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Traditional Catholic, FSSP, INTJ-T. I block sedes and frogs.

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@gofundme #TargetTori now has SOLE withdrawal access to the account. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN FOR HER.
Retweeted by Ex Scientia FidesHUGE UPDATE: I have made contact with #TargetTori, she has received authorization to release 2 photos to verify tha…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @blondiechick11 @breeadail She is a Deal or no Deal ho. She got famous merely for opening briefcases. What do we expect?? @fatherz “Someone is going to have to emerge as a good leader with a good vision and leadership skill to do some un… @erickson_ang Women really shouldn’t wear jeans, thoIt's funny that the rightmost silhouette has a Trump hairdo. 🤣 makes so much sense that XVI refers to being 'pimped out', given what we are learning about Ganswein's activity… only two moods
Retweeted by Ex Scientia FidesA real-life Merchant of Venice is now playing out in Massachusetts. Please pray for Tori! @David_Leavitt @OralB @Target You buy expensive Magic The Gathering cards, but can’t go to the dentist? @David_Leavitt @Target I want to give @Target even more of my business because Tori handled this correctly. I belie…
@RadBadTrad @Jclearfield2 Oh wow, this sooooo speaks to me
@TMarieBagley It *was* rather odd. 😂
@RadBadTrad @SellyRavencroft True story: at one point I thought getting tattoos were mortally sinful. I was 100% wr… @RomanThomism Yeah, that’s what bothers me about it. God the Creator, arguably more ephemeral than Christ, has a re… @TMarieBagley Cats are amazing. Never apologize for cats. :)Ignatuius Press advertisement for the book that sparked controversy this week over the pope emeritus' involvement a…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @ShesATrad @StefMNicholas truly bothers me that there doesn't seem to be a logical argument for Christ's divinity, other than Lewis' trile…
@darren_hm The wikipedia article is worth reading. Axiom 1 (2 in the article) says that every property either is po… Disney's "Donald in Mathmagic Land" (1959): "Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the univer… all need to watch this. Adrienne is extremely persuasive in this video! @MrsCasey6 Someone actually made a T-shirt with the proof on it! @RadBadTrad It's really Hofstadter's masterpiece. I've been trying to connect all this to theology lately. There is… @RadBadTrad Oh gosh, yes. In fact I'm halfway through reading it again. (I just finished Little Harmonic Labyrinth.… is it, by the way. Easy, right?!'m still around (not doing Exodus), but taking a break from the socials to noodle on some theology. I'm wrapping m… video up on why the transgender argument is NONSENSE. Live the truth, say the truth, don’t be complicit. If y…
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We need to find out if Iranian sand glows in the dark, to paraphrase Ted Cruz. No one attacks our bases without a massive response.FOX reports Iran has taken credit for the strikes. Best of Luck to the people of Iran. Your leaders just made lif…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @DavidVranken @FiatLuxGenesis The US cannot just walk away from having its base attacked. There will be an escalati…
So tired of seeing Catholics post online about someone passing and “being in heaven” now. This is dangerous. Our…
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They scared, fam.
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @jediliz @austinruse Why would it be hard to chalk your door tomorrow?St. Michael the Archangel doesn't march back and forth in front of Heaven with a sign that says "NO WAR ON EARTH". @urspaceglasgow @LaCatholicState *tomorrowEveryone reading this should go read what the Summa says about war. (Q40, 2nd/2nd): Romans 13:4: "He beareth not th…, they’re over here killing Americans on our military bases, studying in our universities, spreading jailho…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @austinruse Isn’t Epiphany tomorrow, not today? @TradPapist777 @aquinasbear @SteveSkojec @corbsalleys @Change👀🌊 @SteveSkojec @aquinasbear @corbsalleys @Change Okay. I trust you guys a lot, so I'll take your word on this one. Al… @Goodtweet_man
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @NightOfMajin One of the most amazing comedy sketches in history! A masterpiece.
Excuse me?! @JamesAGoins1 @Texascopywriter You didn't write a Catholic article, so no harm no foul! But be aware that Headspace is Buddhist/pagan in nature. @SteveSkojec @aquinasbear @corbsalleys @Change Hang on -- THIS Borderlands 3? The one mocking the Sacred Heart of J… for 52. I love it!
