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He makes games Made @coffeetalk_game & What Comes After Working on stuffs Ex: @togeproductions @TechinAsia_ID @Gameloft_Indo pfp by @pingapenguins

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@pesonatama APA?! Bukan dari dia?! @balmut_ Available on Shonen Jump app ... or "other sites."Started reading Kaiju No. 8 It sure is refreshing to see a shonen manga with a 32-years old protagonist that have… stan R*ya designs when you could stan the chad Civilization games' Leader designs
Retweeted by fahmiツ - buy What Comes After on Steam/Itch pls @dewe Anak Selow MenRamadan gives me good JRPG vibes. Because that's how I trained myself to do a full-day fasting when I was a kid, b… @shemishempre harga segitu udah oke kok, cuma kalo punya penyakit punggung siap2 ganti 2-3 tahun sekali aja @EsTehThix That'd cost me my mental health That's too expensive @pr0ph0z wah udah ampir beli itu juga diriku sempet mau beli yang ini, tapi kata temen yang udah pake beberapa min… @pr0ph0z ga ada yang cocok, sekalipun ada yang ergonomis, harganya di atas secretlab @pr0ph0z yes, yang softweave tapiDid they just make an Evangelion drink holder merchandise based on a death scene?! @adhi_kusumo beli dari official store di tokopedia, jadi walaupun barang dari luar kita terima jadi @shemishempre segini @lazuandi njir bukan Secretlab Titan Softweave @Adsinjapan enjoying backpain thanks to the old chair @DevRelCallum Hopefully this will be my reaction after the big box arrivedI just bought an overpriced famous video gamez chair that will only arrive in 3 month, AMAWait, I was rereading the Coffee Talk comic series, and just realized the dude in Myrtle's story was the main chara…
Oh, I can finally listen to "The Cruel Angel's Thesis" and "Komm, Susser Todd" on Spotify! @antarnis_ @NeonIain @sarahhana YES! That's it!Stop subtweeting Start supertweeting @Ciel_duke @tilehopper AFAIK he's pretty open minded with any form of art. I mean, he worked on a game before this @tilehopper That's good for Gaiman, but is the value big enough for the game? @tilehopper Is Gaiman popular in East Asia and South East Asia tho? It seems like their player base are focused on these two regions. @Strain42 Yep! The amount of cross-over is amazing and really on point with their Asian market. @BlueTieCasual Yeah, I saw a friend streamed it and was like "is that Dead by Daylight, why does it look a bit diff… just found out about a game inspired by Dead by Daylight called Identity V, and holy shit, the art and the collab… is a narrative cooking game about food, family and more. Wishlist us here:
Retweeted by fahmiツ - buy What Comes After on Steam/Itch pls @osamadorias Which number is the Final one? @pesonatama Mas Kevin sedihnya ditemenin Gackt tapi.Get some rest, sir. Just know there are thousands of lives you have changed with your music. @antarnis_ @NeonIain @sarahhana sounds like that 2000s reality show where folks race around SEA I forget what it's called @backbonegame waiting for the day to tell my friends to play backbone full gameoh shit I forgot most of my followers aren't Indonesian! Awk#arin is local influencer and I was joking Kelly Mari… hired Awkwafina for Raya when Indonesia has Awkarin, smh /sWe've been working on new animations and dress for Ann's venture into the nightlife of the streets of Noctis City,…
Retweeted by fahmiツ - buy What Comes After on Steam/Itch pls @NeonIain @sarahhana @antarnis_ I'm waiting @HProtagonista Woah that's so cool! Congrats, I can't wait to play itmight reboot lastri... 😳
Retweeted by fahmiツ - buy What Comes After on Steam/Itch pls @NeonIain @sarahhana @antarnis_ I have a feeling what you ate here was Nasi Uduk, and what Will shown was Nasi Lema… @deniaokta what de fak is that?! @WanHazmer Everyone that was born on a year that ends with 0 shared the same bond and age! Hello twin! @UltramanBastard Tadi pas baca llangsung syok Kalo mindset udah gini bahaya sihWhat a coincidence! / WEEK END (1990.4)
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@platypusparent More or less this's weekend! Time to play some games I haven't beat before working on my side projects @smgstudio That's actually Yung Venuz from Nuclear Throne
Retweeted by fahmiツ - buy What Comes After on Steam/Itch plsI'm discussing “Sidequest 🎮: making games about underrepresented cultures” with Allison Yang, @fahmitsu, @Larxy,…
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Retweeted by fahmiツ - buy What Comes After on Steam/Itch plsImagine the "One Direction" jokes if WandaVision came out in the early 2010s.Hello i make a tshirt merchandise again 💙 pls send mail if interestednto have one! Thankyou so much!
