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South Africa's feel-good morning show! Watch the #ExpressoShow Lockdown Show 7 - 9AM with Katlego, Thabiso, Kuhle, Jamie-lee & Ryle.

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We're chatting all things fancy face masks tomorrow with fashion designer, @Otiz_seflo. Make sure you're tuned in f… catch up with coolest creative couple making the most of lockdown tomorrow from 7-9am. What do you think of…'re joined by @thandiswamazwai ahead of an exciting Africa month music initiative she's part of. Have you set you… to be entertained by @LangaMav tomorrow morning! 7-9am! Set those alarms⏰ am so excited Langa! I can’t wait to talk to you about your new body of work 🙂❤️ #ExpressoShow
Retweeted by Expresso ShowI for one, am one of those people who have been waiting for new music from uLanga Mavuso, finally our King has answ…
Retweeted by Expresso ShowCatch me on @expressoshow tomorrow morning with the gorgeous @KuhleAdams chatting about the first single off my deb…
Retweeted by Expresso ShowOur Friday fitness segment is going to be epic! Make sure to tune in from 7-9am for pro surfer, @franksolomon's loc… has 24 hours to respond 😉 #ExpressoShow @Mlumebobby Hi Spilikase, this was made in studio by our chef Nicole😉 #ExpressoShow @IGGG06 Yass girl! You seem to be well on your way 🙌#expressoshowWe're ending Africa Month with a bang! @sanelexaba_ is joining us tomorrow from 7-9am. Will you be tuning in?… @sboshmafu 😂😂 #ExpressoShowWhat's your big dream? #ExpressoShow @Nkgapele6 @OldMutualSA #expressoshow @CloverWayBetter shows us how easy it is to #JustAddDairy to increase the nutritional quality of any meal. Are you…
Retweeted by Expresso ShowIt’s World Hunger Day today and @WOOLWORTHS_SA has launched the ‘Fill a bag’ campaign. For as little as R10 per day… has a whole range of rusks, coffees and hot chocolate in stores to keep you warm and cozy this wint… is committed to increase Financial Literacy rates in Africa. That’s why they're building Africa’s big… @fikileGunz @CloverWayBetter Mr @RyleDeMorny showing the versatility of Clover... Not only is it great in the kitch… the regulations that have changed our daily lives has been tricky! Director at @Legalese_SA , Eitan Ster… a mouthful of African Magic with @bwell_foods African Peanut and Leafy Green Stew. @Mqhayii @KatlegoMaboe Good morning @Mqhayii 😉🙌#expressoshowAny new recipe's in your cook book? Share your latest recipe with #LoveClover and tell us which @CloverWayBetter pr… a moment for a Gap Filla? Our @CloverWayBetter @SuperMSA Hot Choc Fritters come to the rescue for you to enjoy… Pieters is currently using his platform to help and support those in need. #ExpressoShow rusks aren’t just made for dunking, @ClementCPedro transformed coconut rusks into a crunchy choco-n… morning! #ExpressoShow 😀
Retweeted by Expresso ShowTsi
Retweeted by Expresso ShowGood question to start the day... #ExpressoShow 👇🏾
Retweeted by Expresso ShowAre you confident in your abilities? #ExpressoShow drama in that gif 😂😂 Everyone tuned in? #ExpressoShow Zandile Gama shows off her kasi with this beautiful sunrise in Soweto. How's yours looking? #ExpressoShow lot of South Africans are in need of assistance during this pandemic, how would you assist your community if you…
We’re chatting Africa Month with Technologist, @davidphume tomorrow morning between 7-9am on @SABC3 #ExpressoShow catch up with singer/songwriter Robin Pieters between 7-9am on @SABC3 #ExpressoShow perfect dish for this cold weather! Here is a quick recap on how we made this creamy @CloverWayBetter samp!… to try @ClementCPedro's @WOOLWORTHS_SA spicy peanut soup? Here is a quick recap on how he made it!… perfect flavour combination! Give these @WOOLWORTHS_SA Mexican schnitzels a try! Here is a quick recap on how w…, quick but oh so delicious! This awesome @WOOLWORTHS_SA chicken schnitzel dinner idea is definitely a winner… ready to serve you some great content, daily! 😉 #ExpressoShow @mqaisa_bernard @CloverWayBetter That it is, well worth trying it the Clover way😉 #ExpressoShowHow do you embrace your culture? #ExpressoShow #WednesdayMotivation Clem's @WOOLWORTHS_SA spicy peanut soup doesn't only fill the tummy but feeds the soul:… catching up with you as always @ChadSaaiman💙 #ExpressoShow @kaykesh @Nedbank 🙌💪Being a great saver + someone that's financially responsible and independent are certainly grea… @LLCoolHun @Nedbank Own it sista😀Besides, skills at being frugal is something we can ALL benefit from right now! #expressoshow @buzybum @Nedbank The optimistic out-of-the-box idea generators... SA certainly needs more of those💙 #ExpressoShow @Buja3D @Nedbank Hope the quiz helped you identify any "blind spots" you may have😉 #ExpressoShowEver heard on 'Naijarobics'? Patrick Ekenututu from @naijarobicsfitn lead us in a fun and African-inspired fitness… everyone tuned in? #ExpressoShow
