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Registered Dietitian turned baker/pastry chef 🤗 Engaged 👫 I don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that” 😛

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@CharHopetacy Hahhaha oh I didn’t even think about that, good point 🤔😂Since it’s a holiday I decided to take Dino to the beach. And by beach I mean the swamp in front of our apartment b… @ashleedaniellee Oh my god babysitters club is on Netflix now? I’ve been waiting for that. Ok I know how I’m spending my 4th lol @whole_runners @Liz84844815 I always forget how much I enjoy smoothies lol I’m definitely trying the blueberry lemo… day another smoothie! this time cherry strawberry 🍒 🍓 Thanks for the flavor combo suggestion @Liz84844815!… @Liz84844815 Ohhhhh that sounds so good! Def want to try that combo! @KitchenSteffi You are beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you go with! @LemonPiBoutique Hmmm good question. Might watch Independence Day later. Or rewatch stranger things. Don’t really h… @bindiradia Such a refreshing combo! @winesplashing @SashaEats @HaagenDazs_US @missbubbles1983 @DivaFoodies @PhillyGrub @Adventuringgal @CharlesMcCool @Liz84844815 I am obsesssed with the color! It was delicious 😋
@NaishaBoricua31 Thank you! Def hit the spot 😊 @TheUncorkedLib So good! I’ve been eating so much lately I really needed something “light” for dinner today lolBlueberry mango smoothie for dinner. Obsessed with this color 😍😛 Milk, 1 container blueberry activia yogurt, 1/2 cu… @tina_tux @ColourPopCo Aw thank you! I am obsessed with baked oatmeal! @cooksringroad Aw thank you 😊 @cynspo Such a good combo! I just came across a recipe for a chocolate pb soufflé and I really think I need to make it ASAP now @ashleedaniellee Omg yes! And it’s even worse if I have scheduled plans with friends. I of course love seeing my fr… @easypeasycui Aw thanks! If I had remembered sooner I prob would’ve made some kind of cake or cupcakes or something… @Chani_JBean @Savvyjunne @ColourPopCo lol be sure to post a pic if you make it so I can see 😊 @Savvyjunne @ColourPopCo @Savvyjunne @ColourPopCo Here you go 😊 these will keep fresh at room temp for about 3 days. After that store in the… @ColourPopCo Baked oatmeal! #obsessed of forgot it was 4th of July so haven’t really made anything “patriotic”. So throwback to some of my fave patr… @whole_runners Hahaha oh god that was supposed to say banana mango but I think I may try blueberry mango today now… @whole_runners Let’s see I did a blueberry mango smoothie the other day. I did blueberry banana and spinach yesterd… @LemonPiBoutique Omg I will take that compliment!One of my favorite people on here @LemonPiBoutique made my pumpkin chocolate chip banana bread baked oatmeal bars s… @whole_runners Omg you guys! I’ve been seeing your posts about doing different colored smoothies! Ahhhh I cannot wa… @whole_runners @LemonPiBoutique Sorry it’s kind of buried! I prob should’ve done a separate post with the recipe. h… @whole_runners Ohhhh that’s so handy! I think I would likely use my mixer next time to at least knead the dough. I… @whole_runners Yesssss I can’t wait to see! My first thought is always how can I rainbowify whatever I’m making lol @Adam12332871709 Omg 😍 cannot go wrong with blueberry pie! I love the design on top! @McBrideWriter I think if I remember correctly tagliatelle was the name of the one I was going for! @whole_runners @LemonPiBoutique I can’t wait to see your version! Pics are required 😉 @LemonPiBoutique Haha I had a feeling you’d say that! Just in case they don’t lol @whole_runners Oh that’s so awesome! What kind of pasta did you make? Lol yes it it def a process, though. I think… @whole_runners I used to use it in breads and mugcakes. I’ve also added it to hummus for a rainbow hummus. Oh and c… @FuljerJana Aw thank you 😊 @CharHopetacy Aw thank you! It was def not a bad first attempt. I think I’m gonna try a sourdough discard version next 😛 @hayley_ker Aw thank you so much! Have you ever made pasta before? @LemonPiBoutique Omg yesssss I live for those inside shots! That melted chocolate 🤤 I am so glad you enjoyed the re…
