraI woke up unusually early this morning. With the extra time and a quite house, I had to really decompress and refle…
Retweeted by JirenUltra @JennieMCormier @JillJVF96 @valeit98 @EllynResident @KokoChan2654 @BloodyDidy @_Tsuki_no_Uta_ @FFXV_Lover
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Retweeted by JirenUltra"Being nice" isn't a good tactic to get what you want out of life. It's a strategy to keep people from trying to h…
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Retweeted by JirenUltraDopest video I’ve ever seen. Ever. Basketball rocks...
Retweeted by JirenUltra @JennieMCormier Legit better than I did my first nightmare run holy fuck
@Boogie2988 You actually get to the going out part? I get ignored/ghosted relentlessly to the point of desperate lo… @AdamWes93229405 @CircuitBird @Squarepainter Pure trash, played it once, never again. @AdamWes93229405 @CircuitBird @Squarepainter Uhhh yeah @blaze_srl I think of suicide daily, so I hear ya. @ilyuwu It's gotten worsehas it gotten better for anyone yet be honest
Retweeted by JirenUltraSome people you just can't help. Sad.
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Retweeted by JirenUltralol life is so shit sometimes
Retweeted by JirenUltra @JennieMCormier @JennieMCormier 😍😍😍
The best Ben Shapiro video ever 😂
Retweeted by JirenUltra @CircuitBird @Squarepainter Anything is better than Super Castlevania IV. Trash game. @Squarepainter Super Castlevania IV is PURE FUCKING HOT STEAMING GARBAGE. FUCKING TRASH GAME. @JennieMCormier News: Toad Died
Retweeted by JirenUltraNot only can Ben Shapiro sing like an angel, he also has bars 🔥
Retweeted by JirenUltrathis got me crying early in the morning lol
Retweeted by JirenUltra @JennieMCormier :( @JennieMCormier was an intern for the Ellen show and one time on set Ellen pointed at my chest my chest and said “there’s somethi…
Retweeted by JirenUltra @JustinWhang When I was a kid I ended up crying because I thought the Undertaker killed Hulk Hogan
Retweeted by JirenUltra @WhiteMageBecky I've kissed one person in 30 years @Degzerker @calebhart42 Thank you! @calebhart42 What game is in the middle, it looks really familiar.The latest Toad's Turnpike flap TAS shows a 0"60 lap being possible, by bumping into the fence on the perfect frame…
Retweeted by JirenUltra @CleavageGnome @Safe_Haven0419 Although you're a mom so that's already not happening. For me I'm fucked. @CleavageGnome @Safe_Haven0419 This ^
@DianaWintah I love this so much
Retweeted by JirenUltraMy hopes & dreams for Resident Evil’s future, is that Capcom isn’t close minded to only choose “Chris” or “Leon” to…
Retweeted by JirenUltra @tattooed_bee’s one way to quit
Retweeted by JirenUltraSigma play of the year? 🏆 via u/devvorare
Retweeted by JirenUltra滑空気分
Retweeted by JirenUltrai'm the type of person that will restart a song because i got distracted & wasn't appreciating it enough
Retweeted by JirenUltraI AM NOT HORNY TONIGHT! .....YET!
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Retweeted by JirenUltraLooks like sexual harassment to me
Retweeted by JirenUltraI have never hated myself as much as I do at this moment in life. @someblackg bae @AgentSheenah Are those owls on the dress? @JackieVaswani5 @30SECVlDEOS ADBAT
Retweeted by JirenUltra @Fuddle_Duckie I know how it feels though I think exact same way about myself @Fuddle_Duckie You're not annoying. You've come off as nothing but fun and personable.
Biden Tells Staffers To Pick Any Black Person For VP 'Since They All Think The Same Anyway'
Retweeted by JirenUltraIt’s been 423 days since the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer.
Retweeted by JirenUltraTonight my 4yrold daughter asked "were you born with those two pepperonis on your chest?"... I said "yes". And that was it. Help?
Retweeted by JirenUltraIt's the eye of the tiger It's the tail with the stripes Where the fuck is the rest of the tiger
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@FullGrownGaming Pizza pops are fucking GOD TIER bro. Pep+bacon is just... the sexStomach torturing me again, no sleepBlizzard has paid tribute to Reckful by adding him as a Rogue Trainer NPC, located in the Cathedral of Light, in Sh…
Retweeted by JirenUltra @DoubleA33 Turning 30 next month. Yet to feel loved 😕what if the balls got hard too
Retweeted by JirenUltraSo, uh, my game got wonky as hell after the update.
Retweeted by JirenUltraジャスティス学園のアキラと言えば😇
Retweeted by JirenUltra @LegendaryCaps me a good shower is life changing
@Safe_Haven0419 Who even says this anymore. Chubby/Curvy is sexy as fuck.Someone is trying to cancel "Kindergarten Cop" for "the traumatizing of children by the police". Seriously - and th…
Retweeted by JirenUltra🦅🇺🇸
Retweeted by JirenUltra @DianaWintah Fuck I love Simpsons🌞 PS4 Summer horror sale, get 50% off on the base game and get 40% off on select DLCs #Deadbydaylight #dbd
Retweeted by JirenUltra @WrassleQueen 😥❤️
Retweeted by JirenUltra @MoMoluvblue Cause Wesker and Ruvik are fucking awesome @JennieMCormier Was gonna say there was no WAY killer games were taking that long
Smart dog
Retweeted by JirenUltracows with hands
Retweeted by JirenUltra @Tyrophant cause everything sucks @Garm993 @Garm993 nahplease kill me.
Retweeted by JirenUltraIf you could forget ONE game to play it all over again with the same anticipation, unspoiled, what would it be?
Retweeted by JirenUltraOn Monday next week I will join the incredible team at @frictionalgames as their Studio Manager :) Looking forward…
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"are you ok" bro i eat one meal a day at 5pm don't ask me if im ok
Retweeted by JirenUltra @DianaWintah Because it was jolly goodToo toxic? #PS4share @ROEMoonGlint This is beyond magical. Invokes crazy feelings inside me and is so badass. Amazing.My toxic trait is assuming I’m a bother or am generally disliked so I remove myself first or keep a wall up so I do…
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@JeremyPryer LMFAOOCool Hag game #PS4share @ayeambry <3On the first day in prison, walk up to the biggest, scariest looking guy there and cut him to make sure he's not actually cake.
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