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Posh Isolation turns 10. Oberheim has his synth brand back after over 30 years of Gibson ownership.'Love Inna Basement', the inspiration for @keinobjekt's 'Theme From Q', is finally coming to vinyl this week. mind-altering mix for Monday morning. treasure chest of leftfield pop covers.
"From the outset I thought it would be a collaborative thing with a contemporary ensemble of some kind or a larger… Night Slugs co-founder steps up to the challenge.“This soundtrack is a love-letter to Africa, and I wanted to make sure that we found the best talent from Africa”. and metal meets dangdut koplo and gamelan. recasts ambient music as a space for desire and sexuality.
Jazz, electronica, grime and UK drill collide on the producer’s latest album. Brilliant Sound Experience allows guests to step “inside the inner workings of a song".😍
Brooklyn-based one to watch @MoMa_Ready drops a euphoric album of 'wild edits and big tunes'. has announced the release of the debut album from Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus. recasts ambient music as a space for desire and sexuality on her debut album, Irer Dent. connects the dots between UK bass, hardcore and footwork on 2 Da Core, his new EP for… has announced the debut album from Barker (@samvoltek).
Next up on @svbkvltshanghai is the demented new album from Gabber Modus Operandi.“I wrote this music as a healing device that I hope can somehow help heal others too.” appears alongside Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Wizkid, Burna Boy and more. Streator & Ulla Straus are back on @West_Mineral with their debut album, 11 Items. sensual concoction of spoken word poetry, ASMR erotica and tumescent ambient environments. will return to @Planetmurecords for the second time this year with a new EP, 2 Da Core. seeking becomes a utilitarian instinct on Utility, the debut solo album from Barker (@samvoltek). and metal clash with dangdut koplo and gamelan on Gabber Modus Operandi's demented new album for… pays homage to Bon Jovi with the title of her debut album, Bed of Roses. pioneer @RealDJLag has co-produced a track on @Beyonce's new Lion King soundtrack. Point Never gives us an intimate look at his MYRIAD concertscape in our latest cover story.… inside Oneohtrix Point Never's MYRIAD concertscape in our latest cover story.
Recorded with the help of a software model programmed with 10 hours of improvised recordings using wood, metal and… of the apocalypse and more feature in our latest AAA, starring Oneohtrix Point Never:… Heard, Bill Withers and Fleetwood Mac get the "pop, not slop" treatment on @DEEKRecordings' latest cover comp… Point Never gives us an intimate look at his MYRIAD concertscape in our latest cover story.…, @FourTet, @underworldlive and @MRGOLDIE have been announced for @WHP_Mcr 2019. are back with a new album, Blossoms. this week’s episode of Against The Clock, Dance System aka @lvis1990 makes a Roulé-esque house banger from an ob… has announced the fourth covers compilation on his label @DEEKRecordings. gives us an intimate look at his MYRIAD concertscape in our latest cover story.'s @DjPlead traverses the global dance continuum on this week's sizzling FACT mix. the highlights from last weekend's @LoveboxFestival. has revealed its full lineup for 2019.
One of the most unexpected, but inspired, collaborations of the year. debuts on @Hyperdub with a new album, For You And I.'s (and quite possibly the world's) best electronic music festival is back. and @NOTWAVINGG have joined forces for the year's most unexpected collaborative album, Downwelling., electronica, grime and UK drill collide on For You And I, the new album from @LoJamMusic., @badsista011 and @slikback have been announced for @NyegeNyegeFest 2019.
A modular composition from the West Coast synthesist.“You must have cannonballs of steel to challenge me!” love letter to the St. Petersburg club Клуб. will debut on @touchmusic later this month with a composition made using solely field recordings and m…, trance, Copenhagen fast techno and ’90s Russian pop collide on Клуб Навсегда, the new EP from Schacke. Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtracks are being collected on double-vinyl picture disc. tracks from FACT favorites like Hiro Kone, DJ Funk, Hodge and more. dynamic duo's first collaboration since late ’90s / early ’00s project Techno Animal.
Listen to two new tracks now. now.“To address the underrepresentation of women in film, music, television and theatre".
Kickstart your Saturday night.👻
.@dBridge is back with a new album. to 'Lurk Late', a seething techno creeper from Rhyw (@cassegrainmusic). part of The NYC Women’s Fund For Media, Music and Theatre initiative. look back over @dBridge's adventures in bass.'s Alex Tsiridis will debut on @modeselektor's Seilscheibenpfeiler imprint with a new EP, Lurk Lat… news for New Yorkers. Morelli explores chilly ambient territory on new album, Man Walks The Earth.
A 33-track showcase of Milanese experimental label Haunter Records' friends and family. draws from her shamanic upbringing on her new album, Oratorio For The Underworld. boss Ron Morelli debuts on Parisian label Collapsing Market with a new album, Man Walks The Earth., @renick Bell and @ausschussberlin are just some of the artists featured on forever, a new compilation…' new sampler module is finally available. casts herself as a psychopomp on Oratorio For The Underworld, her new album for @subtextrecords. are back with a new album. partly in homage to speech-transformation works by artists such as Herbert Eimert. up on @Genomeshanghai is the new EP from Parisian producer Chams. is the first collaboration between @JKBroadrick and @thebugzoo since Techno Animal. Standish and Nigel Yang’s first album in five years. up on Jacktone is the new LP from Hugo R.A. Paris.
Featuring vocal contributions from Vivian Wang, Laura Jean Englert, and Félicia Atkinson.’s premier underground radio station is going DAB. to 'Werkk', a seductive new track from @Leonce. eight-channel installation work made up of recordings made on differing Serge Modular systems. fusion of contemporary Afrobeats and Afro-Lusophone sounds with @Gafacci in this week's episode of Against The Cl… of the most lethal-sounding club records of the year so far. and @thebugzoo are Zonal. are back with their first album in five years. Records and Beacon Sound will release the new LP from Hugo R.A. Paris. is back with a new album, The Practice Of Love. will soon be broadcasting over Bristol's digital airwaves.'s Loop event is back in Berlin next year. has launched a new label, Morph Tracks. mainstay Sybil Jason (@FARCED) turns in a sizzling, summery mix of bubbling electro and kinetic house ✨🌞 gospel soul gems. comes through with one of 2019's most exciting lineups. “is about being black, being trans, and being African on foreign land". blue label series is back. and @KarenNyameKG join forces on Touch, a new EP on @Hyperdub.