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Tracking white supremacists. As seen in Media Matters, Vox, Right Wing Watch, Daily Beast, etc, etc. RTs & follows =/= endorsements.

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@drgeeforce Having a normal one. @SJRogue I know, I mention this. @JordanUhl @kath_krueger I should get one of those. @JordanUhl @kath_krueger No there isn't. We're all born to die, Jordan. @feldmanvideos He's a gay free speech absolutist who defended Jair Bolsonaro. @feldmanvideos Atheists are also very embarrassed. @DbfzVinny He was not good. @beccalew A journalist would've spotted the irony. @alexkotch I wanna know if he feels guilt. @hardball @beccalew Embrace the gothness. @drgeeforce I doubt you'd be smart enough to grow any crops. @drgeeforce What a rude thing to say about a libertarian paradise. @erinacorbett Santa is an anagram.Hey it's that non-expert who went on Christopher Cantwell's show. @TruxtonZyker @ndrew_lawrence I don't believe it was an MSNBC inside job. @NikkiMcR God, watch "JFK", people. @NikkiMcR "And here you can see him moving back and to the left. Back and to the left..." @bennyjohnson Not a left-wing tenet here, but otherwise go off I guess. @ashleyfeinberg You're a truther, Ashley? @Giza_Butler @NikkiMcR You know what just make your two gender jokes I take it all back. @NikkiMcR Thank you Ben, for killing this joke. @AlanLew56185276 @JasonSCampbell I have no idea what "totalitarian anti-Nazi" is but thanks anyway. @AlanLew56185276 @JasonSCampbell Hating Nazis won't make me one I promise.I'm tired of this news cycle. @AlanLew56185276 @JasonSCampbell That shtick is so old. People decided racism and misogyny were acceptable. That's how we got Trump. @AlanLew56185276 @JasonSCampbell Freedom of association. If an organization wants to cut ties with someone they can… @drgeeforce Or maybe you and your buddies can go seasteading and create your own Bitcoin-funded libertarian paradis… @drgeeforce Maybe you should head for Somalia. @drgeeforce I am very much okay with this. @drgeeforce @amrigg Obstruction of justice.I would but it's wrong and that newspaper is run by a cult. could go wrong? @chrisriotta @ndrew_lawrence @ericswalwell Asking the hard questions, folks. @SouthernKeeks Day after Thanksgiving. @ndrew_lawrence This is the day Eric Swalwell became president. @misstessowen You've lost weight. Maybe too much.
Worst tweet of the decade. @OOFTROOP @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends I'd imagine not. Can't wait for you to start telling it. @beccalew stop @OOFTROOP @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends 🙄 @BronxBloggerNYC @scuddly07 @HyoronkaSenshi Every time a company does this it's a publicity move.At the very least we can be done with the stupid photos of Chick-fil-A to own the libs memes. @MesoCrabby @HyoronkaSenshi's honestly all I can say about it. I was mostly happy when they dumped the Family Research Council and other hate groups.I always disagreed with where Chick-fil-A donated money to, so I just didn't go there. Maybe I will now. @allthefiends @MelissaDearth1 @OOFTROOP In other words, you're making stuff up. @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends @OOFTROOP You mean this aid? @horrorparties @thenillgetit It's a huge leap from "immigrants are coming to State X" to "this is being orchestrate… @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends @OOFTROOP Well technically we're risking killing their kids. And we've actually kille… @allthefiends @MelissaDearth1 @OOFTROOP No, we don't know that. And my website clearly says I monitor "white suprem… @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends @OOFTROOP Well he hasn't really built the wall so it isn't anything right now.Hey they gave a bipedal terrorist manifesto a blue check. @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends @OOFTROOP Yeah the concentration camps are great. Loving the breaking up of families… @AndyBCampbell Do you know any other things? @allthefiends @OOFTROOP @MelissaDearth1 I understand their beliefs if that's what you mean. I'm not right wing anym… @allthefiends @OOFTROOP @MelissaDearth1 I have political preferences. @OOFTROOP @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends Not off the top of my head. @OOFTROOP @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends But then* @OOFTROOP @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends I used to say Justin Amash but the he left the party and became an Independent. @OOFTROOP @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends Yes, white supremacists and fascists are what I cover on my website. My tim… @theserfstv Make him VP. I want an all caps administration. @OOFTROOP @MelissaDearth1 @allthefiends Except for the Democrats I loathe I suppose. @andizeisler Some tale or something, I dunno, I'm not Google.A @CBSNews investigation has uncovered a possible pay-for-play scheme involving the Republican National Committee a…
Retweeted by Eyes on the RightGOP-aligned groups that target college students were under-prepared to face crowds of far-right youth who swarmed t…
Retweeted by Eyes on the RightLouisiana officer won't face charges in 94 mph fatal crash that killed 1-year-old.
Retweeted by Eyes on the Right @FrancisGalton6 @WyattDerpy @BuzzFeedNews I hope a hunter takes your tusks. @FrancisGalton6 @WyattDerpy @BuzzFeedNews Piss off, Babar. @NikkiMcR So I can eat there? @MelissaDearth1 @OOFTROOP @allthefiends I'm not attacking good people.Lol, no. @allthefiends @MelissaDearth1 @OOFTROOP With anti-racism, yes.Which was a real thing that happened. Go look it up.Worst dancing since the dancing plague of 1518. @Erickbittercrow @TheLaurenChen My evidence was her own words. @Erickbittercrow @TheLaurenChen They're not, and it was. I know because I wrote about it. @JordanUhl @PhoenixDjabriil One would assume.Sure Denise.👀👀👀 @Erickbittercrow @TheLaurenChen No, she did defend his views as misunderstood. @trumpman72 @RadIS @AdamSchiavone And they analyzed the clip, so what's your point?"Sickening" and "proof" of racism: DHS officials said Stephen Miller must go after his emails were released…
Retweeted by Eyes on the Right @trumpman72 @RadIS @AdamSchiavone "I don't need to read it" is the most Trumpian saying. @socialistdogmom I have a headache reading that. @trumpman72 @RadIS @AdamSchiavone Read the whole article. @AndyBCampbell @JordanUhl @kenklippenstein Wow that apple is ripped. @katz_bernie @timjacobwise -Joe Biden @timjacobwise That's not cool, he had his tongue stuck for two days. @jaredlholt It really is the end of that statement that makes it.RIP to this meme @Fire_Badger The true symbol of the far-right.We're just gonna keep adding segments to this human centipede of racism aren't we?Michelle Malkin defends Nick Fuentes et al. Andy Ngo defends Michelle Malkin. @MelissaDearth1 @zetec @Rabiddogg He's a gigantic fucking racist though and clearly hates Mexicans. @MelissaDearth1 @OOFTROOP @allthefiends @MelissaDearth1 @OOFTROOP @allthefiends