Retweeted by Expresso ShowWe're smacking our lips thanks to deliciosa @WOOLWORTHS_SA Mexican style chicken schnitzel: you been busy in your kitchen? Share your latest recipe with #LoveClover and tell us which @CloverWayBetter pr… had the privilege to chat with the great @ChadSaaiman about lockdown and the many hats he wears. His words of en…'re making Renieloe's winning African style recipe using @CloverWayBetter milk. Dig into this Clover creamy samp:… you a big spender or a penny pincher? 🤑 Take @Nedbank’s money secrets quiz to find out what your money archetyp… is returning to our screens on Monday, 1 June with Elmo and friends for season 11. Get ready for… tastebuds are taking a trip to Italy thanks to @WOOLWORTHS_SA Italian style chicken schnitzel piccata:… @Neliswa31153886 @takalanisesame We hear you😀 #expressoshow @Slikour_98 @takalanisesame Good morning and happy Hump Day Thembalethu! #expressoshow @RachelMabena Winter is certainly here! #expressoshow🙌🙌🙌 #expressoshow African! #ExpressoShow #WednesdayMotivation you Ntokozo Theo Makhathini for capturing this beautiful & breath-taking sky! We love your sunrise pics so ke… morning! Did you grow up watching @takalanisesame? Elmo is joining us later to chat about a new season with ne…
#Tropika anything can happen from now. Ayeyeeeeeee!
Retweeted by Expresso Show @MyTropika #Tropika smooooooooooooooooth
Retweeted by Expresso Show#Tropika I honestly feel like they should have at least given them another boat
Retweeted by Expresso ShowIf you had the #SpiritOfDarren , what would you do in life? #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso ShowCrossing fingers for team mangopeach #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso ShowI hope the boys took this #TIOT #TeamMangoPeach #Tropika @MyTropika @SABC3
Retweeted by Expresso Show @C_kgoputso It’s so close #TropikaKubi serious 🤭🤭🤭🤭#Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @KimiRose_ 🤣🤣 #Tropika @Nita_Sands He can take it #TropikaDarren deserves this win #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @ryan_j_begint They can still take it #TropikaCome on #TeamMangoPeach there is still time to catch up #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @Miss_Charity_M From the nation 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #Tropika#tropika I'm team CoolRed but damn Daren deserves a standing ovation 👏👏👏 And CoolRed needs to stop dismantling the…
Retweeted by Expresso Show @pam_dizzy We could all learn a thing or 2 from him #TropikaSo proud of Darren!! His drive to win is impeccable #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @TKeepilwe It really is tough to choose a favourite! 💜❤ #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @maselote_m The best #Tropika @Cherrylipz99 @dumantando20 @MyTropika She would’ve been done by now #Tropika @dumantando20 your puzzle skills are needed🤣🤣ah I miss you on Curaçao screens! @MyTropika #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @Q_Hamilton1 Definitely, it’s anyone’s game #TropikaMango peach can still win this game #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @KatlegoMaboe He really does hey 👌🔥🔥🔥👏 well done Darren👑 #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @Caldine_debra The underdogs 🔥😎 #Tropika @_baphatsi @DarrenSolomon15 For real #Tropika @DarrenSolomon15 Wow boet! 👏🏽 👏🏽 #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @LLCoolHun 😂😂😂 let’s wait and see #Tropika @MyTropika @penny_namane Oooooohhhh.... Awesome always ready #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso ShowWhat do you guys think? #Tropika a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome is Darren as a partner in a team? #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show @KatlegoMaboe 100 surely 😩😎🔥 #Tropika @Ziqu_Phakade We all do to be honest #TropikaI need Darren’s spirit #Tropika
Retweeted by Expresso Show#Tropika Above all,its anyone's game at this point but I'm fully behind #teamcoolred🎉🎉✊😤 @MyTropika
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