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@explodedsoda That no roommate life. All fucks out the window.
Retweeted by That Girl KyleHome is where you don't have to hold back your belch volume @TheBloggess I feel called outMy favorite part of @altopharmacy is the delicious pieces of caramel they put in every prescription delivery 🤤Asked my grandmother to model for my bags and she busted out an entire fancy occasion outfit
Retweeted by That Girl KyleBlack Americans often face terrible daily dangers in outdoor spaces, where they are subjected to unwarranted suspic…
Retweeted by That Girl Kylefrankly we’d be better off if egirls controlled the government
Retweeted by That Girl KyleTwitter won’t autoban neo-Nazis because the filters may ban GOP politicians @jack
Retweeted by That Girl Kylekinda wish you could do code formatting in tweets @dour It's tech, there's stans for everything @yaahc_ omg. fucking precious.Some folks set multiple alarms to get them up and out of bed. I set multiple alarms to not get into something else…
@omglazerkittens Me every time I do makeup lol @RonaldGee I really miss the office and the groans I could elicit @RonaldGee it truly truly is @mbowman even after years of not really using vim I still have the keyboard shortcuts in my muscle memory so nano w… @mbowman SORRY. But yeah I guess vim is my CLI editor of choice. GUI editors are my preferred and I'm slowly conver… @CortanaV it's nothing important, just that lastfm weekly script I want to not have to remember to run manually every weekI have also determined I don't like using nano, sorry to anyone this offends :>I HAVE DETERMINED this this not an issue with timezones/hwclock/date so I guess it's something to do with paths and node @slumburking Maybe, `date` command is showing me the current date/time and I had previously set the system time to… have hardly sat down the last hour and my watch is still like "yOU HAVEN'T STOOD UP YET"someday this will run on a scheduleMy most played artists last week: Electric Six (39) "Weird Al" Yankovic (21) Sugar Ray (14) Alex (13) Chromeo (10) i, rescheduled crontab time, THIS SHIT STILL DIDN'T RUN. F this I'm going outside to lay in the sun. I can debug later. 😤😤😤I DIDN'T FUCKING `npm i` IN THE NEW DIRECTORY I MADE WAY TO GO KYLE REEEEEE @Velidra Haha no worries, I just wasn't sure if there was some fancy new way of doing it. I think last time I sched… @Velidra Do I have other options for an Ubuntu box?mY CRONTAB SCRIPT DID NOT RUN REEEEEKA Applegate has also said she doesn't mind her stuff is being read for free. Link to multiple ebook formats.'m not sure who needs to hear this but all the Animorphs books are available free online.I am so here for “Biohazard Tactics” or whatever this idea would be called.
Retweeted by That Girl KyleAwww, X Æ A-Xii’s first software update, how cute 🥺
Retweeted by That Girl KyleAs pride month is coming up, in honor of the Stonewall riots, I have printed a Pride Brick :)
Retweeted by That Girl Kyle @irishprime Nah5 of 5 stars to Bad Blood by John Carreyrou The RNC has filed suit against California to stop Gov. Gavin Newsom from mailing ballots to all registere…
Retweeted by That Girl Kyle @happypeep hahahahaah thank you for this, I will think of tarantula butts and laugh every time I eat one now
@explodedsoda you are a monster, kyle
Retweeted by That Girl Kyle @jtot415 Skates @generic_brian Nah @explodedsoda anyone who peels them is a coward
Retweeted by That Girl KyleI am a heathen that eats kiwis with the skin on.One of my favorite things is making people go ""mr boop #97
Retweeted by That Girl KyleI finally did it! 🌙✨ #sailormoon #sailormoonredraw #sailormoonredrawchallenge
Retweeted by That Girl Kyle @iximeow yepp. every fucking day cause every fucking day they look dirty many times do I have to mop my floors before they just stay cleanCrush: You don’t text. You don’t call. Do you ever think about me!? Aquarius: Ya when I’m high lmao
