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Shannon Fabert @Fabert2020 Burlington, KY

Shannon Fabert for Congress to protect the future of Kentucky. Wife, dog mom, continuous improvement expert. It’s time for the #UnbridledBlueWave in KY4.

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@reginaldedward3 I’m so sorry to read this. Black and Filipino, married to a Caucasian and running for Congress.…
Just a little update. Thanks so much for the people who contributed these past two days. I’m still a bit short of m… you want to stay connected and keep up-to-date with all things Indivisible NKY District 4, please sign up for ou…
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@kaoconnor @KaivanShroff @RepThomasMassie Hi! Take a look at my platform at this isn’t just… @WomanResistorNC @RepThomasMassie @AMOwensby @politico Thank you for the shout out! Please support
@BMurph58 @RepThomasMassie @AMOwensby I see you are from TN! That’s my home state! Thank you for the support @andrew_seide Thank you so much! @conniewhitehome Thanks for the support! Learn more at @wheeliemum @politico Thank you! I’m actually not an NP. I’m a continuous improvement professional. for Congress @SS102016 @AmyMcGrathKY @AMOwensby Thank you for the support! You can find out more about my platform at… @actuallyerin @AMOwensby Yes! Join the #UnbridledBlueWave and if you can please support! @pdmcleod Luckily, Massie has some competition. Somebody proven to make change #Fabert2020 @Comixgrrl @LauraLitvan It’s time to #PassOnMassie Find out more at and you can donate here… @rkahne @AMOwensby Yes! Follow/support! You can find out more about my platform at and supp… @TwoGirlDad @RabbiReport @yarmuth @RepThomasMassie @AMOwensby I’m no goat, but I AM going to take him down this Nov… @JohnKerry Luckily, he has some competition that actually knows how to get things done. Join us @Fabert2020 every b… @KathyCybele @AMOwensby I’ve worked in continuous improvement for years helping organizations for everybody at the… @Bran_InTheArena You can read more about my platform here @Bran_InTheArena Hey! And thanks for the support! @SalT25a @RepThomasMassie @AMOwensby Yes! Join the #UnbridledBlueWave Bailouts belong on the kitchen table @brittfieldsky Join the #UnbridledBlueWave for Congress @JCTheResistance @AMOwensby Bailouts belong on the kitchen table! #UnbridledBlueWave @JCTheResistance @realDonaldTrump @RepThomasMassie @AMOwensby Y’all join the #UnbridledBlueWave @CharlieLevenson @AMOwensby Thank you!!!, @RepThomasMassie is recalling all house members for an in person vote. Because he doesnt care about anyone's… @JCTheResistance @AMOwensby Y’all it’s time to #PassOnMassie Thank you for the mensch! And join the #UnbridledBlueWave here @Fabert2020If you think this is abhorrent help me vote him out. #votehimout #resist Join the #UnbridledBlueWave break for rich? ✔️ Grandstanding and fearmongering? ✔️✔️ Bailouts on kitchen table? ❌❌ *crickets* ...not… #Fabertforthe4th is what #UnbridledSpirit means. When faced with hard times, Kentucky solve problems. #TogetherKy @yarmuth @RepThomasMassie It’s time we had somebody who has actually been effective at turning businesses around fo… @joesonka @courierjournal Y’all, looks like somebody with some real business sense should be taking this vote. Some… @alanspade @RiskyLiberal @Thetruefeny_t @AMOwensby 2 Democrats...To every individual keeping our essential businesses open: #ThankYou Our grocery and essential service workers are…
ICYMI the relief bill has provisions to funnel enormous sums of cash to Wall Street. These same corporations are fo… of my fellow Dems for fighting to keep bailout dollars in the hands of everyday Americans. I support…
COVID-19 is challenging us to evaluate opportunities in our great democracy. Easier voting can be a reality while r… @MaximusPrevails @RepThomasMassie Thank you for your support. Many have fought hard for the right to vote and I wil… a rapidly changing environment, we need a plan to protect our most sacred right; the right to VOTE. We should wa… Covington! #KYFairness #LGBTQ
Let’s show our businesses as much socially distant love as we can. Order take out from your favorite restaurant. Bu… you have heard me say the bailout belongs on the kitchen table. Many of the 4th’s kitchen tables are provided fo… times like this, it can be hard to be positive. Let’s spread words of encouragement and thanks to those on the f… bailout belongs on the kitchen table not in the boardroom., I post this with a heavy heart. I am deeply saddened to hear of Kentucky’s 4th death from COVID-19. My tho…
How to pay our mortgages and rent. How to keep the lights on and the water running. As your next congresswoman I wi… bailout belongs on the kitchen table not in the boardroom. I’ve talked to a lot of people in the 4th over the… nation is running on the backs of the working class. Many of these Americans are hurting badly from this pandem… bailout belongs on the kitchen table not in the boardroom. We have to address the loss of jobs and a one time $…
As we all adjust to #QuaratineLife @EmergeKentucky found a way to bring the sisters of #EmergeKY #Classof2020 toget…🇺🇸KENTUCKY US HOUSE🇺🇸 🟦Primary: June 23, 2020 🟦Candidates KY-1: @Rhodes4Congress KY-2: @hank4ky KY-4:@Fabert2020 @AMOwensby
Retweeted by Shannon FabertI respect the hard work of our health care PROS like @amOwensby serving us on the front lines. As your next Congres… you @StroudeD17 for running to end this senseless campaign to keep people without. We need people at the stat…
@SailorHaumea @AMOwensby Isn’t it “funny” that his foreign policy consistently supports Russia but can’t support an…
@KLoganMischel @AMOwensby @ToddMcMurtry @RepThomasMassie It’s unfortunate that you had to deal with this recklessne…
The difference between “sassy” and “suspect” is a matter of public endangerment v. making a buck @RepThomasMassie us in congratulating Emerge KY 2020 class member Shannon Fabert on filing for office! Way to go, Shannon!
