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@notcuro @fridge1000 same on both tbh @khoshy okii @notcuro @fridge1000 yeah @khoshy i look like a god on linear but my aim is weird rn and idk whether or not to try n get used to it @asumua2 @Tropixyur hell nah @Tropixyur now ?i cant decide between linear or expo @OsoWRLD no... 😭 @itsfreddylol @HiqziVI @cueyfn @TitanVVX @zullylols @CuhhVI (cuhh dont say no dumb shit) @Tropixyur @vaz14x @TwitterSupport HUH @Tropixyur @TwitterSupport gone 😈 @Tropixyur @TwitterSupport YK WHAT TO DO !? @valszns @ruibtw yo ? @sadcharwie cares* @sadcharwie WHO CARED THE RAIN SOUNDS COOL @blondiebtw :( @blondiebtw THERES NO WAY U TRYN SAY IM BAD @yukkiwya play fort @blondiebtw do you need a carrygood morning
is anyone awake
@vaz14x @AspireUnit WWW @FNCompetitiveBR ITS TIME FOR THIS RATIO ! @cueyfn @notcuro now u chatting out ya ass bro LMAO @cueyfn @notcuro i was talking to my mom but ight. stay yo ass quiet 😭 @cueyfn @notcuro thats not even my yt name bro @cueyfn @notcuro im not even in the call though ? u just pressed on my account 😭 @cueyfn @notcuro not even my account bro @cueyfn @notcuro dude ur not even in the call 😭 @cueyfn @notcuro no ? @notcuro @cueyfn should i follow this fan back ? @cueyfn @notcuro i asked for a picture of the shoes u got, not a picture of u in the bathtub @cueyfn @notcuro no u kept trying to send me weird pictures2 am noti @FR8DDY @zullylolsokay i really need to get back on my shit. ive been uploading but ian rlly been trying like i should be
i got shit on
Retweeted by Exotifiwhat yall doin @TitanVVX lemme try n hit a harder version of this. ill send it to u so its not too ez @TitanVVX prob @s6kudo just hits me sometimesim really in chronic wtf @cueyfn fr
@asumua2 @Tropixyurr @vexlmao me too @J2YHS @vexlmao maybe @TitanVVX ysa @HiqziVI trying to stay awAKEhello @DamnAsuna 1v1 ?never forget this LMFAOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Exotifi @AstrioFPS WELL GET ON THE FUCKING PLANE THEN @daparting im blowing up then starting da podcast. end goal : get emily willis in da podcast @AstrioFPS OH SO NOW U WANNA LINK ?? 😒 @daparting ion even care bout the fort shit bro I JS NEED TO START DIS PODCAST @AstrioFPS hopefully bro @AstrioFPS im starting a podcast bro @daparting i need to blow up man this is getting baddd @DamnAsuna ITS WITHOUT REMORSE nd i already watched it @DamnAsuna i do not own @daparting what am i doing wrong broADIN ROSS STREAMED W EMILY WILLIS ???? WHAT THE FUCK 😭
The Primal Flame Bow has been removed from Competitive playlists.
Retweeted by Exotifi @ChronicZedd join my corf
@HiqziVI @CuhhVI good luck @YoRebornn today @DamnAsuna ngl im goin to bed bruh igu later 😭 @DamnAsuna hollup @zullylols @PlaIism vouch @zullylols ?????
@HiqziVI zully wanna play @Slyiify yeah @_lolnvck yeah
@905Vix @vylostrash 🥲🙏 @asumua2 new channel @damonbtw @overtimeroan vtaking a break from uploading to focus on sum other stuff @Kicknn @asumua2 he chattin @Trickzbtw @jussverse this true ? @jussverse @jussverse oh lord @Trickzbtw @Trickzbtw im js tryn get better @vaz14x like who @vaz14x yall think this clout shit is sumn it isnt @vaz14x i play with cuhh mainly thats abt it @vaz14x im serious @velocitypriv :((
@shahh @FRChronic ☝️ @valszns same tbh @sarrowbtw nah @RubixDL hi @OsoWRLD ONG ME N HIQZI WAS JS WATCHING ONE @HiqziVI @cueyfn call em ! @itsjadelol yuh @zullylols jeezzz @HiqziVI join tropix cord
@TalentedDekss no @Trickzbtw yes @cueyfn my cord @HiqziVI not oso