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This is the issue with adult industry clients, from Camming, to Stripping, to full service SW. Clients have this en…
Retweeted by Addison.almost show time @stalkofyarrow yesssssa short mini documentary about me in a bikini, my small boobs and possibly my censored snatch
@MxstressX NEEEEEDwen the camera is half a foot away it makes all this shit way easier with the camera poppin and move’n and doin all… wanted something that could be so close to me when I was filming that I could move the camera around and fuck wit… liek in the process of trying to figure out what the fuck any of that shit even was or what the fuck it does i… give you more and this is why all these camera systems and lens sets are complicated bcuz no one talks about wh… operative line in that whole thing is "Objects close to the lens appear abnormally large..." which is perfect for hoe shittldr: perspective distortion makes ur ass and boobs look bigger the wider the lens and the closer it is to your body, the bigger its going to make your ass and boobs lookand with like the stockings, garders, body suit, trench coat, and then the heels and feet, the 85mm from far away i… easier for my brain if i make the 30 second clips liek that and then fuck with it and then go back liek ‘ok mak… like the bottom part of my shit is gunna look like this and then the camera is gunna go up and have my torso an… what im working on now i gotta cut the shots between the half body shots and the close ups of my face and I wa… how all that is cut together with shots that keep getting wider and wider with closer shots and back and fourt… way these shots are framed with her face moving around the frame with and how its cut together is really fuggin… Sheryl Crow video made me do itWhat did Baudrillard think about The Matrix? via @YouTubei personally don't know anyone in their 30s who wishes they were in their 20s liek that i hang out withThey need to stop simpin and whininProbably racism
Retweeted by Addison.don’t forget “trap queen is transphobic,” coming from ppl who wouldn’t even be bothered to learn about the song...
Retweeted by Addison. @ButtGoblin666 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️longest 3 minutes ever shit takes forever liek everything takes forever fuggin sorting out the memory cards takes foreveri was eating breakfast and being gayi made this for you called “A TREAT FOR MY STUPID LITTLE BITCHES” swear if I ever get the money to get a reupholstered pussy it’s over for you hoes, my banana pussy be cock blocking
Retweeted by Addison.unlesss i just wanna move the big joint closerthis visually finna be insane im using two camerashow much of this process do I shit postI need to setup now, get ready, and do this @laaaaaaaaani yessssssssssss @lovecrossbones i feel yaaaaaathis video gotta be my best one it gotta be better than dr baddie addie thats my only goal @mistressfoxnyc @lovecrossbones ADORABLE @lovecrossbones ADORABLEits liek either gotta be a black heel or some other shit liek thati just need to figure out wat im wearing on my feetI have how I wanna look in my headgod i need to use nude colors and do my whole shit like that and use brown lipstick and a naked pallette or some shit like thatI need to not wear a mask for this and I think I need lipstickAnd someone tweeted about isotoners and I had no idea till I read their tweet I just grabbed these cuz I made my na… @CayenneAmorXXX factsssssI found the official expensivehoe trench and it was buried under a pile of hoe shit... I think I gotta clean up aft… trench coat and isotonersso wait i need liek stocking and god i don't wanna fuckin wear a stupid fur coat i need a trench coat thats more sluttyBOOMdis my fav part it look like some robocop shit
Retweeted by Addison. @aorocket turrets be extraaaaa @CayenneAmorXXX factssssssswe be on that hollywood hoe shit bro that lights camera action shitthe thing I wanna make HEADMISTRESS 80, its gotta be dark and gritty and the leather and all that needs to have tha… lens I used for the video I just posted is actually insane and its a medium format camera lens thats been cine… need liek an 85mm a 50mm and liek a 35mm or a 20 this seems like way too much workso i need to get the wide shot lit shoot my whole body, move the light and camera around, shoot the close ups, blah blah blahI posted this boot and foot footage last night I need to light the scene like this but the light gotta be somewhere… i need to figure out how to light this and where to put the camera @CayenneAmorXXX I unno im prolly team paris on this one theres too much just straight up weird kardashian shit goin on over thereparis hilton was signed to cash money records too over there with wayne and birdman too wanted to be paris so fuckin badsuch a RESTful tweet here @EXPENSIVE_HOE It’s theft. What’s wrong with posting ‘hey, check out this dance that (name here) made up’
Retweeted by Addison. @MxAvalonBlack samemid 2000s was a whole thing @neotenomie hahahahathat tim feriess piece i was readng becomes more pertinent as the days roll onHoe culture is wonderful but tbh leave it to the professionals. If you're gonna be crying in your pillow at night b…
Retweeted by Addison.its weird that theres ppl on social media that just sit around waiting for something that was viral on one platform… god unrelated heres a photo of brigitte nielsen grabbing anna nicole smith’s tits while she’s holding flavor… really hated her come up and the fact that she was amazing Nicole Smith was treated so dirty
Retweeted by Addison.i need to eat, shower and start right away this is gunna have any chance to be a thingits fuckin gunna take all day to film this omgQueen.<333333that song is so fuckin goodJonny L - Uneasy via @YouTubebut first must brush teethi need to fall asleepthis makes me tear up fuuuuuuuck who try to silence providers who rightfully stand up against bad behaviour by criticizing their "profession…
Retweeted by Addison.i should do this wen i wake up in the morning its gunna look the same regardless @K1ngm1dasXXX im such a nerd for itttttt @MaidenSyn i forgot how it came up I think I was talking about it cuz i was using it at my old job and we had aws a… did i get too tired… checks time… ohhhhhhmmmmmm @4007196105409z fuuuuuuck @4007196105409z turn the volume to 11 @K1ngm1dasXXX <333333333 @MaidenSyn posting pornos while being followed by docker probablydis my fav part it look like some robocop shit boots and feet sec i re-did the video with 10% more boot, 2% more foot, and 99% more grime @_jennacreed_ beautiful AND talented.