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Ezekieru @Ezekieru Virginia, USA

Freelance video editor and creator of various anime parodies. Video editor and #Pathfinder2e GM for @_Numbskulls_. Icon made by @OneWithPonytail!!

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PaizoCon's seminars are all done, and honestly, today was the absolute best day. So much was learned, so much to lo…
THIS IS IT!!!! YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! MINUTES UNTIL THE APG REVEALS!!!!!I respect anybody who'd pull down the fabric of reality so they can share their chips with their interdimensional g…
Retweeted by EzekieruNow all I need is a legit straight-up construct ancestry, and the ANADI, PLEASE!! I NEED MY SPIDER PEOPLE!!First panel, and I'm already blown away. Next LO book in Feb will be all about ancestries. More options for non-Cor…'S STARTING! SEE YOU SUCKERS IN 9 HOURS!!This is it! This is the day of PaizoCon I've been looking forward to all week! I'll be there, watching all 4 strea…'s time to end this once and for all.
Retweeted by EzekieruBaD LiNE deLivERieS ARE IMPossIble To DisCErN iN a LaNguagE yOu dON'T SPeAk
Retweeted by EzekieruYouWereSnipedBysuperninja5506.mp4, or Why @QueenSwissy Hates Playing Halo with Me
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Now... TO GET ABSOLUTELY HYPED FOR ALL THE PANELS TOMORROW, BABYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!Thursday's PaizoCon coverage is more-or-less done (minus the Actual Play). REALLY PSYCHED for the new APs after Edg… @RedbeastX13 @ZoranTheBear In my case, living at my elderly father's home out in the country and taking care of him, I only had… @ZoranTheBear Yep! Internet cable, was paying $70 for 10 Mb/s down, 2 up for 2 years before they finally up'd my pa…
Retweeted by Ezekieru @ZoranTheBear You mean the type of connection, like cable VS DSL VS fiber? Or the connection speed?My RNG just depends on how much I want it, to be quite honest.
Retweeted by Ezekieru @donatoclassic All filled out! Thanks for doing this, Luis!7 and 8!*Stares into the camera like I'm in The Office* @CzBacklash 👌企鹅蹦
Retweeted by Ezekierusoup was invented in 1927 by John Soup when he wanted to drink a chicken
Retweeted by Ezekieru @commentiquette Sounds like a dargon with extra steps.2 and 4 @animelawyers It'd liven things up for a few years with all the shenanigans everyone would get into, that's for sure.Back from the store. Thankfully nothing I was seeking (except TP, ofc) was out of stock. Super crowded today, and m…
Heading to bed early so I can hit up the store early tomorrow. Not gonna do anything on Friday but have my eyes p… anyone know if "Rise of the TMNT" is on US Netflix? We just got a 30-day trial and @OneWithPonytail wants to watch it.My crazed impromptu ramblings caused many a folk to see Levi from Attack on Titan in a sassier light. 4Kids dub of My Hero Academia (probly called Hero High!) where All-Might's catchphrase is "All Mighty then!"
Retweeted by Ezekieru @MarkSeifter My PCs just got done running a play session of "Gnomeo and Juliet" for a higher-up member of society,… go to bed early 'cause I feel awful, and I wanna wake up and get plenty of work done before PaizoCon continue…
March comes in like a lion is getting a season 3 too
Retweeted by EzekieruGET OUT OF HERE! THIS CAN'T BE REAL!
Retweeted by Ezekieruthe monkeys paw curls its cg by the berserk 2016 team
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Retweeted by Ezekieru이까지만
Retweeted by Ezekierutwitter is insane bc u can just post these two images w/o context and everyone will know exactly what ur talking ab…
Retweeted by Ezekieru*SMASHES DESK IN FUCKING HALF* LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! HELL NO BUYING THIS SHIT DAY /ONE/! than framing this as the hairstylist individual actions exposing 140 people maybe point out the state re ope…
Retweeted by EzekieruThe author of Vinland Saga is just lots of fun.
