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@Collaterly @ComradeLuanne are you inviting me to poop in your toilet @vrunt @skizelo you're going to have to discover it @space__elevator @cakemittens yea from splashback. the water they put in toilets has a lot more lead than sink water too @ggooooddddoogg man i am kinda hungry...what is wrong with people @xokaitlin @jalapenos_69 that's what i do, jars are multifunctional @jberd462 fermentation is the future! @jberd462 r/ charcuterie is so good cause its not for "board porn" ie just posting a board you put together but rat… @deceasedbaron the san fransisco treat! @CQBEXPT lol sorry @jberd462 oh yea I've seen that on reddit, lacto mustards! i really wanna try it. that aand sausage making @olivia_vault such a good way to just use stuff up ty @moldyquiche nah thats just Chicago style baby only the best over here @CQBEXPT go ahead, try and visualize it happening. you literally can't!! @jberd462 also the olives count imo @jberd462 just pulled what i saw out of the fridge. also, see the follow up tweet @mokimoki87 tyWhich invention has caused more human suffering
Retweeted by jezza @mlwaex a single round from an ak can kill one person, but a single rounding error in excel can starve millions 😔 @tacobelljar hell yea @oldlinds @cakemittens his wifes name is Jennifer lol @mokimoki87 glad you like it! works with about any veg but doing this with a radish is very similar taste too @darth__mouth and everything a body needs to survive! @tacobelljar np dude go eat. i got Bernie last night with a little one too he's good @mokimoki87 im not eating any garlic today so i figured it's a good replacement but yea, been doing that since i wa… @tacobelljar yea @tacobelljar whats your venmo @mokimoki87 oh ya with just a little dip in the salt. doesnt everyone do that? @hawksley jars are @hawksley they're sturdier! and multifunctional. @mixedgrass needed some hair on my chest, winter ain't over yet @Eugene_V_Dabbs i try them all @hawksley oh i always use jars. i kinda have to, i have too many jars in my cabinet so at least one has to be out a… @Eugene_V_Dabbs mackerel in oil yehalso my roommate brought me hotdogs halfway through @rhinotary @connor_dot_net it's red though right? @mixedgrass bet you're picturing yourself in your head doing that right now🤣😂 @totallymoon i Hate dreams omg im not even gonna start right now. just the worst. but my man, your fingers are alre… @brostoevsky do you see the apples Chris. do game ive been playing more lately is "what can i put on the board" @cakemittens @totallymoon oh no not you too! jeez.. @totallymoon oh ive always been of the opinion that i wish i didnt have to sleep, even though i enjoy sleep. give m… @mixedgrass sorry @totallymoon dude if people actually knew how often i was conjuring various objects in my mind they would crack. tv… @mixedgrass um, actually dobby was freed when his master threw him a sock, but it was actually harrys sock he gave…
@connor_dot_net @rhinotary im not even a cat person i prefer dogs! @connor_dot_net @rhinotary im not actually a cat fyi @rhinotary @connor_dot_net i just know color palette and overall pattern man. youre in the mirror with a red sweate… @trollabelle appreciate the offer @rhinotary @connor_dot_net acceptable, though often unnecessary, as i will never click the avi to enlarge it and see what it is @trollabelle no it was just a funny thing to see on the tl lol, but thanks for the offer. im simply in too many chats already @connor_dot_net @rhinotary you're supposed to choose one and stick to it besides small intervals for 7 years c'mon @null_fruit whispering down the stairs "you're in an illegal unit, harry"going to karaoke and choosing Dopesmoker by Sleep as my song @BeanusSanders @LattimerMichael lol you cant see the gleam of the overhead lights in the grocery store as you pick it up from the bin @LattimerMichael @BeanusSanders can you see the apple though @BeanusSanders thank youpeople on here: i imagine a perfect gay space communism blah blah utopia that we should work towards! also people…
Retweeted by jezza @ehr1193 hmm. looks like you saw one apple in my reply though. thanks for proving my point! @SmilingObject ive gone to that faq page so many times @olivia_alt_ might have to be a little one if youre rolling it out on the stovetop though lol @roun_sa_ville @decibellum that must suck lol. i gotta whole basket of fruit in my head right now, you should see t… @olivia_alt_ pie! pie! pie! @ehr1193 oh you can see an apple? thats cool. i can see two apples, personally. but seeing one apple is cool too i guess @pcpvegeta someone has to stop this pussy fiend! @xokaitlin in color or black and white though @pcpvegeta its a lot of fun telling people im extremely wet when i meet them @olivia_alt_ how did it go @wonderingwest its an apple! cant you see it? it's green and shiny @A_Hammer_Boy im buying a gun this year @doaknet nah, long island @SmaulGreanman oh thats your man huh😏 @xokaitlin yea there is. and you just failed it.. @computer_screen that poor woman lmao @doaknet he's in a better place... @computer_screen jesus lol why @computer_screen wait are you sending her his posts about hercome the fuck on @SmilingObject damn some people want a handout but this guy needed 4! what a damn bum @3liza thanks lol i was pretty satisfied with that post @voidsrus i will tell my roommate your feedback @3liza i did and it worked for a few hours then THAT was broken too so i reverted and it's still doing the same thing!! @TheDreamGhoul tired from rotating images of apples in my mind all day @ObeseChess the only images that have really bothered me online are the ones showing Micheal currys dead eyed look… @Eugene_V_Dabbs no! its apple time!! @okerproker mine always have been it sucks so bad lolwhy the fuck is this dumbass app marking so many photos as sensitive content that i have to click to see when 1 i h… apparently needed a 4.5 hour nap after work filled with extremely vivid dreams (man the sunlight coming through t… on here: i imagine a perfect gay space communism blah blah utopia that we should work towards! also people… having such a weak mind where you can't conjure the image of an apple, and then shift through many apples i… honestly still a little horrified from the other day when i found out some of you guys can't mentally picture th…
@IllyBocean @3liza oh yea i usually look for prob 4 pound ones so that may make a difference true @IllyBocean @3liza i do def notice less juice on the cutting board after letting it rest first though, still worth… @3liza @IllyBocean whats your usual method. do you do buttermilk brining @3liza @IllyBocean ahh i understand now ok that makes sense. i thought you meant it was like, all out soggy lol @IllyBocean @3liza concerning that elizas chicken skin is getting not crispy after just a few min out of the oven... @3liza i see the question has been answered but i was gonna offer this if you want more info @VinceEckert nice, i normally have to give a guy cash for thosegetting into listening to tool again @christapeterso is he a big cat or is that a small tv