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@fifthtimecharm no @mixedgrass i call them a pain in my ass when they get in my shoes!! @fifthtimecharm more like age of ass @fifthtimecharm you get me into his shit and then this happens. I'm quitting sufjan now @shutupno1cares heck yea those are real fancy ones @mklptrk theyre all so big! @moonpolysoft @rachelmillman you could even say he's incredible at times... @fattypinner that time of the year eh @the_kizzle damn i wish @Agi1eTab1et here ladies size and bigger hail coming down and the lightening is so constant the thunder never stops. cool @TSSteinbacher wassup @sa_da_tay @humidnightbIue its disgusting!
@sa_da_tay @humidnightbIue its not @jason_schrock @WhiteSoxLex @ByYourLogic I'm not catholic, sorry @WhiteSoxLex @ByYourLogic i thought that was a Florida/east coast thing, piggly wiggly would've been my grocery store reference tbh @WhiteSoxLex @ByYourLogic where the hell do you find meijers in the Midwestthis came up in my app as a yellow fieldcap but im not sure it's correct. some kinda cap though fungus @indie_grunge @trollabelle its such a good meat @kxyleeee cut them, cover them in oil, added garlic rosemary and basil, then 250°f in the oven for 5 hoursfound some honey mushrooms in the yard @tyc_sotm stop @indie_grunge @trollabelle oh yea I'd eat them both, please @joshdivision @marrowing @tiredandstrong don't want to get off the dole yet but if the money's right... @trollabelle @indie_grunge i need that big rat you guys have. nutria or whatever @GarbageApe @marrowing @tiredandstrong that's the founder, i was dming them they're sending me a free kit. told them to hire me… @xokaitlin they were saying smokers have lower rates of it so im sure ill be fine with that and the red meat @indie_grunge too many eh's i gotta get it under control! @meowshley just enjoying it while i can @xokaitlin yea we're all gonna die @butt_sword hmm @meowshley sorryletting my wretched accent get worse by the dayi bet these fuckers are out there now eating the corn i put out today @_lizharvey @cakemittens oh that's no fun cmon @C_R_Y_B_B if i ever have a bungalow question i will 100% come to you about it first now that i know that @C_R_Y_B_B i love them they're such a great design for in the city @marrowing I'm really happy for you @doaknet whats his name lol @PleasureDroid yes~! @KingDad42 @0ddette sous vide is a tried and true cooking method used by chefs all over the world @PleasureDroid gotta love a good pickle"sun dried" tomatoes tomato @TimbaIIs impressive how enormous they aremade a cranberry simple syrup and it's def more of a cranberry paste than syrup. works good though @connor_dot_net @foucault_45 literally just laying in front of the feed pile scooping it in @supsuphannah everyone's getting ready for winter @space__elevator i don't want them there they're eating my corn! @TimbaIIs ive been using an app called Seek by inaturalist. also you can note things like theyre shelf mushrooms, s… @moonpolysoft they need to quit eating my corn and apples! @TimbaIIs oh badass lol did you identify them?
@probablyalissa oh yea @connor_dot_net sauce for chicken hmm. I'm gonna have to look up that Martha recipe though yapulled the card from the trail cam that looks at the bait pile by my blind and well. those aren't deer eh @connor_dot_net we have a lot of green ones that gotta be used before they all spoil so scrambling for something. w… @connor_dot_net whats your method for the pickled green tomatoes? @girlinabasement @girlinabasement its cancelled, sorry @GahrSEEuh yea np! good luck and enjoy! @GahrSEEuh its honestly pretty simple. if you want some good resources, The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz is s… @zlingray @ArmyStrang Keep Calm and Chill Out In The McDonalds Drivethru Line @zlingray @ArmyStrang you wanna split a big house up here im down dudeim really good at thrifting really bad t shirts
Retweeted by jezzanot sure why someone would give up a nice shirt like this, but it was a great thrift find for me so can't complain!
Retweeted by jezza @ArmyStrang @zlingray up here we gotta drive 30 min just to get to the mcdonalds and then wait in the long line aft… @zlingray @ArmyStrang i am a fat man i understand the hunger! however i thought you were the zen guy, wheres the chill?! @zlingray @ArmyStrang ok sure that is a pain but the line itself? shit whats the rush man @littleerik i think im gonna try two things at first, like a cheap juice and a nicer one, and go from there @GahrSEEuh fermenting? @dvorak theyre sending me a free kit to try out! @buffalocialism @getbrewsy im a nice guyI will be doing a full review of the brewsy product, if they open their dms so i can send them my address. how exci… @ArmyStrang @zlingray or just relax for five min? @getbrewsy lol sure, what do you need just my address? @TimbaIIs lolwait did this start up gentrify prison wine??
Retweeted by jezza @raddsurfer @basiltuesday its suspicious that all of her accounts only seem to have been started this year but i th… @mixedgrass @_lizharvey @theyarenotaboy oh yea some places still got the good prices thankfully. i guess on the res… @mixedgrass @_lizharvey @theyarenotaboy i bought a pack the other day in some small towns gas station up here and n… @basiltuesday everyone is calling that one an op or whatever and ok maybe but i think theyre missing the big point that shes just very dumb @butt_sword in this economy? good enough for me @butt_sword whats in it for me @rileyjsilverman @wills_account that's what I'm saying! @Papapishu @caylenb its an incredible grift, i agree! those yeast packages prob cost maybe a dollar too i bet? and… @basiltuesday i think you should let him decide @basiltuesday need to be more education that you can literally just buy yeast for like a dollar cause this makes me feel bad @wills_account ya but what if you didn't have to go to the wine store for it @mrgracemugabe i qualify cmon! @mrgracemugabe wow what about methis is insane @connor_dot_net its 40$ for the package, they sale average is 12 brews and some people get up to 18. l m a ogoodnight ladies @coolgothsweater ugh fine @A_Hammer_Boy @coolgothsweater i didn't log on :(