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An illustrator punk drawing stuff and killing time till’ time kills me (🇧🇩🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🕋). Pre-Order MUSLIM WOMEN ARE EVERYTHING now! Repped by @WonderLilly

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youve been visited by bread cat retweet to gain the power of bread
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The celestial set so far Ive been unproductive in illustration and its frustrating me laugh
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifGot a teen writer in your life? Submissions are open for this until May 29! (feeling very lucky to be this year's…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif @aaymalia Ah yes, "selfish" for wanting to be Equal. Because our natural state is to be martyrs, to sacrifice our w… every fight between me and my grandparentsMe: Listen, I'm equal to men, I should have the same privileges to men My Nana: So you want to be just like white… man is flirting with me over LinkedIn, so I’m trying something new.
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me waking up: the fuck is this me going to bed: the fuck was that
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif @ziqqix Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a good one!
Why didn’t astrology twitter warn us
@DannyAraya @A_Zedig_Diboine Oh finally, vindication for what I've felt for so long.I never suspected that a global pandemic would lead so many white people to trying to make their own naan? I’m reli… are 39 #newbooks on April's list on @MsMagazine, featuring titles by @DoctorYasmin @Ms_SAH @RubyGoneWild
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifThrilled to see MUSLIM WOMEN ARE EVERYTHING make @MsMagazine's roundup of April reads! Congratulations…
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So I signed on to do some pet portraits to raise funds for my local animal shelter, BARCS. I've never done these be…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif @sultaneazeem @DoctorYasmin @WonderLilly @HarperCollins @harperdesignbks @FullCircleLit You can always ask your loc…
It’s hailing in Seattle, not even the sky wants us to go outside 😭This is insane! Please go treat yourselves and read this, On a Sunbeam is A W E S O M E!
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifHenloo ☺️ I tried to sing "Say So by Doja Cat" in Japanese 🌸 Full ver watch on :
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif @megrar I read up on circadian rhythms and I learned 1) people have different sleep/wake cycles so being a night ow… @megrar Oh god. I’m a night owl too. I was a smart kid in school but would end up in detention for being tardy to m…
Also: Piracy isn’t a Fuck You to the system. The richer someone is the better they’ll survive having their work pir… @TheGodOfLions I’ve seen people say “libraries don’t have the books I want” and I guess they’re not aware that they… the hell are there people pirating books???? Do they know that libraries exist决定重画,所以发一下之前的稿子~
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifHey COLORISTS, I'd like to see your portfolios! I'm building my list for kids graphic novel work. Would especially…
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Omg an announcement went out over my (UK) community's mosque radio that my mum had passed, then a follow up that it…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifBelieve it!! @partynextdoor album live!!!
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifWe cannot let a health pandemic become a child abuse pandemic! The number one reporters of child abuse are teachers…
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Truly bold of them to be so rude when I could so easily cough them into oblivionTo get our exercise we walked to a park that was as remote as possible - which ended up being in a rich neighborhoo…'m looking for independent bookstores in the US that are still able to take & fulfill online book orders. If you w…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif @DoctorYasmin It’s such a good show!!!I keep seeing more old folks outside in my neighborhood than young folks?? Do I need to call a designated millennia…
Stuck for what to watch tonight? Try Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga on @netflix Then join us on Tuesday with som…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifThe middle of a pandemic is a terrible time to lose your healthcare. Luckily, you have a few options if you are o…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif @NarnianExile @GWillowWilson I think you’re understanding it right. The dashed lined is current best estimate and t…, UW researchers made a site where you can see projections for how bad the virus will affect your area (in t…'m a disabled artist and draw caricatures with my mouth on the LV Strip for tips - I average $20 a face but get wh…
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If you’re in Toronto, are in need of know of anyone in need— share this, get a free meal, be supported by community…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifImagine if we declared climate change a global emergencyIt’s amazing how fast people around the globe could change their behavior to keep the most vulnerable in their comm…
PNW pride. ✊❤️🙏
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifAbout two hours ago I had to find and contact a dentist in to have an impromptu oral surgery due to complications f…
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@WonderLilly This is what secret twitter is for 👀Looks like the only thing that will appease the stock gods is blood sacrifices and martyrs. I guess the ancestors t… remember now, I buried this story out of embarrassment ‘cause it was inspired by an unrequited crush. Dear teen… Fahmida might have been on to somethingAlso the wolf is gay, may or may not have murdered Red’s grandma, and in love with a burly, self-exiled woodsman with Secrets.Going through old documents, rediscovering a story I made up as a teen. It’s Little Red Riding Hood meets Princess… @GibsonTwist Tbh after that kind of disrespect I wouldn’t mind if someone else robs them blindI’m an artist and my friend is a scientist and we were deemed so poor looking that some thought we’d toss their car… days ago, we got kinda lost on our way home from nearby hiking trails. Had to cross a rich neighborhood to m…
Hiking is just walking on hard mode isn’t it
These are just a few examples of folks I might be looking for (and am spitballing ideas!) As always. DMs open. Ve…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifLmao, I’m being informed that my friend’s mom ALSO sent a copy of my book to their racist grandma! Because the mom… anyone else wants to pre-order it for their racist relatives, be my guest. IMO it’s a bright and beautiful way…'s Persian New Year/first day of spring🌹🌷🌼💐, which typically kicks off 2 weeks of festivities in Iran. It's the b…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifIn response, my friend pre-ordered a copy of my book, Muslim Women Are Everything, in her name. To be sent to her house.Did I ever tell y’all how my friend’s grandma told them to stay away from me ‘cause of the Coronavirus? “Just to be… would love to see the work of African American illustrators. Please send me links if you're looking to illustrate a book!
