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WEAR A MASK! #SaveYourCinema #CinemaSafe (he/him)

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Dear Journalists, please stop asking Scorsese about Comic Book Movies and please stop asking other filmmakers abo…
Retweeted by Ezra Cubero @AntonioFerdi88 @DEADLINE $30 million would be a disappointing result, but it wouldn't be "very poor." That would p…
@blood_punished @Asch790 @Jesse_round2 @BlessingJr @GameOverGreggy Producers don't have as much of a role in the cr…, and I say this as someone who thinks he is a master filmmaker and one of the top 5 best to ever live... Scors… just maybe... start holding the idiotic reporters accountable since they're the ones who keep asking about… @blood_punished @Asch790 @Jesse_round2 @BlessingJr @GameOverGreggy He didn't direct or write Brightburn. @AntonioFerdi88 @DEADLINE Also, all four of those movies were PG-13 so they automatically had a wider audience. It'… @projectslay I adore this movie! ❤ @AntonioFerdi88 @DEADLINE To be fair, Godzilla vs Kong had a Chinese release while The Suicide Squad is not schedul… love when directors, especially high profile directors, actually provide specific advice in how to improve your f… @projectslay My #2 favorite movie of the year! @mavericksmovies So we're either seeing Benedict's Cumberbatch or Jesse's Plemons? 🤞 @rosasreviews @JamesGunn @letterboxd @SuicideSquadWB It's by far my favorite blockbuster of the year and I have an…
Earn a little #respect by finding and clicking on at least two of the objects hidden in this video.… @jblikesmovies The Oscars chose the right movie. It's 100% Parasite.So you don't care that Cuomo has sexually harassed multiple people on his staff (and who knows how many more outsid…
Oh you never said it to a gay person's face. You just said it behind their backs. It just keeps getting more and mo…'ll never forget how annoying it was to watch Uncut Gems (a movie I adore) for the first time at NYFF with the aud… to Train Rourke Dragon 2?!? Autocorrect, I hate you so much!, that was more than a few lolPersepolis The Adventures of Prince Achmed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Chicken Run The Lego Batman Movie Klau… Mitchells vs. The Machines Kubo and the Two Strings Anomalisa The Simpsons Movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & U…'ll name a few! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse It's Such a Beautiful Day How to Train Your Dragon The Iron Gia… @ashmatxx @mavericksmovies Eternals definitely comes to mind. I could see Last Night in Soho having subtle visual effects wor… @AdangerC @FilmnSports21 @mavericksmovies Tenet was mostly practical as well and it won last year. @FumbledFilm @ComCodyCC2224 @DiscussingFilm Did you watch Good Time or The Lighthouse? Because if you did, I don't… me!!! This is the best news to get on my first day back on set. I’ll take it as a sign. Much love to everyone…
Retweeted by Ezra Cubero @BenBoekelaar TinTin is one of the few films of his recently that I thoroughly enjoyed. I unfortunately didn't like… Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Man 2 Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)
Anyone who turns Her into an incel manifesto has a special place reserved in Hell., good on problematic Matt Damon for being able to resist his impulse on saying the f-slur for a few months! You… how it's the women pursuing legal action and not the men... @ShakExcellence They didn't. They just made it so that you can't see it unless you click on the percentage. They're really stupid. @reeljoelcopling Key word is "most" 😉 @MattKhanway I'm very reluctant about West Side Story because I'm so protective over the original film. The trailer… Spielberg used to be one of my favorite directors but I literally haven't liked a single movie of his since… many memories at these four theaters when I was a kid. can just... not go? Literally no one is forcing you to go to a theater if you're not comfortable doing so. Also… say this as someone who genuinely had a fantastic time with Zack Snyder's Justice League... this is pathetic. A d… @pegobry @Underachiever59 Great rebuttal. So thorough and convincing. I now fully believe that the movie is a disas…, Spider-Pig, Does whatever a Spider-Pig does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't. He's a pig. Look out… really wouldn't take a lot for Pig to be better than Scarface. Pig could suck and still be better than Scarface.… @rosasreviews Just finished it myself. Animation and Lin-Manuel Miranda have both been aces lately. With VIVO, at times the characters are thinly dev… vaccinated right now! If you're one of those assholes still playing games with people's lives, you are the scum…“Y’all wanna hear a story about why me and this bitch here fell out? It’s kind of long but full of suspense.”
