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@A_Hammer_Boy id fry it like clams so some tomato mayo lettuce and eat it like a po boy @SonOfThePlains I expected a lot more Asian options though, I just found some chowder and fritter things, and sashimithere's far too few recipes for geoduck online in my opinion @puppysmonkey @secretreaghan2 oh my god lol
@wochie @allahliker I'm gonna screen shot this and post it next to a pic of that meme with the TV show woman in it. owned lol @allahliker how much do you think beans and rice costs dude @tsclippy still waiting calmly to hear what you think is funny about the tweet. please let me know what the joke is asap @reaghhan dump him sis! @tsclippy again, explain the funny part of a person who has been accused of predatory and creepy behavior tweeting… @A_Hammer_Boy green onions @tsclippy explain the funny part @jon_snow_420 @BRENTHOR lol ive read them and yea theyre fine, it was a fun read and i enjoyed them, but agree on t… @mixedgrass i think thats his whole plan though! its supposed to just be one more to finish the story @mixedgrass what do you meanI'm up late cause I've been looking at photos of the inside of grocery stores that'll be by my new apartment. can't… @Discourse_Stu I think I read them when the show first came out so same. gonna need a big intro or something so I d… @mrgracemugabe hell he got his money, whats the rush i guess right @Discourse_Stu yea I'm sure I'll end up reading it at some point maybe but this is a bit ridiculous lolso that last game of thrones book is like never coming out huh @mrgracemugabe 👏🏽👏🏽just enjoying my morning coffee
Retweeted by jezza @ActNormalOrElse @HugoTheCat3 motel 6 is not a boat. these things arent even close to comparable @ActNormalOrElse @redrawnoxen im not gonna put money down on these things being a certainty. i think some stuff lik… @brother_dag I'm gonna buy her a little saddle you start bird shopping, she'll be fine @brother_dag blueberry could ride it @brother_dag are you gonna get one @redrawnoxen I'm pretty sure we will and I think we will get ~something more regularly now. though I think they may… @GarlicCorgi not everyone is an 18k follower titan of Twitter like you pal!!
@foucault_46 please @foucault_46 can you upload the field recorder stuff as a bonus ep too. I wanna listen to the beach noises @puppysmonkey @kiwehhh those dms are months old, mellie deleted her main a long time ago. its not even fighting its a melt downeven if we get the disgusting $1400 I'll be able to buy a new couch, and I need a new couch. however, with $2000 I… about two thousand dollars again @boylamb2000 @halfeandhalfe @probablyalissa are you basing this completely off that screenshot? no other knowledge of who the person is? @halfeandhalfe @boylamb2000 @probablyalissa you think manipulating women in order to coerce them to send you nudes is funny?I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing at someone getting drunk enough that they out themselves as a predator lmao’m a prison abolitionist all right................. because we should abolish prisons and replace them with mass graves
Retweeted by jezza @orgy_o_agamben we all need the laugh @orgy_o_agamben if you ever come across them please let me know cause lol @tackjhompson @Agi1eTab1et oh shut up
@urbisexualdad @siren np dude hope you get through it ok! @urbisexualdad do you have venmo @Agi1eTab1et just use them! I'll live alone now so I can make more without annoying anyone else. I'll def be making… @Agi1eTab1et pickle some red onions in the beet for on shwarma @ComradeLuanne oh so normal porn @Agi1eTab1et I'll have more for you soon don't worry @coolestdudeyet no clue then sorry @coolestdudeyet blade runner @modifiedsnakes gm :)Mark Leggiero is the one lone Trump supporter out in front of the NYS Capitol. He says he expected a few thousand p…
Retweeted by jezza @brother_dag you're on the list @olivia_account_ politics is finally over @modifiedsnakes yup @brother_dag weird twitter @sh_wnee @meowshley I would do anything for a place like this @brother_dag better than the one I got the other day @IllyBocean lol @pagodasnacks i want one in my pussy to keep it warm for when i need a snack later! @doaknet @brogadishu @doaknet @brogadishu just go jerk off man good Lord
@BuzzfeedRon @WokeMayo I meant it sincerely, if I had an investment question I'd probably go to him first @BuzzfeedRon ask Curtis @IllyBocean you don't even need to think though, you can just watch the movie and Experience! @IllyBocean what a great film @focra one of the better ad placements in the show @rynowill75 @buffalocialism the son looks the same lol. also his surname is Davidson so @HugoTheCat3 @buffalocialism @buffalocialism oh shes like, legit scandi lol @ketaminal its considered by many to be the best city on earth! let's get jibaritos dude @pasta_ben @rachelmillman maybe they take turns @rachelmillman I don't know but that's badass. great way to chill out @rachelmillman it's called a magazine rachel not a clip. jeez @ketaminal come to Chicago I'll give you a leg @mrgracemugabe everyone wants to dish on the Ben Ana Split. I don't have the spoons for it myself! @CaptFamous @doaknet hes on the right track @foucault_46 @doaknet hes not even trying @humidnightbIue is it still on the beach? in the photos you've posted it looks like it's in a parking lot @doaknet you def gotta adjust a little. its hard to figure out without having sticks at hand but i think the one ne… @auntcontent @doaknet game changer with popcorn
@WoodFeels right on man @CaptFamous @martin_scorlazy 50/50 chance either way @rhinotary new yorkers man i swear to Godcome on man @martin_scorlazy i mean if theyre naming two of their children Phineas they might just be!
@computer_screen its good @charles_kinbote yea I really am dreading working again soon. would be nice if I could do my first month wherever a… @Discourse_ @computer_screen mgd is the American modelo though @listen_up_bucko no, you need to do squats @listen_up_bucko we all want that for you too @computer_screen you use snuff?? @ObeseChess @shitshowdotinfo i think the average person has a lot more than just one chance to eat a dick in life... @shitshowdotinfo jeez man thats how you get sick! @shitshowdotinfo well how would you cook it? @jalapenos_69 yea I just two to sit on so the open credit keeps it up lol. credit scores are the biggest scam this country ever thought up @moonpolysoft awe cmon you don't wanna hang one up in your garage and do it yourself in front of the neighbors?
@local__celeb cute @monster_ultra where do you go to cause I'm in @sa_da_tay @Iemontetra wait is that marble or something else @local__celeb thank you @foucault_46 that account is fake, you'll be fine buddy just send that text