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@mastagrass Alright, thanks. @YaBoiColm @Daybreak502 Pistons are the worst team in the league just heads up haha. @UnrivaledBlind Ok if you let me finish... There is server maintenance all day. If you are a sloth. @UnrivaledBlind (EST) @UnrivaledBlind It's from 2pm to 5am GIVE ME A BREAK. @KaidaSaida's server maintenance all day on FFXIV, so I'm gonna enter the Unknown weekly. I think I feel good enough. No… @YaBoiColm Honestly if you just pick one team to pay attention to, you'll inadvertently gather info on all the rest over time. @zadacoxd @777OT777 @Ogre_Rated No don't I have exactly 1000 haha. I'm sorry, I meant I'm the most mediocre, borin… @zadacoxd @777OT777 @Ogre_Rated Well that's weird because I'm the fucking best, funniest, long dick havingest Smasher in MI. @zadacoxd @777OT777 @Ogre_Rated Haha thank you man, I appreciate it. I shouldn't make it seem like it's specificall… @momonamii And I think it's reasonable tbh. I tend to say exaggerated things about how awesome and great I am, as a… @momonamii Some West people like me enough. The ones I knew in Smash 4 mostly (not early on in like 2015 though, be… Fantasy 8 Be Like...
Retweeted by Jord(yuk)anAnd then there was Hjarta.
My eyes cream for ice cream.haha gotchaaaa, pranked ya. kissed your sister on the mouth. just a quick lil smooch. sike! it was french kissies.…
Retweeted by Jord(yuk)an @GhostGoats I will make sure to get the full experience for each game. @GhostGoats Hahaha oh yeah. I just had a great idea to stream one night, playing all your games. @GhostGoats Why don't you ever make 3D games with dynamic environments featuring combat vs learning AI? That seems more fun. @Ogre_Rated @SadeemBoji @RamboDeezy Now I have! @GlitchX08 @GaoRush No spoilers, but it's important later in the story that the entire party were children of the s… @Ogre_Rated @SadeemBoji @RamboDeezy I don't know if I've ever gotten a like from either of them haha. @YungNickle My wife claims it's because I had surgery in my mouth 3 hours ago, but what does she know? @777OT777 @K_Jez1 @Ogre_Rated I appreciate your understanding, but I hate when I do that and it becomes the other p… @K_Jez1 @777OT777 @Ogre_Rated She* gosh I'm sorry, that's a bad old habit I've been trying to break of just referri… out to @777OT777, the first person in years to give @Ogre_Rated a run for his money in the "who likes my twee…'m never getting drinks from the gas station in Mt Morris again, they all taste like my own blood. @Parrymasterr I think Ryu beats Ken a teansy bit. @AquaticFox_ @Daybreak502 @KoolOriBro Oh yeah, that's right I forgot haha. Well, call me an optimist, but I conside… @Daybreak502 @AquaticFox_ @KoolOriBro There are 880, not 999. I don't think they had a quota they tried to hit, I t… @AquaticFox_ @Daybreak502 @KoolOriBro Take away any of those "fluff" moons and all that changes is when I see some… @AquaticFox_ @Daybreak502 @KoolOriBro but I find the gameplay fun enough that the "work" itself is the reward. I wa… @AquaticFox_ @Daybreak502 @KoolOriBro I really disagree with this perspective. To me, it felt like they wanted moon… @Daybreak502 @KoolOriBro 3D World and Odyssey are both so fucking good. The homies droppin stellar opinions on the tl.I've heard the expansions are supposedly all great and substantial additions to the narrative, or in at least one c…'m fully obsessed with FFXIV. I am all the way hooked. I've tried a few MMOs before that lured me in with the stan… mains be like "yeah I made her pussy Kersploosh"
Retweeted by Jord(yuk)an @NotAttomi Yeah me too, that makes me hopeful. @NotAttomi 3 of the 4 don't hurt at all, it's just the bottom right because they had to do one wisdom tooth that wa… only have about an hour that I don't remember after the surgery, and I'm led to believe I slept for most of it, b… problem teeth are eradicated, but I lost my ID a week ago, and even with my SS card, insurance card, and a pict… @K_Jez1 @Parrymasterr There's an oasis out there somewhere of Mewtwo and Sheik mains just waiting for a Shoto brave enough to come find it. @I_Am_MikeWells I'm a strong independent man who don't need no skin. @K_Jez1 @Parrymasterr It's unrelated, I swear.It bothers me that I wrote "3" and "one."I have 3 wisdom teeth, and one fuckin ignorance tooth. @GhostGoats I've already witnessed more hawk vs multiple crow yard duels than I ever expected to, I'm not gonna get greedy.... On the way down baby KACHOW!!Woohoo I hit a thousand. @Daybreak502 Hex rockin the exJORDANary circa 2007.
