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steez | Black Lives Matter

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I volunteered for the Russian vaccine trials held here in Iowa. I received my first shot at 14:30. It’s completely…
Retweeted by exo @Abzorbb @may_wedda Jungle or bot ln for starting off >> @ezDrob Need time travel you ain’t just moan when he did that
Retweeted by exoLMFAOOOOOO
Retweeted by exoDwight Howard playing like he got some dick last night: 8 pts 4/4 8 rb
Retweeted by exoAD... @YankeeMane Lil homie Arthur 🤞 @bigguccicraigy ? @Pixzl Lmk how it isJimmy pulled up to practice wearing Tyler Herro's HS jersey 😂 (via @MiamiHEAT)
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@CrypticNoOnee Thought mf was gonna take a biteLeft 4 Dead 2 with @Huntrelol @Blankzy_ @Oreologist
Retweeted by exo @Luxime_ i hearing things or is someone blasting ric flair drip in the crowd
Retweeted by exo7 years ago, Drake released “Nothing Was The Same”.
Retweeted by exobiggest dick in the rap game ya feel me. this saturday we gon see whats up the boxers coming off live on stage nigga I control the media
Retweeted by exo @daiptix happy birfdaya heel on some 3’s? nelly is sick 😭
Retweeted by exoThe most DISRESPECTED person on earth is THE BLACK WOMAN! I promise you I’ll do my best to change this as much as I…
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@CrypticNoOnee Girls gonna be waking up to “good morning my wittle kitten *meow*” every morning @CrypticNoOnee LMFAOOOOOOme DMing my homie at 2:35am
Retweeted by exoThe “yooooooo” takes me out boutta be meowing in the dms made this song so twitter can laugh so twitter make it happen 😭😭😂😂
Retweeted by exo @VeesAQueen @LuckReserve @kormakilla I wouldn't leave the crib if this was mine @itsWaddles_ only 5 forces in stock?? mfs got the same idea as youoh shit the ps5 only $202?
Retweeted by exo @FavsPriv I’m down so bad @FavsPriv Need this to be a scratch n sniffThis shits a joke man's cropping feature prefers black faces over white faces, fat Pikachu over skinny Pikachu, and *checks notes…
Retweeted by exo @Ludaz_ Imma keep it a buck wif u once i have to start paying for my own phones I’m switching to Samsung @ObjShane It’s Wednesday morning broThe only thing apple has over Samsung is blue text bubbles and better optimization for snapchat. That is literally it.Reminder that you are loved ❤️
Retweeted by exo @tfetttt Got an 8am brotha @Crudes kyle kuzmawhat the fuck @TristanGHill norondo so good @CrypticNoOnee @Yuhuuur so you using ig like that now...
is tax evasion really that hard
Retweeted by exo @MATTHEIS96 Shit would break the internet it kdot got robbed like that now @Icy_Rapture BO2 music went so hard for no reason @MATTHEIS96 This is quite literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen @MATTHEIS96 @woahmatey @pandameicThis might be the most white privilege in a photo I have EVER seen
Retweeted by exothis song unironically goes hard
Retweeted by exo @oFabz nah why they slide the pepper in there like thatThese things looking GOOD
Retweeted by exoWHACK
Retweeted by exo @cramstofer I got in my car smacked as fuck one night and couldn’t figure out that i had to put my foot on the brak… you drive high you’re a different breed @lemiwrap @rickyreapers @notchaselyons Fair. My parents don’t know I use it since I’m 18 and i got my card myself b… @rickyreapers @notchaselyons @lemiwrap I smoked like twice during high school and hated it, i only vape it at home… you like a bacon and egg look good
Retweeted by exo @rickyreapers @notchaselyons @lemiwrap Cap @KarlAlone5 What’s up handsome @lemiwrap Bossanova lowkey hard his new shit is verified ass tho @JoeBuddyNC910 @YankeeMane
what zero “PUSSY” does to a “MF”
Retweeted by exo @rickyreapers Dudes went on Zillow and chose a random house and thought “yea this gon get his ass” @vTRouter I actually added it all in my head I’m pretty proud of it$157 @yung_juice_box5 song so hard @FavsPriv starts dry WHAT?getting top surgery
Retweeted by exo @FavsPriv I didn’t know you made your priv till like 2amgo get some “bitches” nigga
Retweeted by exoI'm never carpooling again
Retweeted by exo @JustinWhang dawg LMFAOOOOYou couldn't pay me to carpool with that weird guy eating a burger.
Retweeted by exowhat the fuck. @haneswhitetee @lilsasquatch66 This so hard this Rick got em mortified
Retweeted by exo @ripxRain @AdobeGenCreate @LilNasX entry for the #LilNasXAdobeContest RT'S + Likes VERY much appreciated! HD Image:
Retweeted by exo @MyFavsTrash Brother
Retweeted by exoTell me something i dont know.
Retweeted by exo @Huntrelol Fuck you
Retweeted by exoSomeone lick my balls NOW!!!!!
Retweeted by exoJungleCock and Jimmy just called me (we’re close like that) and they said they hate all you stans 😳😳😓
Retweeted by exoFroste power is unmatched @Froste you stuntin on bts stans Derulo has fallen down the stairs at the Emmys on Zoom
Retweeted by exo @kateexclusive_ @thekategambino You finally chasing your bag let’s goThey Prayin On My Downfall ...
Retweeted by exoAnother one. AD x Father Stretch My Hands
Retweeted by exoabsolutely losing my mind over this
Retweeted by exo @MATTHEIS96 Don’t bring the water bottle compression back
@PaintClown_ lol fr @earlxsweat lmao niggas talmbout "r U oK" nigga NO
Retweeted by exoStatistics makes me want to keep myself safe