Retweeted by That Girl Kyle @Ethelmonster pretty AF lump tho @dour instagram filter 🙈 @HamTornado SEE. I DO NEED DISCO BALLS.never underestimate the lengths I will go through to make myself laugh uncontrollably @sweetNsarawr Not sure if your concerns are the same as mine as I'm a small boob lady so the biggest reason I've wo… @ChristianSonne I'm ground floor 😎 @generic_brian I absolutely do not want to join a derby team I cannot EVEN SKATE YET BRAINI fucking ordered roller skates just for a joke. Can I learn to roller skate inside my apartment? @Gromble I love this look cause I don't have to smile 🙈 @TortieKitten Thanks! I realized last week one of my eyeshadows was the perfect shade for android skin...and this d… 10: Anatomically correct, but not so sure about fully functional. @CHERdotdev Fuck. Yes. Maybe I'll throw on some pasties if I'm really worried about the nipples getting too much at… haven't worn a bra since September...specifically whatever day The Misfits played Oakland lmao)No no, the correct way to manage bras is BURN THEM. BURN YOUR BRAS. SET YOUR BREASTS FREE! don't know who needs to hear this but wash your makeup brushesme: *gets eyeliner perfect* my eyelids: WE HAVE DECIDED TO FOLD A DIFFERENT WAY NOW please adjust your eyeliner accordingly me: 🥺realized last night that July 4th is a Saturday and started ordering stuff so uhhh...wonder if SIP will still be going on then...I am starting to get a bit extra with these fancy Saturdays..."Right in the Feels: My Experience with Therapy & #MentalHealth" seminar is in the books! So grateful to…
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@FailedAsian The arcade junkie in me would've been right there with you. To lose all that history in a fire would'v… thank the stars for that. Would have been a huge huge huge shame to lose Musée Mécanique and all the coin-op h… @TobyTBD why is that bench there spawned over the stools lmao @TortieKitten I didn't put it there, it just spawned itself on top of the chairs for KK 😂uh #AnimalCrossing #ACNH @Harmonoscopy ehhh I don't want to have to try and find all my saved songs again, that was a big enough PITA moving from iTunes to Spotify @phntm42 YESS IT'S SOOOO BAADDDgod the spotify app has been janky as fuck latelyI'm so excite for Monday's @TakeThisOrg charity stream with @TheeDoctorB at the helm with @SurenaXMarie
Retweeted by That Girl KyleHernandez says the cadence now for deciding whether to relax rules is no sooner than 14 days because that is the in…
Retweeted by That Girl KyleI wonder if South Berkeley will get forgotten 🙈’m working with this bi-partisan coalition of Attorneys General urging Congress to pass legislation protecting ban…
Retweeted by That Girl KyleLmao "guest speaker" Kyle over here at the 4+ years. I'll try to limit my swearing. 🙈 THAT'S WHAT I CALL OH SHIT IT'S 3AM AGAIN @kylegaddo Aww nooo bb it wasn't meant as a dismissive/bad "fuck that!" 💜 @dour I think every time I've replied with this it's lit the "Oh. I get it now." light for the person who asked 😂 @kylegaddo fuck that lets remake Cats (2019) JELLICLE SONGS FOR JELLICLE CATS JELLICLE SONGS FOR JELLICLE CATS JEL…"why furry?" "cause sometimes I just want to be cat" YOU HAVE STARED INTO THE VOID AND THE VOID STARED BACK @justicar 🙈🙈I didn't even pick up the scoop I just walked off. Can you tell someone has been rolling around in it? just looked at the mess and was like "welp. fuck that."Just dropped the catnip container...while it was open. Squeaks is about to have a LIT night.I ONLY bought a FireTV cause it was the only streaming platform still with a Twitch app. I just want to watch streams on my TV 😩Neat! The Twitch FireTV app is back to freezing the entire FireTV and is completely unusable :> @ConsumingLipids Fuck cardio, but yeah. @HamTornado incline pike pushups are also on today's docketdelaying doing my planks to remind y'all about pushups
Got a lot going on rn, so, here it is in one tweet: 🏋️‍♂️At-home, no-equipment, bodyweight workout tonight at 5:15…
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