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Registered Dietitian turned self-taught baker 👩‍🍳 Engaged 👫 I don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that” 😛

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@HeatherFidler2 That twist at the end! I mean I heard there was a twist but I still wasn’t expecting that lolTea bombs in action! Also my new obsession. These are gonna be so fun in the fall/winter got around to making tea bombs! Basically it’s a sugar crystal sphere w/tea, edible flowers, glitter, etc.… @HeatherFidler2 Ohh I haven’t heard of,those will def check them out. Oh I watched cruel summer (I think you were w… @KodiakCakes Aw thank you 🥰😘
I'm Geraldine and I like to draw cute simple stuff, and nowadays mostly #cats with some occasional MapleStory art h…
Retweeted by F00dventures 🌼🌸🌻🌹(the midnight baker) 👩‍🍳 @jaycm1344 Oh my gosh mad about you is on there?! Ok def adding to my list. Ohhh I’ve heard marvelous mrs maisel an… Twitter people. Twitterers? Tweeters? Whatever y’all are. Who here has Amazon prime? I got an Amazon prime trial… @HeatherFidler2 Aw thank you 😊Y’all know I have a problem with hoarding pics so throwback to this time last year when I made this chocolate ombré… @Adam12332871709 Screamin Sicilian is one of my top faves, as well! Bessie’s revenge is my favorite! @NellyDrab1 That’s what I was going for 😊 Wasn’t sure if it was super obvious though lol
@GilbertoEZayas Lol I thought it was a goner. I can rest easy now 😅😂My mom made this beautiful pavlova and I had to share this pic she sent me. She baked it in a pie dish then filled… @1000_FacedHero I don’t know for me august and September are just prequels to scary month. I celebrate scary month… @HeatherFidler2 Aw thank you! He’s a little rough around the edges but…still delicious lolUpdate: the cup has been acquired 😅 @AlisaLeeKiska Aw thank you! And right?! I was so nervous. I actually like it better baked. I was pretty unhappy wi… funday calls for pizza 🍕 decided to try making my pizza a little more fun. This was actually way harder to d… @Nichola_Barron That’s actually prettt accurate 😂 @Nichola_Barron Lol I’m really annoyed now cause I actually liked that cup and now I have to try and venture outsid… @18borellijulie Bugs and spiders I have no issues with but I don’t play around with wasps lol I literally just chuc… there it is 😅🤦‍♀️ a wasp in the apartment and managed to catch it in a cup. And then proceeded to just throw the entire cup out… @glowsteadyy Right?! I miss the old ig. I barely use it now ever since it added all these extra “features”. @Kerryloves2trvl Ohhhh yum! These would be super cute for Valentine’s Day, too. Like heart shaped then dipped in th… @CharHopetacy I know, right?! Lived here for almost 6 years and For some reason I’ve never thought of taking advant…
@AtHomeCooking_ Lol excited to see what you make! @AtHomeCooking_ Lol I would totally faceplant into that. I need to get some peaches now 🤤🤤 @AtHomeCooking_ Oh my god yesss that looks so good! @AtHomeCooking_ @AlisaLeeKiska Aw thank you so much 🥰 @theartsyreader1 The sun ended up coming out and I’m just like…you’re ruining my fall aesthetic go away lol @HeatherFidler2 Aw thank you 😊 @GilbertoEZayas Thank you! These were fun. But now back to the fall stuff lol @theartsyreader1 Lady of thorns and grief! My fiancé is king of war and torment lol @meowingatgames Aw thank you 🥰 lol oh believe me sometimes I still do that, too. It’s a lot of work decorating cupc… though I’m in fall mode I decided to channel 4th of July with a cupcake bouquet. I def wouldn’t be mad if some… @theartsyreader1 Soooo excited! It’s even cool and grey and overcast today so total fall vibes right now 🙌 @FoodTravelChat My calves have been acting that way lol I’ve been hitting 15k the last couple days and my calves ar… @MagicalOverload I’m going to watch the sandlot, Independence Day, and maybe rewatch stranger things. Prob throw in… @HeatherFidler2 I really want to try making it myself. I’m thinking you could prob reduce blueberries with culinary… know summer just started but I’ve just been really feeling the fall vibes lately. so excited for fall baking, coz…