Retweeted by EzekieruI'll be watching the events here all week! Can't wait to hear about the Kingmaker #Pathfinder2E conversion and abou…
Walked up the porch, entered to see a long hallways with doors on either side, and a small table near the front wit… to treat Fran to some local thai food I bought from take-out today, since she's been having it rough with c…, 4, 12 havin a tough time lately but whenever I look @ this I laugh
Retweeted by EzekieruHe's building an army #hlvrai #zombidj
Retweeted by EzekieruTwitter is crazy cause I can post these 2 images and everyone will know what I'm talking about
Retweeted by EzekieruGonna work hard on the map and encounters this week, in-between watching the PaizoCon Twitch streams and working on…'s session, minus the first 40 minutes of technical issues, was really fun! I'm excited to see how the fashi…"Whelp... time to get out the old vampire hunting kit, I guess."
Retweeted by EzekieruJujutsu Kaisen new key visual. Premiering October 2020.
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HE DON'T MISS!!! - Super Smash Bros. Melee
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Retweeted by EzekieruRoleplayed Death Note and BLEACH OCs in custom Yahoo chatrooms. And half of the chatrooms were furry sex roleplays…
Retweeted by EzekieruWell, there's at least 1 brand of TP in stock at Amazon. Let's see how soon we can get it-- Prime shipping: May 26…
Retweeted by Ezekierui think about this video a lot
Retweeted by Ezekierunot to get Too Real on Main this early in the day but reese's penis butter cup lol
Retweeted by EzekieruNice to wake up early to try and get some TP, only to see that TP was the ONLY item in my pickup order to be out of…'re streaming RIGHT NOW, playing Dungeon World. Come check it out~
Tonight we'll be celebrating 100 followers with a special game of Dungeon World! Featuring @SuperUnhappyman
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Retweeted by EzekieruDinobot's Vinegar.
Retweeted by Ezekieru @DEEsidia Hey, this list is pretty alright, all things considered Dee-- *Haikyuu!! in D tier* *Your Lie in April…
Retweeted by Ezekierunone of the missed-the-point memes will ever top this
Retweeted by Ezekieru @DiMascioVO I know the current D&D 5E homebrew is currently up to Gen 6. So I'd imagine you could easily get a Gen…
Tried a new Italian restaurant today. Wings were kinda meh, but the pizza is really good. Just wish I could've ate it before it got cold. @Rubber0Cement
Retweeted by Ezekieru"Silly robots they'll never become human" Robots: CANT HAVE SHIT IN DETROIT…
Retweeted by Ezekieru @ZeroBlackhart MC eats a finger of a legendary curse named Sukuna, and is tasked to consume all 20 fingers and die,…
Retweeting for the daytime folks. Read Jujutsu Kaisen. It's rad as fuck.
Retweeted by EzekieruGuess with the extra free time tonight, I'mma finish the outro and get to work on downloading and working on my fir… tell Krazy that Metal Slash has an increased chance of appearing when an opponent is metal, ok? hahawatchth…
Retweeted by EzekieruBad news: Fran's restaurant is opening back up due to Phase 2 of NC kicking in. Good news: Her main station is sti… for 2020 vs 2020
Retweeted by EzekieruCaught up with Jujutsu Kaisen. Fucking phenomenal. Can't wait to see how the current arc plays out. @Octopimp Can't wait to see it tonight, then!Finally reading Jujutsu Kaisen. 20 chapters in so far. It really feels like if the "monster of the week" format of…
imagine removing an artist's watermark and then FUCKING @'ING THE ARTIST HOW ENTITLED CAN YOU BE JESUS CHRIST
Retweeted by EzekieruNEWS: Phantasy Star Online 2 Makes Its PC Debut in North America on May 27 ✨ More:
Retweeted by EzekieruMeanwhile, on the @_NUMBSKULLS_ Discord server... Featuring @Ezekieru and @VoiceActorAva.
Retweeted by EzekieruI heard this year's EVO is gonna be Netbattles only? I'm hype
Retweeted by EzekieruMy Plans: 2020:
Retweeted by EzekieruYou know what? I have done this to myself. - every DM ever #dnd #rpg
Retweeted by EzekieruHad fun making a cool intro/outro, getting back into the groove of freelance work. The RTFX Generator is a huge boo… didnt know they adjusted the song to be more in character for the disney+ version. good on them!
Retweeted by EzekieruI won't ever forget that this is one of Fushiguro's theme songs. #JujutsuKaisen
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