Retweeted by Shannon Fabert @democraticbear @iam_sysop Might I suggest an alternative?! Let’s vote for a positive track record in continuous im… @Popular_Voter @IndivisibleNKY4 @RepThomasMassie Did you see his nod to my call out? ICYMI he thinks it’s a media distraction
4/4 6. Check your local school districts for schedule regarding meals. Most schools will be open for take out to t… 2. Don’t forget to tip, including To Go. 3. Reduce your use of cash to reduce hand to hand transactions. 4. Ma… I’m using this post to share some of that #UnbridledCompassion. Please feel free to share your ideas and the po… continue to be inspired by our resiliency during such an urgent time. @GovAndyBeshear should be commended. His tr…
ICYMI: Our “Representative” @RepThomasMassie DID NOT VOTE. Either his constituents’ health wasn’t important enough…’ve seen this mailer one too many times. Thank you @RepAnnaEshoo for keeping them honest is more than hospital beds. The economic impact of COVID-19 will be felt for months. Families should not have…
.@Boone_County Superintendent Dr. Randy Poe just issued video statement on decision to move to "nontraditional inst…
Retweeted by Shannon FabertMeanwhile, our “Representative” is wealthy and lives off the grid and his constituents are concerned about the econ…
Working class Americans are more than statistics. The lack of paid family medical leave, and adequate sick time are…
@FGCwhatsherface @AMOwensby I support a single payer healthcare system. With that, we need a plan to get there and…“People shouldn’t have to wait on a good job for good health care. People need options,” Fabert said.…’all. Seriously.
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! #NeverthelessShePersisted #BackwardsAndInHeels #Fabertforthe4th
I was able to stop by the @NKY_KFTC coffee this afternoon and met some wonderful constituents with interesting insi… interview today with the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council, #GLCLC. Thank you for the time and oppor… you Shelby County for waking up with me! #FabertForThe4th #Fabert2020 #UnbridledBlueWave
@dmwoof @aimhi869 @RepThomasMassie @courierjournal So the part about the accuser is a present day issue... @dmwoof @aimhi869 @RepThomasMassie @courierjournal History says that states haven’t. The namesake of this bill - hi… @dmwoof @aimhi869 @RepThomasMassie @courierjournal Murder is typically prosecuted at the state or local level, but…$2.5B ask from the exec branch; HHS refuses 3x to guarantee the vaccine would be affordable to all. Why? He’s… isn’t a “political thing” to treat others with dignity and respect, it’s a human thing. Thank you Governor Beshe… @JCTheResistance @AMOwensby @AC4Congress2020 @TomWells2020 @Hank4Texas @HillaryScholten Done!
@AMOwensby @RepThomasMassie And now @Fabert2020 condemned Massie's vote too.
Retweeted by Shannon Fabert @NPR We have options! Join us in KY to retire Massie #Fabertforthe4th @JCTheResistance @AMOwensby @AC4Congress2020 @TomWells2020 @Hank4Texas @HillaryScholten Thank you! You will getting this back later today @JCTheResistance @AMOwensby @AC4Congress2020 @TomWells2020 @Hank4Texas @HillaryScholten As a minority, my family wa… @ToddStetler Thank you for your contribution!! I can’t believe somebody would dare use the Constitution against rac… Shannon Fabert who is in the 2020 @EmergeKentucky class is vying for the 4th CD seat.
Retweeted by Shannon Fabert @DarkMoneyDt @JCTheResistance @Nofearnofavors4 @AMOwensby @ElastigirlVotes Ok as a confessed data geek, a 3D pie ch… the #UnbridledBlueWave #FabertForThe4th join the #UnbridledBlueWave #Fabertforthe4th
@_alex_joshua Let’s vote them out...#Fabertforthe4th #UnbridledBlueWave was the last stop on the Underground Railroad, Covington was the gateway to freedom. Instead of working to heal… to go Rachel!!
I'm so thankful no one tried to tell me what I could not be based on my parent's socioeconomic status or the color…
Y’all, we have such a great opportunity to grow the economy of Kentucky AND be good stewards of the earth! Join the…
We can be good stewards of the environment AND good corporations. Bulldozing land should be followed by LOCAL refor…
It's time to put education at the forefront of the conversation. Federal cuts in the Dept of Education would crippl…
Date night @ Chez Fabert. #fabertism
In KY, 9/10 support medical marijuana. 6/10 support it recreationally. I support legislation to remove cannabinoids…