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Taken from his forthcoming debut album Labyrinth, which arrives on November 29, via @Hyperdub. Jarman, David Grubbs and Tony Conrad are topics of discussion at Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair 2019 (… has enlisted SØS Gunver Ryberg, Ghost in the Machine and more to remix tracks from her debut album. Super, Helena Hauff and Underground Resistance are just some of the acts confirmed by the Dutch duo.
.@dalecornish has compiled a 26-track strong, alphabet-inspired compilation for cassette label @the_tapeworm. (@Santandave1) has won this year's Mercury Prize. by INA GRM for their Présences Électronique festival in 2018., @Viaapp_, SYANIDE and Serpent in a Straight Line to perform at HECHA / 做's latest pop-up at Phorm Stud… will release her sophomore album via Hallow Ground this October., @xophiexweetland, @xMaxWyattx and Flørist to appear on 00:AM's (@00amdjs) next Various Artists 12". is kitted out with a Funktion-One sound system and the facilities for both DJ-focused and live mus… new split LP from @UllaStraus and Oceanic coming soon on @bakk_records. Records is launching a community focused sub-label, Dreamtone. @djbone313, @FunkinEven, @RadioDEBONAIR, @parris_dj, @rashadbecker and group A x Kat Day at the @LaurelHalo c… has shared 'Polycephaly', the eerie first track from his forthcoming debut album Labyrinth. returns to @room40speaks with his fifth solo album, Tomorrow Is Too Late. is a new, 300-capacity club in east London. to ‘XYZ’, a previously unreleased track from @boctransmission. Knives Of is being reissued on vinyl outside of Japan for the first time in decades. two records designed to be played simultaneously. Man leads an acid-fueled trip through the cosmos. BPM-synched stereo valve dub delay unit designed for electronic musicians in the studio and on stage.
.@LIES_News' next release comes from Trackstars, aka @DELROY_EDWARDS and @benedek_cool. additional production from @flumemusic. + @NotionDJ = 🥝🔥 by label head Luca Mortellaro, aka Lucy. new @patttten album and imprint arrive on Friday 💪 "It’s a reminder to myself that nothing is permanent". has announced the release of WXAXRXP Sessions, which features 10 sessions recorded for radio from acr… Knives Of, the debut solo album from @ryuichisakamoto, is being reissued on vinyl by Parisian imprint… is releasing her debut album, Home, this November via @TheVinylFactory and DEEWEE. Delay is the new custom dub delay effects unit from @ericasynths and @ninjatune. and vocalist @iamkucka is the latest addition to the @LuckyMe family, debuting on the Scottish label with… will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a new compilation, X – Ten Years Of Artefacts. is now live for the 2020 edition of Loop, the long-running “summit for music-makers” from @Ableton. by the city of Detroit. yer bass bins. to ‘In Heaven’, a song originally composed by Peter Ivers for the Eraserhead soundtrack, now. artist and @pcmus pop star @Hannahdiamond_ and producer @DannylHarle have collaborated on a new song, ‘Part… Italian rarity soon-to-be reissued by @MusicFromMemory. to ‘Chiselers Rush’, the effervescent A-side from CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK, the new collaborative EP from Call…
Three blaring tracks from Tokyo's Cemetery (@kotakckc) out next month on vinyl via Osaka's @MindRecordsJP. shares some signature #HAUS. has also announced POSITIVE FEEDBACK, an event featuring performances from Donato Dozzy, Curtis Road… yourself 15 minutes with @marylattimore's 'Quintana'.'Best Life' is the latest transmission from, uknowhatimsayin¿. the upcioming album from @xdannyxbrownx. Mullaert (@SebMullaert) set up his live rig on Swedish venue Inkonst's dance floor to record his latest r…'s Jonny Greenwood (@JnnyG) hopes to spur interest in contemporary classical music with new label Octatoni… registration has opened for the 2020 edition of Loop, @Ableton's annual “summit for music-makers”. legend Kenny Dixon Jr., aka @Moodymann313, has teamed up with @NewEraCap for a new capsule collection. up in our collaborative series with @BerlinAtonal 2019 is UCC Harlo, aka classically-trained musician and…, extreme noise, gabber and industrial metal collide on this reality-piercing mix from @_estoc affiliate and occasional FACT contributor @indiajordan8 has shared two more dancefloor disturbing… Ivers, musician, songwriter and @DAVID_LYNCH collaborator, is the next artist to receive an archival deep-div… x @DannylHarle 💎💫💞 Super (@elmocrumb) and @parris_dj make for an inspired double act on their new collaborative EP, CANUFEELTHESU… has announced its next two releases, @donatodozzy's new album 12H and a reissue of Curtis Roads' 20… and @QtipTheAbstract continue to prove a formidable pair on new track 'Best Life'. has donned the platinum blond wig of his alter-ego, Igor, for the new video for his track ‘A BOY… crushes a beauty pageant in the new video.