Retweeted by Ezra CuberoI unabashedly love Your Highness. It's the R-rated Princess Bride that I never knew I needed.…
@cliftonsutters @layne_rice @KieranO_O @AdequateEmily Why is it so hard for you to believe that people like The Las… kind of white shit is this that audiences didn't like Us?!?!? @cliftonsutters @KieranO_O @AdequateEmily Find a new joke.From the last 5 years: Arrival BlacKkKlansman Dunkirk The Father Get Out If Beale Street Could Talk Knives Out La… @CinemaCoIIector @CinemaCoIIector ... Film Instagram?!?!? I thought Film Twitter was bad enough, yeesh.Everyone’s brains are poisoned
Retweeted by Ezra Cubero @thewarlock69420 @RottenTomatoes @JamesGunn @idriselba @JohnCena @joelkinnaman @flula @NathanFillion @Dastmalchian @DJEnKaY6 @RottenTomatoes @JamesGunn @idriselba @JohnCena @joelkinnaman @flula @NathanFillion @Dastmalchian @adam_notsandler It's by far the most fun I've had at the movies this year! I'm still in awe of the things that Jam… @rosasreviews I am so eagerly anticipating my IMAX viewing on opening night. I can't stop thinking about how much I… is just a fraction of the flowers I would give to Margot Robbie. ❤ @Itssan17 He's abysmal in both movies and he's an alleged pedophile so...
@Stormahee @DiscussingFilm These cases would set a precedent for other creative who are not millionaires to get com… would be SHOCKED if Pixar does not sue Disney over what they did to Soul and Luca. If you think Scarlett Johansso… @JamesGunn I'm so pumped to see it again! It's the most fun I've had at the movies all year so far. I ate it up! @jjv124 @NickisPinkCroc @Santiag27256802 @DosFresco @aakashg04 @VickyLynnLovey @priceoreason There's also no eviden… had a small heart attack. But I'm going to be ok thanks to Rosa Estrada and the doctors who knew how to fix the…
Retweeted by Ezra CuberoHi.  It's Bob. Thank you. To my family and friends who have surrounded me this week. And for the outpouring of love…
Retweeted by Ezra Cubero @rosasreviews @intheheights @LatinxLens You go! @zachbgilbert We already had many people speak out against WB when they announced their HBO Max debacle. I imagine…, um, why aren't the actors billed on the top of the poster like every other Marvel movie?Frankly, I feel like businesses, including theaters, need to start requiring proof of vaccination for everyone's sa… someone who is vaccinated and continues to wear a mask, 100% yes. For those who are not vaccinated and don't wea… Johansson sues Disney and they distract with "Hey, our next Marvel movie is theaters only!" expanded thoughts on #TheSuicideSquad. A total blast! #YouDontKnowSquad @ashmatxx This was a roller coaster of "what the fuck"-ery.I am heartbroken! Why couldn't we get this! absolutely adored THE SUICIDE SQUAD! By far the funniest movie of @JamesGunn's career and has a beautifully eclec…
Whatever you have to say about David Ayer's work does not matter in this moment. This was all so deeply upsetting t…
Retweeted by Ezra CuberoDang it! The gif wasn't included in the tweet for Super. Well, I'm not gonna delete the thread to do it over so I'm… everything that went down back in 2018, I can imagine how much more introspection we will see in… favorite James Gunn film is #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol2. It challenges the characters to reflect on themselves. It… already knows how amazing the #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy are. Gunn, in the midst of a sprawling story spanding… hits about #Super is that @rainnwilson finds the perfect middle ground between a sympathetic protagonist and a… is hilariously terrifying in its body horror. Clearly inspired by the works of David Cronenberg while also… excited to see #TheSuicideSquad tonight! I rewatched all the films that @JamesGunn directed to prep and he's one… @spiderswarz @lizziethat That's why the reasonable thing to do is for Disney to renegotiate considering the pandemi… @NayrmanBSC So it's okay for a multi-billion dollar conglomerate to breach their contacts whenever they want simply… argue about whether or not critics engage in groupthink is to submit to the fallacy that the purpose of criticism is to assign grades.
Retweeted by Ezra CuberoJ*red L*to looks like J*red L*to and y'all are like "zomg, tRaNsFoRmAtIoN!" Also, he's a predatory creep who preys… waiting for this to be me inside a movie theater later tonight... @LuxrayLloyd @Uthair_Ahmed @ayodapizzashere @CultureCrave I thought it was okay. @nathanielr I'm still shocked that the exposé on him hasn't hit yet. The guy is a monster.In Peter Rabbit 2 (2021), you can see a rabbit holding a boom mic in the bowl's reflection
Retweeted by Ezra Cubero @Uthair_Ahmed @ayodapizzashere @CultureCrave @LuxrayLloyd Let's just agree to disagree, okay? Because there's nothi… @Uthair_Ahmed @ayodapizzashere @CultureCrave @LuxrayLloyd Nobody's right about any movie being good or bad. I had a… @akkajbub @AliGune21034222 @ayodapizzashere @CultureCrave @LuxrayLloyd Critics WISH they made the type of money you…