Retweeted by Fahmida.tiftw: needles - on 03/18/2020 at 5:03 pm i began the journey to align my body with my soul. i may have lost everythin…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif @arthurkrichards The tables have certainly turned! I was not prepared to be the most prepared. Best of luck helpin… @artmonkeyworld Same! So many people’s lives are turned over, but mine is mostly business as usual. In many circles…
i have a crush on tishk barzanji’s art.
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifIn a strange turn of events, my desi parents stopped griping about my career choices. They're more worried about my… can't believe I'm living in the timeline where Freelance Illustrator is one of the Stable jobs... what @jennyyangtv They could’ve simply said “china’s government should have new policies to regulate the wet markets” if… @itskindred I couldn’t stop laughing at this whole list @itskindred Ok yes, those two were particularly cringe, but did you see Screen Time? The meme wizard who can google… ever want to support artists low on funds but then realise you’re an artist low on funds?
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif @ge_ki_tsu Lol I got the gov job w the portfolio I built working for the mafia (though I didn't know how shady they… jobs I’ve had: 1. Cashier at dollar tree 2. Tutor (English/art/digital comm) 3. Graphic design for the mafia 4.…’m 22 years old and I tested positive for COVID-19. I’ve been debating on posting, but I want to share my experi…
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I'm just a bunch of 🙃🙃🙃 stacked in a trench coatPortrait of an artist coming out of a large deadline where she spent 3+ months shackled to her work only to be orde… who have not written a novel: "Oh, good. I finally get to write a novel!" People who write novels for a li…
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Retweeted by Fahmida.tifHey everyone. Here's what we need. Please post the most fun books you've ever read. Just a blast to read. Newer boo…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifFeeling strong and healthy? Got some unexpected time on your hands, suddenly? I heard from an organizer that Meals…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif“i can’t go because of coronavirus” - whiny - boring - weak “i’ve sworn an oath of solitude til the blight is pu…
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we are all edward hopper paintings now
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Did you know...there's a Lackadaisy Animated Short Film in the works? In coordination with @ironcircuscomix, a Kic…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tif"We can fight this contagion together!" I mean we specifically shouldn't get together, we need whatever the opposite of unity is"This is a time for unity" is a weird thing to say while banning us from hanging out with our friendsA piece of mango I was eating got stuck in my throat, so I started coughing. The delivery guy came just then and he… guess millennials have been called upon to stop the Boomer Remover because the government officials that mostly b… shit, the doctor whose dressed like a sci-fi villain in the presidential address said "millennials will save u…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifAlso my dad has always gotten groceries in bulk from Restaurant Depot (it's like a more industrial costco but only… was gonna be worried about my brown muslim parents but then i realized 1) they have lotas and 2) always perform w… used to look back at awkward interactions with self-hatred and cringe, but now it turns out my inability to charm… after 4 days of self-quarantine
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifcan’t spell quarantine without u,r,a,q,t , wassup tho? 😏
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifSocially distancing myself from my toxic family members for the good of the realm, no need to thank meRemember all those boomer editorials complaining about how socially distant young people are now ‘cause of technolo…
Attention Animation pals🔥 I have a client looking for animation for a paid music video gig- (if you dig on anime l…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifI had a lovely chat with @SaraAlfageeh this morning about Multiverse all want in on this. Trust me. I lis…
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For the people stashing away gallons of hand sanitizer, you do realize that for YOU to stay safe, EVERYONE ELSE nee…
Retweeted by Fahmida.tifTimes are getting tight for me and artists/designers/devs I know who live on freelance income. If you are that fre…
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