There are 2 crows fighting a hawk in my yard. These crows appear to be very tenacious. They're headbutting the hawk…
I won't be able to enter anything for the next weekish. I have rehearsal today, work early tomorrow, then I'm getti… @possiblytrav Gotta figure out the chest hair before I start focusing on the muscles, it's been tough.Even grossly overworking can be funny. 😎 @K_Jez1 I definitely DON'T sabotage them personally I mean I'm just as surprised as you are ha ha ha whywouldyouevensaythat? @P2eudo I like getting right into the good sets so it's nbd.It is so outrageous that Shulk has a "immune to being killed for the next ten seconds" button that he can press whi… beat Dux and Shadow, lost to Prod and Kople, and got 7th. They're all very good, so I'm happy. They keep seeding… @Ludiloco Wait, what flavor are the orange ones? @MiloniTime It just sucks that they already patched this shit multiple times, and they simply cannot figure out how to make it work. @Bluedanes111 @kyronic_ssb Yeah.. I was making the joke that I don't know what a computer is. 👍 @Bluedanes111 @kyronic_ssb How to do what things?Prodlike @CSS_Kief Truly.My favorite way to lose a tournament at is to go for proximity jab but get the ranged jab for no conceivable reason…
@zinkusFalcon Hahaha it was because you somehow managed to land and shield between my down tilt and Shoryu at like 120%.Not bad, got 4th. More fun stream than usual. :)
MSU tourney because I'm a student at MSU. @HjartaStudios @SSBM_Aghi They're all cool but punching is the coolest and whips is the not coolest. @SSBM_Aghi @HjartaStudios Cooler than if he did the same thing with a whip in each hand. @SSBM_Aghi @HjartaStudios PUNCHING @AquaticFox_ @I_Am_MikeWells That'll keep you in good shape. @I_Am_MikeWells I worked overnight at Home Depot, it was a decent job. @SuperheroFire I said during the pre show that you'd make PR if you entered.Man, I must just be outta touch haha. I saw "Rog, Jeremy" and thought "Oh man, that's like the Rog version of Ron J… @Regralht Hahaha alright well, fuck.This is embarrassing, but I have to ask, -Is this just not funny, -do people not know of Ron Jeremy, -is it unclea…
i casually stroll into the boy scouts national Smash jamboree and fill the tournament venue with a thick, black fog…
Retweeted by Jord(yuk)anI think @SenTedCruz is desperately trying to rebrand from the “inspired a deadly insurrection” motherfucker to the…
Retweeted by Jord(yuk)an @BlueMilkGG has suuuuch big boopies lmfao i cant wait to short hop in neutral (so that they wbbole) and boner llmfao
Retweeted by Jord(yuk)an @PC3X3 Right, but I didn't do that. I didn't intend to at least. I didn't suggest they couldn't be good characters… @PC3X3 "Boner bait" was maybe a little harsh, but I feel like it's pretty obvious that that was tongue in cheek, es…'ll be the opinion that pulls me back below 1000 followers, and I'm just fine with that.Some characters have towed the line before, but it's at least justified by the context of their games (like ZSS or… feels so blatantly and pointlessly objectifying to me. It's why I didn't play the game they're from, it's why I… hate how often game and anime women are designed purely for sex appeal. No other considerations given to their ap… know it's annoying, but my Twitter is mine, so I'm gonna put down my thoughts on these new Smash characters once, and leave it at that. @Dylster_X @ScriptJCR @okoru_08 Holy shit that made me laughSpecifically the "half of the image is my very very exaggerated face reacting to the content of a video that MUST b… too take shots at anybody chasin the YouTube baggage, but there's no level of success I could ever reach or pur… straight up missed Mario Golf because I was bemoaning the Smasher boner bait, and it's the thing I'm most excited…
It no longer makes sense for Sheik and Zelda to be separate on the CSS.I wish every Switch trailer didn't have the same "trying to appeal to your 40 year old aunt and her 12 year old twins" vibe.VERY little that I care about. I'd be into a new game from the Octopath people, but not a tactical RPG. I'm diame… take it back. This is the worst. Way Petting Zoo