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❌-Wings... when innovation goes too far 🤣 Check out all the weird and wacky #F1 loopholes >>…'s progress this year has surprised many, including their own team principal 👏 #F1 @McLarenF1 else has that #FridayFeeling 🕺🎶 #F1 @LandoNorris @Carlossainz55 you agree with the results? 🤔 Take a l👀k at the breakdown of your Fan Rankings #F1⚡️ Max Verstappen ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 1st Power Ranking = 1st You've voted the flying Dutchman as the top driver fro…⚡️ Lewis Hamilton ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 2nd Power Ranking = 2nd He's not been second too often so far this year, with… @alfaromeoracing ⚡️ Carlos Sainz ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 3rd Power Ranking = 3rd This smooth operator secures third in y…⚡️ Kimi Raikkonen ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 4th Power Ranking = 8th The Iceman has collected a cool 31 points so far this…⚡️ Lando Norris ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 5th Power Ranking = 4th Couple of P6 finishes and impressive qualifying performa…⚡️ Charles Leclerc ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 6th Power Ranking = 5th His debut Ferrari season has yielded five podiums alo…⚡️ Alexander Albon ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 7th Power Ranking = 6th (equal) He's not only impressed Red Bull as you land…⚡️ Daniil Kvyat ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 8th Power Ranking = 10th The Russian is the only driver outside of Mercedes, Fer… @WilliamsRacing @GeorgeRussell63 ⚡️ Valtteri Bottas ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 9th Power Ranking = 6th (equal) The flying F…⚡️ George Russell ⚡️ Fan Ranking = 10th Power Ranking = 9th The @WilliamsRacing ace has consistently put in stron… is up on every stat except the all important one 👀 Here's how the @RacingPointF1 racers stack up 📊 #F1 ⚔️
🔥 GRILL THE GRID 🔥 They're fiery on track but the @HaasF1Team duo are as competitive off it 🤣 Full episode >>… heaven 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Watch and re-live @Max33Verstappen's seven #F1 victories and VOTE for your favourite 🤩⬇️ Silver Arrow with only one target 🎯 Esteban Ocon explains his current situation in #F1 ⬇️ into life 🤩 The 2021 #F1 car model was tested in the wind tunnel and discovered some promising findings 👀 to break the rules 🙌 The team behind the 2021 #F1 car design are now searching for loopholes in their own reg… The first shots of the 2021 #F1 car model 📸🤜💥🤛 Haas are close on the track and in the stats 🤓 #F1 ⚔️
This bout went 1️⃣2️⃣ rounds 🥊 Here's how Albon and Kvyat finished their time together 👀 #F1 ⚔️ Coulthard believes we're not far from a female racer in #F1, despite tough challenges ⬇️ do all the #F1 team mates stack up against each other? Some are closer than you think 👀⬇️ to #F1BeyondTheGrid❓ Get up to speed with the official #F1 podcast, supported by @Bose, by listening to our sp…“Driving an #F1 car is something I have dreamt about since I was seven years old!" @FIA_F2 duo Correa and Calderon…⚡️ FAN RANKINGS ⚡️ Let us know your 🔝 drivers from 2019 so far >> #F1 the high life at the #JapaneseGP by answering only ONE question 🍾 ✈️ Flights 🏠 Accommodation 🎟 Tickets 🍸 Hosp…🎉 Kimi's 16-day party 📝 Coulthard's double contract day 🤬 James Allison meeting Lewis Hamilton Re-live the best mo… Honey Badger 🆚 The Hulk Here's how the two stand after 12 rounds 🥊 #F1 ⚔️
"Chaaaaaaammmmmmppppppaagggggggnnnnneeee!!!" 👏 @BobConstanduros #WeAreF1 🍾 #F1 front wheels, boomerang barge boards... Reviewing the best technical wizardry of the season so far 👀⚙️…👏 @Charles_Leclerc  How will the order change after the summer break 🤔 #F1⚡️ F1 POWER RANKINGS - FAN VOTE! ⚡️ Who has stood out in qualifying? Who’s impressed you during races? Which drive…
Which drivers are most likely to join this list of podium finishers in the second half of the season? 🥇🥈🥉 Pick two… CAR-TOON Get it? 🤔😉 It's the first half of the 2019 season, as you've never seen it before 👀😂 #F1 confirmation on @HaasF1Team's 2020 lineup yet 👥 But one avenue looks closed according to the boss ⬇️ #F1 races 🏁 10 awesome overtakes 👋 🚀 Which of these dazzling passes is your favourite of 2019 so far? 🤔🍿 #F1 challenger by day, Hungarian talent show finalist by night 🎮🎤 @FormulaDani is a man of many talents - and…*Wishes @HulkHulkenberg a happy birthday* 🎂 Nico ⬇️ 👍 #F1 RANKINGS: YOU DECIDE 🤔 We've been giving you our F1 Power Rankings after every race of 2019 Now, we want y…
Two of #F1's brightest young talents in his mirrors... Bring it on, says @LewisHamilton 😏 case you missed it 👀 Grill The Grid is back for 2019! We put McLaren duo @LandoNorris and @Carlossainz55 up aga… could quote this season, like... forever! 📻 Some of our favourite quotes of the year so far... #F1 Bulls lock horns 🐂 How Verstappen and Gasly square up in their 12 races together at @redbullracing #F1 ⚔️
