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@michaeldfuller @cjkaminski @bdgrabinski @alexdecampi Okay well let's not oversell it. @TheEmilyBlake Well you're always gonna need one of those, obviously...Profit Covers Bruise (Reprise) knew it! I *knew* Jim Carrey was CGI. @RobMojica_ That does seem like an important role! @jwillis81 I would say definitely otherwise it will be a very skinny second act. @Chels725 @fadeinsoftware I have masks.
Retweeted by Fade InThis is coming together easier than I thought. you get hired on the spot. basically this gig was made for me. of a big announcement: I'm going to try to get into crime. Like, heists and whatnot. So I'll be putting a team… @audaciousaneshh Just write it how you want it to play onscreen. That's the guideline for pretty much everything.
I feel great.Well that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would.It's May 26, and as many of you know, that means that I will be beginning my TRANSITION TO GREATNESS — after which… @rdeleskie Every day all day.Profit Covers Bruise PRO-TIP: Name your show "Untitled [your name] Pilot" so if it gets picked up you can be sure that the name…
Retweeted by Fade In @mutablejoe I call this Schrödinger's T-shirt.Hey, man, have you heard about megapixels?time to bust this wide open: magic eye pictures are a lie and no one can see them they just claim to so they fit in
Retweeted by Fade InOne thing we're not appreciating nearly enough in all this is just how incredibly freeing really, really low expectations are.What, the fourth horseman had a prior engagement? I'd known I would've baked a cake. I mean made two pitchers of martinis.
@popcornflix AppleCare is very good, but also a prepaid support option. Just like the Apple Developer Program, wher… larger a company is, the harder it is to get any sort of help from them for their products. @SistersBronte Please see this Knowledge Base article: and: are so much more interested in feeling right than being right. @ndsinnott Everybody runs but they'd be fools to do it on an empty stomach.
@Eden_Eats I'm sorry to hear that but also pretty jealous of your ambition.I'd watch the movie with this trio. @keithcalder Here for this Sunday sermon. @David_Jaffer Well that one I get incredibly anxious just at the mention of it.Ha, just surprised myself pretty good by realizing whoa, Fade In does *that*? Yeah, I'm getting lots of writing done.I am screenplay dad. brief word to everyone goofing around on Twitter right now: HEY. That third quarantine screenplay isn't going to rewrite itself.Same.
Movies were such a promising art form I can't believe they stopped making them after CASABLANCA. cheated at golf as Rome burned.Also American Cinematographer, which I was too young and not smart enough to understand. There was one bookstore in… but wait wait wait I'm not old though.Premiere. I have years' worth in the basement, still, starting from issue #1. My entire youth in a box with Tom Han…"Lots of great stuff here."
Retweeted by Fade InWe’re so dead. Because of the dumb.
Retweeted by Fade InJURASSIC PARK walked so that this lion could run. trouble with these things one button my remote is missing is Rewind This Line Nine Times To Try Hear It Then Finally Play It With Subtitles.I know 2020 has been hard on everyone, and if I'm the only one you can trust now, well, I'm prepared for that burden. @DanaSchwartzzz Real Men Don't Share QuicheThe vibe at all the restaurants reopening
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PREFERENCES ❌Show All Notifications ❌Show Important Notifications Only ☑ ☑ ☑ No Notifications Ever, Period, Ever @franklinleonard I like this. Well done. Also the tracksuit.The path of quarantine hair is not a straight one, but today has brought us one day closer to the goal. @JackMarchetti Hmm. There shouldn't be anything in either Windows or Fade In that's changed that should affect that… @JackMarchetti To clarify, something that was working previously in Windows isn't working anymore? @StumbleJohnson @EricRogersHere Yes, you can.(It works.)Describe your story problem to the duck. @vashikoo Oh, for sure. Incredible how hard it still hits.Watching FAIL SAFE and imagining that happening today, in 2020, and holy mackerelChallenge accepted.'s not only a matter of what you're doing right these days - it's important to keep an eye on any slippage in per…
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@joshhaber @EricRogersHere (Disney, HBO, Star Wars, Netflix, etc.) @EricRogersHere @fadeinsoftware Welcome to flavor town.
Retweeted by Fade InPart of me says “let it go this is for kids” but another says “if we don’t tell children that it was General Veers…
Retweeted by Fade In @ANDIBLAIR1492 I think Premiere Pro is extremely capable — certainly of handling any real job — and very Adobe, and… I haven't played with the Fairlight module, but in terms of color and effects it's obviously top-shelf, and…'ve used Fusion various places since well back in the Eyeon days, and have always considered it at least with my l… Resolve is...pretty good? @kvpi Awesome! Congratulations!Oh for Pete's sake I just learned something new in Excel and, worse, it's actually useful.Well I hope you enjoyed your International Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software Day! I know I sure did. Of c… just going to unripen these bananas, fine. Today is International Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software Day!
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Nearly 70% of Americans say wearing a mask near others is respectful. Just 8% see it as a sign of weakness.…
Retweeted by Fade InWhen this is over just try to stop me from wearing a mask everywhere.Hope your International Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software Day is going just peachy!#ReleaseDeeSniderCut
Retweeted by Fade InUnacceptable. @ChrisBufkin The latter, but it would be pretty steampunk to wear them as the former.Dear @NicholasBritell, please release the Kendall mixtape for everyone in quarantine😉 #SuccessionHBO
Retweeted by Fade In @JoeMiale Everybody's okay on International Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software Day! Man is that long to type @breagrant @JGDillard @EricRogersHere @finaldraftinc @rianjohnson Also it's International Fade In Professional Scre… continue to celebrate with us during the rest of the day during which I will probably make some more coffee… you! It's been a lot of work to get here! Several tweets already! @YouGotTamd Wish him a happy International Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software Day from me!1891: History of cinema: The first public display of Thomas Edison's prototype kinetoscope(!) Kismet! And I've neve…'s see what else we share this auspicious date with. 325 AD: The First Council of Nicaea is formally opened! A b… if it doesn't work out, honestly we'll just pick a different one. Or if it goes great, we'll do it again n…, fine. Today is International Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software Day!Companies just grab a date and call it International Whatever-Product Day. It's like hey, give that back, that's my mother's birthday.Is there an IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE screenshot bot I can follow? I feel like everything would be vastly improved if th… @FTTTFilms @mjosephjr88 I've already given myself a stern talking-to. @Eden_Eats I just realized how little hamburger-eating pride I have. @tvaziri They each do their best to thwart one's attempts to navigate them in their own special way. Except Plex. G… great, now the worst thing that's happened during the pandemic is finding out I have a corporate personality.…
@Joshua_Caldwell @IMDb (Can't wait!) @Joshua_Caldwell @IMDb Truly the Film For Our Times. mask is not to protect you. The mask is to protect other people. And their masks are not to protect them. Their…
Retweeted by Fade InSO YOU'VE OPENED EXCEL, NOW WHAT? A Guide To Getting The Help You Need Ch. 1 You're scared, wondering "What have…