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Single White Female. Based in Los Angeles.

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When folks say "let it go" they could mean all kinds of things. Could be they're uncomfortable & want you to hush n… @MagicalOverload I don’t have a best friend. I hope to again someday. I like friends who I can have good conversations with. @nwkitchens Honestly, the only one I care about is Harry Potter. @ShawniebethM Happy Advent. @Overstweet I have never seen Twin Peaks. I watched Mulholland Drive once & was so confused. A friend is a huge fan… goodness sake people. Make the puppy happy. How can you say no to that face?!
Retweeted by LovelyFaerynSO CLOSE! 88% of the way there right now, take a look! If you have considered standing with…
Retweeted by LovelyFaeryn @Somemyrrh @cathybodega Oh, that sounds interesting. I will check it out. @hlentini09 I don't understand it, but I respect your position. @MagicalOverload When I moved away I wasn't thinking of Christmas at all. I've asked my family to send me some favo… @hlentini09 Really? Even the Christmas Prince stories or the ones about the Princess Switch? @thedtrblog @scott_m_coley How could a Jewish man born in Isreal over 2000 years ago have been white?Hey Guys! We are getting really close to our Giving Tuesday goal at 1517! So,, let me sweeten the pot. If you donat…
Retweeted by LovelyFaeryn @impudentearworm Maybe you need a matchmaker? Like an enneagram matchmaker? @isierranichole I'll allow it. @shemaiahng And you could post the link everywhere for us to read. @Somemyrrh Why don't you write one? Something about an Orthodox child? I think that might be interesting. @hlentini09 Have you somehow missed the trash parade on Lifetime & Hallmark? @bald_calvinist Good job! @dan_vanvoorhis I'm not allowed to DM. Can I ask for Jane Austen? Or any of the Bronte sisters? Thank you! @GeeDeeCarey It's on like a donkey kong! @GeeDeeCarey Because I'm liking their classes & videos & podcasts & I don't want them to go away & I'm publicly asking you to. @GeeDeeCarey will you please donate to 1517 for me? single friends? There’s a narrative that claims our singleness is only redemptive if we make up for it with l…
Retweeted by LovelyFaeryn @KristynDenooyer @ashleybclune @TrueConsolation You are not alone. @rachelpeach15
@jacktlee502 @Alex_Long381 Then it's probably not being done correctly. @sinner_sainted #itsacult #notchristianity #ToxicMasculinity’m thankful to be able to work for an organization that proclaims the Gospel not only to others, but to me as an e…
Retweeted by LovelyFaeryn @jacktlee502 @Alex_Long381 Pleats can be sophisticated if done correctly. @jacktlee502 Perfect fit from this angle. @impudentearworm Gross. @tim_bertolet Fixing to start your own West Side Story, Sir? @ryanbeckwith Sewing supplies, notions, fabrics, and lessons. @GeeDeeCarey @jacktlee502 @dan_vanvoorhis @almanacpodcast Oh, my Lord. How awful. I know like 900 people died there… @GeeDeeCarey @jacktlee502 I heard that from @dan_vanvoorhis on his @almanacpodcast. How did you know that? @katie_n_dallas I think you do know. @impudentearworm @hannahbunker I cannot document here all the crazy things my Momma has said & done to me. I can only say that with… @taylorsschumann It should be a crime to leave a firearm unsecured. What kind of person leaves a gun in an unlocked… you're looking to do any Christmas shopping, Amazon has my memoir and children's book on sale right now! $5.00 o…
Retweeted by LovelyFaeryn @coraliecowan @CranRD1707 #covidcrazy @TimAAmor I know because @markjasa taught me on facebook. Hope that doesn't make me old!Y'all here's Chris Isaak pretending he's Elvis. Blue Christmas @JennMGreenberg There have been real disturbing incidents of folks purposely & maliciously coughing & spitting on o… @1517 pay the bills and preach the gospel this Giving Tuesday.