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides....targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @sosaidhgoh @FrMatthewLC @CatholicAmanda The hearts would have been no bigger than the stars. @Texascopywriter Congrats!! (I’ve heard Headspace is new age/pagan, FYI) @ShesATrad Wow. In our culture, with that advice, we’d all be spitting so much that people would think every Cathol… @JonahofNinevah2 @KaraAsVeronica This isn't the Miraculous Medal though... (no hearts!) @FrMatthewLC @CatholicAmanda This is NOT the Miraculous Medal image. The two hearts are missing. There have been ma…’t scroll by without saying “Happy Birthday” to this absolute legend
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People shouldn't hit women.#BREAKING: A new video has emerged of @Pontifex rebuffing a religious sister while visiting Chile in 2018. Is this…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @tonyannett @CatholicSat A Papolator is a device that moves a Pope from one floor to the next.
@shannon_last Infiltration by @TaylorRMarshall, by far.Fellow Bakersfieldians, please sign this petition to help get TLM at—no, this isn’t a joke😂…
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To me, this seems to be the singular way to end a decade. Happy New Year, #CatholicTwitter - may God bless you, and… take is about as realistic as Kylo kissing Rey. @CatholicForLife @RaymondArroyo Why are you defending the abuse of women?"The world's thy ship and not thy home." ~St. Therese of Lisieux On the close of the old year and start of the new…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @gatewaypundit @Pontifex Pope John Paul II is almost killed by a man, he forgives him. Harmless woman tries to touc…
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Retweeted by Ex Scientia FidesHappy Arbitrary-Point-in-the-Earth's-Orbit day! @RichRaho @FiatLuxGenesis I'm glad you said this. It does seem odd that such a wide swath of humanity decides to change their… @phattonez @AskYourHusband "Stifle"?! Who the hell are you, Archie Bunker? @OhTHATJohnDaley's sudden and inexplicable defense of Pope Francis' cursing a woman is extremely strange. @Jacob_Gissane @RaymondArroyo It's exceedingly clear to me. He says "bruja". Even in matters of doubt, based on wha… @RorateCaeli On what basis are you so certain? @SarahOCiosain @Patrick_Coffin Please don’t be an apologist for the physical and verbal abuse of women. It’s not a good look. @Jacob_Gissane @RaymondArroyo So it’s cool if the Vicar of Christ calls one of the faithful a bitch? @RorateCaeli Please stop and reconsider what you’re tweeting. Even in the very best case, the Pope calling one of t… that moment Jesus felt power go out from him. He turned to the crowd and asked, “Who touched my clothes?” His di…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @CauseofourJoy @aquinasbear @ExScientiaFides @OurLadyStJosep1 When women misbehave they are punished appropriately by our society.
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@TLMboomer @BenedictCarter6 #Brujamama @TLMboomer @BenedictCarter6 They already have, check Ivereigh’s post. @r_uthe_ @BenedictCarter6 Yes, he called her “bruja” in the video. That’s Spanish slang for “bitch”.A Pope who: * calls a pilgrim a "bitch". * lies on camera. * had fun as a young priest teaching his nephew foul…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @CBSNews Turn on the audio and you can clearly hear him calling her "bruja" (colloquial Spanish for "bitch").And.... the Pope-battering video is now being covered by Reuters and CBS. This'll be fun @BLB4673 @eornom @Reuters He called her "bruja" (bitch) -- that's completely unacceptable. @CharltonCosima @BruvverEccles Francis definitely says manos but he says it later. Look at his cheeks as he's turni… @PaulFink64 @Johnvidag I know :) I was replying to Mr. Dagostino, before he rudely insulted me.I just want to be the first to hashtag #BrujaGate Yer welcome.
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @ExScientiaFides @PaulFink64 I hope someday you get jerked around like that. Let's see what language you use. Your…
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @Johnvidag @PaulFink64 How charitable and loving! Happy new year, brother. @theghissilent @jferguson18 Worse than that tho -- he called her a "bruja" if you turn the audio on (that's colloquial spanish for "bitch")going to try this out on Sunday when people cross the aisles to grab my hand for the our father
Retweeted by Ex Scientia Fides @Johnvidag @PaulFink64 You think the Vicar of Christ calling a woman a "bitch" is good optics? @ExScientiaFides @CauseofourJoy @DeniseP74207003 @Pontifex
Retweeted by Ex Scientia FidesRegina Magazine confirms that Francis called that poor lady the b- word. :( @CauseofourJoy @DeniseP74207003 @Pontifex Worse than witch, if you assume the colloquial spanish meaning... :( @Odile45155384 @Abercroft @markiejoee @MrsCasey6 I mean, I guess we can be charitable and assume he called her a "h…