@InsecureHW The recipe I used said to roll the dough out to 18in circle about 1/16th inch thick and then to cut the… @SpeedOfDebbie I did see a recipe for spinach pasta! I would def try that! I’m a sucker for spinach. @SpeedOfDebbie Aw thank you! I loved the homemade ravioli I made awhile back. I think my technique needs some work… @SpeedOfDebbie Ohhhh I like the idea of using my sourdough discard! Ok I’m def trying that next! I would love to se… @InsecureHW I had to do it all by hand so it took a bit of time and lots of effort lol would definitely roll the pa… @FoodNutriMag @LemonPiBoutique ummmm make this! I don’t really eat meat but i feel like someone should make this so… @InsecureHW Aw thank you! It’s a pretty fun process. I would prob make ravioli again before I made this again but I… @LemonPiBoutique Riiiiight?! Ok that’s it. I’m making more this weekend lolHomemade pasta is served 🍝 With veggie pesto and added veggies. Not too bad for a first attempt. Definitely have a… @LemonPiBoutique Yesssss I’m obsessed. I have another version with berries and applesauce that I was equally obsess… @LemonPiBoutique Lol I don’t blame you! @LemonPiBoutique That looks so good! I think I need to make another batch ASAP thanks to your pic lolThought it would be kinda “fun” to document the process of making homemade pasta. So its now had its bath aka been… @whole_runners Lol oh no! I think I just found out a few months ago. I had thought about ordering some and I saw th… @bindiradia I need to work on my pasta skills but yes I’m quite excited lolAdmittedly not 100% happy with how the dough turned out but maybe it will be fine once it’s cooked. Either way it’s… something new today 🍝 @lucy_carter96 Aw I’m sorry you have a uti. I had one a few months ago and it was awful. Unfortunately once you hav… @NaishaBoricua31 Aww I love that 💃 let’s was born 2 months early. I was born in May, was supposed to… @hplc_tech @Adam12332871709 Bahahaha yessss Aragog. I was wondering if anyone would notice that @mjb729leo I admit I’ve been a total homebody lol but I keep baking cakes and I need to stop because there’s only so many cakes I can eat 😂 @CharHopetacy With everything going on it feels like this was more than a year ago lol @mjb729leo Right?! Such a fun project. I need another one lolAnd just to get an idea of how big it is...there’s me next to it after I finished it 🤗 actually did an entire in depth blog post on this for anyone that wants to check it out lol @Adam12332871709 It’s on my bucket list! @LemonPiBoutique Oh my god that’s so awesome. Once we get a house I would love to do the same. This beast takes up… @101Fix I’m not even sure you can tell the sheer size of this from this pic but it was massive. And so much fun. Def need to do another one.Throwback to exactly a year ago when I spent at least a week putting together this beast. With the current covid si… @TheMamaMinder Ohhhh yes I see that is quite the dilemma. Hmmm I need time to process this new information 😂 @TheMamaMinder It’s a holiday...I say stay in bed 😉 @sydneysjourney I saw this and had to laugh. @LemonPiBoutique It’s funny because I feel like that used to be my dad, too. So when he said he was going to skip t… @LemonPiBoutique Hahaha I totally get it. That’s me with the chocolate. Like it’s not required but I NEED it. I sen… @LemonPiBoutique lol I mean the nuts aren’t required. They add a nice flavor but they def aren’t needed. I’ve made…
@ashleedaniellee I’ll start working on a business plan 😉 @ashleedaniellee Ohhhhh yesssss! with a bakery! And dressing up as your fave characters highly encouraged. @ashleedaniellee 😂😂 @ashleedaniellee Happy endings, the sun, and other reasons I’m banned from the library. My fiancé’s is macchiatos,… @brunchstudies Lol nah casseroles are life. Can never go wrong with a casserole. @brunchstudies Lol I totally get that. Our apartment turns into a sauna in the summer so I have to plan my baking p… @brunchstudies Lol I’ve been on such a huge pumpkin kick lately. I think I just skipped summer and went straight to fall 😂 @KMarijom Yesssss I am obsessed 🙌 @giobastid @JahNestaWailer Awww what a pretty kitty 😍 @wenlikestopaint I don’t like it, I love it! It’s perfect! Thank you so much. Can’t wait for your sticker designs! @easypeasycui @wenlikestopaint I think she said eventually she wants to start designing stickers and/or pins too. I… friend @wenlikestopaint made me a new logo and I am obsessed. Rainbows, donuts, cupcakes, sprinkles. What more c… @LemonPiBoutique Bahahaha geez lady 🙄 you’re in luck though I just posted it! It’s somewhere in this thread lol @SashaEats @HaagenDazs_US @missbubbles1983 @DivaFoodies @PhillyGrub @Adventuringgal @CharlesMcCool @DivaVinophile @FuljerJana Aw thank you! I’ll be posting the recipe shortly if you’re interested 😊 @annez513 And chocolate! And pecans lol great flavor combo! @whole_runners Unfortunately my version is not vegan as it uses eggs but you guys may be able to veganify it! @SpeedOfDebbie Hahahah true story! Thank you for your patience 😉🤗 @LemonPiBoutique lol highly recommend! I’ll post the recipe in a little bit! @bindiradia Thank you 😊 @crunchy_funky I wonder how many people are buying it thinking they’ll use it and then it just ends up sitting. I c…