@AliBee55 @AlisaLeeKiska Aw thank you 😊 @HeatherFidler2 Aw thank you! I can’t wait to try out more designs! @NellyDrab1 Eh not quite. Everything I’ve posted today I actually made on previous days. I’ve been pretty lazy today lol @Gameisly1 Right!? Total foodporn in my book lol @aspergirlkylie Thank you! They were so good! @AlisaLeeKiska Aw thank you! I agree I like them all but I think the first one is also my fave.Extra pics of the conchas/pan dulce I made cause apparently I’m just all about spamming y’all with pics today lol… catch-up with some old posts cause I’m bored and I’m procrastinating doing laundry. Made conchas or pan dul… @ASovij Thank you! Can’t go wrong this marshmallowy goodness @Kerryloves2trvl Ohhh raspberry and chocolate is such a good combo so I’m sure it’s gonna be great. Another baking… @Kerryloves2trvl Waaaait that sounds so good. I have extra marshmallows to use up and I’ve been trying to decide wh… @3GF416 Ohhh interesting idea! I’m definitely going to bookmark that for a future project!I don’t know about you guys but that first Rice Krispie pull when they’re all gooey and marshmallowy is one of the…’s been a long ass week. In other news…I’ve never made homemade Rice Krispie treats so I decided to remedy that.… @3GF416 I ended up making mini cheesecakes to go with it but I agree ice cream would be good, too! I really gotta g… @101Fix @KodiakCakes Thank you 😊 @easypeasycui @KodiakCakes Aw thank you ☺️ @3GF416 @MagicalOverload I’ve found recipes to make it at home! Hoping to try it myself soon! @theartsyreader1 Right?! She’s such a cuddle baby @AlisaLeeKiska It actually doesn’t even move! She just flings it around the apartment herself lol @HeatherFidler2 She’s our cuddle baby 🥰 @GilbertoEZayas I just had to share that with everyone in case anyone cared 😂She loves her fish 🥺 #CatsOfTwitter @thexybeatht 3-4am….and then I wonder why it takes me so long to be productive during the day 😅😂 @MagicalOverload I’ve been vegetarian for 15+ years and I did go vegan for a little while. If I had to I could prob… @HeatherFidler2 @KodiakCakes Aw thank you! They were so good! The watermelon spread paired so well with these 🤤
@theartsyreader1 Although I have to say tiktok also loves to remind me of my “elderly age” 😅😂 @theartsyreader1 Oh Jesus I did not need that negativity today lol @ASovij @GilbertoEZayas @KodiakCakes Aw thank you 🥰 They’re a tad sloppy but so good 🙌 @AmandaTh50 I agree! I’ve felt so much better since I’ve started getting in those steps. My fiancé has even started… @ph_neuro Awww 🥺🥰 I’m so glad you like it! Tried a bit of a different decorating style for this one but thought thi… cute not to do a video lol ever since I got my hands on that Trader Joe’s watermelon spread I’ve been dying to do something with it. So i m… @AmandaTh50 I appreciate the concern. I’m just trying to make a more conscious effort to move more. I’ve basically… @FoodTravelChat Hah yeah I used to hit 20k a day no problem when I was younger. I may try for 15k instead lol
@Clarissa_Laskey the month of June I set a goal to hit at least 10k steps a day. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I walked… @GilbertoEZayas Well that’s the thing…I don’t even enjoy meringue that much lol I just like piping it 😂 @NellyDrab1 Ohhh yummm that looks so good! @CynPhilDelights Aw happy birthday! @DlyHarvest Ok I actually laughed out loud at this one lol @esoule951 I have an associates in liberal arts, an associates in science, and a BA In Science majoring in dietetic… @xonjie123 @ph_neuro Thank you 😊 @ph_neuro @__AddYourName__ Yes we most definitely would lol @bindiradia @ph_neuro Thank you 😊 @easypeasycui @ph_neuro Thank you so much 😊 @MaysamAdventur1 @ph_neuro Thank you 😊 @DesiDlnek Thank you 😊
So if you saw my previous post the buttercream strawberry flowers I made were meant to be used as cake decorations.… @MapleSquidge Thank you! Im sure someone more skilled than me could make them look a lot nicer lol @easypeasycui Aw thank you 🥰 @MaudFeijt @MaudFeijt Aw thank you 😊 they’re meant to be used as a cake decoration but I was too lazy for all that lolOh good grief I used the wrong your 🙈😫😅 that typo is gonna annoy me lol anyway…enjoy this nice little action shot v… day another strawberry post 🍓 Had this idea for buttercream strawberry flowers 🌺 the strawberry forms the b… @HeatherFidler2 @ph_neuro Aw thank you 🥰 I was so frustrated with these that icing was hard to work with. At least they kinda came out lol @HeatherFidler2 Aw thank you! @ph_neuro @__AddYourName__ Lol I feel like we prob wouldn’t get anything accomplished if we actually tried baking together