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@tendermiasma OMG AN ANGEL!!!! @arucelli OH HELLO 😳Okay but starfire with short hair....
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @Curryuku REGINA @toastyglow 😳😳😳😳😳🩸👅
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@OuterEyeStudios thank you so much this means a lot to me 😭 @hakuku @capyBAKA i love this style of shading so much 😍 @DevinElleKurtz this is so beautiful!!!! ugh my heart!!!!The Elysium Glade #HadesGame
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANTyou guys know the drill!! if you're getting clip studio paint on sale for the first time and you want to learn how…
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @ArtsyPabster @ClipStudioTips those 2 accts are great. theres just so much to clip studio i wouldn’t know where t… @ArtsyPabster @pjhtips @BS_artsss yesssss 😈 @tinyangryghost goooood i love your characters so much!!!#VisibleNonbinary hey, i'm Fee & i draw ocs too much. big mean nonbinary lesbian at your service 🐺⚡️
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @PapayaJaiya yes you definitely do 😎 @I_daens gah!!! this is one of my favorite things to hear seriously!!!! @nerifia_ pft yeah that ones on me. the light eyes do not help either, but i get better in newer episodes youll see!also yes i have to search “covenant webtoon” because searching “covenant” just brings up stuff about halo and eternal damnation.ah another thing! I regularly term search Covenant because it hasn’t given me psychic damage yet and my personality… @AnnaHollinrake oh if this isnt me @PrinceCanary 🙈😳😳😳 @Bloodwrit 😳😳😳 @vladbacescu yeah but i want to sneak in the details into the actual comic and then have a superfan make the whole wiki for me 😔 @bekkomi LMFAO I KNOW ITS MY BAD THE GOLDEN EYES DONT HELP EITHER 🤦🏻‍♀️ @sweet_3vans yeah thats valid i didnt put it anywhere just yet! @immi_wright AHAHA THIS IS TRUE! i guess its all relative though so her comparative shortness probably fuels it 😂 @RaphDeslandes THE LAST ONES @ToskaKitty i really struggled with style and his features early on and the golden eyes do not help LOL but i feel… samson isnt short shes 5’9, all the guys are just really tall 😔 @Bloodwrit omg i would be so honored 🥺🥺🥺❤️oh yeah! Sunny: Vietnamese Ezra: Korean Samson: idk white i should make like...a thing somewhere with everyones info 🤔 @Bloodwrit oh he’s korean american! @DadvinOfficial congrats omg 🎉 🎉🎉😤 👏🏽 @JennRavenna god you're so fucking impressive jenn!!!!!I didn’t not start learning cinematography until I was 33 and that’s when I made my first film. I just turned 34.…
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @PrinceCanary i feel this way about all your characters and story tidbits but seriously...your fucking MIND!!!!!💐🦇💐
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @istehlurvz @bogboogie listen im on a quest to sell my soul for the ability to dual wield series. if you figure it out before i do lmk @bogboogie @istehlurvz and i want to see it!!!!! @toastyglow clip keeps spoiling us 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 @NeoLux4 its fine to use pro but yeah itll be missing some useful features for webcomic making @lemonyyoon i would say we don’t deserve them but artists do really deserve some good things 😭 @Bloodwrit OMG!!!!!! MY SON!!!!! this is so beautiful i love it so much he looks so handsome!!! THANK YOU for drawing my sweet dumbass!!!!I couldn’t sleep so I drew Ezra from @explodikid ‘s cool webcomic Covenant 🥺
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANTAn ocean of solitude in separation - no ship, nor sail to cross #VisibleNonbinary
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @vulturesong IT IS CRANK THAT SHIT UP!!!!YOOOOOO making vertical scrolling comics is about to get so much easier thank you clip daddy 😭🙏🏽 @fayren god this is so beautiful 😭😭😭✨[OC]tober Day 12✨Crow
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @Skirtsan your use of color blows me away!!!!#VisibleNonbinary Hiii I draw for the soul