Seven tracks evoking “Earth’s return to a pre-anthropocene state of watery chaos”. is back on @StudioBarnhus with her debut album, Once Upon A Passion. Scottish producer's @InfiniteMachin1 debut presents a chilling blend of electronic, orchestral and choral music…'s alter-ego Igor mourns a lost love in the new video for 'A BOY IS A GUN'. has dropped her first track of 2019. is back with an apocalyptic new EP, ПОТОП. salutes the godfather of grime on 'Wiley Flow'.
Haunter Records describes the release as: “What it sounds like to be in JOLs living room.” x Gia Coppola. Kone, aka @PatchBae, is back on @daisrecords with a new album, A Fossil Begins To Bray. produced by @charli_xcx and @agcook404.
“I hope it disappoints every last one of u.”'s debut album, Labyrinth, will be accompanied with 10 new artworks from the visual artist and producer. Osborne-Lanthier will debut on Haunter Records with RNG TRAX Vol. 1, a bootleg mixtape that weaves together s… kicks his glam rock cosplay into a higher gear in the video for 'Applaud', directed by Gia Coppola. Kone (@PatchBae) takes the fight to "techno-fascism" through self-analysis and personal discovery on her new a… has enlisted the talents of @CupcakKe_rapper, @bigfreedia, @kraeji, @skyferreira and many more for her…'s new album is here. has teased the release of his debut album on @Hyperdub. York's kite debuts on Embalming Lately🍀 very prolific @bergsonist highlights her own voice on latest self-released album.
.@lunchmeatcz is back for 2019 with a program stacked with FACT favorites. Listen to a playlist featuring some of o… (@bookperms) shares a medley of original tracks on new mixtape. to release debut album from Alexandra Zakharenko's (aka Perila) Aseptic Stir alias. Bagge’s Ingen Tak Til Systemet, IBON’s Three Ways and Schacke’s Make Them Remember are all being reissued on… @9TAntiope is a must. will present works by Wolfgang Tillmans, Alva Noto and Sven Marquardt as part of a new exhibition, No Ph… Zetina, Ciel, Luis, Riobamba and more to contribute to Orphan. Records charity compilation. new mixfile from @WHY_BE_. Boys’ Matthew Didemus and Martin Maischein present their new collaborative project, Hydromantic, in an exclu… celebrate our return to Prague's @lunchmeatcz we’ve put together a playlist of some of our most anticipated acts… essential Copenhagen fast techno records are seeing a wider release on @courtesy707's imprint. Photos on the Dance Floor! Berlin 1989–Today is a new exhibition documenting the history of the Berlin club scen… Productions’ annual celebration is back for 2019. @jacquesgreene 💫 D will release their debut album Rebel Force on Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery's imprint Incienso. to 'Tripwires', a tense new track from @Leonce. are back with their first release outside of Robert Hood’s own M-Plant imprint., every single one of them 👑 @TheReal_Robin_S @crystalwaters1 @CeCe_Peniston American's new album is motivated by notions of "moving backward" and "tracing roots".