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Registered Dietitian turned baker/pastry chef 🤗 Engaged 👫 my motto: I don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that” 😛

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@LemonPiBoutique Of course, I’m Kirsten! Nice to “officially” meet you lol specialty dessert tray at the bakery - chocolate pastry tray! Mini Chocolate cups filled with pistachio, lem… @easypeasycui Aw thank you 😊💕 @McBrideWriter thank you so much☺️♥ @whole_runners aw thank you! it's really nice having all these decorations at my disposal to decorate with lol i do… dessert tray of the day - taste of france. mini eclairs, cream puffs, raspberry pistachio cakes, madeleines,… special order dessert tray of the day: mini tart platter! with mini pecan pies, fresh fruit tarts, french si… @GFLBlog hahhaa you and me both. wait till you see the other desserts platters we do. ill be posting more throughout the day @KbcooksC aw thank you☺️♥ @LemonPiBoutique me too lol @ReallyBobCoyle ohhh yes im def intrigued! i would love a recipei mentioned we do a lot of special orders at the bakery. our dessert bar tray is just one of 8 dessert platters we… @LemonPiBoutique lol once i start making bread i cant stop. im glad ill have the opportunity to play at work so i d… lady surprised us with friday morning treats! love my job😛 @LemonPiBoutique omg foccacia thats a great idea! and the caramelized onions is a great idea too 🤤Our biggest fans this week: IdahNielsen, AlBell42017, clarenorris20. Thank you! via
@whole_runners Aw thank you! I was also thinking something pretzel. She did mention she wanted to stay away from ba… @whole_runners I’ve done matcha/green tea gummies before and I thought the flavor was fine! If you’re concerned abo… @101Fix @Pixar @toystory Was thank you so much 😊💕 @storyancestry Oh no I’m so sorry for your loss 😢💕 @annez513 Aw thank you! I just gotta find some good recipes to make now 🤔 I think I def need to make my piggy rolls… @noseychef That is so funny you said that because that was one of my first thoughts. Cheesy beer bread 😋 @annez513 Oh my gosh I love this idea!Ok twitter people. I’ve been “promoted” to bread baker in addition to my pastry chef title at the bakery. The owner… @Liz84844815 Me too! I made rainbow unicorn poop and mermaid poop sugar cookies earlier this year because I loved the color combos lol @1JunkYardDawg @LemonPiBoutique Ahhh maybe it was the recipe i used. I did use the agar to make red wine gummies so… @Liz84844815 Oh my god rainbow unicorn 😍 @1JunkYardDawg @LemonPiBoutique For this version I used gelatin because it is all I could get my hands on. I’ve als… @LemonPiBoutique All of them @LemonPiBoutique 🤣🤣 Yessss just think of all the cool baking projects we could do together 🤔 @LemonPiBoutique RIGHT?! I can’t wait to try with other fun coffee flavors now. Maybe kahlua and coffee lol @spottygp @CaptnKennysFr Thank you 😊 @easypeasycui Aw thank you so much 😊💕 @si2mt @clarenorris20 Aw thank you so much! Super easy to make! @si2mt @KodiakCakes 😊🙌🥰 @rwilley112 Lol I’m sorry to hear that @annez513 Aw thank you, you’re so kind! My coworkers and my boss have noticed as well and they’ve been giving me mo… @annez513 @KodiakCakes Aw shucks thank you 😊 @whole_runners Aw thank you! They came out great! I def want to try other flavor combos. Maybe a mocha or a latte v… @1JunkYardDawg @LemonPiBoutique Ohhh yesss try it! You could even try a latte version by adding milk instead of water.Working in a bakery, this tends to be a busy time of year with all the holiday orders = long hours. So I made speci… @Isaac02464289 @AteJust8 Thank you 😊
@whole_runners I want you guys to know that you’ve been on my mind ever since you told me about the diagnosis. I’ve… @whole_runners Awww you guys are too sweet. I don’t know though I still have a lot to learn lol I’m still a total amateur in the kitchen 🙈 @nikkikettle3 Aren’t they cool? One more project for me to add to my never ending list of baking projects at home lolCouldn’t pick a fave cookie for #NationalCookieDay so a collage of my faves it is. A little bit of everything from… @LemonPiBoutique Oh my gosh since I’ve started working here I’ve eaten so many sweets. There’s always stuff to samp… @LemonPiBoutique I will be sure to pass along your compliments 😊 @AvhleeWrites as far as i know she made them out of choux pastrymy coworker made cream puff swans for the dessert case today. such a cool little dessert. off the lemon almond ricotta cakes for the dessert case. look how pretty😍 @nikkikettle3 As thank you 😊