Retweeted by LovelyFaeryn @jacktlee502 Well, I mean, where's the logo? Do we have a theme song yet? Is there a mission statement? Is there a… @genaLRthomas Holiday, Reverance, Joy, Community, Love @impudentearworm @tim_bertolet @LShalott I was instructed to wish you a happy birthday. Hoping your day is full of joy & the next ye… @JennMGreenberg Many educators feel the classics remove children from their current experience & promote themes of… @genaLRthomas I was never allowed to be "trashy". That meant wearing yoga pants outside of a studio or gym, sleepin… @Matrimonified What a perfect baby! She looks so serious. She'll be a smartypants. @colleener Cinnamon, cranberry, peppermint, vanilla, apple cider, & pine? @garonnevik What about JFK's speech where he says "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for the country?" @MagicalOverload Mostly my Gran’s face when she was my age. @LShalott It is indeed. @Matrimonified What a sweet baby! Congratulations! @itsallisonreed @RumseyME #jealous @JackieHillPerry What a pretty baby. @MikaylaL18 Good job! You get all the ice cream today. @ReeInspired Comfy. If that plane goes down I refuse to be in heels. @awheeler2017 @alexadonne This is heartbreaking! How can we restore your confidence? @impudentearworm And he has a super cute dog that loves Danielle. Also, he wants to be an angel investor in her Beer Garden of Tranquility. @ItsMeElisaLou You look great, Mr. Bo
@awheeler2017 Did he have any constructive criticism for you other than that? Did he suggest a writing coach? Can I… @BaptistDancing Is what you're feeling real, or just 2020? @JennMGreenberg @plainsimplerach I don't know, @eanhammond. Is it "I had eggs, toast, and orange juice" or is it "I had eggs, toast… @Alex_Long381 @plainsimplerach Just give everyone an A. @GeeDeeCarey @hlentini09 @Andrew_Novell @wademullen Who is Elmer Gantry? @GeeDeeCarey @thtrisha16 I can't decide. @GeeDeeCarey @mariatcopeland I'm watching holiday shows right now. @plainsimplerach Oh, I loved Glee! It was my fave for a long time. @ItsMeElisaLou I feel you, Mr. Kip. I feel you. @hlentini09 @Andrew_Novell @wademullen I feel like I could start a non-profit 501c church. I feel like it could hav… @hlentini09 @Andrew_Novell Those folks scare me. I'm just not sure on most of their doctrines & I've seen folks tak… @EmagineShop Post pics of your dress & veil after (if you feel comfortable). @DarbyStouffer Ugh. I feel you. Sometimes when I was still back home, folks would say the strangest things to me. S… @thtrisha16 I truly feel as if my bedroom is a bit of a sanctuary. I've always been particular on my bedding. I lov… @mariatcopeland I only recently started watching this. No spoilers please! I've only watched the first three episod… @BklynActiveMama @muchl8r Super cool, but why are you getting mail from the local jail? Are you part of an incarceration ministry? @EmagineShop OMG! How exciting! Are you ready? How did you know he's the right one for you? Are you writing your ow… @tylermay_1 I watched it. I hated her hairstyles & also some of the costume choices. Overall, a romantic story & I… @TerraTindle @thedtrblog #dodgedbullet #godsavedyou #thankthelord @ByronsShade @sarahybethy @emschumacher What kind of coke? I will say that Pepsi is greater than Diet Dr. Pepper. I feel like you need to be more specific, Sir. @rachelpeach15 Seriously. @isierranichole Where do I sign up? @Andrew_Novell I just don't know how to feel about this. I understand the restaurant operators must be desperate &… @tim_bertolet Sometimes, back when we still went into the workroom, nerf gun battles would spontaneously break out.…, it's happening y'all! I officially go on holiday December 18th & until then, it's Christmas music as I finish u… @notcrepes I would have thought that same thing because it has actually happened. The other time I suddenly heard f… @hhensell Rainbows. When I aim my rainbow laser eyes at people it burns away all their pain & sadness. @TiffanyNoth A ginormous punch bowl set that I have never (& probably will never) used. @genaLRthomas Especially when I only drive like once a month now, if that. @ByronsShade Beautiful! Happy Advent.