Retweeted by fahmiツ - buy What Comes After on Steam/Itch pls @ruu_stevan @The_Discomafia makasih mz atas supportnya @aulrasyid If you go to their official IG account, the shop is listed in their allmybio link @vngnc Yup, found them advertised by the official Ubisoft SEA IG account @bakwanisiudang We call them Petrus here 😂😂If you sell Child of Light merch, I'd buy them in a heartbeat, Ubisoft.Holy shit, an official Ubisoft merch store in Indonesia?! This is big actually, especially for a country that ofte…, genks. Karena udah setahun gak ada event outdoor, masih WFH, dan band juga sedang gak jalan; aku mau jual beb…
Retweeted by fahmiツ - buy What Comes After on Steam/Itch pls @dimasdw lol, like in 2025 maybe @torantula I'm surprised that fans still love overarching theories ... well I guess that's how YouTubers get their views.WandaVision might be the best thing Marvel Cinematic Universe ever produced, but I was a bit disappointed with the… @SoundOfYogi @tilehopper There is a big market, but sadly if you want money, the easiest way would be working with… @tilehopper Media lokal masih sibuk bikin review dan bahas Parakacuk aja @The_Discomafia @ruu_stevan capek mas, mending bikin game duitnya lebih banyak @ruu_stevan Kalo ada kejadian gini rasanya ingin membangkitkan seri artikel Sisi Gelap Industri Game, tapi malas... @ruu_stevan Seriusan baru tau. Pengalamanku kan sebatas mantan kantor yang di Jogja, itu pun jauh lebih baik darip… @adhi_kusumo Daerah sekitar rumah sering banjir, tapi Alhamdulillah rumah aman. @toulouselotek -11 -12 lebih cocok (apa sih mi)Ciledug is my home btw. Even for Jakarta and its surrounding area standard, Ciledug is hell.You know what, game companies not giving enough exposure to their outsourcing studios that went through unhealthy w… @igrir wah barangnya bagus2 coba stalking dulu ah legit ga artisnya. Takutnya art thiefI kept hearing new fucked-up news about the company and can't understand what the fuck is wrong with the industry.… the unpaid internship still forced the interns to go to the office in the middle of the pandemic. At th… @Larxy Spite in the form of poetry ... or the other way around @keinesasih You're people thenOkay, this is even more fucked up than I imagine. And why is there such a powerful position called "CEO's Wife"??… @igrir oiya! sebelum pandemi sempet mau beli jaket di sana, tapi sejak pandemi barang2 mereka ga terlalu dibutuhkan karena ga jalan2 lagiSome of you are part of the 3rd category but won't admit it @distractal That's just people 😂 @Sesa_Opas Most of those people fit the 2nd category 😂Today, the internet will be filled with: 1. People that won't stop talking about Wandavision, with spoilers 2. Peo… @igrir kayaknya buat subsidi silang juga, soalnya denger2 banyak orang yang asal kirim ojek buat naro kucing di sana tanpa ngasi apa punI took a break from Coffee Talk and when I started to play again, this happened AND I COULDN'T REMEMBER HIS SPECIAL…
Retweeted by fahmiツ - buy What Comes After on Steam/Itch pls @vivi3284 Rencana gitu sih. Bagian lepas ke alamnya susah tapi setidaknya ga berojol lagiDidn't expect sending out 4 freeloader stray cats to a shelter is a process that would take at least a month and 7 millions IDR. 😢😢 @rdnpradipta They don't have Tokopedia, sadly
Lola Bunny is 31 years old 🤯🤯🤯And yes, we're looking for a shelter around Jakarta for the family. I've contacted someone from @jaan_indonesia an… on, Jantan. 🥰 days ago, Jantan and Kalem, two of the kittens were brought to a vet because they were infected by parasites. Ye… @ansdor perfect descriptionEvery time rumors about new consoles variant started to appear, I'm glad the internet fantasy designs rarely come c… @Toadsanime Hacked Vita or PSP Retroid Pocket 2 or Anbernic RG350M, but they only go as far as Dreamcast, no PS2 or… my previous QRT because I didn't really say what I want to say. This sucks.I'm pretty active in the SEA game industry, and just heard of the Jakarta-based studio a few weeks ago. Indonesia… @ahidahid hmm bisa jadi memang untuk accessibilityThe folks in the reply taught me that the design was for accessibility purpose for color blind. Not like the one G…