Had some leftover cranberries to use up from thanksgiving so I made cranberry chia jam thumbprint cookies. I’ve als… @LemonPiBoutique Omg yes loooooove Brie! So much so that I used to joke that if I have a girl one day I am going to… @hilaryrobbins14 I decided to do that today. Blasted some Christmas music while working on my baking projects for t… @docjmt Yeah I was totally guessing with the flavor combos but it came out really nice. Would definitely make this again. @wayne_jolly Lol glad to hear it 🤗 @valerie7228 Aw thank you! The carbs are def helping lol @quineatal Thank you 😊 @LiteraryDates Aw thank you! I ate about half of it already lol I mean, bread is best the first day so I kinda had no choice 🙈😂 @frightbaby Awww what a sweet baby. Get well soon, vlad 💕
@JessicaCantell Aw thank you! I was totally guessing with the flavor combos but it came out fabulous. Would def make this again 🙌Made some lemon rosemary Irish soda bread today because the end of the year has been making me super emotional and… @AnnasHouseUS 🙌 @AnnasHouseUS Strong during the work week, sweet and frothy on the weekend 😋 @theartsyreader1 Right?! Best show! Also loved this one @theartsyreader1
@blobslinger Aw thank you so much 😊 @hilaryrobbins14 @BrendanKLieb @McBrideWriter From what I understand, the brownies he posted weren’t made by him. H…
@trudiebakescake Oh my gosh what an awesome cake! I love the Christmas unicorn theme 😍 @CisahSalihana aw thank you so much☺️♥ @BrendanKLieb @hilaryrobbins14 @McBrideWriter that does sound amazing😍 @McBrideWriter @hilaryrobbins14 @BrendanKLieb ohhh yeah ive used this before to make truffles. def need to do that again @hilaryrobbins14 @McBrideWriter @BrendanKLieb i have a loose idea of what i want to do with it but i am def open to suggestions! @hilaryrobbins14 lol there we go! although im not sure how i feel about lemon and chocolatesaturday morning baking at work - lemon almond ricotta cakes😍 @hilaryrobbins14 aw thank you! im just trying to decide what to do with it now lol @hilaryrobbins14 The coconut oil doesn’t actually add any flavor. It just helped to thin out the consistency so it wasn’t so thick.
Had some avocados to use up so I made vegan chocolate avocado “ganache”. So simple - just blend avocados, coconut o… @sophie_sierra Aw thank you so much, doll! So happy with how this turned out. Can’t wait to experiment with other cakes now @sophie_sierra Made such a great breakfast treat lol @sophie_sierra Right?! What’s funny is that I didn’t even notice the unicorn part at first because I was staring at… @CaptnKennysFr Aw thank you! It was super decadent. Def a keeper recipe. Oh that reminds me, I should write that do… @CollarVeronica Aw thank you so much 😊💕 @ARealGirlReview As thank you so much! Thankfully it tasted as good as it looked, too 🙌 @CharHopetacy Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try making more cakes now 🙌 @CharHopetacy Aw thank you 😊
@docjmt Lol aw thank you so much! I’ll get right on making samples for twitter lol @annez513 Lol aw thank you! I had several mental breakdowns while making this so I’m glad it turned out in the end.… @TastyItinerary Lol yes please! I’m gonna need help in that department. I’ve made so many cakes lately that I’ve be… @TastyItinerary Yessssss! Maybe I should make the cherpumple my next project so you can have your pie and cake all in one lol @TastyItinerary Oh my god yes apple pie! And for breakfast? I like the way you think lol @LemonPiBoutique Lol! It was both a huge pain in the ass to make but also fun at the same time...if that makes sens… @AprilCalgary Aw thank you so much 😊💕 @whole_runners Oh my gosh those look amazing! What is that topping? Maple? @whole_runners Oh my gosh I am unbelievably proud! Cakes have always been my downfall. So I’ve been slowly teaching… @LemonPiBoutique Aw thank you, you’re so sweet! Did you see the inside shot of the cake? I always love the inside s… @TastyItinerary Lol aw thank you so much! I am so proud of this cake. I’ve never attempted anything like this befor… @whole_runners And there wasn’t even any leftovers to take home. So thankfully it tasted as good as it looked. I al… @whole_runners Aw thank you so much! took so much experimenting. I kept having failed experiments. I was up until 2…