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @hakuku @FinniChang yoooo i was staring at this panel for so long. the composition is just killer!!!REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE DOING OKAY YALL?? REMEMBER????? @OfRainAndRuin it was dec 2019 but i think it became streamable january 2020?? ANYWAY I KNOW RIGHTSIMPLER TIMES!!! SIMPLER TIMES MAN!!!!!!oh my god im listening to my top 2020 songs on spotify and TOSS A COIN TO YOUR WITCHER just came on and im about to cry @vicious_mongrel ahhh i love your work so much ❤️❤️❤️#VisibleNonbinary I'm creating a comic inspired by the world of Dishonored and Lovecraftian horror.🌑♠️
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANTADHD culture of being unable to do any work if "the vibe is off"
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @Ellie__CN god yes. when im thinking of fight scenes im thinking about what I, a Dumb Bitch Extraordinaire, would d…
@BS_artsss exactly its the law! @SalamiSaltye i swear villain would have been number 1 but I listened to that via the music video for...reasons 😂 @beam_tyrant im sure fight scene analysis is a fun hobby or whatever but ultimately...the fight serves the plot, th… @xavierck3d i know i know my brainmeat is huge @givethemmore im happy to impart this wisdom @grave_weaver i'm not thumbnailing 3 panels of samson's abs in a row, im not!why didn't character A do this smarter move instead? well ya see....this pose just looks sexierI've read too many "well actually" comments and they are poisoning my brain. live a little fellas. sometimes a figh… a friendly reminder to mind the pronouns friends :) a quick click on the bio is all it takes!Prompted by no reason whatsoever, a thread of my favorite Mariko Tamaki works. 👇💖
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANTCool comics out today you should grab: Kill A Man is about a gay MMA star who is outed and fights their way back to…
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANTrandom commenter: your work is trash and youre a bad human artist: ok well, fuck you random commenter: wow.......…
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @RaphDeslandes @kortizart what type of glasses do these people wear because i would like to see my own art with them 😩 @kortizart i feel like im surrounded by artists with incredible technical skill who think so poorly of themselves,… hey, im dorian, trans nb 🤟 check out my webcomic Hellwick 👼🦄 or just f…
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @manny_oe @javi_draws manny u always have the best ones i cant even fathom your whole collection @SenandAya it dragged me back into kpop and ive been swimming in it ever since lol @jNelajus ON REPEAT!!!! ugh!!!!! @Esziepants HAHA ITS SO BASIC BUT HEY ITS SO GOOOOOOOD 😭😂spotify called me a filthy weeaboo/koreaboo cover for I’m Not Starfire!! A comic by @marikotamaki and me!! I cannot wait to share more of our girl Mandy an…
Retweeted by LySandra Vuong @ COVENANT @Celestial_Fang SKDKF AT LEAST U GOT A LIL EGO BOOST LMAOOOO @my2k oh to have the self confidence to make something much worse and then say loudly you made it infinitely can dream.... @grave_weaver ur welcome just doing my duty participating in the drama @my2k SLDKKD THIS WHOLE EXPERIENCE REALLY BOOSTED MY SELF ESTEEM!!!! I CAN REALLY DO ANYTHING AND I WILL NEVER BE THAT BAD 😂 @DonnieWasHere honestly those logical leaps and bounds he was really must be hard to live like that @OhHeyDJ wow it makes so much more sense now. @arvalis @kortizart @MasteroftheTDS @qian_yi_ting @Artlocked @USNAviationMech @thatstarwarsgrl omg....this is the l… @DonnieWasHere .....i......poor baby :((((( @DonnieWasHere wait that happened oh god everything was a blur @kuurakuu_ check out my replies 😂 @DadvinOfficial tonight has been so funsometimes ArtTwitter is good @YingjueChen @arvalis @kortizart @MasteroftheTDS @qian_yi_ting @Artlocked @USNAviationMech @thatstarwarsgrl i think… @arvalis @kortizart @MasteroftheTDS @qian_yi_ting @Artlocked @USNAviationMech @thatstarwarsgrl this conversation is too much for me @MingjueChen @kortizart @denimcatfish IM HOWLING @kortizart @MingjueChen @denimcatfish well at least there arent any shoes here to deform 🤪 @MingjueChen @denimcatfish @kortizart a karla painting without a nose...heartbreaking