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I brainless streamer I 17 I @OnTheFlyTwitch☁️ I #BLM I $exJackiee

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@HarryButAverage @dev0rama_ NO ITS NOT THIS IS NOT REAL @Oreologist @JoeyTheSuperJew @HarryButAverage IVE OFFICIALLY GONE 1 YEAR SINCE I FUCKED MY HAIR CHILLLLLL @MaxGGs @HarryButAverage i mean... @JoeyTheSuperJew @HarryButAverage he manages to mess up his hair every 6 months or so im convinced @100Thieves @TheWillNeff @hasanthehun @OnTheFlyTwitch what a nice group of people i hope they fall asleep 😃👍 @visionofviii @pokimanelol THIS IS SO GOOD OMG @pokimanelol @visionofviii supportive poki @shivisdumb oh @shivisdumb and mine too can i get a new knife shiv! @shivisdumb WOOOOOO LETS GO SHIV WOOP WOOP @22lexi_ wrong date so don’t worry!
@JoeyTheSuperJew ketchup of any kind goated @OTKnetwork @REALMizkif he has chompy that’s about it @FavsPriv put some respect on my name sir @JERMAlNE @FavsPriv @JERMAlNE @FavsPriv @JERMAlNE @FavsPriv @subtoconnorpls LETS GO CONNOR @HarryButAverage whats it? @HarryButAverage ALL of otf??? @jordanfisher oh...
@JERMAlNE i wasnt in the vc idek even know if he was in vc but i do know he started shaking and missed the screensh… @dev0rama_ dripped out @BisonPawg HAHA WHAT? @HarryButAverage @Wis_Alt they turning a blind eye to the real issuesfinally @CashApp @JhbTeam @pokimanelol bro said senior homie u graduated high school a year ago let it go 😭 @JERMAlNE @JERMAlNE LMFASKDJGFHALSKDJFBLSKDFJBASDFLBJ @JoeyTheSuperJew thank u @JoeyTheSuperJew stop worrying about zapdos and take off your zapatos de luna @JoeyTheSuperJew nah joey all your pokémon opinions suck how the hell you disrespecting articuno like this @22lexi_ yo there is an open seat on the bench btw incase you didn’t see haha! @RealM0F @chromaatical you think i follow people cause they smart? nah fuck nerds go read a book or something @snifferish yeah @mackenziereynaa wait i’m going to get that in like 2 hours @mackenziereynaa nah WHAT is that pfpi be pooping my pants to make sure i’m keeping shit real 🗣💯🙏 @JoeyTheSuperJew squirtle UNDER piplup this is gross i’m going to throw up joey @CrypticNoHoes 😭😭😭😭😭 @dev0rama_ was this needed @McDonalds quarter pounder with cheese and ketchup, large fries, large coke 20 piece nuggets, another large fries,… @Wis_Alt wtf @mackenziereynaa @Daymeeein @dev0rama_ why is everyone laughing @Wis_Alt respect me? @EhmD__ 💯💯💯 @itsWaddles_ @OnTheFlyTwitch THERE WAS A SLANT @OnTheFlyTwitch real!!!!thanks again if u joined shit was wild we saw bigfoot @dagostlno happy bday mrs. gino @reaIlyshort oh no we’ve lost him @endeylive @FavsPriv @EhmD__ @ELPWSwastaken @FavsPriv @reaIlystupid @FavsPriv bright and early @FavsPriv myfavstrash @Twitch @LudwigAhgren yes bruhhh xjackiee posted on tik tok bruhhhh aint no way 😭😭😭
@HarryButAverage ive been watching for 5 mins and you have ONLY spoken up when minecraft is brought up PepeLaugh @22lexi_ @Daymeeein @dev0rama_ no dont cry @Daymeeein @dev0rama_ DUDE WHAT THE FUCK @dev0rama_ CHILLLLL on me“funny tweets” @HarryButAverage @oFabz that wasn’t me??? that was joeythesuperjew @oFabz wait HE IS MR. WHAAAT? @oFabz BAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA @oFabz where are the bangers fabio @HarryButAverage drip @oFabz @FavsPriv @sebastianjii LOOOOOOOL @JoeyTheSuperJew yeah idk how either @dev0rama_ the senior lockers and tall and skinny i fit perfectly @Wis_Alt mannequin challengethanks to those who showed up i’m going to get shoved in the locker by the bullies for this but still had fun @HarryButAverage aw hell nah they really lip syncing average harry 😭😭 @itsWaddles_ DUB DUB DUB
@reaIlyshort oh my god @pokimanelol yo poki you should try streaming i think you'd do great @JhbTeam thats the power of jhbteam @itsWaddles_ flop + ratio @Chriiztopha @amaanderz noti @LudwigAhgren give clint a share @JERMAlNE will my s8n buds still ship? @kyedae @100Thieves congrats!!!! @ValorLeaks heh anus @Ninja everything alright man? @EhmD__ @oFabz guy like me gets pussy 🤷‍♂️ @oFabz crying @HarryButAverage @oFabz LOOOOL @paricyte bad idea @LazasBautista HAPPY BDAY LAZA @jordanfisher IT DONT MATTER U LOOK GOOD @goombba so inspirational[parallel universe where people drink piss] bartender: what’ll it be me: piss
BREAKING NEWS XJACKIEE IS LIVE ON TWITCH WOW WOW WOW @22lexi_ no im hurt now @22lexi_ this one just hurt @22lexi_ nah like ong fr @shivisdumb LETS GO SHIV WOOP WOOP HOORAY