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Tracking white supremacists. Cited by Media Matters, Vox, RWW, Daily Beast, etc, etc. RTs & follows =/= endorsements.

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@HoosLaughingNow Not this time but sometimes. @dumbmen2017 Fuck yeah.Nick Di Paolo Does A Racist Impression And Falsely Calls COVID-19 'A Bad Flu'
Retweeted by Eyes on the Right @FreeSpeechFan While racism persists in America today. While inequality from decades ago continues to shape the liv… @FreeSpeechFan But what about China? Our government told them the concentration camps were fine, lol. GTFO with your whataboutism. @FreeSpeechFan But that was hard work by marginalized people. They had to fight for what white men had. @FreeSpeechFan Eventually all Americans sort of. @FreeSpeechFan Nothing I said was ahistorical. Cry more. @FreeSpeechFan Free for who? @FreeSpeechFan So the founding fathers were as moral as Genghis Khan. Checkmate, libs. @FreeSpeechFan What were George Washington's teeth made of? @FreeSpeechFan And for a guy who calls himself "Free Speech Fan" maybe you should look at how free speech actually was at the founding. @FreeSpeechFan Nothing I said was false, snowflake.They owned wigs and Black people. I think I can dunk as much as I want.
@jackbuckby @scottkernest Lol you haven't changed at all. You're still garbage. @jackbuckby @scottkernest I remember when you were promoting Islamophobic bullshit on Gavin McInnes' show. Fuck you you racist shitstain. @RobynElyse @travis_view I think so. That's how the America First d-bags got verified.This fanfic is getting weird but I'm here for it. @LouiseMensch @claudiamconwayy @gtconway3d @KellyannePolls Go piss up a rope, boomer. @NikkiMcR Inject this into my veins. @lachancenaomi yike @erinacorbett RIP in peasEverything about this is astounding and infuriating. Silicon Valley is a cesspool.VICE - Silicon Valley Elite Discuss Journalists Having Too Much Power in Private App via @viceY'all go report this page & get this shut down - @gofundme - get on this ASAP. A travesty.
Retweeted by Eyes on the RightAnyway, coming from a threat to our community this is rich.Andy can't stop weeping about people mocking him on Twitter dot com. @MacDonaldAshley @kumararepublic Ugh...Get a room you loser. @elizabotking Monkey butlers? @RobynElyse ❤️ @tybutforfriends Yes. @3r1nG @AndyBCampbell Thank god we didn't choose a socialist as the nominee otherwise this thing that's happening r… guy wouldn't be that important if the President's large adult son didn't guest star on his show twice. @TheBig_Penny It's appropriate for everyone I write about. @Othismos *Flu-induced @scrubsfan10 Probably none. YouTube show.Nick Di Paolo Does A Racist Impression And Falsely Calls COVID-19 'A Bad Flu' @AndyBCampbell THIS IS JOE BIDEN'S AMERICA @AndyBCampbell Make them bring back the Carolina Reaper Fries. @RobynElyse @ParkerMolloy IN: Couple who pulled guns on Black mother and daughters charged with felony assault. Jillian Wuestenberg, 32…
Retweeted by Eyes on the RightAt least not openly.He doesn't even have many prominent white supremacists anymore. @MattMcdiz And there's so much confusion this warranted a Vanity Fair article. @MattMcdiz Apparently it has a different pronunciation on French than English? @TheLibertyLamp Jack Suckby @AndyBCampbell I mean, I wasn't going to say anything but... @tybutforfriends Well now I feel weird about thinking it's hot. @AndyBCampbell Payback time for your sandwich opinions. @TaylorLorenz HahahahahahaToo late Matt, your precious baseball stadiums have already been replaced with gulags. @kumararepublic Did he write it himself?My man looking like a living cartoon.*ominous voiceover* "All these things you don't like? Imagine they were happening when someone else was in charge.""Joe Biden's America" brought to you exclusively by images of social unrest under President Trump. @nilesh12412 It's "Gee-lane" I believe.I don't care how it's pronounced I'm saying "Jizz-lane Maxwell."Portraits in courage. @JordanUhl @jaredlholt Take that @jaredlholt. @tybutforfriends everyone pointing out that "Actually it should be given back to the Lakota people...": No shit, of course it sh… @fingerbIaster Well this is bad news. @ohheyjenna I say we skip it and go back to 80s hardcore.
@EricTrump Flock together. @jaredlholt Welcome to the...nah, fuck it, Candace Owens sucks. @coreypein I don't know but I never saw it the first time. Thanks Twitter. @tybutforfriends Congrats!🤨 @tybutforfriends Are you proposing? 😍 @tybutforfriends Okay found the line. @tybutforfriends Green tea ice cream is actually very good. @annamerlan It is if you're an absolute dickhead. Which, all things considered... @IdentifyDixie "A convicted murderer being tied to us would not be a good look."This is as good a time as any to remind you that Herman Cain sexually harassed multiple women. @MollyJongFast Owned.File this under "point made." @RobynElyse story in two parts. @RobynElyse Meatballs with WHAT? @TonyBeast1957 @NoFoolinTulin @BronzeHammer @parler_app This is a good offer, I'd accept it if I were you. @StealthyMG @Popehat Evidently he needs more experience.Wonder if it's because their governor is a total jerk-off who doesn't care about human lives. of these women has protected a man who's been accused of sexual assault by 24 women. The other is Ghislaine Max…
Retweeted by Eyes on the Right @erinacorbett You look like if she grew up in the grunge era and that's fine :) @RehabSwitching Lol this should be good. @NinjaSocialist @RancerRanches They have 1 follower. Ignore.Criticizing Israel =/= antisemitism @washingtonpost 'Cause he's a dick. @mattyglesias @Yascha_Mounk @erinacorbett good lord why @Millerheighife I'll take the monster on the right. @aprilaser There's a lot of empty room in there. @bhorowitz @loganlahive @TaylorLorenz @balajis @FeliciaHorowitz What the fuck are you talking about?I dunno man, I think people might justifiably want to avoid you. @TheJWQ What a bunch of manchildren.