No wins on the board so far for Ferrari... But calmness is key, according to Seb 👍 #F1, you're an #F1 Superfan? Then @DHL_Motorsports need YOU! Share your favourite F1 moment, either using: 🎥 Vide… versus red... head to head! 🔴 There's not much to choose between the @ScuderiaFerrari pair #F1 ⚔️ and Valtteri looking like they're about to drop a 🔥 mixtape... And so are we! Get the soundtrack to your sum…
Remember this? 🤔 Jordan's Frentzen-Alesi trade in 2001 is just one of several mid-season driver changes that have…🚨 The latest #F1Esports qualifier closes THIS SUNDAY 🚨 Our 2018 vice-champion @FormulaDani has taken on his home e…'s HOW LONG until the #BelgianGP? ⏱ Hang in there #F1 fans - the summer break is almost halfway through 😅 What… than half the seats for 2020 are as yet unconfirmed... Who do you think will end up where? 🗣 #F1 the @MercedesAMGF1 pair stack up at the halfway point... #F1 ⚔️ didn't see these coming 👀 Take a look at these ten team shuffles that rocked the #F1 driver market 🔀 at the end of the (wind)tunnel 💡 @McLarenF1 lead the midfield at the halfway stage - but their forthcoming f… this sentence: The best three #F1 drivers of 2019 so far have been ______ Let us know, and then check o… #F1 World Champion material? Pat Symonds has made his choice 🔮
He's only made it to Q2 once this season... But Lance Stroll sure knows how to carve through the pack on Sundays 💪… latest update for @F1MobileRacing is here! ⚔️ Duel mode updates 🛠 Legendary R&D parts ⭐️ Elite Leagues Liven… threads 😍 Try the latest #F1Esports qualifying event on @Formula1game, and you'll earn some sweet custom con… @LandoNorris Thanks for keeping it PG 😉Grill The Grid is BACK!!! We've loved seeing their antics this year... but the first episode of 2019 could spell d…"Red Bull had an option to retain Sainz - who is now performing mightily with McLaren" #F1 rooms can be entertaining... Where you sitting? 🤔 #F1 laps on the board for Robin Raikkonen! ❤️ 🎥 x Kimi's Instagram POWER tracks up next... advantage @ScuderiaFerrari? 🔴 #F1
The man in the middle of Prost v Senna ⚔️ Jo Ramirez has more than 4️⃣0️⃣ years of experience in #F1 - and he shar… in 1994... A first #F1 podium for Jos Verstappen 🍾 A quarter-century later, the Verstappen name is a f… @RenaultF1Team Nailed it 🙃"There's been far more lows than highs, unfortunately..." 🎢 The Hulk checks in after a tricky first half of 2019 f… operatoooooors... 😁 #F1 @McLarenF1 trying to keep the peace at @McLarenF1 during Prost v Senna 👀 The man with that job? Jo Ramirez! He's our… asked our Twitter friends to vote for their favourite left-hand corner... And Turkey's physics-bending Turn 8 c…
He's got the most pole positions in #F1 history 💪 And yet, @LewisHamilton is still targeting better Saturdays for… votes are in... it's Belgium v Turkey! Double-left 🆚 quadruple-left - which one takes it? #F1 #LeftHandersDayMonday's Albon-gasly news could have some big repercussions on the 2020 #F1 driver market... to the left! Continuing our #LeftHandersDay vote, two extreme G-Force candidates 😬 But which one do you like best? Vote below now 🗳Well, since it's #LeftHandersDay... What's the best left-hand corner in #F1? We've picked a few, and we'd love to… 🤖 How, even after a tough few weeks, Bottas is hitting new heights 💪 #F1 drivers doesn't always mean a change in fortunes 🔀👀 #F1🛠 #TECHTUESDAY 🛠 Why all the teams have caught on to the 'boomerang' trend #F1
Can Gasly keep his #F1 future on track? substitution 🔀 What prompted Red Bull to make the switch? #F1 v Albon, weighed up... ⚖️ #F1 can't wait to see these two battle at the front again 🤩 @Alex_Albon 🆚 @Charles_Leclerc #RoadToF1 #F2
Retweeted by Formula 1"They came to me, and obviously I said yes please!" Manners maketh man... @alex_albon charmed @redbullracing with…😬 No points for the first ten races 👍 A return to the top ten in Germany 👏 A strong show of pace in Hungary Willia… eye-catching drive in a landmark race 👀 Back in China, @alex_albon cranked up the overtakes to score points aft… @alex_albon moves up to @redbullracing! He'll switch places with Pierre Gasly from the #BelgianGP onward… it on! 💪 @alex_albon to join Max from the #BelgianGP 👉 #givesyouwings
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Who's going where in 2020? Catch up with the latest news and rumours as we head into the summer break ⬇️ you realise it’s not race day 😄😭 #F1
A week ago in Hungary, @Max33Verstappen became the 4th youngest pole sitter in #F1 history Take a look at the whol…'s reaction to the loss in Hungary impressed his boss #F1 @Max33Verstappen sendin' it in the summer break? 📨☀️ Our second qualifying event for #F1Esports 2020 is LIVE, where you race…😳 Carlos Sainz's latest column is a must-read (and see) >> #F1
Poles apart The 10 youngest pole-sitters in #F1 history 👦📨 #F1INBOX 📨 Thanks for all your brilliant questions 👏 Our brainboxes have answered! 🧠 #F1