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xtc @eXTCyLovesYou Surfin' a sine wave, NJ

Electrical Engineering Major, Fighting game masher, All my friends are May players 😔

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@weinerless the top is good the bottom is ass @weinerless wii/360 > pc @osuAntics based
what if.. I put my.. minecraft bed.. next to yours.. Haha just kidding... unless..?
Retweeted by xtcOmg i need to fix my sleep schedule
Retweeted by xtc @Frametraps ok now u lose me bro. faust being bs is fun. @Frametraps i want to fight alzarath at full power. and then proceed to fuck him up. that would be sick. @Frametraps i just think its underwhelming. accent core looks fun and silly and stupid and rage inducing. rev 2 just kinda stale for me @Frametraps rev 2 just kinda wack. Rev 1 pre evo patch was sick. every character should be bullshit imo @Frametraps zato and millia top tier is kinda fun. its exciting cuz theyre broken and its fucking stupid. now the t… @Frametraps She sucks. you should play kum or dizzy or ino instead TBH. they all do millias thing better than millia. @Frametraps rev2 gave millia a whole can of suckass. its like venom took millia and zatos power. rev 2 having no mi… @Frametraps 9-1 @Frametraps just accept that matchup is a losing one 90% of the time @Frametraps good luck getting passed my gun @Frametraps @MercuryClown @AwexWane @tenpai_miko team row
When one of your friends coughs except it’s reality tv (w @whatchaeden)
Retweeted by xtc @RRIVERA992011 cowboy bebop dub @starstarkwargs Pedophilia is a severe crime. Pedophilia is a severe crime. Pedophilia is a severe crime. Pedophil…
Retweeted by xtc @JoelBerkowitz
Retweeted by xtc @moku_GYA @scionicle spencer's handle is amazing1950's America: Better dead than Red!🇺🇲 2020's America: Better dead than read. 😭I really hope one day I’m rich enough to donate 1.... million... dollars to a cause and people get upset because I…
Retweeted by xtc @autodidact_ classic @autodidact_ heyy @munchyjr_ no better time for exercise @AoiGGKy at what... listen i dont know what girls do i have never been invited over for round 2. @AoiGGKy im just confused how someone can own a girlI recorded a song cover but idk if im gonna upload it anywhere lol. It's not pretty. hehdamn just watched casino royale. Never trusting hot women or people who bleed from their eyes ever again. ESPECIAL… @AoiGGKy I dont get it
@AoiGGKy What @FaultFGC you start catching feels for someone... 😅 #GuiltyGear
Retweeted by xtcIf people are playing P+ now maybe ill start netplaying smash again. @Mr_RSmash watch perfect blue
Retweeted by xtcWhen I send selfies to girls, i get blocked. the Platypus should be the next Smash Ultimate DLC character. Make it happen @Reggie @EnginoJuushichi @YouTube its how it be @EnginoJuushichi @YouTube rip thechargers @blackoutbj yea im in lol. we'll see how long we're stuck in quarantine. @blackoutbj Maybe. It would have to be on ground tho cuz i only got rollerblades lol. also need a cheapo stick for itRockered my skates and now im schmovin.100% ORANGE JUICE IS LITERALLY FREE ON STEAM RIGHT NOW SO YOU BETTER UP AND GO AND BUY IT FOR FREE
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How my grandfather How I saved Saved the world The world
Retweeted by xtcjohn carmack is fucking based
Retweeted by xtcIts burpee season @OkaySway every 15 minutes do a 2 minute break. @shine_potyo @DaEvaBeato YES @Blitzbolt22 what is this @XanozIchimonji >don't eat ass >mfw
Retweeted by xtcmarvel 2 megaman kinda sick... magneto was lame anyway... @AyoItsDave where did they nerf shizu @SleepyMuffinzz POSITIVE MUFFINZ BACK WHEN WE NEED HER MOST @DeadwardFGC gimme gimme
@SobelSam I miss youUMP45 と、もちもち9ちゃん
Retweeted by xtc @GGINOBOYZ u mustnt @mapplesauceee @Mr_RSmash you deserve 1 million subscriber @moku_GYA maybe you should wake up to ur own culture thwn @iBDWSSBM You aren't ready for 2021 bro @EX_Shiki_ Only I should have access to the top tier @tenpai_miko DS: YES PRIVATE! WE YELL RELOADING MAG SO YOUR DUMBASS GETS COVERED BY YOU SQUAD WHILE YOU TAKE YOUR P… @Frametraps twitter sucks nowThey didn’t have to do Ben Simmons like that
Retweeted by xtc @GoblinFL @moku_GYA You are gross
Retweeted by xtc @HBJohnXuandou @Ryyudo Shes definitely a dodger
@tenpai_miko I need to know this @moku_GYA That wasnt kosherFrom @steam: @moku_GYA is free @findyourtechgg @REDvsFantasy is there a paywall behind framedata? @Kizzercrate maybe. I just get sad everytime I play because i think im a fraud. So i stopped playing and improving… @Kizzercrate how do u regain any sort of emotion for the game other than sad @ShinksWasTaken @osuAntics central time lookin ass @LaziestNameEver @SALTKILLSDEMONS @DopeBoyPackz Cuz i dont use gimmicks @SALTKILLSDEMONS @DopeBoyPackz Facts @hotashis i didnt wanna play video games anyway hmph @hotashis okok i learned my characters... can corona hurry up i wanna play marvel 2.
@GGINOBOYZ if leffen shits on elphelt im actually going to Sweden to destroy himNah im just sad bro @Frametraps atleast i follow some rules @Frametraps Fuck baikenIf you say Baiken isn’t top 5 you’re smoking fucking dicks
Retweeted by xtc @corybellFGC @jchensor @TheAlexValle Back in my days, there was a strategy called "not bathing", you would smell so…
Retweeted by xtcコロ
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@SleepyMuffinzz Ok that sounds tasty and what I would drink but.... YOU ARE TINY TINY SMOL PERSON. TOO MUCH! @SleepyMuffinzz you do not need that much sugar @mapplesauceee anti depressants murdered me
@Sikantoo we love you just the same @Sikantoo i love sikanto @Tempest_NYC is team 16 a hokuto no ken team?【3/29 GBVS出身格ゲー別対抗戦】 32チーム中19チームを公開。内容に変更がある場合はご連絡ください。 残り13チームに関しては現在リーダーに確認中ですので、 急ぎご回答いただけると助かります。 なお、応募多数のため一部タ…
Retweeted by xtc @DarkGenex Ah nice! enjoy it @SinKiske @Amadeus46Art Ok now i need guilty gear to look like this @DarkGenex classic song gj gj which controller and switches did u get? @AoiGGKy How about you teach me and i will call simps mean words. @AoiGGKy siege confuses me
@LordKnightBB I was NOT ready for that end.